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PELICAN PUBLISHING COMPANY,Gretna 2009, Jack Hinson s One Man War indd 3 12 15 2008 2 08 22 PM. Copyright 2009,By Tom C McKenney,All rights reserved. The word Pelican and the depiction of a pelican,are trademarks of Pelican Publishing Company Inc. and are registered in the U S Patent and Trademark Office. Library of Congress Cataloging in Publication Data. McKenney Tom C Tom Chase,Jack Hinson s one man war Tom C McKenney. Includes bibliographical references and index, ISBN 978 1 58980 640 5 hardcover alk paper 1 Hinson John W.
1807 1874 2 Hinson John W 1807 1874 Family 3 Landowners. Tennessee Stewart County Biography 4 Farmers Tennessee. Stewart County Biography 5 Bubbling Springs Tenn Farm History. 6 Stewart County Tenn Biography 7 Snipers Confederate States. of America Biography 8 Guerrilla warfare Tennessee History 19th. century 9 Tennessee History Civil War 1861 1865 Underground. movements 10 United States History Civil War 1861 1865. Underground movements I Title,F443 S7M35 2009,976 8 3504092 dc22. 2008042121,Printed in the United States of America. Published by Pelican Publishing Company Inc,1000 Burmaster Street Gretna Louisiana 70053. Jack Hinson s One Man War indd 4 12 15 2008 2 08 23 PM. For all those who did the dying and those who grieved. Jack Hinson s One Man War indd 5 12 15 2008 2 08 23 PM. In Memoriam, Jay Massey Straight Arrow of Girdwood Alaska outdoorsman. freelance writer beloved husband and father and a young man. of integrity with a nice heart who while pursuing this story with. me was taken so suddenly from us by cancer, Jack Hinson s One Man War indd 6 12 15 2008 2 08 23 PM.
Acknowledgments 13,Introduction 16,Prologue 20,Chapter 1 The Hinsons of Bubbling Springs 25. Chapter 2 War Comes to Bubbling Springs 54, Chapter 3 Occupation and the Rise of Guerrilla Warfare 106. Chapter 4 Death Comes to Bubbling Springs 134,Chapter 5 A Time to Kill 168. Chapter 6 Twilight at Bubbling Springs 206,Chapter 7 The End of Bubbling Springs 223. Chapter 8 All Out War 252,Chapter 9 Making Military History 285.
Chapter 10 The Last Campaign 311,Chapter 11 The Twilight Years 323. Epilogue 335,Appendix A Scenes in the Story Then and Now 349. Appendix B The Fourth Generation 354, Appendix C Jack Hinson s Rifle Chain of Possession 356. Appendix D John W Jack Hinson Genealogy Partial 358. Appendix E Documents 361,Bibliography 386, Jack Hinson s One Man War indd 7 12 15 2008 2 08 23 PM. A brother offended is harder to be won than a strong city. Proverbs 18 19, Jack Hinson s One Man War indd 8 12 15 2008 2 08 23 PM.
Concerning Quotations, Quotation sources throughout the text are as attributed or. explained in the text Quotations at the beginning of the prologue. each chapter and the epilogue not otherwise attributed are the. author s taken from the text of that portion,Concerning the Details. This book has been researched documented and written as. history It has been an extremely difficult job first most of the. events occurred more than 140 years ago and second the story. has been suppressed since the war years by the family The. story s suppression was motivated in the beginning by fear of. the occupying Union forces retaliation during Reconstruction. Two generations later the time of Jack Hinson s grandchildren. some family members considered the old man s exploits to be an. embarrassment since he had been in a sense an outlaw a wanted. man with a price on his head a notorious killer In that locally. prominent family he became a topic not to be discussed and. silence settled over Hinson s story, As a result important details that would otherwise flesh out. and enrich the account were forever lost as many of them were. literally taken to the grave Very few of the details survived the. death of Jack Hinson s grandson and namesake John S Hinson. When I began the research almost nothing was known beyond. those few words on the historical marker where I began and. part of that was in error Even the exact location of the Hinson. plantation Bubbling Springs was not known to the family nor. was the location of their postwar home Magnolia Hill The family. knew the story of the execution of the Hinson sons but no one. Jack Hinson s One Man War indd 9 12 15 2008 2 08 23 PM. 10 JACK HINSON S ONE MAN WAR, knew where it happened or even which two sons were killed. Nothing was known of the arrest at the time of the surrender of. Fort Donelson nor the brief imprisonment of the two sons who. were later executed Nothing was known of Jack s activities. during and after the battle or his acquaintance with Grant and the. Confederate generals Nothing was known of the sworn affidavit. concerning the surrender of Fort Donelson which he executed. a year later Nothing was known of Jack s taking of the loyalty. oath his citadel on Graffenreid Bluff or his postwar status and. activities Camp Lowe the Fort Heiman satellite and base camp. for patrols sent out after Jack Hinson was forgotten and its. location was unknown, In the beginning of the work little was known about Jack.
Hinson s nearest neighbor not even his identity whose plantation. home was taken over and used as the Union hospital during the. battle Information on his other neighbor whose home became. Grant s headquarters for the Fort Donelson battle was also scarce. except for the two oft repeated words Widow Crisp and at. the time of the battle she was not yet a widow The historical. marker supposedly identifying the location of the Crisp home is. almost a half mile from the actual site A passing comment by an. area librarian led to interviews with a rich secondary source the. granddaughter of Mrs Crisp s son He had told her many times. what he experienced in February of 1862 during the battle Only. through him do we now know of the sensitivity kindness and. compassion shown to Mrs Crisp and her son by General Grant. and his staff Through him we now also know Martha Crisp s. full name how she became Widow Crisp about her life and. remarriage after the battle where she is buried and how wrong. Gen Lew Wallace s white trash characterization was. Jack s special rifle was found traced to its current owner in. Murfreesboro Tennessee and we now know its history and have a. chain of possession A nineteenth century published recollection. of Nathan Bedford Forrest s adjutant Maj Charles W Anderson. which told of Hinson s guiding Forrest on at least three raids. confirmed Anderson Black McFarlin family tradition concerning. Jack s relationship with Forrest, Most of what we now know about Jack Hinson and his family was. dug out the hard way traveling to pursue the slightest leads asking. Jack Hinson s One Man War indd 10 12 15 2008 2 08 23 PM. Preface 11, thousands of questions placing newspaper ads and searching. archives When the research began four of Hinson s great. grandchildren were still living they provided the few surviving. family traditions letters photos etc still known to exist. The Hinson family Bible letters photographs and other records. that would have answered so many questions were apparently. destroyed when Federal troops burned their home at Bubbling. Springs Few records of that kind have survived mostly those of. Jack s children and grandchildren and they provide little insight. into the heart of the story Jack s career as a self appointed. Confederate sniper, The foundational facts of the events are known and documented. recovered in exhaustive research of the records of the National. Archives the Kentucky and Tennessee State Archives records. at Fort Donelson collections of libraries and historical societies. nineteenth century newspaper accounts written reminiscences. of contemporaries and multisource family traditions We know. for instance about the armed Union troop transport that under. Hinson s deadly rifle fire surrendered to that one old man most. of the details however are unknown The same applies to his. relationship with Grant Pillow Forrest and others the burning. of the home the incident in the Hundred Acre Field his family s. tragic exodus in a blizzard and his citadel on the ridge above the. Towhead Chute We know that they occurred but in the writing. many of the details have had to be assumed In most cases only. God really knows what was said what people thought and felt. which way the wind was blowing what Jack ate in the wilderness. or where the slaves stood as the house burned In every case the. principle followed in assuming such details was this they were. chosen because in light of the evidence that does survive local. custom and the historical context to choose otherwise would. have been illogical flying in the face of reason, This is a true story written in its historically accurate context. with its foundational facts extensively researched and authenticated. but it is a story to the great misfortune of us all about which many. details are unknown In some places I fleshed out the story in order. to let the reader learn not only what occurred but also what it was. like in human terms for the participants In this way those who. suffered and died both Union and Confederate soldier and civilian. Jack Hinson s One Man War indd 11 12 15 2008 2 08 23 PM. 12 JACK HINSON S ONE MAN WAR, black and white young and old emerge from crumbling yellowed.
documents faded diaries microfilm statistical summaries and. footnotes to take on flesh to live laugh cry bleed and die. The deaths of at least seven of the Hinson children were real. And all those Union soldiers and sailors whom Jack killed were. actual boys and men with parents families wives and children. who grieved at their losses I very much wish this fact to come to. life for the readers especially those to whom such events seem. distant and academic as impersonal as miles of railroad tons of. supplies or electoral votes, I believe that I have rescued a compelling historic and human. story from our past one that was nearly lost forever and it is my. hope that the laughter and the tears the loving and the hating. the selfless nobility and the venal brutality of that war the tearing. of very human flesh and the breaking of very human hearts will. become real to the reader,They happened,Tom C McKenney. Long Beach Mississippi, Jack Hinson s One Man War indd 12 12 15 2008 2 08 24 PM. Acknowledgments, This book could not have been written without Frances Hinson. native of Magnolia tireless avid historian and widow of Charles. Dudley Hinson great grandson of Jack Hinson She probably qualifies. as coauthor but must not be held responsible for my mistakes. My wife Marty an avid historian provided ongoing research. support served as a restraint on my excessive zeal for certain. aspects of the story and put up with my extended absences My. historian daughter Melissa Harris provided priceless historical. review and correction of the early chapters and gave me priceless. help in my struggle with the computer with time she didn t have. and my daughter Sally Mahoney and her husband Prof Joe. Mahoney contributed overview editing of the entire manuscript. Prof Benjamin Franklin Cooling of the National Defense. University gave gracious encouragement tough minded advice. and critiqued the entire manuscript His excellent book on the. battle for Forts Henry and Donelson was my touchstone for the. battle and its aftermath, Dave and Marian Novak of Signal Tree Publishing Company.
who knew much more about what I was trying to do than I. did suffered long with me pointing me in right directions at. considerable cost to themselves I owe them a very great deal. Pam Ford Stewart County librarian was supportive from the. beginning and my right arm at times throughout Pam s friends. Ruth Mathis and Lynn Stacy at the Stewart County Courthouse. graciously gave priceless assistance in deed research and made. available the old courthouse photo, Scot Danforth director of the University of Tennessee Press. was generous with his advice and encouragement and played a. key role in determining the ultimate form of this book. Joe McCormick of Pinson Tennessee not only provided the. artwork and some of the photographs but also tramped through. Jack Hinson s One Man War indd 13 12 15 2008 2 08 24 PM. 14 JACK HINSON S ONE MAN WAR, the woods and climbed around on Jack s ridge with me in places. where mountain goats would fear to tread, Susan Hawkins of the Fort Donelson National Battlefield. graciously and generously provided key help research guidance. ongoing encouragement and priceless contemporary newspaper. accounts including that of the arrest and imprisonment of Hinson s. sons Jimmy Jobes also of the Fort Donelson staff shared his vast. knowledge of the two battles, Nelda Saunders Stewart County historian and gifted researcher. was enormously helpful with tax marriage and deed research I. owe her much David Ross of Dover and Erin Tennessee historian. writer and editor provided key information and encouragement. at an early critical discouraging time, The late Jill Knight Garrett of Columbia Tennessee preeminent.
historian of the region encouraged advised me and provided me. with a key document never before published No history of the. Twin Rivers area could be written without reference to her work. and that of her late mother Iris Hopkins McClain The same is. true of the many booklets on area history by another tireless area. historian the incomparable Nina Finley, The late Alvin Crutcher Bubbling Springs neighbor patiently. provided authentic information on living and farming in that area and. led us to the Hundred Acre Field Frank Cherry native of the Danville. area who seems to have four generations of river land history in his. head was a generous source The Rev Roy West introduced me to. Jack s favorite firing point on Graffenreid Bluff and sent me on the. search for it And Bart Stephenson was an enthusiastic and energetic. source on the bluff where he had made his home and on the river. and flanking creeks, The late John Stewart Hinson his late brother Charles. Dudley Hinson and their niece Ava Hinson Collett were. zealous for the project and extremely helpful Betty Jo Hinson. Dortch shared valuable family letters and notes and the late. Rosalee Coppage Thomas Hinson descendant shared valuable. family traditions photographs and genealogical information. The late Fran Swor Abernathy intrepid historian tramped through. tick and chigger infested woods with me to find long lost Camp Lowe. and contributed key research in Henry County archives. Cheryl Jameson Smith of Waverly enthusiastically provided. Jack Hinson s One Man War indd 14 12 15 2008 2 08 24 PM. Acknowledgments 15, crucial information and photographs of Patrick Henry Bateman. Doug Mitchell also of Waverly opened his home and provided. valuable testimony concerning his grandmother s terrible. experience there at the hands of guerrillas, Gynel Wilson of Jackson Tennessee was generous with vital. research assistance there and Col James D Brewer writer and. historian of Elizabethtown Kentucky shared his notes on the story. Mike Silvey of Clarksville Tennessee graciously made available. the Reuben R Ross diaries Shannon Scott of Ocean Springs. Mississippi with his computer graphics made my hand drawn maps. look respectable Jane Morrison faithful friend was a willing patient. e mail terminal in Clarksville, Judge Ben Hall McFarlin of Murfreesboro and his family.
graciously opened their home and provided access to Jack s rifle. the rifle and vital family history, And when I was first searching blindly with almost no leads. librarians in area county libraries were generous with their resources. and encouragement I owe special thanks to Kay French and Jenny. Rye at Erin and Greta Morton Burnett formerly of Camden. Jack Hinson s One Man War indd 15 12 15 2008 2 08 24 PM. Introduction, In the mid 1960s driving westward across the Land Between. the Lakes National Recreation Area I was thinking about the area. as it had been in earlier times Prior to the building of the dams. that created Kentucky Lake on the west and Lake Barkley on the. east flooding the low lying portions on both sides the land had. been known simply as Between the Rivers It was an inland. peninsula running north and south bound by the Tennessee River. The historical marker at Golden Pond, Jack Hinson s One Man War indd 16 12 15 2008 2 08 24 PM.

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