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JESUS CHRIST,OUR PROMISED SEED,Other books by Victor Paul Wierwille. Receiving the Holy Spirit Today,Are the Dead Alive Now. Studies in Abundant Living Series,Volume I The Bible Tells Me So. JESUS CHRIST, Volume II The New Dynamic Church OUR PROMISED SEED. Volume III The Word s Way,Volume IV God s Magnifies Word.
Volume V Order My Steps in Thy Word VICTOR PAUL WIERWILLE. Jesus Christ Is Not God,Jesus Christ Our Passover,American Christian Press. The Way International,New Knoxville Ohio 45871,To my beloved grandchildren. with thanksgiving and prayer for your lives,May each of you do your utmost for His Highest. The scripture used throughout this book is quoted from. the King James Version unless otherwise noted All ex. planatory insertions by the author within a scripture verse. are enclosed in brackets All Greek Hebrew and, Aramaic words are italicized and transliterated into. International Standard Book Number 0 910068 42 9,Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 82 72672.
American Christian Press,The Way International,New Knoxville Ohio 45871. Copyright 1982 by The Way International,All rights reserved. Printed in the United States of America,Preface xi. Acknowledgments xix,The Chronological Order of the Events. Surrounding the Birth of Christ xxi,Calendar of Pertinent Events from.
4 B C to 1 B C xxv,Glossary of Astronomical Names,and Terms xxix. PART I THE CELESTIAL ANNOUNCEMENT,OF THE PROMISED SEEN THE HISTORICAL. AND ASTRONOMICAL EVIDENCE,1 The Bible and Astronomy 3. 2 Who Were the Wise Men 13,3 Beginning to Date His Star 23. 4 Astronomical Candidates for His Star 31,5 Jupiter and the Magi 59.
6 Day and Time of Day of Christ s Birth 67,7 The Significance of Tishri 1 75. 8 Astronomy and the Birth of Christ 85,PART II THE PROPHECIES AND PEOPLE. ASSOCIATED WITH THE PROMISED SEED,THE BIBLICAL RECORD. 9 Prophecies about the Promised Seed 91,10 The Genealogy of Jesus Christ 113. 11 Zacharias and the Angel 133 ILLUSTRATIONS,12 Mary and the Angel 147.
13 Mary and Elisabeth 163 CONSTELLATION PLATES,14 The Birth of John the Baptist 171. 15 Mary Joseph and the Angel 183 Fig 1 Jupiter and Venus August 12 3 B C 43. 16 The Birth of Jesus Christ 199 Fig 2 Jupiter and Regulus. 17 The Magi 229 September 14 3 B C 45,18 Jesus as a Youth 249 Fig 3 Jupiter and Regulus. 19 Our Promised Seed 259 February 17 2 B C 49,Fig 4 Jupiter and Regulus May 8 2 B C 51. APPENDICES Fig 5 Jupiter and Venus June 17 2 B C 53. Fig 6 Massing of Planets August 27 2 B C 55, 1 The Triple Planetary Conjunction Fig 7 Path of Jupiter August 3 B C. of 7 B C 271 November 2 B C 61, 2 The Historical Roots of the Modern Fig 8 Magi Approach Bethlehem.
Christmas Celebrations 275 December 2 B C 65,Fig 9 The Great Wonder. September 11 3 B C 71,BIBLIOGRAPHY 279,SCRIPTURE INDEX 297. ABOUT THE AUTHOR 305,O ne of the most celebrated of holidays around. the world is Christmas Its popularity is grow,ing even in traditionally non Christian countries. Merchants capitalize on its lucrative tradition of gift. giving In my own family we have always given gifts. at Christmastime and gathered the family around,the Christmas tree Warm memories of love and giv.
ing arise when I think of our traditional family,Christmas celebrations. Yet tradition rather than truth is the basis for,celebrating the birth of Christ on December 25. Tradition has brought us a stationary dazzling star. over Bethlehem being pursued by three wise men on,the night Christ was born in a manger surrounded. by shepherds and animals Tradition has brought us, Santa Claus sliding down the chimney to deliver gifts. to all good girls and boys Christmas is and always. has been an incongruous blend of tradition imagina. tion and a little truth,Preface Preface, Like everyone else I was taught as a youngster within an hour and a half the year the date and the.
that there were three wise men who came to see Jesus hour December 25 1 A D is far off the mark. at his birth yet nowhere in the Bible can you find the In order to discover the truths regarding this sub. number three designated I was taught that the sheep ject we must be willing to lay aside tradition and. were grazing in the fields on the night of December honestly approach the subject with rational objectiv. 24 Yet all the books I have read on Eastern customs ity as any honest scientist approaches an experi. plus visits to the Bethlehem area have verified that ment We must allow the Scriptures the Word of. sheep are not put out in the pastures past October God to speak for themselves We must also know. because it is simply too cold I also wondered why and understand figures of speech Eastern customs. King Herod would have all male children two years and the study of ancient Biblical manuscripts. old and under killed if Jesus Christ were just a Sometimes it is interesting to note that our minds. newborn babe have interpreted God s Word from presumptions. As I was growing up in the church no one ever that we ourselves are not even aware we are making. taught me that there could be some direct relation When we question these presumptions we im. ship between the astronomical signs in the sky and mediately see that our mental pictures do not ac. the birth of God s only begotten Son Yet God put curately reflect what is stated in the written Word. the stars in their courses and set them for signs and We must permit the Scriptures to interpret them. seasons Genesis 1 14 Surely it is not inconceivable selves and block out private assumptions and inter. that the Lord God Almighty the Creator of the pretations from our research study. heavens and earth would in His infinite knowledge In Biblical research we study the Scriptures with. wisdom and ability coordinate the movements of the the understanding and believing that they are God. stars and planets so that they with celestial grandeur inspired and therefore perfect and without con. could announce the birth of His only begotten Son tradiction when the original revelation is accurately. the Messiah known Biblical research recognizes that no record in. So how did the birthday of our savior become one Biblical account may contradict a passage in. associated with December 25 When was the savior another record on an identical subject As products. really born By carefully tracking the details in the of God s inspiration all records will complement or. Word of God in history and in the field of supplement and enhance each other as they enable. astronomy we can certify the time of his birth to,Preface Preface. us to see an overall view of the birth of our Lord Whereas the first section of the book is scientific in. Jesus Christ nature it is written with the non scientist in mind. Secular sources of information from the fields of All of us can appreciate the greatness of God s re. science history and ancient literature should also be vealed Word as He placed it with such precision in. utilized as tools of study when they shed light on the the stars. testimony of Scripture However such information Since all preceding history was leading up to and. or sources dare never be permitted to have more preparing the way for the coming of the Messiah it. credibility than the Word of God itself At best is appropriate that the second part of our study. secular sources will simply corroborate and give il should begin with the Old Testament prophecies of. luminating detail to truths already revealed in Scrip the promised Messiah and with the reasons why this. ture All these above mentioned methods have been Messiah s coming was so significant to the men of. employed in this work antiquity After this we will study the record of. Jesus Christ s genealogy his relationship to the,House of David and his divine conception. In order to understand the context of the times in. The coming of the Christ was by no means an which the Messiah was born we will examine. unanticipated event Indeed the story of the coming records concerning his spiritually powerful predeces. redeemer was written in the stars when the heavens sor John the Baptist John was a prophet sent by. were originally put in order by God The first part of God over four hundred years after the Prophet. this study examines the Biblical information regard Malachi John called Israel back to God s Word and. ing his star which was seen by the wise men The thereby prepared the way for God to reveal the. Biblical record is enhanced and substantiated by ministry of Jesus Christ With a knowledge of John. astronomical and historical records which further and his divine mission we can move in chronological. underscore the magnitude of God s power and love order through the events leading to the birth of. in planning for our redemption Once his star has man s long awaited promised seed We will observe. been identified the documentation of the very day many wonderful truths concerning the parents of. and the time of day when the Christ was born can be both John and Jesus The ardent commitment of. pinpointed Zacharias and Elisabeth and Joseph and Mary were. Preface Preface, vital in making possible both the lives and ministries may want to read the book as it is now structured. of John the Baptist and Jesus the Christ others may find it more beneficial to read Part II. Throughout this book the perceptive reader will be first followed by Part I and then perhaps Part II. awed by the accuracy of the Word of God and the again Whichever way you choose to approach this. magnificence of what God wrought in bringing into study may the result be the same I want this. the world the redeemer His part in God s plan was research on one of the greatest events in all history to. so vital that he was ever foreknown and foretold but bless you mightily building your believing in God s. he was not God the Father The redeemer s actual incomparable integrity as He revealed the coming of. existence began with his conception and birth to a His only begotten Son Jesus Christ our promised. woman named Mary about two thousand years ago seed. Born of divine conception into a world that was bent. on killing him from his birth the Christ would, ultimately fulfill his God given mission as savior of. As the research team and I considered and recon, sidered the structure of this study we went back and.
forth trying to determine which part of this research. should come first the Biblical astronomy with its, historical and scientific data or the prophecies and. people associated with the promised seed It became. evident that the astronomy and its fixing of dates had. to be this study s foundation as every succeeding,chapter is affected by these dates However I am. suggesting that you the reader determine which ap,proach to reading seems most helpful to you Some. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS, T his book Jesus Christ Our Promised Seed came into. concretion with the assistance of the scholarship,of a group of qualified research men and women In.
August of 1979 a research team consisting of Walter. J Cummins John Crouch Gary R Curtis Michele,C Curtis Bernita Jess Karen W Martin Donna. Randall Bo Reahard and Chip Stansbury joined, me in considering my original research work on the. birth of Christ After the research team s study and. discussion Chip Stansbury and John Crouch under,the supervision of Walter J Cummins coordinator. of the Research Department of The Way Interna, tional continued to refine and expand the research. work on this great topic of the coming of the,Messiah John Crouch s scientific contribution to.
Part I of this study regarding astronomy is most il. luminating and exciting in bringing to light the un. paralleled accuracy and depth of God s dynamic,Word written in the stars. Acknowledgments, My daughter and long time editor Karen Wierwille THE CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER OF. Martin along with Michele C Curtis reworked the THE EVENTS SURROUNDING. research manuscript for its structure and clarity of THE BIRTH OF CHRIST. communication The manuscript in its numerous, drafts was tirelessly retyped by our Word Processing. Department under the supervision of Joann Herman,Camille Kavasansky and Barbara Geer proofread. the manuscript while Way Publications under Tom, L isted below are the events surrounding the birth.
of Christ which can be historically and or astro,nomically pinpointed. Plain prepared the copy for publication Rosalie F, Rivenbark as coordinator of my publications over May 4 B C During the course of Abia the angel. saw the production of this book and Emogene Allen Gabriel appears to Zacharias serving in. coordinator of The Way International Bookstore the Temple. prepared Jesus Christ Our Promised Seed for marketing June 4 B C Conception of John the Baptist. To all who contributed to this work I am very Dec 4 B C Gabriel appears to Mary in Nazareth. grateful conception of Jesus Christ Mary, As a follower of God and a confirmed believer in travels to Judea to see her cousin. the accuracy of God s Word I am particularly awed Elisabeth. and grateful for the love the grace and the goodness March 3 B C Mary returns to Nazareth John the. of our God in allowing such truths as these unfolded Baptist is born to Zacharias and. in Jesus Christ Our Promised Seed to be heralded again. from His Scriptures Aug 12 3 B C Jupiter and Venus in conjunction in. Leo Magi begin noting their observa,tions of the activity of Jupiter the king. Sept 11 3 B C Birth of Jesus Christ first day of,Tishri sun in Virgo with the moon.
beneath her feet, Sept 14 3 B C Jupiter and Regulus in conjunction in. The Chronological Order of Events The Chronological Order of Events. Feb 17 2 B C Jupiter and Regulus in conjunction in Luke 1 26 38 Angel s announcement of the birth of. Leo Jesus to Mary in Nazareth, May 8 2 B C Jupiter and Regulus in conjunction in Luke 1 39 56 Mary visits her cousin Elisabeth. Leo mother of John the Baptist for three,June 17 2 B C Jupiter and Venus in conjunction in. Leo Luke 1 57 80 Birth of John the Baptist to Zacharias. and Elisabeth,Aug 27 2 B C Massing of planets Jupiter Mars. Mercury and Venus in Leo Jupiter Matt 1 18 24 Joseph is encouraged by an angel of the. and Mars in conjunction Magi leave Lord to take unto thee Mary thy. for Jerusalem after this celestial event wife, Dec 2 B C Magi arrive in Jerusalem Jupiter visi Matt 1 25a Jesus Christ is born in Bethlehem.
ble over Bethlehem before dawn as the Luke 2 1 20,Magi travel there to worship the Christ. who is more than one year and three Matt 1 25b Jesus circumcision and naming. months old Magi depart for Persia Luke 2 21, Joseph Mary and Jesus flee to Egypt Luke 2 22 24 Mary s purification and Jesus presen. Jan 9 1 B C Eclipse preceding Herod s death tation to the Lord. April 8 1 B C Archelaus the new king of Judea Luke 2 25 35 Simeon thanks God for the promised. disrupts Passover Joseph Mary and seed, Jesus returning to Judea from Egypt Luke 2 36 38 Anna a prophetess in the Temple. turn aside into Galilee and settle in gives her praise and thanks to God. Matt 2 1 12 Magi from the East arrive in Jerusalem. Listed below are the Biblical passages recording the and proceed to Bethlehem. events surrounding the birth of Christ in the order in Matt 2 13 22 Joseph Mary and the child flee from. which they occurred There is some overlapping in Herod to Egypt. time for some of the events listed Matt 2 23 After Herod s death Joseph and family. Luke 2 39 return to Nazareth,Luke 1 5 25 Angel s announcement to Zacharias in. the Temple of the birth of John the Luke 2 40 Jesus to age twelve grew and waxed. Baptist strong,xxii xxiii,The Chronological Order of Events.
Luke 2 41 50 Jesus stays behind at the Temple when. his parents leave after the Feast of,Unleavened Bread. Luke 2 51 52 Jesus from age twelve to manhood,increased in wisdom and stature.

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