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A special thanks to the Arizona Game and Fish Department. the Arizona Chapter of Safari Club International the. National Shooting Sports Foundation the Hunting Heritage. Partnership Sportsman s Warehouse and Alicat Scientific. for providing the resources and volunteers to produce this. booklet and put on the Junior Jack Kamps,February 2011. Hop Over To Jackrabbit Hunting, Arizona offers some of the best hunting in the nation If you have. hunted in Arizona before you know of the diversity of wildlife. and habitat that provide extraordinary hunting opportunities. If this is your first time hunting in Arizona you are in for a. memorable experience, An under utilized resource jackrabbits are fun and challenging. to hunt Making a slow stalk in the open desert for a clean shot. at an unsuspecting jackrabbit that is hunting Jackrabbits also. provide the hunter a great harvest for the table, There are three types of rabbits that can be hunted in Arizona. the cottontail rabbit the black tailed jackrabbit and the. towering antelope jackrabbit, The hunting season is open all year with only cottontail rabbits.
having a bag limit 10 There is no limit for jackrabbits. Rabbit hunting teaches many of the same skills needed for. pursuing big game including locating game stalking shot. placement harvesting field dressing and game meat preparation. We believe that the future of,hunting as well as the conservation. of natural resources is irrevocably,tied to the recruitment of our youth. to these time honored traditions,So hop to it,Go Jackrabbit Hunting. Please visit the Arizona Game and Fish Department s web site at. azgfd gov for more information including license requirements. places to hunt and a whole lot more,Jackrabbits In Arizona. Jack rabbits are actually hares Their young are born fully. furred and with their eyes open Baby jacks spend almost all of. their time very still and hidden in small nests They are rarely seen. In general jackrabbits are most active at night and the best time. to see them is in the early morning and late afternoon During. the day they mostly rest quietly in the shade to conserve energy. and moisture Jackrabbits get most of their water from the wide. variety of plants they eat, Antelope Jackrabbits are found in south central Arizona and.
northwestern Mexico They are some of the biggest hares in. North America, Often when they suspect a predator they will stand up to get a. better view and then sit down and freeze If the predator gets. close they will run but it s not unusual for them to stop and freeze. again after a short distance, Black tailed Jackrabbits are found throughout Arizona and much. of the western US and northern Mexico, They will sit very still if they suspect something Then they run for. the nearest heavy cover and continue to sneak away. Antelope Jackrabbit Range Black tailed Jackrabbit Range. Desert Cottontail Rabbits are also found in the same areas as. the jackrabbits They are much smaller than the jacks Cottontails. are true rabbits as their young are born without fur and with. closed eyes, Cottontails like heavy cover with lots of hiding places and holes. You may find them more often near washes They are usually seen. running away from you,The Quarry,You can find three.
species of rabbits in,Black tailed Jackrabbit,Black ear tips 3 6 lbs. Desert Cottontail,Too fast to see ear tips 2 lbs,Antelope Jackrabbit. No black ear tips 6 10 lbs,JACKRABBIT HUNTING TIPS. 5 Make sure your ri e is sighted in,5 Wear hunter orange at least. a hat If you are hunting with,others it is very important they.
see you at all times and know,where you are Even if hunting. alone there may be quail hunters,or others in the field with you. 5 Find an open area where you,can see at least 50 yards You. want to be able to see the jacks,before they get nervous and run. or sneak away Jacks like areas,that are scruffy and weedy with.
lots of bare ground They occur,throughout most semi desert. rangelands in Arizona but you,must be able to see them at a. distance and this is hard if the area is too brushy or grassy You can. scout for these areas by driving around or use Google Earth to look. for open areas, 5 Park and then make a wide circle around the truck or park a half. mile from a stock tank and walk a wide circle around it ending up. back at the truck You can also walk a long ridge down and then back. on the adjacent ridge to the vehicle, 5 You have to be able to spot them sitting usually under a tree at. 30 100yds and set up for a shot Hurry up to get in position so you. can take your time to shoot, 5 You can hunt effectively with groups of 1 3 people that walk parallel.
to each other 50 75 yards apart through the rabbitat rabbit. habitat This is where hunter orange is important Both groups must. be in sight of each other at all times and be aware of their safe. shooting lanes no shots at all on the side where the other group is. Walking a large loop around staying even with each other gives both. people groups a look a different rabbitat, 5 Look for rabbit pellets they leave those for you to find The more. fresh pellets the more fresh jacks,5 Look for tracks with rabbits still in them. 5 As the most famous jackrabbit hunter of all says Be vewy vewy. qwiet weer huntin wabbits, If the jacks hear you coming they may get nervous and run from. their hiding spot before you see them, Walk along qwietwy so you see them before they decide to hop. along the bunny trail, Don t plop your foot down or shuffle your heels Learn to set your.
heel down and roll your foot forward, If you practice that soon you will not even have to think about it. Jackrabbit Sign,Things that jacks do to let you,know they re around. Jackrabbit Pellets,Jackrabbit feeding on a hedgehog cactus. Jackrabbit ears with the sun,shining through them,A rabbit is almost always. Jackrabbits also feed on cholla hiding right below them. After the Shot,5 Mark the location of the rabbit, 5 Don t assume you missed especially with a 22 unless you are.
absolutely sure you see the bullet hit the dirt and the rabbit runs to. the next county, 5 A wounded and sometimes even a healthy rabbit may hop a little. ways and stop so walk slowly toward the spot of the shot and you. may get another chance, 5 If you don t actually see the rabbit run away look for blood or fur in. the area of the shot, 5 It s not uncommon to see a second rabbit appear after you shoot at. rabbit 1 Just be sure that you have marked the location of rabbit. 1 before you start chasing after rabbit 2, 5 Jackrabbits are heavy If you set a rabbit down and plan to retrieve. it later be sure to mark the spot maybe with flagging tape or a GPS. so you don t waste time looking for or worse yet lose the rabbit you. already have a bunny in the hand is worth two in the bush. Helpful Equipment, 5 22 ri e is all you need but other calibers such as 22 Mag 17HMR.
218 Bee 22 Hornet are also fun to use Don t forget the ammo. 5 A GPS unit to mark the location of the truck,5 Hunter orange hat and vest. 5 Pocket comb for flicking off cholla spines stuck to you or your rabbit. 5 Two way radios or cell phones if you are hunting with someone else. 5 Binoculars a bino buddy type harness makes it easier to carry all day. 5 Small rope knife rubber gloves and ziplock bags for cleaning the rabbits. 5 Cooler ice for the meat, 5 Small cordura sling or strap to carry rabbits optional. 5 Sunscreen,5 Camera not optional,Jackrabbit Care and Recipes. Dress your jackrabbits at the first opportunity and put them. on ice For a great demonstration of field dressing a jackrabbit. check out the AZ Game and Fish video How to Clean a. Jackrabbit at www youtube com azgfd p u 40 Bw4ZfLBx8p4. Occasionally rabbits are the host to the large grub of the bot. fly These unpleasant looking grubs do not affect the meat of the. rabbit and no rabbit should be discarded because of them. Even though you cleaned your rabbits in the field you still need to. give the meat a good second cleaning at home to get it ready for. the table or the freezer, Use cold water to wash off any blood or dirt from the meat. Trim away any damaged meat Discard all bruised and bloodshot pieces. Trim and discard the major tendons and tough connective tissues. With a little practice the hindquarters can be easily boned and. cut into recipe sized pieces, If you are freezing the meat be sure to use good quality freezer.
bags and label with contents and date, Because jackrabbits are really hares the meat is dark red like. venison or beef Cottontails on the other hand are true rabbits. with a paler pink meat like pork If you find rabbit at the. supermarket it will have pink meat like a cottontail. Jackrabbit meat is very lean and mild flavored If you take good. care of the meat it will have no gamey flavor The shoulders and. hindquarters are best suited for slow moist cooking methods. Give them enough cooking time to get tasty and tender. The loins back straps are the only part of the rabbit meat. that is always tender These can be wiped clean and packaged. separately for use in recipes that require quick cooking like frying. or grilling, Besides the recipes in this booklet try using jack meat with your. favorite venison elk or javelina recipes or use your big game. meat with these recipes, You can even grind the meat for sausage or Jackrabbit Helper. Just remember it has almost no fat so you may need to add some. to keep the meat moist,Have fun cooking and eating. Jackrabbit Jim s Jack Stew, This is the stew made world famous at the Junior Jack Kamps.
2 Jackrabbits deboned and cut into 1 inch cubes,Lawry s Seasoned Salt. cup Olive or Canola oil, 1 bag of frozen stew vegetables potatoes carrots celery. and onions already peeled cubed,1 envelope beef stew seasoning. Sprinkle meat with seasoned salt and brown surfaces with. oil in hot frying pan, Place browned meat and stew seasoning envelope in crockpot. and fill 2 3rds with water Cook for 4 hours,Add frozen vegetables and cook 1 more hour.
Rabbit Stew Two, This is one of the very best tasting rabbit recipes The. seasoning packs really give the meat a fantastic flavor and the. gravy gives the stew a great stick to your ribs taste. Best served with fresh baked sourdough or Italian bread. Ingredients,2 3 Rabbits cut and cubed for stew meat. 2 boxes Lipton garlic and chive potato seasoning packs. 4 5 large potatoes cut and cubed,1 cup sliced carrots. 1 large white onion sliced and diced,1 jar Heinz heat and eat Brown gravy. Soak the rabbit pieces in saltwater overnight,Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
Brown the rabbit pieces in a skillet with a small amount of oil. Use one package of Lipton potato seasoning to coat the. rabbit meat and the other package of seasoning to coat the. potatoes Follow the directions on the box, Spread the rabbit potatoes carrots and onion on a shallow. baking sheet and bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes. Add the gravy and bake for an additional 15 minutes. stirring occasionally,Jackrabbit with Onions, This is a regional favorite from the island of Cyprus Where. jackrabbits are the only Big Game animal,2 jackrabbits cut in pieces about 4 or 5 lbs meat. 4 lbs yellow onions sliced thin,1 cups vinegar,2 3 bay leaves. 1 cinnamon stick optional,1 cup red wine,Salt and pepper.
Brown rabbit pieces in oil in a Dutch oven or heavy pot. Remove rabbit meat and brown onions in the same pot. Return rabbit meat to the pot along with the vinegar add. bay leaves and cinnamon, Add water to cover if needed Bring to a boil Reduce to a. Cover and cook until rabbit is tender about 2 hours. Add wine and simmer an additional 15 minutes Remove bay. leaves and cinnamon stick,Serve with rice or potatoes. Jack Karnitas, This popular southwestern dish gets jacked up with the. inclusion of a few antelope jackrabbits,2 3 Rabbits cut into 1 inch cubes. Flour Tortillas,3 Tomatoes,1 bunch of Cilantro,1 tsp Cumin.
tsp Oregano,1 tsp Red Chili,Salt and Pepper to taste. Shredded Cheddar Cheese,Sour Cream, Sprinkle meat with salt pepper and brown surfaces with oil. in hot frying pan, Place browned meat in crock pot and cover with water Cook. for 4 5 hours on low add water if necessary Drain off all. water except for about 1 cup and transfer to large frying pan. Add all seasonings sliced onion cubed tomatoes and simmer. uncovered until onions are soft and most liquid is evaporated. Add chopped cilantro in the last 5 minutes of cooking. Serve in warm tortillas with cheese and sour cream. Jackrabbit Loins, As we mentioned earlier jackrabbit loins back straps. are always tender They can be prepared in ways you. wouldn t try with the rest of the rabbit,Just be sure to remove the silver skin a membrane.
which you see on the topside of the loin Do this by. sliding a thin sharp knife between the meat and the. silver skin Note If you are going to freeze the loins. leave the silver skin on it helps protect the meat from. freezer burn, The loins can be cooked in a variety of ways Here are. few easy ideas,Seared Rabbit Loins, Cut each loin in two or three pieces Season the meat. with fresh ground black pepper and kosher salt Add. a tablespoon of butter to a hot cast iron pan and sear. the loin pieces for a couple minutes on each side Cook. as rare or well done as you like Serve immediately with. piece of toast to sop up the juices,Rabbit Loin Stir Fry. Cut loins into stir fry size pieces marinate in your. favorite stir fry sauce for at least an hour Follow. your usual stir fry recipe,Rabbit Loin Fingers, Slice loins diagonally into strips about to inch thick. Dip in first in flour seasoned to taste then beaten. egg mixed with a little milk and finally coat with bread. crumbs Fry in hot oil until brown and crispy Dip in your.

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