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MAIL A BOOK NEWSLETTER JANUARY FEBRUARY 2020, Read to If you have a child in your life why not ask. Mail A Book for books to share with them,You can request picture books chapter. books graphic novels fiction and nonfiction,Children s movies are also available. Queens Public Library Mail A Book,718 464 0084,MAIL A BOOK NEWSLETTER JANUARY FEBRUARY 2020. Recommended,Reading Willie Simmons,Mail A Book Librarian.
Moral Compass The Museum of Desire,by Danielle Steel by Jonathan Kellerman. January 7 2020 February 4 2020,All the Ways We Said Golden In Death. Goodbye by Beatriz by J D Robb,Williams Lauren Willig and February 4 2020. Karen White,January 14 2020,When You See Me Above the Bay of Angels. by Lisa Garder by Rhys Bowen,January 28 2020 February 11 2020.
Crooked River Blind Side,by Preston and Child by James Patterson. February 4 2020 February 24 2020,MAIL A BOOK NEWSLETTER JANUARY FEBRUARY 2020. The Chatter Box Book Reviews,Written by You,Hotel Moscow. by Talia Carner Reviewed by Katherine Cohen,In 1993 Talia Carner an author publisher. and feminist went with a group of American,women to the former Soviet Socialist Republic.
to take part in a women s conference intended,to teach Russian women about capitalism and. business While in Moscow Carner witnessed,the uprising against President Boris Yeltsin. and its violent suppression Carner observed,Russians still harbored the souls of embittered. subjugated people a dispirited nation that had,known no freedom privacy or choices They. were unprepared for democracy freedom of,the press personal choices market economy.
and assumptions about transactions be they,social economic cultural or legal that shared the. common concept of decency if not rule of law,From that experience Carner created fictional. American heroine Brooke who arrives in Moscow,from New York in 1993 just as Carner did and. is plunged immediately into a society which seems totally alien due to the incessant. violence and corruption at every level of society Some of the Americans in the group. turn around and go home immediately but Brooke persists in trying to help the Russian. women attending the conference by teaching them about business and by helping them. to investigate the sources of corruption which are keeping them subjected to Mafia like. gang violence and intimidation, The writing is fast paced and full of descriptive passages which put the reader at the. center of the action the plot barrels along at top speed as Brooke and her new friends. are subjected to more and more danger and violence and murder. Characters like Dr Olga Rozanova a Soviet era functionary who now dreams of a new. Russia free from misogyny and violence against women and Svetlana a translator whose. only hope for her small daughter is a future where she will have enough to eat will stay. with you for a long time,MAIL A BOOK NEWSLETTER JANUARY FEBRUARY 2020.
The Slient Patient,By Alex Michaelides,Reviewed by Bonnie Sue Pokorny. A psychotherapist has a client who is an inmate at. a hospital for the criminally insane The inmate was. accused of shooting her husband For six years she has. not spoken The therapist is determine to get her to. speak and becomes consumed with her As he probes,more and more things come out. This is narrated by the therapist who is having marital. problems As it unfolds you get more involved and you. never guess the outcome,You will love it,The New Girl. by Daniel Silva,Reviewed by Bonnie Sue Pokorny, Gabriel Allon is asked by the Prince of Saudi Arabia for. help because his daughter was kidnapped as Allon tries. to find the girl it becomes a roller coaster ride,It was quite absorbing.
MAIL A BOOK NEWSLETTER JANUARY FEBRUARY 2020,Lessons from Lucy. by Dave Barry Reviewed by Marion Mango,Are you still suffering from the holiday. blues Hoping you won t have to hock,your hamster to pay your next credit card. bill Now is a good time to pull yourself,out of the winter doldrums Settle down. in your favorite cozy corner and wrap,yourself in the wacky warmth of Dave.
Barry s unique humor,Lucy Dave s mixed breed rescue dog. is turning ten 70 in human years and,Dave is at the same threshold facing. his 70th birthday He realizes there are,many life lessons Lucy has mastered and. he has not yet Lucy loves everyone,doesn t judge by appearances and Dave. well sometimes does Next are lessons,in patience acceptance and fun Lucy.
understands ten words among which,is Bubbe Dave s mother in law for. whom Lucy will wait patiently at the,front window paws resting eagerly on. the sill Lucy unlike Dave has graciously,accepted the limitations of advancing. years And she continues to have fun, Dave does try to mostly with his band The Rock Bottom Remainders whose members. include Amy Tan and Stephen King Another lesson to be learned is mindfulness Who. would have thought that a mere animal would be so spiritually advanced Dog lovers. know this to be true Pay attention to those you love right now Lucy is most always in. a good mood and forgets insults and offences instantly Lesson here Letting go of your. anger another teaching opportunity from canine consciousness Here s another Don t. lie though some white lies might be permitted especially if you have memory lapses. Also if you have said something truly hurtful be big enough to apologize Lucy is not in. danger there, Perhaps the most important lesson of all love is contained in Dave s last chapter.
MAIL A BOOK NEWSLETTER JANUARY FEBRUARY 2020, His dear daughter Sophie is partially paralyzed overnight by a mysterious illness the day. before leaving for her freshman year at Duke University The prognosis was negative But. through the love and support of family including Lucy friends and skilled doctors plus. Sophie s indomitable spirit within a year she was able to walk again and start her college. Laugh inducing thought provoking chapters in this volume are sure to warm the cockles. of your heart and save a fortune in heating and doctor bills Laughter is often better than. PS Dave Barry is a Pulitzer Prize winning humorist whose works include the novels Big. Trouble DVD available from the library and Crazy City. His humor covers such diverse topics as travel home ownership and life in general His. previous book Florida Best State Ever is sure to make you chuckle and I don t mean the. Book available in large print,The Institute,By Stephen King Reviewed by Bonnie Sue Pokorny. If you love Stephen King you will love this book A young. boy who is a genius is kidnapped in the middle of the night. and his parents are killed He is placed with a handful of. other children who were all tested some sadistically with. no explanation, The young hero attempts to escape You cannot put this. book down It s thrilling,MAIL A BOOK NEWSLETTER JANUARY FEBRUARY 2020. Movie Review,by Marion Mango, starring Leslie Caron Louis Jourdan Maurice Chevalier.
1958 PG 116mnts musical,Beautifully and lovingly filmed here is a. musical to delight your eyes and ears No,wonder it garnered nine Academy Awards. including Best Picture,Gigi Leslie Caron is a young Parisian girl. living in the late 19th century with her mother,and grandmother She is being groomed for. a career as a courtesan by her Aunt Alicia,who is well versed in the intricacies of such.
relationships the family having had important,social connections for generations Their. acquaintances include Gaston Louis Jordan,a rich bored playboy who delights in Gigi s. innocent antics Honore Maurice Chevalier,Gaston s womanizing uncle worriedly notices. his nephew s increasing interest in Gigi beyond,mere amusement She is presented to Gaston. exquisitely attired and more beautiful than,ever He makes an appeal to her family for.
an arrangement towards which Gigi has no,inclination and weeping locks herself in her. room Shortly thereafter Gaston realizes his love for her surpasses anything he ever. thought possible and proposes marriage to which Gigi happily agrees. The acting music costumes and scenery are superb Enjoy this endearing entr e into. turn of the century France and romance And au revoir. DVD available from the library,MAIL A BOOK NEWSLETTER JANUARY FEBRUARY 2020. Poetry Written by You,If You Loveth Me Tis Such I Heard A Rainbow. By R Tabb By R Tabb,if you loveth me tis such I heard a rainbow. as you say you do tis such I saw it too, that shalt be a lovely dream come true tis such I saw its colors from high above so.
tis such tis true true,we thanked the sky we thanked the rain. we thanked the sun we thanked forever,tis true with love we awaken and sleepth. inspired are we true,tis such tis true,Sometime In The Morning Dew. sometime in the morning dew,when everything tis anew. I remember you in the morning light And If You Say. you sayeth,tis alright By R Tabb,please pray with me thus do.
tis such tis true and if you say,I cry each day tis true. I ll kiss a tear and,hold it near so I shalt heal with you. tis such tis true,MAIL A BOOK NEWSLETTER JANUARY FEBRUARY 2020. Snow Mystery,By Marion Mango By Marion Mango,Ribbons of snow The sound of bells. that seem to flow can still be heard,tufted puffs above the.
of diamond dust noisy nearness of,sparkle in the sun civilization. too soon become a strange sensation,isinglass tears like being at. that span the years the creation,as memories of snows of a scene. of long ago more pristine,Lacy webs and serene,flow and ebb. turning bare trees The enigmatic light,into fantasies is no longer here.
of diaphanous foam it has gone,aglow in the gloam to bring its song. a golden necklace to another place,that leaves me breathless another race. with its beauty pristine,the world s Again it will come. a more silent place but its beauty,it seems will be. MAIL A BOOK NEWSLETTER JANUARY FEBRUARY 2020,Too Much to Do Exer vice.
By Marion Mango By Marion Mango,So much to do Stomp stomp stomp. So much to do Raise those legs,How crowded is even if. my purview you re in a chair,my purview Gotta keep your gluteus. Wish we could from getting to maximus,go and chat maybe. and have lunch from eating,at the Automat too much.
so much to do,so much to,Daffy nitions,By Marion Mango. From Pillar,By Marion Mango vege tables organic furniture. Most of my mail fractious angry math professor,goes to Pluto first. then finds its way sedentary addicted to sedans,eventually to Earth. Oh that in my box hemlock tailor s security device. it would first appear,and not go roaming,the stratosphere.
MAIL A BOOK NEWSLETTER JANUARY FEBRUARY 2020,Abraham Lincoln The Botox Incident. Submitted by Marion Mango By Marion Mango,By Abraham Lincoln Today. in our society,Abraham Lincoln the emphasis is,his hand and pen on youth ity. he will be good but should you,God knows When get a wrinkle. no guy at you,will winkle,Woe is the thee,better get rid of it.
The Boom Boom Room 1 2 3,By Jerry Sexton,Welcome to. the Boom Boom Room,You want or need,to be happy,Come this way. Hilarity awaits Share your,lots of ha ha s creativity. and a good sampling,of guffaws,Or Drawing Watercolor Poetry. if you would like Essays Memories and Recipes,come along too Send your work to Mail A Book.
The Boom Boom Room Originals will be scanned and,aims to please returned to you. Who knows You may end up on,the cover of our Newsletter. MAIL A BOOK NEWSLETTER JANUARY FEBRUARY 2020,Older Adult Services at Queens Public Library. ADULT LEARNER PROGRAM, Queens Public Library s Adult Learner Program development help job skills training international. provides free classes small group tutoring and cultural programs informational workshops for. other learning opportunities to help customers new immigrants and community based English. learn English learn to read and write and obtain classes are available to customers through the. a high school diploma As part of the Library s Job Business Academy and the New Americans. Adult Learning services job search help business Program. ADULT LEARNING CENTERS, Queens Public Library system has seven Adult ESOL conversation groups and lead other.
Learning Centers staffed by professionals and workshops and classes For more information. volunteers who tutor literacy groups facilitate email alpref queenslibrary org. ASK A LIBRARIAN, Ask a Librarian staff are available seven days Customers can submit questions by phone live. a week hours vary to provide brief answers chat email or phone text All information is kept. to factual questions or suggest resources to confidential Call 718 990 0728 To chat go to. help customers find the information they seek queenslibrary org. ASK A MEDICAL LIBRARIAN, Medical Librarian Al Piedra is available at Central information is kept confidential Call 718 990. Library s Consumer Health Resources Center 5130 fax 718 990 8570 or email apiedra. to answer questions and help with research All queenslibrary org. Check with your favorite library Many of our Games Chess and Scrabble Older Adult Services. libraries offer clubs such as Sewing Knit can help you find a club Call 718 464 0084 for. Crochet Quilting Mahjong Adult Coloring Art assistance. Clubs drawing and watercolor Family Board,MAIL A BOOK NEWSLETTER JANUARY FEBRUARY 2020. COMMUNITY HEALTH, Queens Public Library offers health education information and activities on topics affecting our com. munities to raise awareness of public health issues and guidelines and support health literacy. COMPUTER TRAINING, The Cyber Center at Central Library Jamaica information Other introductory classes on using.
offers a range of classes appropriate for older Mac and PC computers the Internet email. learners including beginning classes on using Microsoft and Adobe programs social media and. computers the Internet email Microsoft pro ebooks and e readers are also offered at Central. grams Google Facebook and other technologies Library and other select locations Call 718 990. and social media Call 718 990 0769 for more 8625 for more information. CONSUMER HEALTH RESOURCE CENTER, The Consumer Health Resources Center at a prescription drug disease symptoms or a. Central Library contains encyclopedias source doctor s credentials and find other information. books directories journals and online databases to help them take care of their health For more. that customers can use to learn more about information call 718 990 5130. DISCUSSION GROUPS, Books short stories film screenings and topical discussion groups. Gentle Yoga Chair Yoga Zumba Gold Shape Up NYC and more. LIFE LONG LEARNING, Creative Aging offers sequential learning courses Sewing and Acrylic Painting Memoir Writing and. to help older adults have a renewed relationship other interesting creative projects are offered For. with their library a destination for learning and more information contact Older Adult Services at. socialization We provide grant funded courses 718 464 0084 718 776 6800. such as Drawing Watercolor Collage Quilting,MAIL A BOOK NEWSLETTER JANUARY FEBRUARY 2020. MAIL A BOOK HOMEBOUND SERVICES, If you are unable to get to your library due to age what to read next our Mail A Book Librarian will.
or disability Queens Public Library will send books assist you To find out more about this great service. movies and music to you free of charge through please call 718 464 0084 or email us at. the US Postal Service Return postage is provided mailabook queenslibrary org. Telephone reference services are also provided to,homebound customers If you need help deciding. MUSIC AND ENTERTAINMENT, See the Queens Public Library Magazine for a full listing of adult programs. NEW AMERICANS PROGRAM NAP, Queens Public Library s New Americans Program legal services related to naturalization as well as a. provides programs and services to help immigrants program through the Immigrant Justice Corps for. integrate into American society while at the free legal services related to many immigration. same time sharing their diverse cultures with the issues For information on citizenship or legal. community at large Programs of interest to older services call 718 990 0730 Held in libraries. adults include ESOL classes at over 20 community throughout Queens cultural arts programs. libraries For information call 718 480 4300 featuring music dance and crafts celebrate the. Citizenship Preparation through monthly Pathway arts and literature of Queens ethnic communities. to U S Citizenship workshops formal citizenship Coping skills workshops in English and the major. classes at several libraries and quarterly Citizenship immigrant languages of Queens include health. Assistance Clinics at Central and Flushing Libraries housing immigration law and computer classes. In addition we offer the NYCitizenship program in Spanish and Bengali For information see the. through the Mayor s Office of Immigrant Affairs Queens Public Library Magazine call 718 990. where customers can make appointments for free 0894 or email napref queenslibrary org. ROTATING DEPOSIT COLLECTIONS, Collections of library materials books and movies weeks so new materials are always available to. are maintained at nursing homes throughout residents. Queens they are changed and updated every 6,VIRTUAL PROGRAMMING.
Queens Public Library offers a full calendar more These programs are offered as an extension. of virtual programming via teleconference of the Mail A Book program however you do not. Skype and Livestream geared toward the needs have to be homebound to join in These programs. and interests of older adults including topical are open to all adults Please register with Older. discussions health topics in English and Chinese Adult Services for all virtual programs at 718 464. art history lectures games poetry history and 0084.

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