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journal of integrative veterinary therapies,veterinary chinese medicine. 5 Herbal Therapy in a Dog with Severe Atopic Dermatitis. Leilani Alvarez DVM, 13 A Chinese Medical Approach to Cholangiohepatitis in the Dog. Lauren A Bauer DVM, 22 Integrative Management of Canine Allergic Bronchitis with Veterinary. Chinese Herbal Medicine,Tom Schell DVM DABVP eq, 28 Use Of Huo Xiang Zhing Qi San for the Treatment of Recurrent Diarrhea in a. Juvenile Poodle,Dr Grace S Y Li,western veterinary herbal medicine.
35 Monograph Alkaloids,Holly Mash BVSc IVAS MRCVS,40 Monograph Radix Astragali. Mary Ellen Sayre DVM,43 Holly s Herb Walk,Holly Mash BVSc IVAS MRCVS. 47 Study shows how Primates learn about Herbal Self Medication. CIVT Staff,3 JIVT An introduction,34 Clinical Pearls of Wisdom. 49 Research Updates,52 About JIVT,The Peer Review Board encourages. JIVT An introduction contributions to the Journal on all areas. The Journal of Integrative Veterinary of integrative veterinary medicine. Therapies JIVT is a quarterly publication of Instructions for contributions are on the. CIVT The Journal publishes material on all last page For full instructions go to www. aspects of integrative veterinary medicine civtedu org membership journal. including Chinese and Western herbal Editorial Committee Barbara Fougere. medicine natural nutrition environmental Lyndy Scott Karen Goldrick Steve. medicine philosophy history clinical cases Marsden and Joanna Milan. and commentary,The College was founded in 2008 and.
The Journal is peer reviewed is the world s first distance education. Members of the Peer Review Board are institution specializing in evidence based. natural medicine for animals Our mission, Steve Marsden DVM ND MSOM Lac Dipl is to provide international leadership in. CH RH AHG Edmonton Canada delivery of comprehensive and quality. Susan Wynn DVM RH AHG CVA CVCH veterinary natural medicine education that. Atlanta USA is evidence based We aim to bridge science. and tradition to benefit animal health, Barbara Fougere BSc BVMS BHs Comp and wellbeing by integrating the best of. Med MHSc Herb Med CVA CVBM CVCP natural medicine and conventional health. MOrd D T CMAVA MNHAA Sydney care practices We encourage an ecological. Australia and environmentally aware approach to,the health of our animals ourselves our. Nancy Scanlan DVM MSFP CVA,communities and our planet. California USA,Joyce Harman DVM MRCVS CVA,Washington USA Letters to the Editor.
We welcome and encourage your letters, Richard Palmquist DVM and feedback We envisage that your. Los Angeles USA words will be part of a vibrant and ongoing. dialogue within a growing community of,Jean Dodds DVM Los Angeles USA. integrative veterinarians and allied health, Lyndy Scott BSc BVMS MBA MANCVS FAICD professionals. Perth Australia,Email your letters to editor civtedu org. Hue Karreman DVM Lancaster County USA,civtedu org JIVT 2 1 March 2012 3.
civtedu org JIVT 2 1 March 2012 4, Herbal Therapy in a Dog with Haliwell 2006 Appropriate diagnosis of. Severe Atopic Dermatitis AD is based on the patient s signalment. Leilani Alvarez DVM clinical signs and history of disease Favrot. et al 2010 Favrot s criteria for diagnosis,of AD include five of eight satisfying. criteria which yield a sensitivity of 85 and,specificity of 79 to differentiate dogs with. AD from dogs with chronic or recurrent,prutitus without AD Table 1. Dogs with AD usually have skin lesions,consisting of erythematous macules.
patches and papules However in,most patients the skin lesions are. due to self induced trauma including,excoriations alopecia lichenification and. hyperpigmentation DeBoer Hillier 2001,The areas most commonly affected include. Abstract the face concave ear pinnae ventral neck, Herbal therapy provided effective axillae groin abdomen perineum ventral. treatment for a dog with severe atopic tail and extremities One must also be. dermatitis that had been refractory to careful to rule out other pruritic conditions. conventional therapies A combination which can mimic AD including scabies. of conventional therapies acupuncture demodicosis and infectious bacterial and. herbal medicines and dietary changes were yeast pyodermas. used to treat the patient and in the last,Experts in the field of dermatology have.
15 months the condition has been well,agreed that intradermal tests and allergen. managed with the integrated approach,specific IgE tests cannot be used as the sole. This case demonstrates that herbal therapy,means of diagnosing AD Hillier DeBoer. can be a successful treatment option for,2001 Instead results from these tests can. refractory atopic dermatitis cases or as be used to implement allergen avoidance. complementary treatment for patients with interventions and targeted immunotherapy. dermatologic problems against select allergens, Introduction Current practice guidelines on successful.
Atopic dermatitis AD is a common treatment of AD state that a combination. dermatologic diagnosis in dogs consisting of several interventions and treatments. of chronic relapsing pruritic skin Olivry et is often necessary to achieve satisfactory. al 2010 Dogs are genetically predisposed results Olivry et al 2010 These measures. to this inflammatory skin condition which include Identification and avoidance of. is characterized by specific clinical features flare factors such as fleas food dust mites. associated with IgE antibodies usually pollens or other environmental allergens. directed against environmental allergens improvement of skin and coat hygiene and. civtedu org JIVT 2 1 March 2012 5, care and reduction of pruritus and skin history of aggression and anxiety issues. lesions with pharmacological agents such since she was first acquired as a puppy. as glucocorticoids antihistamines essential Prior to presentation the patient had been. fatty acids tacrolimus and cyclosporine treated by a board certified dermatologist. for three years including treatments,Herbal medicine has shown some. with hyposensitization injections,promise in the treatment of AD Several. antihistamines steroids antibiotics,human studies have demonstrated that. Atopica cyclosporine and medicated,a combination Chinese herbal medicine.
baths Despite these therapies the patient s,Zemaphyte is helpful in the management. symptoms were not well controlled,of atopic eczema Chung 2008 Hon et. al 2007 Zhang 2005 Xu et al 1997 Intradermal skin testing revealed she was. Zemaphyte contains Ledebouriella reactive to several tree pollens house. saseloides pictured next page Potentilla dust mite and tobacco Serum IgE testing. chinensis Clematis armandii Rehmannia for aeroallergens revealed positive titers. glutinosa Paeonia lactiflora Lophatherum to several species The dermatologist. gracile Dictamnus dasycarpus Tribulus developed a vaccine combining these. terrestris Glycyrrhiza glabra licorice and results with those of the intradermal. Schizonepeta tenuifolia skin test and the patient received the. As well in a randomized double blind appropriate course of hyposensitization. placebo controlled trial with dogs it was injections After six months of weekly. shown that Phytopica Intervet Shering injections the owner reported the. Plough a Chinese herbal supplement and pet s pruritus was not improved and. a derivative of Zemaphyte significantly she continued to have flare ups The. reduced the dose of methylprednisolone dog also received Staphage Lysate. required to control pruritus as compared to injections for over a year The owner. placebo Schmidt et al 2010 Phytopica reported the injections helped initially. contains Rehmannia glutinosa Paeonia but the dog continued to have severe. lactiflora and Glycyrrhiza uralensis licorice outbreaks with bloody excoriations. An earlier randomized controlled study on especially in summer time After almost. the same product showed favorable results two years Staphage Lysate injections. in the treatment of atopic dogs compared were continued but hyposensitization. to placebo Nagle et al 2001 injections were discontinued. Case presentation Most recently she had some relief with. A 7 year old female spayed German the antihistamine hydroxyzine and initial. Shepard dog weighing 67 lbs 30 kg relief with Temaril P trimeprazine 5 mg. and living primarily indoors presented in and prednisolone 2 mg but these were. early summer with a primary complaint of no longer helping The owner bathed the. severe atopy that had not responded to pet every 2 to 3 days with hypoallergenic. conventional medicine Her allergies first shampoo The pet had had an episode. manifested when she was a year old and of severe colitis six months prior to. had worsened over the years She had a presentation When presented she had a. civtedu org JIVT 2 1 March 2012 6, great appetite and no current vomiting We elected to continue the essential fatty. diarrhea coughing or sneezing acids but discontinued the Temaril P We. changed the diet to fresh raw frozen food,Conventional evaluation. with high protein and low carbohydrate,On Iiitial exam the pet was bright alert.
using cooling proteins including fish soy,and responsive and had normal vital signs. or rabbit She also received five weekly,Her demeanor was anxious and fearful. acupuncture treatments aimed at reducing,On physical exam she had severe moist. pruritus inflammation and to calm her,erythematous lesions in the periocular. anxiety In TCVM these treatments were,region ventral abdomen inguinal region.
Wind and Heat clearing and Shen calming,medial thighs and perianal region There. were crusting excoriations over the trunk Within two weeks of treatment the owner. and flanks The dog was extremely pruritic reported she was much better less itchy. and was itching incessantly throughout the and calmer On presentation she had. exam Her current medications included fewer skin lesions mild to moderate in. Temaril P 1 tablet daily and Omega 3 comparison to presentation Her tongue. fatty acids 1000 mg daily Her diet consisted was red and her pulse strong. of commercial dry kibble Innova and,On the fourth week of treatment which. dehydrated food by the Honest Kitchen,was at the end of July and historically. Thrive variety chicken and quinoa Her,her worst season she had a flare up. clinical presentation and history fit with,She had multifocal excoriations and.
Favrot s criteria for an accurate diagnosis of,erythematous macules on the face. AD see Table 1 Her assessment was severe,medial front legs caudal ear pinnae. atopic dermatitis anxiety disorder and a,perianal region as well as swollen and. history of colitis,erythematous front paws that were warm. Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine to the touch Her tongue was red and her. TCVM evaluation pulse strong and bounding,The owner described the pet as very.
protective and food aggressive She barked,and attacked other dogs and was generally. irritable and compulsive Her TCVM,Constitution was interpreted as Wood. Her tongue was purple red and the pulse,was strong and slippery She had active. acupuncture points at BL 15 BL 22 LI 4,Her TCVM assessment was long standing. Damp leading to Blood Heat Liver Yang,Rising and Wind.
We initiated herbal therapy with Long,Dan Er Miao San Kan Essentials 1250. mg 2 tabs orally two three times daily,civtedu org JIVT 2 1 March 2012 7. We started Temaril P three tabs orally following initial presentation at which. twice daily for three days then once daily time the owner reported her skin had never. for seven days to decrease inflammation looked better On exam she had a beautiful. and Cefpodoxime a third generation shiny coat and no active lesions Her tongue. cephalosporin 150 mg orally once daily was pink and the pulse was still strong but. for seven days to treat the suspected more moderate at the superficial level. pyoderma We switched the herbal formula,During the following summer the patient s. to Long Dan Xie Gan Tang Kan Essentials,worst allergy season she continued to do. 1 tabs orally three times daily for a,well on the Qing Ying Tang although we.
stronger Heat clearing effect,did use low doses of Temaril P 1 2 tabs. On recheck one week later five weeks once daily to help control her allergies. after initial presentation the dog was During a phone conversation with the. significantly improved She had mild owner 18 months after staring herbal. pin point papules on the ventral base therapy she reported her pet s skin has. of her neck and no other active lesions never looked better and she could not be. Her tongue was red and pulse strong On more pleased with how well she was doing. recheck the following week six weeks after,Discussion. presentation her skin was still doing well,This patient shows signs of severe Damp. but she had an episode of colitis and was,Heat as evidenced by the strong slippery. still itchy around the perianal region On,pulse inflamed skin with excoriations.
exam she had an anal gland impaction Her,and history of colitis The long standing. tongue was red and wet and pulse slippery,Damp has led to stagnation as evidenced. and strong Her anal glands were expressed,by the purple red tongue The underlying. and we added an additional herb Si Miao,cause is likely Damp accumulating in the. San Kan Essentials two tabs orally in the,Spleen in part from the carbohydrate rich.
morning and reduced Long Dan Xie Gan,and highly processed diet dry kibble. Tang to two tabs orally in the evening,Carbohydrates and processed foods have. On recheck 11 weeks following a higher glycemic index and lower content. presentation she continued to do well The of vitamins and minerals Processed. owner reported she was more playful and foods therefore are less nutritious and. calmer On exam she had mild erythema promote more inflammation and insulin. around the perianal region and medial resistance The combination of herbs. thighs but there were no open lesions and unprocessed raw foods promotes. Her tongue continued to be red and pulse improved bioavailability of nutrients. strong and wide At this point we changed increased insulin sensitivity and improved. her herbal formula to Qing Ying Tang Kan blood flow to inflamed areas to help limit. Essentials two tabs by mouth two three and resolve them. times daily,The pet s previous diet was mostly, The patient was not seen again until chicken which is very warming from a. spring of the following year nine months Chinese medical perspective As the Damp. civtedu org JIVT 2 1 March 2012 8, accumulates it stagnated the Triple Burner Phellodendron and Atractylodes clear. leading to genital inflammation as noted Heat and dry Damp in the Lower Burner. in the perianal and inguinal erythema and but have warming effects in the Middle. active BL 22 As the Heat accumulated it Burner to protect the Spleen Atractylodes. transferred to the Heart and Liver leading Mulberry leaf and Dictamnus have Wind. to the behavioral problems of anxiety expelling effects Kochia drains Damp and. aggression and irritability In addition relieves itch Red Peony and Peony tree bark. the Liver Heat manifested in periocular move Blood and relieve itch. erythema The Heat transferred to the Blood,The formula was switched to Long Dan.
leading to severe itching and Blood Heat,Xie Gan Tang to have a stronger cooling. Aggression is a sign of Liver Yang rising,action and to focus more on clearing Heat. while itching is a sign of External Wind,from the Liver channel which was likely. Long Dan Er Miao San is a combination of leading to the dominance aggression Si. Er Miao San and Long Dan Xie Gan Tang Miao San was added when the patient. which treat severe Damp Heat Long Dan developed colitis a sign of Spleen Qi. Cao Huang Qin and Gardenia clear Heat deficiency and Damp Si Miao San contains. from the Liver and Heart and dry Damp Phellodendron and Atractylodes which. Bupleurum and Huang Qin promote both tonify Spleen and dispel Damp. movement through the Triple Burner Phellodendron is also Heat clearing Coix. Rehmannia cools Blood while protecting further supports the Spleen and helps stop. Yin damaged by the Heat and drying diarrhea Achryanthes is a Blood mover that. effects of the other herbs Plantain seed helps decrease inflammation and relieve. Poria and Ze Xie drain Damp Er Miao San Blood Heat Although the patient improved. Table 1 Favrot s 2010 criteria for canine atopic dermatitis Favrot et al 2010. 1 Onset of signs under three years of age,2 Dog living mostly indoors. 3 Glucocorticoid responsive prutitus, 4 Prutitus sine material at onset ie alesional prutitus.
5 Affected front feet,6 Affected ear pinne,7 Nonaffected ear margins. 8 Nonaffected dorso lumbar area, A combination of five satisfied criteria has a sensitivity of 85 and a specificity of 79. to differentiate dogs with AD from dogs with chronic or recurrent pruritus without. AD Adding a sixth fulfilled parameter increases the specificity to 89 but decreases. the sensitivity to 58,civtedu org JIVT 2 1 March 2012 9. significantly with the combination of Long can benefit patients with AD that have. Dan Xie Gan Tang and Si Miao San the failed conventional approaches Kobayashi. patient continued to have a red tongue et al 2004 The present patient achieved. with strong pulses indicating there was still unparalleled improvement in AD symptoms. a strong component of Blood Heat with much lower doses of conventional. medications than used historically,The patient has been best managed with. indicating a significant contribution of the,Qing Ying Tang a formula that helps.
acupuncture herbs and diet change to the,clear severe Heat pathogens that have. dog s health and overall quality of life,invaded the Blood It contains Rehmannia. Scrophularia and Ophipogon which Summary Conclusions. clear Heat and protect Yin Honeysuckle This case report is an example of a. Forsythia and Coptis dispel Heat pathogens challenging clinical manifestation of. while Lopatherum cools Heart Fire to help severe atopic dermatitis that failed expert. relieve aggression and Salvia moves and conventional dermatologic management. cools Blood Atopic dermatitis can be very frustrating. for any clinician to manage This, Rehmannia glutinosa Di Huang pictured report demonstrates that using herbal. next page the first ingredient in Long Dan medicines and integrated therapies can. Er Miao San and also in Qing Ying Tang has be successful in the management of these. multiple anti inflammatory effects Kim challenging cases. 1999 Park 2009 It was shown to help, specifically with AD by enhancing T hyper 2 References. lymphocytes respond to allergens Sung et Chung L 2008 Antioxidant profiles of a. al 2011 In a recent study modified Si Miao prepared extract of Chinese herbs for the. San extract was shown to have significant treatment of atopic eczema Phytother Res. anti inflammatory effects by inhibiting April 22 vol 4 pp 493 9. nitrous oxide tumor necrosis factor alpha, and Interleukin 6 among other pathways DeBoer J Hillier A 2001 The ACVD task.
Fan et al 2010 force on canine atopic dermatitis XV. fundamental concepts in clinical diagnosis, Further a Chinese herbal formula Vet Immunology Immunopathol vol 81. containing Angelica sinesis Dang Gui and pp 271 6,Astragalus membranaceus Huang Qi was. shown to decrease eosinophilic infiltration Egli K et al 2002 Evaluation of the. in asthmatic mice and helped in the usefulness of sensitization to aeroallergens. treatment of AD in dogs Lin et al 2011 as a model for canine atopic dermatitis in. genetically predisposed Beagles Am J Vet, Combining Chinese herbal medicines Res vol 63 no 9 pp 1329 1336. with acupuncture has been shown to be, more beneficial in improving patients Fan J Liu K Zhang Z et al 2010. symptoms than Chinese herbal medicine Modified Si Miao San extract inhibits the. alone Salameh et al 2008 and using release of inflammatory mediators from. herbal therapies along with diet change lipopolysaccharide stimulated mouse. civtedu org JIVT 2 1 March 2012 10,medicine concoction for treatment of.
atopic dermatitis a randomized double,blind placebo controlled study Br J. Dermatol vol 157 no 2 pp 357,Kim H An C Jung K et al 1999. Rehmannia glutinosa inhibits tumor,necrosis factor alpha and interleukin 1. secretion from mouse astrocytes,Pharmacol Res vol 40 pp 171 176. Kobayashi H Takahashi K Nobuyuki M et,al 2004 An alternative approach to Atopic.
Dermatitis Part I Case Series Presentation,eCAM vol 1 no 1 pp 49 62. Lin C Liou C Chiang C et al 2011 Dangui, macrophages JEthnopharmocol vol 129 Buxue Tang attenuates eosinophilic. no 1 pp 5 9 infiltration and airway hyperresponsiveness. Favrot C Steffan J Seewald W et al 2010 in asthmatic mice Ann Allergy Asthma. A prospective study on the clinical features Immunol vol 107 no 6 pp 501 509. of chronic canine atopic dermatitis and its, diagnosis Vet Dermatology vol 21 pp 23 Marsden S 2008 Lecture Notes CIVT 1002 IVAS. 30 Course in Chinese Herbal Medicine College of,Integrative Veterinary Therapies pp 96 98. Haliwell R 2006 Revised nomenclature, of veterinary allergy Vet Immunol Nagle T Torres S Horne K et al 2001.
Immunopathol vol 114 pp 2007 2008,A randomized double blind placebo. Hillier A DeBoer D 2001 The ACVD controlled trial to investigate the efficacy. task force on canine atopic dermatitis and safety of a Chinese herbal product PO7P. XVII intradermal testing Vet Immunol for the treatment of canine atopic dermatitis Vet. Immunopathol vol 81 pp 289 304,Dermatol vol 12 no 5 pp 265 274. Hillier A Kwochka K Pinchbeck L 2000, Reactivity to intradermal injection of Olivry T DeBoer D Favort C et al 2010. extracts of Dermatophagoides farinae Treatment of canine atopic dermatitis. Dermatophagoides pteronysssinus house 2010 clinical practice guidelines from the. dust mite mix and house dust in dogs International Task Force on Canine Atopic. suspected to have atopic dermatitis 115 Dermatitis Vet Dermatol vol 21 pp 233 248. cases 1996 1998 J Am Vet Med Assoc vol, 217 no 4 pp 536 540 Olivry T et al 2002 Randomized controlled. trial of the efficacy of cyclosporine in the, Hon K Leung T Ng P et al 2007 Efficacy treatment of atopic dermatitis in dogs J Am.
and tolerability of a Chinese herbal Vet Med Assoc vol 221 no 3 pp 370 377. civtedu org JIVT 2 1 March 2012 11,Park SH Kim SK Shin IH et al 2009. Effects of AIF on Knee Osteoarthritis,Patients Double blind Randomized. Placebo controlled Study Korean J Physiol,Pharmacol vol 13 no 1 pp 33 37 in. Salameh F Perla D Solomon M,et al 2008 The effectiveness of. combined Chinese herbal medicine and,acupuncture in the treatment of atopic.
dermatitis J Altern Complement Med Oct,14 vol 8 pp 1043 8. Steffan J Parks C Seewald W 2005,ivas civt certification. Clinical trial evaluating the efficacy on demand start when. and safety of cyclosporine in dogs with in veterinary chinese. atopic dermatitis J Am Vet Med Assoc herbal medicine. vol 226 no 11 pp 1855 1863,start now or join the next. Schmidt V McEwan N Volk A et al ON DEMAND,The glucocorticoid sparing efficacy of. group in 2012, PhytopicaTM in the management of enroll and study when it.
Do chronic cases frustrate you Don t you wish there was. something more you could offer Then learn how to expand you. canine atopic dermatitis a randomized suits you, treatment options with Western Herbal Medicine Developed in. double blind placebo controlled trial collaboration with VBMA Drs Susan Wynn and Barbara Fougere. authors of the textbook Veterinary Herbal Medicine are your. Vet Dermatol vol 21 pp 91 104, teachers on this course This comprehensive program bridges. tradition mostand,and science wonderful thing,will develop your to to safely. Sung Y Yoon T Jang J et al Topical,me is that,and effectively Chinese. integrate Medicine,herbal medicine into your practice.
application of Rehmannia glutinose,fills in these huge frustrating. extract inhibits allergen induced n Online learning study when it suits you. n gapsthroughout,Case support in Western medicine,atopic dermatitis in NC Nga mice J. n and gives,Recognition me tools,of prior learning availableI never. Ethnopharmacol vol 134 no 1 pp 37 44 n VBMA members receivedreamed. a 5 discount of,Xu X Banerjee P Rustin M Poulter,n Free VBMA CIVT membership CIVT student. if enrolling in whole course, L 1997 Modulation by Chinese herbal Dr SarahorLavely.
For more information to enrollVMD,online visit,therapy of immune mechanisms in the civtedu org. skin of patients with atopic eczema Br J collegeoffice civtedu org. Dermatol vol 136 no 1 pp 54 59 evidence based natural medicine. for more details visit,Zhang W Leonard T Bath Hextall F. www civtedu org courses,et al 2005 Chinese herbal medicine for. collegeoffice civtedu org,atopic eczema Cochrane Database Syst. Rev April 18 vol 2 CD002291 review n,civtedu org JIVT 2 1 March 2012 12.
A Chinese Medical Approach to then presented for euthanasia He had. dropped down to 69 pounds 31 kg, Cholangiohepatitis in the Dog The internist and the owners had given. Lauren A Bauer DVM,up The owners however did agree to try. the herbs previously prescribed The dog,responded and was subsequently seen. on a weekly to bi weekly basis for Chinese,herbs acupuncture diet instructions and. gastrointestinal symptom management,using conventional medicine.
Over the next five months the dog,continued to improve in energy appetite. and laboratory values To date he is,markedly improved. This paper offers an overview of the role of,Chinese Herbal Medicine acupuncture and. Abstract case management including conventional, A 7 year old male intact Golden therapies diet and supplements. Retriever presented for alternative therapy in the treatment of autoimmune. for liver failure He had weighed 103 cholangiohepatitis in the dog. pounds 47 kg until just recently At the Introduction. time of initial presentation he weighed 78 Cholangiohepatitis is a common. pounds 34 kg disorder in the cat but uncommon in, A month before initial presentation he the dog It is an inflammation of the.
biliary tree as well as the surrounding,stopped eating and started vomiting. hepatocytes Magne Shell 2004,He was diagnosed by ultrasound and. Ultrasound and biopsy confirmed,biopsy at a specialty hospital as having. the diagnosis of lymphoplasmacytic,cholangiohepatitis with biliary stasis. cholangiohepatitis with bridging fibrosis,and cirrhosis Autoimmune disease.
and biliary cysts After anaerobic and,was suspected While at the specialty. aerobic culture of the area ruled out,hospital he also developed a corneal ulcer. an infectious cause an immunologic,complicated by keratoconjunctivits sicca. component to this condition was,KCS and required a graft. He came into our hospital for supplemental The purpose of this case reports is to. help Herbs were prescribed but the owner show the value of an integrative approach. did not use them as the dog s internist to liver disease using herbal medicine. advised not to The dog was not seen acupuncture supplements and diet in. at our clinic for the next four weeks He addition to conventional drugs. civtedu org JIVT 2 1 March 2012 13, Presentation Over Controlling the Spleen and Stomach.
Initially the dog presented on October with Rebellious Stomach Qi The severe. 7 2010 after being treated at a specialty Damp Heat resulted in a Triple Burner TB. hospital for the previous three weeks The Obstruction which gave rise to the sudden. owners were seeking another opinion on onset of signs elevated cholesterol and. his condition of acute lymphoplasmacytic high liver enzymes. cholangiohepatitis with gastrointestinal,Si Miao San for Damp Heat and Xiao. complications of vomiting diarrhea and,Chai Hu Tang for TB Obstruction were. anorexia with profound weight loss He was,recommended Suggestions were made. on multiple medications See Appendix 2,to add homemade foods that were Qi and. for the dog s initial medication list,Blood tonics It was recommended that all.
Blood work ultrasound and liver biopsy current medications be continued at this. confirmed severe liver failure See time,Appendix 1 for laboratory values. The owners called the next day and said, On physical examination the dog was they had talked with their internist who. profoundly thin with muscle wasting said not to use any of the supplements or. He weighed 78 pounds down from his herbs because the internist was not familiar. previous weight of 103 pounds He was with them I did not see the dog again for. severely icteric 3 dehydrated and four weeks,lethargic with a subdued Shen mind He. had a corneal graft in his right eye that was On November 4 2010 the owners returned. healing There was a dry yellow discharge for euthanasia They had stopped all the. from this eye and he held his eyelids medications from the specialists and had. halfway shut His nose was dry and flaky given up as their dog was not getting. His mucous membranes were pale and very better He was not eating and would vomit. yellow He had a 2 6 grade heart murmur several times every day The specialists had. with a normal heart rate His abdomen implied that the dog was not improving. was painful His temperature was normal and the prognosis was poor At that point I. He got up occasionally in the exam room suggested giving the herbs a try since they. to vomit bright yellow stomach fluid that had nothing to lose They agreed. contained pieces of grass and a few kibbles,of dog food Physical exam revealed a dog that now. weighed only 69 pounds 34 kg He had, The TCVM Traditional Chinese Veterinary lost an additional eight pounds in the last.
Medicine physical exam revealed a pale four weeks His previous weight had been. and dry Tongue His Pulse was deep weak 103 pounds His Tongue was pale icteric. and slippery His abdominal area was warm and dry His Pulse was deep soft and weak. and painful His conventional diagnosis of,His TCVM disease pattern had not changed. cholangiohepatitis with biliary stasis and,He still had Damp Heat in the Liver Liver. cirrhosis with an immune component is, stated above Blood Deficiency Liver Over Controlling. the Spleen and Stomach with Rebellious, His TCVM diagnoses are Damp Heat in Stomach Qi The severe Damp Heat had. the Liver Liver Blood Deficiency and Liver resulted in a TB Obstruction. civtedu org JIVT 2 1 March 2012 14, The dog was put on Xiao Chai Hu Tang but albumin was dropping I saw the dog.
and Si Miao San both at three tablets BID weekly to for the next month. The owners were instructed to continue,His weight stabilized and then started to. Denamarin milk thistle and Sam E at,increase His ALT and ALK PHOS values. 950 mg once daily Zinc was added at,improved with some fluctuations while his. 50 mg once daily to help with copper,albumin level was slowly dropping from 2 4. accumulation in the liver Hepagen C a,to 1 7 normal value 2 5 4 0 His appetite.
liver supplement and anti oxidant was,improved only slightly but the owners were. added at two tablets daily The vomiting,able to force feed the dog regularly Daily. was controlled with a Cerenia injection 3 1,vomiting and loose stools with blood were. cc and Cerenia tablets at 120 mg once daily,routine Cerenia was used on an as needed. for the next three days Regular vitamin,basis for vomiting with instructions not to.
B 12 injections 2 cc were injected into,use more than three to four days in a row. the acupuncture Association points for the,His right dry eye continued to produce tear. Gall Bladder Liver Spleen and Stomach BL,secretions His Tongue remained pale and. 18 19 20 and 21 respectively The owners,dry and his Pulse slippery throughout. made a diet of chicken and rice and were,this period.
force feeding this combined with Hill s LD,canned food On 12 15 10 the owner had fed a rich. canned dog food and the dog had vomiting,Si Miao San consists of four herbs to treat. and diarrhea He felt warm with a pale,cases of Damp Heat Together these four. wet Tongue and slippery Pulse His TCVM,herbs tonify the Spleen Drain Damp and. diagnosis was Spleen Qi Deficiency with,Clear Heat They are especially useful in.
Damp Heat and Rebellious Stomach Qi Liu,cases of Damp Heat in combination with. Jun Zi Tang Six Gentlemen was ordered,Spleen Qi Deficiency. for the patient Baytril injection Baytril, Xiao Chai Hu Tang is used for TB tablets subcutaneous fluids vitamin B. Obstruction and Shao Yang disorders and injectable Cerenia were given see. The dog s symptoms fitted this diagnosis Appendix 3 for medication and herbal. vomiting Qi Deficiency weakness doses The dog improved by the next day. separation of Yin and Yang due to the and the owners were instructed to avoid. Middle Burner Obstruction resulting in a rich and high fatty foods. lack of Source Qi production very high liver Liu Jun Zi Tang is used in patients with Qi. enzymes KCS due to Yang trapped in the Deficiency It will strengthen the Spleen. Upper Burner and a slippery Pulse from harmonize the Stomach and relieve pain. the Yang trapped peripherally in the Upper while promoting Qi flow Xie 2010 It is. Burner Marsden 2010a used in patients with cranial abdominal. pain fatigue nausea poor appetite a pale,One week later on 11 10 10 the pet was. Tongue and deep weak Pulses,more energetic with good Shen His tongue.
was pale pink and dry His pulse was deep On 12 29 10 the dog was better than at the. and weak He was still not eating well previous visit but still had problems with. There was improvement in liver values anorexia some vomiting and soft stools.

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Achievement Test Mathematics Released 2008 GRADE GRADE9 96

Achievement Test Mathematics Released 2008 GRADE GRADE9 96

This document contains released items from the 2008 Grade 9 English Mathematics Achievement Test. Released test items, which contained approximately 25% of the total number of test items from previously secured achievement tests, were mailed to school administrators each fall from 2004 to 2006 and have been made available to teachers in only print form because of copyright limitations. Every ...

File 1 - Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) Provider and ...

File 1 Skilled Nursing Facility SNF Provider and

File 1 - Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) Provider and Supplier Coding File - 2004 Revised July 27, 2004. Physician Professional Services (Other than Interpretation of Diagnostic Tests) Beneficiary in a Part A Covered SNF Stay These codes are not subject to SNF consolidated billing. They should be submitted to the Part B Medicare carrier or Durable Medical Equipment carrier, as appropriate, for ...

ProSafe Managed Switch - NETGEAR

ProSafe Managed Switch NETGEAR

ProSafe Managed Switch Command Line Interface (CLI) User Manual 10.0.1 M7100-24X M4100-24G-POE+ M4100-26G M4100-26-POE M4100-26G-POE M4100-50G M4100-50-POE M4100-50G-POE+ M4100-12GF M4100-12G-POE+ M4100-D12G M4100-D10-POE M4100-D12G-POE+. 2 ProSafe M4100 and M7100 Managed Switches Support Thank you for selecting NETGEAR products. After installing your device, locate the serial number on the ...

Diagnostic Test System For Power Apparatus Condition ...

Diagnostic Test System For Power Apparatus Condition

Diagnostic Test System For Power Apparatus Condition Assessment. M4000 The M4000 is the recog-nized industry standard for assessing the condition of high-voltage power appa-ratus. More than 1,500 M4100 instruments are actively used around the world, including at every major utility in North America. Why did they choose the M4000 system? Quite simply, the M4000 provides the most accurate test ...

Pseudoplatystoma corruscans (Spix & Agassiz, 1829 ...

Pseudoplatystoma corruscans Spix amp Agassiz 1829

Volpato, 2001). The pintado, Pseudoplatystoma corruscans, is an interesting South American catfish to study chemical communication because such species show alarm chemicals from club cells and are even able to recognize conspecific size by chemical information (Giaquinto & Volpato, 2005). Also, chemical signals are likely to be an important source