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June 17 2018 Volume 95 Number 24 Our History SAVAGE
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Teachers Needed,We are in need of,teachers for the. Wednesday night 3rd 5th,graders It s on a rotation. schedule teach just 1,time and material will,be provided We need. teachers for the following,dates August 1 August,15 August 22 If you. can help please see, Andrea Crisp or Traci Isabelle Rich received a student.
Peugh Thank you of the month recognition at,Jo b s f o r Ju n e a n d Ju l y. Sign up on the bulletin board by the teacher s supply room. Communion The Duncans,Communion Nancy Watkins,Potluck The Meyers. Potluck Beverley Hilterbrand Coral,Theme All American Red White and. Theme Picnic,Hall Bulletin Board Carl Peugh,Laundry Hall Bulletin Board Rebekah Calvert. Greeters Lynn Buell Laundry,Also Needed for VBS, We need all of your paper towel tubes toilet paper.
tubes clean and dry 20 oz water or soda bottles and. Vacation Bible, about 60 or more tin food cans for the craft below If you School. can save these items and bring them to the building it. would be much appreciated Please put 8 Days,them in the office Thank you. Craft materials needed for the VBS craft VBS Snacks. pictured here If you signed up to bring items for VBS. Snacks the first sign up sheet PLEASE, Raid your workbench junk drawer and craft bring your items to the fellowship. supplies for nuts bolts springs hooks room by THIS Wednesday June 20th. washers paper clips wire nuts bottle Items for the Friday night Family. caps picture hangers rubber gaskets Dinner can be brought by the 29th If. you have any questions about your,old keys buttons ribbon etc Almost. items due dates etc, anything will work as long as it is please see Andrea Crisp.
safe for children If you have any today And thank you. junk you would like to donate please Savage Street for bringing. put it in Rebekah s office so many needed items,PRAYERS CALENDAR. June Activities July Activities,24th Potluck 9th 6 30 pm. Nora had surgery on the 12th and it went well Pray for a healthy 25th 29th VBS Choral group from. recovery Oklahoma, Cathy Berry had hand surgery on the 6th pray that she has a quick University. recovery 25th Singing,29th Potluck,Pray for Vacation Bible School. Pray for these caretakers and the,Phil Friesen as he cares for Diana.
Jean Parker as she cares for Elzie,Glenda Brazil as she cares for. Jack Collier as he cares for Marie,Cliff Eve Hanson. OTHER NEWS, If you would like to receive the bulletin as a PDF please see Rebekah Calvert If you would like to have your an. nouncement run in our bulletin please place it on the secretary s desk before Friday morning or email it to Re. bekah Calvert Novesker gmail com, If you would like a CD with any recorded sermons or adult classes please see Don. Church Camp Registration Check out the posters around the building advertising our. Have you registered your completed 5th 12th grader for upcoming concert on Monday July 9th featuring New. Round Lake Christian Camp yet www roundlakechristian Reign There are also some smaller 5X7 handout posters in. camp org the back so you can invite your friends Let s pack the. Help Wanted, Andrea and Kelly Crisp VBS Snack Coordinators are in VBS T Shirts.
need of someone to run a daily errand for them Mon Thurs If you gave a VBS staff shirt to Andrea for safe keeping over. of VBS This job would require driving locally and purchas the past year or if you ordered a new shirt please pick it up. ing an item money provided each evening of VBS If in the fellowship hall today If you didn t give your shirt to. you re not involved in VBS yet or are scared of kids then Andrea it s time to look thru that closet and dig it out. this is the job for you Please see Andrea for more details. Potluck Next Week,The theme for next week s potluck is picnic food. Open Close Meet with elders,2018 Contribution June Greeters Card Collectors. Building preacher,The elders and,preacher have,June 17 regular meetings. Weekly Average 3 211,Gene Tomlinson You may come,Jacob Noveske. Last Week June 10 3 400 Lynn Buell Mondays at 1 30. Dominic Meyer PM to Don s office,Rick Calvert,Total After 24 Weeks 77 072 Call first Or they.
can meet with at,another time,RUHL S RULES, Doing Good Works of God but they also saw his bit of material in order to de. Sign up for a bone marrow do mercy Do not say that the bunk it as a hoax or as mythol. nation New Testament is less severe ogy but they curiously don t. than the Old Testament That read about the history of critics. How You View Sin would prove that you do not and skeptics of the past whose. A man s idea of sin is moulded know either of the Testaments own theories been debunked. and colored by his idea of God Jesus of Nazareth is not a bit and disproven Through the. If his idea of God is vague his less severe than the prophets years The New Testament has. idea of sin is likely to be dim He is even more severe and he stood strong like a stone clad. Charles E Jefferson is also even more tender lighthouse anchored to bedrock. Charles E Jefferson while the waves foam and tor,Why People Crucified Jesus. rents of the critics have crashed, Jesus died upon the cross be Jesus Mythycists against it to no affect John. cause he dared to tell men the Ever since I ve heard about Jesus 10 35b Ted Wright from. truth about themselves mythycists the question I ve al What Are Jesus Mythicists Smok. Charles E Jefferson ways wanted to ask them is ing Jesus History Archaeolo. What are you smoking Fur gy,Clearing Up Misinformation. thermore I frankly wonder why,about the Old and New.
anyone takes them seriously If Church History,Testaments. history is at all knowable with 308 Quirinus of Siscia In Croa. Do not allow anybody ever to, any degree of certainty then the tia after imprisonment torture. say in your presence that the, New Testament is one of THE and mockery is drowned in a. Old Testament is a savage book, most remarkable and reliable river where he preaches until he. a book written by barbarians,primary sources in the ancient sinks.
The man who says that has nev,world I think it s interesting. er read the prophets They are,that radical critics skeptics of. the tenderest hearted men that,the New Testament read quite a. ever lived They saw the severity,OUR SHEPHERDS,Wayne Duncan. Dan Calvert,OUR PREACHER, OUR DEACONS Our Mission Works Outside of Josephine County Oregon.
Gene Tomlinson,Michael Crisp Jr,Carl Peugh Mountain States. OUR SONG LEADERS Children s Home Brad Harrub Focus Don Iverson s. Larry Amberg Longmont Colorado Press Franklin Tennessee India Work. Phil Joseph,OUR WEB SITE,GrantsPassChurchOfChrist com. CONTACT INFORMATION,220 NE Savage Street,Grants Pass Oregon 97526. 541 476 3100,GrantsPassCofC iCloud com,WORSHIP AND CLASSES. Classes 9 30,Worship 10 30, Worship 6 00 Wayne Jackson Chimala Mission Don Patton s.
ChristianCourier com Hospital and Schools archaeological work. Stockton California Tanzania Africa especially Noah s Ark.

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