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Notre Dame from front page,Bob Kates R I P, And the organists of the world rejoiced to see the beloved. from Dave Schutt Notre Dame grand orgue safe in the tribune nestled up to. its western rose window I believe it is inevitable that the. I m sad to tell you that Bob Kates passed away early choir organ up near the injured crossing did not fare as well. this morning May 5th He was 94 years old He died sustaining serious water damage. peacefully at home in San Francisco I m sure there. are many Bay Area organ people who knew Bob I m I have been very. sorry I don t have enough detail about this career blessed to be able. to write a good obituary No services are planned to perform two. Although I don t think he was a Nor Cal ATOS auditions recitals at. member he was a fine theater organist and a gifted Notre Dame one in. musician in general July 2005 and one last,June 23 The organ. From a post by Christian Elliott truly has at its core. He went to Grant Union High School in Sacramento the symphonic soul. where he knew George Wright was active both as a of Cavaill Coll but. theatre and church organist and partner in Swain over time has been. Kates who produced pipe organs in the Bay Area and enlarged to have. Central Valley beginning in 1955 It was a privilege to more of a neoclassical. enjoy his friendship I m going to miss him personality with. many high mixtures,and mutations that,would have been. Angela Kraft Cross at the console at Notre Dame,foreign to Cavaill. Coll s symphonic, perception The power of the instrument is indescribable a.
bit like being surrounded by a wall of sound which then. luxuriates in 8 seconds of reverberation,Bob Kates and Chris Elliott. The grand orgue at Notre Dame originally dates back to. 1401 It survived the French Revolution which vandalized. and decimated so many organ lofts throughout France Notre. Dame s organ survival was credited to Claude Balbastre who. in 1792 wrote variations on The Marseillaise and played. other patriotic music In 1868 genius organ builder Aristide. Cavaill Coll built the symphonic organ incorporating many. of the earlier organ s pipes enlarging it to 86 ranks over 5. manuals and pedals This organ had a lot in common with. what we consider to be the authentic Cavaill Coll organs. Election Results throughout France tracker action with Barker lever pneumatic. assist such as St Ouen Rouen St Sernin Toulouse St Sulpice. Dean Susanne Rommel Paris and St Fran ois de Sales Lyon Notre Dame organists. Sub Dean William Vaughan have had the financial ability at their fingertips to modify. Sub Dean Elect James Smith this instrument through the years especially Louis Vierne. 1900 37 modifications including electrifying the blower. Our other board members will remain the same in 1924 and Pierre Cochereau 1955 1984 modification. and enlargement including electrifying the action in the. Secretary Elizabeth Forsythe new console In 1992 and again in 2011 14 there were. Treasurer Michael Page complete restorations to rediscover and restore the Cavaill. Coll symphonic sonorities to preserve the stops from the. seventeenth and eighteenth centuries and also further develop. the neoclassical sounds of the contemporary world After the. Notre Dame next page,2 SFAGO Newsletter June July 2019. Notre Dame from previous page Dean s Column from page 1. most recent renovations the organ has 115 stops representing and she said Good I love it I have never had anyone on a. 156 ranks with over 8000 pipes The most recent consoles have church staff be so enthusiastic about a piece of music before. also been computerized and when you perform there a curator Sometimes they might come in and tell you the organ is too. is your constant companion throughout the rehearsals and loud but not this time The piece was Dmitri Shostakovich s. concert to work the computer Waltz from his Jazz Suite I was using the MIDI Soprano. Saxophone with all the lush strings at 16 8 and 4 I could get. Relief is enormous that this beautiful historical sacred space my hands on. will live for future generations Now we must be patient as. it will be years easily decades for those who will stabilize Before any concert I like to walk around the church and talk. the monumental Gothic building to do a careful analysis and to the people who have come it puts me at ease to know who. reconstruction On a visit in late April we witnessed workmen is there The Shrine concert was no different for me I went. on top of Notre Dame on a Sunday afternoon bolstering up to a group of 10 or so people who were seated close to the. support in a perceived weak zone between the two rectangular organ console They were chapter members from Las Vegas I. towers in the area that would be just above the organ Also spoke with many of them I met their dean and we even took. they had tarped the missing roof An April 24th report states a picture together at the console I was thrilled to see that the. that Pascal Quoirin who completed the most recent organ chapter is alive that many members go to concerts and that. restoration examined the grand orgue and outside of some they like each other for they were all sitting together There. dust the organ escaped both the heat and water of the fire are only 55 members in the Las Vegas chapter I must say I long. Encouraged we prayerfully await the next era of Notre Dame s for that camaraderie in the San Francisco chapter and we have. ministry to once again be inspired by the sounds of her 225 members How will we all support each other moving. historic organ s forward s,SFAGO Newsletter June July 2019 3. San Francisco Chapter American Guild of Organists,2019 2020 Season. B lint Karosi in Concert Co Sponsored with St Mark s Episcopal Church. Saturday September 8 2019 4pm after 3pm Evensong, St Mark s Episcopal Church 2300 Bancroft Way Berkeley CA 94704.
Youth Organist s Halloween Concert,Directed by Angela Kraft Cross. Friday October 25 2019 8pm, Congregational Church of San Mateo 225 Tilton Avenue San Mateo CA 94401. Advent Lessons and Carols,Directed by Don Pearson,Sunday December 1 2019 8pm. St Ignatius of Antioch 3351 Contra Loma Blvd Antioch CA 94509. David Briggs in Concert 10th Anniversary of the Conroy Memorial Organ. Tuesday January 7 2020 7 30pm, Cathedral of Christ the Light 2121 Harrison Street Oakland CA 94612. Weicheng Zhao in Concert Co sponsored with Grace Cathedral. Sunday January 12 2020 4pm, Grace Cathedral 1100 California Street San Francisco CA 94108.
Cathedral Hill Organ Crawl,President s Day Monday February 17 2020 10am. Organs of the Cathedral Hill San Francisco, Piano and Organ Angela Kraft Cross and Jerome Lenk Co sponsored with Mission Dolores Basilica. Sunday March 8 2020 4pm, Mission Dolores Basilica 3321 16th Street San Francisco CA 94114. Annual Dinner and Choral Concert St Mary the Virgin and St Dominic s Choirs. Directed by Simon Berry and Eric Choate,Monday May 18 2020 6 30 dinner 7 30 concert. St Dominic s Catholic Church 2390 Bush Street San Francisco CA 94115. Start times might change and will be announced closer to the events. 4 SFAGO Newsletter June July 2019,Steve s Corner Classified Ads.
by Steve Repasky Collected by David Howitt, This information is provided as a service to SFAGO members and the. The Gloucester Organ Album edited by John Sanders employing institutions Inclusion of information in this column does. Publisher Novello 1979 not imply endorsement by the SFAGO Send Job Referrals items. Substitutes Available notices and For Sale items to dhowitt. sjbalameda org Deadline for the August issue is July 10 Online listings. The collection includes six pieces available at https www sfago org classifieds. Allegretto by C H Lloyd, An Air composed for Holsworthy Church Bells by S S Wesley. Cloister Garth by Herbert Brewer Positions Available. The Chimes of Gloucester Cathedral by C Lee Williams. East Bay Bayside, Procession from Air Berceuse and Procession by Herbert. Sumsion Organist Accompanist First Covenant Church 4000. and John Sanders s own Toccata representing a procession of Redwood Road Oakland CA. organists at Gloucester Cathedral from 1865 to 1994. Duties include but are not limited to, My favorite piece in this collection is Brewer s Cloister Garth Playing for Sunday services special musical events and weekly. The selections by Lloyd Wesley and Brewer are the only ones choir rehearsals on both the organ and piano. on IMSLP s, A working knowledge of multi cultural worship music theory.
education and skill in performance, Performance skills in both contemporary church music and. classical repertoire on piano and our 3 manual 30 rank Aeolian. Skinner organ, Part time hourly position 35 45 hour depending on experience. and ability Maximum of ten paid hours per week including Sunday. services rehearsals and personal practice time Two to three Sundays. a month except months that include a fifth Sunday ten months per. year No benefits,Contact Pam Grove choir oaklandfcc org. AGO 2019 West Region Convention,Orange County California June 30 July 3 2019. The following links will take you directly to individual. areas of interest,Schedule Workshops,Artists Registration.
Venues Hotel Travel, SFAGO Newsletter is published monthly August thru May with a Summer issue for June July by the San Francisco Chapter American Guild of Organists. Opinions stated herein are those of the individual contributors and do not necessarily reflect official policies of this Chapter The deadline for receipt of all. newsletter items is the 10th of the month preceding publication. Dean William Vaughan billyv32 gmail com,Sub Dean Eric Choate ericchoatemusic gmail com. Sub Dean Elect Susanne Rommel susanne rommel sbcglobal net. Secretary Elizabeth Forsyth e forsyth yahoo com,Last updated 04 09 2019. Treasurer Michael Page michael erwin page gmail com. Registrar Christoph Tietze 415 924 1377 orgelchris yahoo com. Webmaster Frank Torrano ftorrano gmail com,Chapter Website www sfago org. Newsletter Departments Send your entries to the appropriate editor. all submissions are due by 10th of the month preceding publication. Events Calendar Listings Brian Swager 415 551 7866 sfagocal gmail com. Job Placement For Sale Listings David Howitt 510 437 0254 dhowitt sjbalameda org. Obituary Listings William Vaughan billyv32 gmail com. Newsletter Articles Paid Ads George Morten 209 565 6660 georgemorten 744 gmail com. SFAGO Newsletter June July 2019 5,Bay Area Concert Calendar 2019.
Collected by Brian Swager, Events dates times and locations are subject to change without notice Compiled from flyers press releases and listings submitted by. members and organizations SFAGO is not responsible for errors although every effort is made to be accurate Submission deadline for the. August issue is July 10 Send event listings to sfagocal gmail com For the most up to date calendar visit www sfago org click on Calendar. Recurring Venues 15 Saturday 14 Sunday, 4pm John Walko Organ Museum admission 4pm Pierre Zevort Organ with Augustin. Churches and institutions offering programs varies LOH Zevort Trumpet French music for Bastille Day. on a regular basis have been assigned ab Free parking Freewill offering CSMA. breviations so as to save space in our listings, Abbreviations are listed below with the full 16 Sunday. name of the venue When no city is stated 4pm Justan Foster Organ Free parking 20 Saturday. San Francisco is assumed Freewill offering CSMA 4pm Jonathan Dimmock Organ Museum. admission varies LOH, CSMA Cath of St Mary of the Assumption 22 Saturday. ECI Episcopal Ch of the Incarnation 4pm Angela Kraft Cross Organ Museum 21 Sunday. GC Grace Cathedral admission varies LOH 4pm Cathedral Widor Festival Angela Kraft. LOH Legion of Honor Museum Cross Organ Symphony No 8 Free parking. SME B St Mark s Episcopal Ch Berkeley 23 Sunday Freewill offering CSMA. TESPE Trinity St Peter s Episcopal Ch 4pm Cathedral Widor Festival David Hatt. Organ Symphony No 1 Free parking Freewill 27 Saturday. offering CSMA 4pm Jonathan Dimmock Organ Museum,admission varies LOH.
June 29 Saturday,4pm David Hegarty Organ Museum 28 Sunday. 1 Saturday admission varies LOH 4pm Mateusz Rzewuski Organ Free parking. 4pm Jonathan Dimmock Organ Museum Freewill offering CSMA. admission varies LOH 30 Sunday,4pm Jin Kyung Lim Organ Works for. 2 Sunday keyboard duet Free parking Freewill offering. 4pm Tom Winpenny Organ 10 suggested CSMA August,donation GC. 3 Saturday, 4pm Yuhan Niu Organ Free parking Freewill 4pm Angela Kraft Cross Organ Museum. offering CSMA admission varies LOH,5pm Evensong Followed by organ recital by.
Looking Ahead 4 Sunday, Ben Bachmann at 5 35pm TESPE 4pm Paul Stubbings Organ 10 suggested. July donation GC,8 Saturday, 4pm Jonathan Dimmock Organ Museum 6 Saturday 10 Saturday. admission varies LOH 4pm Jonathan Dimmock Organ Museum 4pm John Walko Organ Museum admission. admission varies LOH varies LOH, 4pm David Hatt Christoph Tietze Organ 7 Sunday 17 Saturday. Celebrating the 175th anniversary of Eug ne 4pm Janet Yieh Organ 10 suggested 4pm David Hegarty Organ Museum. Gigout Free parking Freewill offering CSMA donation GC admission varies LOH. 6 05pm Malcolm Matthews Organ Preceded 4pm Cathedral Widor Festival David Hatt 24 Saturday. by 5 30 Evensong Reception follows SME B Organ Symphony No 7 Free parking Freewill 4pm David Hegarty Organ Museum. offering CSMA admission varies LOH, 7pm David Jaronowski Organ Tickets 20 13 Saturday 31 Saturday. seniors students 15 ECI Episcopal Church of 4pm Jonathan Dimmock Organ Museum 4pm Angela Kraft Cross Organ Museum. the Incarnation admission varies LOH admission varies LOH. Have a good and safe summer,Next newsletter will be the August issue.

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