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KENT AND MEDWAY FIRE AND RESCUE AUTHORITY, Tuesday 12 February 2019 10 30 am Ask for Marie Curry. Kent Fire and Rescue Service Headquarters Telephone 01622 692121 ext 8291. The Godlands Maidstone ME15 6XB,UNRESTRICTED ITEMS. During these items the meeting is likely to be open to the public. A Routine Business,A1 Chairman s Announcements,A2 Membership Changes and Apologies for Absence. A3 Declarations of Interest in Items on this Agenda. A4 Minutes of the Meeting of the Authority held on 19 December 2018 for approval pages 5 7. B For Decision, B1 Draft Revenue and Capital Budgets 2019 20 and DraftMedium Term Financial Plan 2019 23. pages 9 61,B2 Members Allowances Scheme 2019 20 pages 63 67.
C For Information,C1 Information Update pages 69 83. C2 On Call Update Presentation, D Urgent Business Other items which the Chairman decides are urgent. E Exempt Items, Please note that during item E2 the meeting is likely NOT to be open to the public. E1 Motion to Exclude Press and Public, That under Section 100A of the Local Government Act 1972 the public be excluded from the. meeting for the following business on the grounds that it involves the likely disclosure of. exempt information as defined in paragraph 1 of Schedule 12A of the Act. E2 Brexit Update Presentation,Marie Curry,Clerk to the Authority.
1 February 2019, Please note that any background papers referred to in the accompanying reports may be. inspected by arrangement with the Lead Contact Officer named on each report. KENT AND MEDWAY FIRE AND RESCUE AUTHORITY, MINUTES of a Meeting of the Kent and Medway Fire and Rescue Authority held at Kent Fire and. Rescue Service Headquarters The Godlands Tovil Maidstone on Wednesday 19 December 2018. PRESENT Mr N J D Chard Chairman Mr S A Tranter Vice Chairman Ms C L Bell Mr A Booth. Mr D L Brazier Mr D J Carr Mr I S Chittenden Mr A J Cook Ms K Constantine Mr D S Daley Mr P. M Harman Mrs S V Hohler Mr S Iles Ms D Marsh Mr J McInroy Mr P J Messenger Mr C E T. ALSO PRESENT Mr A Harper Chief Executive Police and Crime Comissioner s Office. APOLOGIES Mrs A Allen MBE Mr N Collor Mr P Godwin Mr P J Homewood Mr S Manion Mr B. J Sweetland Mr M R Scott Kent Police and Crime Commissioner and Benjamin Watts Monitoring. OFFICERS The Chief Executive Miss A Millington QFSM the Director Finance and Corporate. Services Mr C Kerr the Director Operations Mr S Bone Knell the Assistant Director Customer. Engagement and Community Safety Mr J Quinn the Assistant Director Finance Mrs A Kilpatrick. the Assistant Director Policy and Performance Mr J Finch and the Clerk to the Authority Mrs M. Curry Ms Claire Hursell Head of IT and Business Change. IN ATTENDANCE Ms F Chivers Head of Internal Audit for Item C1 E. UNRESTRICTED ITEMS,26 Chairman s Announcements, 1 The Chairman welcomed Bill Harvison from HM Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire. Rescue Services to the meeting, 2 The Chairman congratulated Jon Quinn on his appointment as Assistant Director. Customer Engagement and Community Safety, 3 The Chairman asked Members to note in their diaries that the 2019 Service Exercise.
will be taking place on 19 February,27 Minutes 11 October 2018. RESOLVED that the Minutes of the Authority meeting held on 11 October 2018 be approved. and signed by the Chairman as a correct record,28 Appointment of Clerk to the Authority. Item B1 Report by Chief Executive, 1 The Authority considered the proposal for the appointment of the current Deputy Clerk. to the position of Clerk to the Authority, 2 RESOLVED that Authority s existing Deputy Clerk Mrs Marie Curry be appointed as. Clerk to the Authority, 29 Proposed Calendar of Member Meetings and Other Events for 2019 20.
Item B2 Report by Chief Executive, 1 The Authority considered the proposed Calendar of Member Meetings and Other. Events for 2019 20 which included all formal Member meetings Member briefing. 19 December 2018, sessions and other Member training events for the whole of the 2019 20 municipal. 2 The Chairman requested that any exercises planned for 2019 which would be of. interest for Members to attend and observe be reported at the next meeting of the. 3 RESOLVED that the proposed Calendar of Member Meetings and Other Events for. 2019 20 as set out in Appendix 1 to the report be approved. 30 Pay Policy Statement 2019 20,Item B3 Report by Chief Executive. 1 Members considered the draft Pay Policy Statement for 2019 20 which the Authority. is required by the Localism Act 2011 to publish before the start of the new financial. 2 Mr Booth expressed his thanks to the Authority on the number of Apprenticeships it is. supporting, 3 RESOLVED that the Authority s draft Pay Policy Statement for 2019 20 as attached at. Appendix 1 to the report be approved, 31 Update on Progress to Deliver the Corporate Strategies.
Item B4 Report by Chief Executive, a At its meeting on 18 April 2018 Minute 49 the Authority agreed the Customer and. Corporate Plan and the eight Strategies that support its delivery. b At this meeting Members considered a report on the progess made so far to deliver. the Corporate Strategies and that these remain fit for purpose. c RESOLVED that the progress made so far in delivering the Customer and Corporate. plan and its supporting Strategies be approved, 32 Financial Update for 2018 19 and the Financial Strategies for 2019 20. Item B5 Report by Chief Executive, 1 The Authority received the latest forecast outturn positions for the 2018 19 financial. year and considered for in principle approval three key financial strategies for 2019 20. which support the Medium Term Financial Plan, 2 As part of this report Members received a presentation from the Head of IT and. Business Change who gave an update on the IT Strategy. 3 The Authority placed on record its thanks to the staff concerned for the Authority s. excellent reputation for the management of its finances. 4 RESOLVED that the Capital Strategy Appendix 1 Treasury Management and. Investment Strategy Appendix 2 and Reserves Strategy Appendix 3 be approved. in principle,33 Information Update,Item C1 Report by Chief Executive.
1 The Authority considered information updates on,A Inspection Update. B Performance Update,19 December 2018,C Operational Update. D Community and Busiess Fire Safety Update,E Internal Audit Mid Year Progress Report. F Pension Board Update,G Insurance Update,H Environmental Update. I Policy Framework Update,J Collaboration Update, 2 On B above Mr Booth asked Officers for reassurances that the number of appliances.
available during the day is sufficient in terms of providing fire cover across the County. The Director Operations responded by saying that the Authority strives to have an. average of 50 appliances available day and night across the County Currently. appliance availability during the day is heavily influenced by the availability of on call. firefighters but there will be a big focus for the Authority over the coming year on. recruitment and the utilisation of on call firefighters to meet this target. 3 On B above and following a question raised by Mr Brazier the Chairman requested. that an update is brought to the next meeting of the Authority around the stats for on. call retention as well as an update on the Authority s contingency plans in relation to. the preparations for Brexit, 4 RESOLVED that the contents of the report and subsequent discussions be noted. 34 Dementia Friends, Item C2 Member Briefing Presentation by Rachael Spencer and Karen Grieves. 1 RESOLVED that the presentation on Dementia Friends be noted with thanks. At the close of the formal business of the meeting the Chairman thanked the staff of the Authority for. all their efforts during the year thanked Members for their contributions and wished all Members and. staff of the Authority a happy Christmas,This page has been deliberately left blank. Item Number B1,By Chief Executive, To Kent and Medway Fire and Rescue Authority 12 February 2019. Subject DRAFT REVENUE AND CAPITAL BUDGETS 2019 20 AND. DRAFT MEDIUM TERM FINANCIAL PLAN 2019 23,Classification Unrestricted.
FOR DECISION, The Draft Revenue and Capital Budgets and proposed Council Tax levels for the 2019 20. financial year are presented in this report for Members approval The report builds on the. information presented to Members at the Authority meeting last October which included. details of the assumptions used in developing the Medium Term Financial Plan for 2019 23. The key proposals that are presented to Members for consideration and approval are. A Council Tax increase of 2 98 This equates to an increase of 2 25 per annum. or just over 4 pence per week on the Band D Council Tax increasing the charge to. 77 76 in 2019 20, A net revenue budget requirement for 2019 20 of 70 703k. This report also contains the Treasury Management and Investment Strategy and the. appropriate prudential indicators the Reserves Strategy and the Capital Strategy all of which. were approved in principle at the meeting of this Authority in December 2018 There has. been no material change to the narrative in these Strategies but a number of tables have. been updated to reflect the financial proposals detailed in the Medium Term Financial Plan. for 2019 23 Consequently final approval is now sought for these updated Strategies. RECOMMENDATIONS,Members are requested to, 1 Note that the 2018 19 current revenue outturn is forecast to underspend by 1 1m. paragraph 4 refers, 2 Approve the revenue budget proposals and the resulting net budget requirement for. 2019 20 of 70 703k paragraphs 13 and 14 and Appendix 1 refer. LEAD CONTACT OFFICER Assistant Director Finance Alison Kilpatrick. TELEPHONE NUMBER 01622 692121 ext 8262,EMAIL alison kilpatrick kent fire uk org.
BACKGROUND PAPERS None Page 9, 3 Note the response to the Finance Settlement consultation paragraph 15 and. Appendix 2 refer, 4 Note that the Government has now confirmed the Authority s finance settlement for. 2019 20 paragraphs 15 to 17 refer, 5 Approve a total requirement from Council Tax of 49 008k to be raised through the. precept to meet the 2019 20 budget requirement which requires a Council Tax. increase of 2 98 resulting in the following annual charges for each Council Tax. band paragraphs 20 to 24 refer,Council Tax Band Annual Charge. 6 Authorise the Chief Executive in consultation with the Chairman of the Authority to. make any late adjustments which may be required to the net revenue budget. paragraph 24 refers, 7 Approve the Capital Strategy paragraph 2 and 25 and Appendix 5 refer.
8 Approve the Capital Budget of 7 449k for 2019 20 and related expenditure. commitments following on in later years together with the plans to use revenue. contributions and capital receipts to fund the expenditure paragraph 25 and. Appendix 1 refer, 9 Approve the Annual Treasury Management and Investment Strategy including the. appropriate Prudential Indicators paragraph 2 and 26 and Appendix 3 refer. 10 Approve the Reserves Strategy paragraph 2 and 27 and Appendix 4 refer. 11 Approve the assumptions being used to develop the Medium Term Financial Plan for. 2019 23 paragraphs 28 and 29 and Appendix 1 refer,Background. 1 This report primarily summarises the proposed spending plan requirements for. 2019 20 to 2022 23 together with details of the resources that are available to fund. these plans More detailed information is contained within the Budget Book and. Medium Term Financial Plan MTFP for 2019 23 attached at Appendix 1. 2 There are three updated Strategies attached to this report each of which were. agreed in principle by Members at the December meeting of this Authority These are. the Treasury Management and Investment Strategy and the appropriate Prudential. Indicators Appendix 3 the Reserves Strategy Appendix 4 and the Capital. Strategy Appendix 5 all of which Members are now asked to consider and. approve There has been no material change to the narrative in these Strategies but. a number of tables have been updated as detailed in paragraphs 25 to 27 to reflect. the financial proposals detailed in the Medium Term Financial Plan for 2019 23. 3 The 2019 20 financial year represents the final year of the Government s four year. grant funding offer made to local authorities including fire and rescue authorities. FRAs in December 2015 Funding estimates for 2020 21 onwards have been made. on a prudent basis as there are a number of reviews that will be undertaken by the. Government during 2019 all of which will no doubt have an impact on the future. funding allocations given to Fire and Rescue Authorities over the medium term. Forecast Outturn for the Revenue Budget and Capital Budget 2018 19. 4 Revenue Budget The forecast position on the revenue budget for 2018 19 is taken. into consideration in setting the 2019 20 budget The current forecast underspend is. in line with that reported to the Authority in December which remains at just over. 1 1m The proposed use of the final underspend will be presented to Members for. consideration and approval at a future meeting, 5 Capital Budget The capital budget has been reduced by a net 782k from 5 63m. to 4 85m The purchase and roll out of the new Mobile Data Terminals MDTs is. now expected in early 2019 20 so 665k has now been rephased to reflect this. change Additionally 125k set aside for the replacement of a number of pool cars. has also been moved to 2019 20 The budget for the replacement mobile workshop. vans has been increased by 8k following a review of the specification The forecast. capital outturn is currently in line with the revised capital budget for 2018 19. Spending Review and Financial Settlement, 6 Nationally On 29 October 2018 the Chancellor presented his Autumn Budget a. formal update on the state of the economy and a response to the new economic and. fiscal forecast from the Office for Budget Responsibility OBR. 7 The Chancellor reported that the Government had made substantial progress in. improving the health of the public finances since 2010 The deficit is reducing and. debt had begun its first sustained fall in a generation Compared to the Spring. Statement 2018 the underlying fiscal outlook showed significant improvement The. OBR confirmed that the Government had met its fiscal rules three years early with. the structural deficit below 2 and debt falling in every year of the forecast. 8 Nevertheless debt still remains too high leaving the public finances vulnerable to. economic shocks and incurring significant debt interest costs Continuing to reduce. borrowing and debt is important to enhance the UK s economic resilience. 9 Provisional Funding Settlement On 13 December 2018 the Government issued. the provisional local government finance settlement for 2019 20 As 2019 20. represents the final year of the previously approved Government four year funding. settlement figures are broadly in line with expectations and planning scenarios At. the same time the Government also announced those authorities who had been. successful in being approved as one of the 75 Business Rate pilot schemes for the. 2019 20 financial year Unfortunately on this occasion the submission from Kent and. Medway was unsuccessful and therefore we will revert back to the 50 Business. Rates Retention for 2019 20, 10 Referendum Limits The provisional finance settlement also confirmed that the.
maximum council tax increase that can be applied by Fire and Rescue Authorities. before a referendum is required will remain at 3 for 2019 20. 11 Local Context The Authority has in its Medium Term Financial Plan MTFP. assumed that Government funding will be reduced from 2020 21 onwards The. impending impact of the changes that will arise as a result of Brexit the continuing. pressure on public finances and more specifically the increasing cost of pensions on. the Fire and Rescue Sector will remain for some time to come So taking a prudent. and medium to long term view on finances ensures that the Authority s plans. contained within the MTFP are sustainable and deliverable over that period. Opportunities to make savings are taken as they arise and sometimes that may be. earlier than planned This approach can give rise to in year underspends but. provides the facility to internally fund one off large projects whilst providing base. budget savings for later years, 12 The Authority also needs to make additional savings to fund new cost pressures that. may arise through legislative changes The budget proposals for 2019 20 contained. within this report are prudent estimates to ensure that the Authority s plans and. commitments are deliverable and affordable,Revenue Budget Development for 2019 20. 13 Revenue Budget As in previous years the Authority s budget is developed on an. incremental basis The previous year s budget is adjusted for the impact of pay and. price increases the additional growth needed for other unavoidable statutory. commitments and new demands and the outcome of savings activities Expenditure. that is to be funded from grants or reserves is included but the amount does vary. from year to year so whilst it does not affect the amount of the net revenue budget to. be met from Council Tax it does impact on gross spending Details of the changes. made to the base revenue budget and the additional expenditure funded from grants. and reserves are set out in the Budget Book Appendix 1 As a result of these. changes a net revenue budget of 70 703k is presented for Members approval. 14 The proposed revenue budget is shown in Table 1 below This sets out the key. changes between 2018 19 and 2019 20 Full details of the budget build assumptions. are contained in the Budget Book Appendix 1,Table 1 Revenue Budget 2019 20. Base budget brought forward 69 853,Pay pensions prices and other pressures 3 749. Savings 2 349,General reserve adjustment 550,Net budget 70 703.
Net change 850,Net change 1 22,Budget funded by,Revenue Support Grant 6 319. Business rates and Top up grant 14 846,Council Tax 49 008. Net surplus on collection funds 530,Total funding 70 703. Council Tax base 630 244,Band D Council Tax 77 76,Net change from previous year 2 25. Net change 2 98, The Provisional Local Government Finance Settlement for 2019 20.
15 The Budget Book Appendix 1 discusses in detail the main elements of the. Revenue Support Grant settlement provided by the Government the figures for. which were confirmed by the Government on the 29 January 2019 As the. consultation response deadline was 10 January 2019 a response was sent following. consultation with the Chairman as urgent business and is attached at Appendix 2 for. Members information Details of the 2019 20 settlement compared to 2018 19 are. set out in Table 2 This shows the breakdown between Revenue Support Grant the. share of retained Business Rates and the Top up Grant amount. Table 2 Business Rates and Revenue Grant 2018 19 2019 20. 000 000 Change,Revenue Support Grant RSG 0 6 319,Retained Business Rate Share 6 391 6 468. Add l Business Rates Income 100 Pilot 15 493 0,Top up Grant 0 8 378. Total Business Rates and Revenue Grant 21 884 21 165 3 3. 16 Funding Changes 2018 19 to 2019 20 Members will be aware that the Authority is. included in the Kent and Medway 100 Business Rate Pilot for 2018 19 however. the bid to be part of the 75 Business Rate Pilot in 2019 20 was unfortunately. unsuccessful Authorities selected as pilots do not receive Revenue Support Grant. RSG or Top up Grant from central Government but instead receive an additional. share of the Business Rates income collected locally For 2019 20 funding has. reverted back to the previous arrangements whereby the Authority will receive. Revenue Support Grant 6 3m and Top up Grant 8 4m from central Government. as well as a share of locally retained Business Rates 6 5m. 17 Small Business Rates Section 31 Grant The Government continues to provide. additional funding to authorities to compensate them for the continued impact of the. cap on the small business rate multiplier and other reliefs given The amount of grant. expected for 2019 20 is 810k,Council Tax for 2019 20. 18 Council Tax Consultation Consultation on the proposed level of the Authority s. Council Tax charge for 2019 20 was undertaken as part of the publication of the. Authority s Safety and Wellbeing Plan update The consultation was opened to the. public on 22 October 2018 and closed on the 14 January 2019 There were five. questions asked as part of the consultation one of which specifically related to three. proposed options for changes to Council Tax in 2019 20 which were. Freeze Council Tax at existing levels no increase from 2018 19. An increase of just under the current referendum limit of 3. An increase higher than 3 if a higher referendum limit is announced. 19 Council Tax Consultation Response The Information Update report which. appears later on this agenda provides an overview of the variety of methods that. were used to promote this survey a summary of the total number of respondents and. details to the responses to the other four questions that were part of the consultation. However in relation to the specific question on Council Tax 18 of respondents. detailed that they would prefer a Council Tax freeze 33 were happy to accept a. Council Tax increase just under the current referendum limit and surprisingly 49. indicated that they would accept an increase in excess of 3 if a higher referendum. limit was available, 20 Proposed Council Tax for 2019 20 The Authority seeks to manage its resources. to deliver an efficient and effective service to the people of Kent and Medway To. ensure that the budget proposals are sustainable over the medium term and in light. of the responses to the Council Tax consultation exercise it is proposed that Council. Tax should be increased by 2 98 resulting in an annual increase in a Band D. property of 2 25 or just over 4 pence per week making the Band D Council Tax. charge 77 76 for 2019 20 and Members are asked to approve this proposal. 21 The Budget Book Appendix 1 explains how the Council Tax precept is calculated. The financial impact of the Council Tax changes assumed collection rates and a. 2 98 increase in Council Tax for 2019 20 is shown in Table 3 below. Table 3 Calculation of Council Tax 2019 20,Net Budget Requirement 2019 20 70 703.
Revenue Support Grant 6 319,Retained Business Rates and Top up Grant 14 846. Net Surplus on Collection Funds 530,Precept Requirement from Council Tax 49 008. Total Funds 70 703,Tax rate for Band D property 2019 20 77 76. Tax rate for Band D property 2018 19 75 51,Increase in Band D charge 2 25. Increase in Band D charge 2 98, 22 Collection Fund Surplus An adjustment is made to the precept to reflect the.
Authority s share of any surplus or deficit arising on Medway and District Councils. collection funds Council Tax and Business Rates where more or less was collected.

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