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A squire worked at mastering a variety of weapons A stuffed dummy. called the quintain was used for lance practice But it was a stuffed dummy with. an attitude It was really a swiveling device with a large club at the opposite end. of the dummy target If the squire struck the target dead center with his lance. things were fine But if he was a little off center the target swung around and. the club delivered a sharp blow to the back of the head Imagine how his fellow. squires must have laughed each time the lad missed the target and reaped the. unpleasant consequences,Indoors the squire saw to his. lord s every need A lord could not,even arise in the morning without his. squire s assistance The squire combed,his lord s hair and helped him into his. clothes At night he prepared his bed,and helped him undress He even took. a switch or club and drove out the,dogs and cats so his lord could sleep.
undisturbed,Although a squire was a knight,in training he still had a number of. duties to perform inside the house,One important job was serving his. master at mealtime Not only was he,expected to serve the dishes in the. correct order and manner and to carve, the meat properly he had to know the right word for each type of carving A became a. deer was broken A swan was lifted A duck was unbraced A hen got despoiled knight when. Finally a peacock ended up disfigured Considering that the squire did his his lord. tapped his, carving with a sword you might make a point that every kind of meat he shoulder with.
addressed ended up disfigured the flat side of, From Everyday Life The Middle Ages 2006 Good Year Books. Although a few men were knighted on the battlefield for some brave a sword. deed and this was often how peasants or serfs rose to knighthood most. went through an elaborate ceremony On the day before the young man fasted. all day He was bathed to symbolize washing away his sins and dressed in a. white robe to symbolize service to God and purity of heart That night in the. quiet of the church he stood guard over his armor and prayed that he would. live up to the expectations associated with knighthood. Chp4rev 26 33 pm65 27 8 31 05 2 39 PM,Everyday Life The Middle Ages. In the morning a priest heard the young man s confession and blessed his. weapons The priest reminded him of his duties to the Church once he became. a knight Afterward the excited squire was dressed for the ceremony. Everything he wore was cloaked in symbolism His red tunic indicated that he. was willing to shed his blood to defend the Church His white belt or sash. stood for a clean life and his white coif cap or hat for a pure heart As a squire. he wore spurs of silver but as a knight he wore gold covered spurs which. meant he was ready for service His two edged sword stood for self defense. and aid to others, As the young man knelt before a noble usually the one he had served as a. squire he was questioned about his reasons for becoming a knight He vowed. to tell the truth to faithfully,serve the king and the church. to respect women and never to,run from an enemy His spurs.
were buckled on and his sword,girded around his waist This. done his lord in a gesture,referred to as the accolade. tapped him on each shoulder,three times with a sword. declaring I dub thee Sir,Whoever knight The young,man was now officially a knight. Once knighted the new,warrior was ready to do battle.
and perform good deeds It was,easy to distinguish a knight by. Three knights his dress He looked a little like, of the Middle the Tin Man in The Wizard of Oz By the fourteenth century the typical knight. From Everyday Life The Middle Ages 2006 Good Year Books. Ages Not only was covered with plate armor from head to foot some 55 pounds of it Beneath. did they wear, protective gear his suit of armor he wore a hauberk a garment made of a network of linked. their horses iron rings weighing at least another 20 pounds Over his head he wore a steel. did also helmet which sometimes included a long metal nose protector The helmet. had a visor that could be raised and lowered to cover the face Sometimes the. only way for an opponent to kill a knight he had unhorsed was to raise his visor. and stab him in the face Ouch,Chp4rev 26 33 pm65 28 8 31 05 2 39 PM. The knight s chief weapons were a lance and a sword He used the lance. in an attempt to either run an enemy through or knock him off his horse The. latter done he resorted to his sword to finish the fight His sword was made of. fine hammered steel and it was the weapon he relied on most A knight might. also carry a dagger a battle axe a mace or even a flail A mace was a nasty. looking club with a metal head often spiked A flail consisted of an iron ball. attached to a chain which the user swung round and round when engaged. with an enemy, Whether in war or peace a knight was expected to follow a set of rules.
and customs A knight s special set of rules was a code of conduct referred to. as chivalry Chivalry comes from the French word chevalier which means. horseman or knight Although at first applying only to one s skill at. horsemanship by the middle of the twelfth century the term had taken on a. whole new meaning, The code of chivalry stressed fair play and Christian values The knight. pledged to be brave and fair in battle to protect the weak and to display good. manners toward women But while it is true that many knights tried their best. to follow the code just as many ignored it It was not unusual for knights to. rough up and kill serfs or to even rob an occasional church Chivalry therefore. was an ideal often more upheld by writers and troubadours than by the knights. themselves Regardless in an age noted for its barbarism and instability. chivalry did play a role in transforming rough and crude medieval warriors into. something resembling gentlemen, From Everyday Life The Middle Ages 2006 Good Year Books. Chp4rev 26 33 pm65 29 8 31 05 2 39 PM,Chapter 4 Knights and Knighthood. Make False Statements True,A ll of the following,statements are false. Change the words in italics, 1 The accolade was a stuffed dummy used for target.
practice by knights in training, 2 A noble boy served as a squire from the ages of seven to. to make them true Write,the replacement words on, the lines following the 3 A young nobleman usually became a knight at the age of. statements eighteen, 4 Beneath his armor a knight wore a suit of interwoven. iron rings called a visor, 5 A mace was a medieval weapon consisting of an iron ball. attached to a chain, 6 A knight s white tunic showed that he was ready to fight.
to defend the Church, 7 A knight also wore a coif which was a kind of scarf. 8 Knights wore silver spurs, 9 A page s chief duty was to serve the men of the castle or. manor house, 10 A squire s main responsibility was to help supervise the. lord s manor, 11 A page s outdoor training was supervised by his lord. 12 At a medieval dining table meat was sliced with a carving. From Everyday Life The Middle Ages 2006 Good Year Books. 13 All knights tried their best to live up to the code of. 14 The word chivalry is derived from a French word. meaning gentleman,Chp4rev 26 33 pm65 30 8 31 05 2 39 PM.
Chapter 4 Knights and Knighthood,Create a Dialogue. A young noble lad,preparing to leave,home to begin his training. as a knight probably,experienced mixed,emotions On the one hand. he was surely excited about,going to live in the castle or. manor house of another,lord On the other he must,have felt regret at having to.
leave his parents at such a,tender age,On the lines opposite. create a dialogue that might,have taken place between a. young knight to be and his,parents the night before he. was to depart on his great, From Everyday Life The Middle Ages 2006 Good Year Books. Chp4rev 26 33 pm65 31 8 31 05 2 39 PM,Chapter 4 Knights and Knighthood.
Design a Coat of Arms,H ow did knights on the,battlefield distinguish. between friend and foe, The answer lay in coats of arms identifying badges worn by. knights on their armor and shields They consisted of patterns. and pictures that related to a knight s own experiences or to. After all everyone was his family history Look for coats of arms in a book dealing. decked out in armor and with the Middle Ages or in an encyclopedia under heraldry. looked pretty much the, After studying examples of coats of arms design one of your. same What prevented a, own that you might have used had you been a knight of long. knight from going after,ago Use this outline of a knight s shield.
someone who was on, From Everyday Life The Middle Ages 2006 Good Year Books. Chp4rev 26 33 pm65 32 8 31 05 2 39 PM,Chapter 4 Knights and Knighthood. Contribute to a Bulletin Board Display,A Teacher directed Activity. C reate a bulletin board,display centered, around knights and Some students can draw and color pictures depicting knights. knighthood With a little in various activities Others can make sketches illustrating the. planning every student in armor and weapons used by knights Still others can draw. class can contribute in some pictures of various coats of arms Some students can make. way to the development of sketches of knights jousting and participating in other events. the scene or scenes that associated with such medieval competition Several more can. become part of the project cut out letters for the bulletin board heading while some can. measure and cut paper that will serve as the background for. the display You and your students can probably come up with. even more ideas that can be illustrated and made part of the. display There should be enough to do to involve the entire. Materials that will prove useful are,1 Bulletin board paper or Kraft paper.
3 Crayons or colored pencils,4 Construction typing or copy paper. 5 Scissors,7 Glue or paste,8 Stapler and staples, From Everyday Life The Middle Ages 2006 Good Year Books. 9 Stencils for making letters,Chp4rev 26 33 pm65 33 8 31 05 2 39 PM. Everyday Life Middle Ages,Answer Key,Make False Statements True. 1 quintain,3 twenty one,7 cap or hat,10 care for his lord s horses and armor.

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