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I m writing this from the comfort of,a coach class California bound. American Airlines MD 80 after,PO BOX 1382 spending a week in Lakeland FL. Hanford CA 93232 1382 AKA Sun n Fun 2005 This is my. third year attending SnF and it was, United States of America by far the best experience to date. 559 584 3306 Perhaps the biggest reason it went, Editor CONTACTMagazine com well for me was that this is the first. year that I had full time help in the,booth During the two previous.
Volume 14 Number 2 years I went solo to the event and. Mar Sep 2005 Continued on page 22,Issue 80 From left to right Associate Edi. tor John P Moyle and Managing,MISSION Editor Patrick Panzera manning. CONTACT Magazine is published bi monthly by the CONTACT Magazine booth at. Aeronautics Education Enterprises AEE an Sun n Fun 2005. Arizona nonprofit corporation established in 1990, to promote aeronautical education CONTACT 3 Revmaster R 3000 Engine. promotes the experimental development expan,sion and exchange of aeronautical concepts. 10 years in the making this new engine is about to hit the market and. information and experience In this corporate age take the 100hp engine genre by storm. of task specialization many individuals have cho By John P Moyle. sen to seek fresh unencumbered avenues in the,pursuit of improvements in aircraft and power.
plants In so doing they have revitalized the pro,12 Meet Joe Horvath. gress of aeronautical design particularly in the A brief sidebar on Joe and his background with the VW engine. general aviation area Flight efficiency improve By John P Moyle. ments in terms of operating costs as well as,airframe drag have come from these efforts We. fully expect that such individual efforts will con. 13 Revflow Innovations and improvements, tinue and that they will provide additional incen Descriptions and details of the inner workings of the Revflow vari. tives for the advancement of aeronautics able jet injector carburetor. By Joe Horvath,EDITORIAL POLICY,CONTACT pages are open to the publication of. these individual efforts Views expressed are 15 How fast are you really going. exclusively those of the individual authors Ex A whimsical look at the effect of stagnation temperature rise as. perimenters are encouraged to submit articles speed increases and how that may be misleading you into believing. and photos of their work Materials exclusive to,CONTACT are welcome but are returnable only.
that you are going faster than you really are, if accompanied by return postage Every effort By Paul Lipps. will be made to balance articles reporting on com, mercial developments Commercial advertising is 16 The BMW R1100RS Motorcycle engine. not accepted All rights with respect to reproduc,tion are reserved Nothing whole or in part may. Mysluk Konstancin of Poland reports on his direct experience with. be reproduced without the permission of the pub converting and flying behind this elegant motorcycle engine. 20 Planning Your Charitable Giving,SUBSCRIPTIONS,Six issue subscription in U S funds is 24 00 for. CONTACT Magazine supporter Percy Lorie III offers a little food for. USA 28 00 for Canada and Mexico 40 00 for thought by way of the second in his series of informative articles. overseas air orders CONTACT is mailed to U S, addresses at nonprofit organization rates mid 23 John O Thompson s EA 81 powered Kitfox IV 1200.
January March May July September and No,vember Please allow time for processing and. John Thompson s story of converting a Subaru EA 81and fitting it into. delivery of first issue from time of order the nose of his beautiful Kitfox. By John P Moyle,ADDRESS CHANGES RENEWALS, The first line of your label contains the number of. your last issue Please check label for correct, The Loss of a Grand Gentleman A tribute to M C Bill Harrold. ness This magazine does not forward Please By Jess Meyers. notify us of your date of address change consis, tent with our bimonthly mailing dates to avoid On the cover John Thompson s Kitfox over California s Central Valley. missing any issues Photo by Pat Panzera Special thanks to Don McKinney of Hanford CA. COPYRIGHT 2005 BY AEE Inc, for providing the photo plane a beautiful Aeronca Super Decathlon.
CONTACT ISSUE 80 PAGE 2,Photo courtesy of Revmaster Aviation. By John P Moyle was the fully assembled engine offered with the Q 2 kit. Photos by Pat Panzera from Quickie Aircraft Corporation That fast glass two. seat tandem wing was immensely popular during the, There is something new and very exciting happening at early 1980 s and still has a healthy following even though. the Hesperia airport L26 located in Hesperia California the kit has been out of production for almost 2 decades. A completely new experimental aircraft engine has been Its stunning good looks and outstanding performance on. designed and is being manufactured It s in the highly such little horsepower made it the darling of its era. desirable 100 horsepower class which should fit into a. large segment of experimental aircraft including many In time as is so common with experimental aviators the. Light Sport Aircraft category candidates owners of these sleek little planes began to desire even. greater speeds Revmaster provided a turbo normalized. A BIT OF HISTORY 80 HP version of their 2100 c c engine R2100DT to. Revmaster Aviation is best known in the experimental meet that need as well as offering an electronically. aircraft community as a major producer of air cooled governed oil actuated constant speed propeller Finally. Volkswagen automobile engine conversions To date the movement towards Continental O 200 powerplants. Revmaster has converted and delivered over three thou for the Q took place and the associated increased. sand of these engines Many light aircraft such as the gross weight mandated a new canard with a stronger. Rand Robinson KR series and other popular designs spar The altered plane was christened the Q 200 Build. were conceived with engines like these in mind A turbo ers of other VW conversion powered aircraft designs. charged version of an early model Revmaster engine also seeking higher performance seemed to follow suit. complete with a constant speed propeller powered Ken. Rand s original KR 2 at speeds up to 190 mph at 14 000 Back then the O 200 was abundantly available in mid. feet MSL TBO condition at a fairly reasonable price Those days. are long past and the remaining choices for less costly. The Revmaster R 2100 a 75 horsepower naturally as engines in the O 200 class are few with the cost figures. pirated direct drive air cooled 4 cylinder boxer engine having escalated rather dramatically A very limited num. CONTACT ISSUE 80 PAGE 3, ber of alternative engines are available which can pro Horvath s shop Each component that is being created. vide the sought after horsepower in a usable form at an for this engine is being handled as if it were going to be. affordable price FAA certified The birth certificate of individual pieces. follows it through the approved procedures with careful. ADDRESSING THE SITUATION notation of date and time material source batch num. Joe Horvath founder and president of Revmaster Avia bers processes carried out and the technicians in. tion probably has more experience than any other indi volved Mr Horvath has properly laid all the groundwork. vidual person in the field of converting VW engines for for this engine to join the ranks of FAA and other na. experimental aircraft With over 30 years in the business tions controlling agencies certified powerplants should. the impressive volume of his production cannot be chal he choose to pursue that option in the future. lenged When aircraft designers and builders wanted. more power from their VW based engines Revmaster, responded but there can be no argument that extracting. greater power from small displacement engines takes its. toll on component lifespan The cylinder heads and pis. ton crowns can reject only so much heat unless funda. mental changes are made to the amount of cooling fin. surface area and piston alloys etc Eventually the only. reliable solution becomes additional displacement as. we ve heard it said many times There s no substitute for. cubic inches, The constant demand for increased performance made.
Joe look hard at the Type IV Volkswagen engine as a. possible conversion This 1 7 to 2 0 liter air cooled 4. cylinder boxer engine is mostly known for its use in the. VW Bus Transporter and the Porsche 914 But there, are problems with these engines which are not easy to. resolve such as the availability of serviceable cores as. well as limited after market parts and the cost to over. haul in general While some of these engines have been. converted independently up to 2800 c c s and are cur. rently flying successfully these too have failed to gain. strong acceptance from the EAA faithful Mr Horvath. began to consider the prospect of applying his knowl. edge and experience to a completely new design with. none of the compromises and restrictions that come with. conversion from other applications such as the automo. tive realm, A new R 3000 crankcase attached to a traditional VW. BUILDING AN EVOLUTIONARY POWERPLANT engine stand awaits final assembly. It eventually became apparent to Mr Horvath that he. could indeed create a 3 0 liter displacement engine ca CRANKCASE. pable of delivering well in excess of 100 hp He calls this Using permanent metal molds the case is cast from. development an evolution of his prior experience with Elektron ZC63 magnesium alloy The case halves are. Volkswagen based conversions combined with his per split vertically down the centerline similar to Continental. ception of what is needed in the largest segment of the Lycoming Franklin and yes Volkswagen too The left. current and future Experimental and Light Sport Aircraft and right sides are attached to each other using 14 mm. business diameter 8740 steel through bolts, During the earlier course of creating custom parts for the The case features a full circle of head retention studs. R 2100 series Revmaster Aviation had developed work One of the shortcomings previously alluded to concern. ing relationships with foundries capable of making cast ing larger displacement VW conversions was the lack of. ings and forged metal engine components Major casting adequate and well spread clamping force from only four. for the all new R 3000 crankcases accessory housings studs around each of the expanded bore cylinders The. cylinder heads valve covers camshafts and cylinder R 3000 boasts a 50 improvement in this regard with. barrels plus the forged parts such as the crankshafts six well spaced studs surrounding the cylinder bore see. and connecting rods have been commissioned to these photo next page providing more even superior clamp. outside sources and are delivered to Revmaster for pre ing pressure Gone should be the days of lost compres. cision finish machining All the designs are from Joe sion and blown heads. CONTACT ISSUE 80 PAGE 4,The new magnesium case that Joe developed has 2. additional bolts per cylinder bore located at the 12. and 6 o clock positions, Besides the central portion of the case unlike its prede.
cessor there is a top cover plate similar to what you. might find on Franklin and Corvair engines The front of. the case is furnished with a bolt on propeller drive. extension housing which supports the huge 4 bearing. Fitted with an alternative front cover this engine. can be bolted in to a traditional VW automobile,The genius of this system. lies in the interchangeable,front covers The cast,ing pictured above and to. the right show how this For comparison this photo of a stock VW engine. engine is fitted for aviation case converted for aviation shows the intricacies of. use The photo at the top the casting which are vital to the stock case These. of the next column shows specific features are replicated by Revmaster in their. the engine fitted for auto front cover designed for automobile use The avia. mobile use by installing a tion front cover was developed with a clean slate. different and separate and is 100 aviation oriented complete with a. front cover proper bearing and not a compromised conversion. Photo courtesy of Revmaster Aviation,CONTACT ISSUE 80 PAGE 5. the crankcase The prop end of the,crank features a 3 precision locking. taper and is fitted with a long prop hub,flange which is further secured by a left.
hand threaded inch locking bolt in he,nose torqued to 150 foot pounds The. prop flange provides a cadmium plated,SAE 1 prop mounting hub and fea. tures a massive 4 bearing journal sur,face which is carried by a B8 50 alloy. aluminum bearing This bearing is in,stalled in the propeller shaft housing. and exceeds the total bearing area of,the other three main bearings com.
bined effectively absorbing the propel,ler dynamic loads The crankshafts are. all heat treated nitrided superground,and interfaced with the taper on the. prop hub end These cranks will handle,a prop weight of up to 25 pounds in. cluding optionally constant speed,Photo courtesy of Revmaster Aviation. models Everything about the crank is, This photo of the underside of the engine shows many details includ designed for the future installation of an.
ing the dry sump oil pan oil actuated constant speed propeller. The bottom of the case is closed with a cast oil sump. either wet sump or dry sump as specified by the cus. tomer While a wet sump is simplicity itself the dry sump. model has the advantage of moving the weight of the. excess lubricant to the firewall or anywhere on the air. frame actually This option may help designers and, builders to have greater control over how much weight. they suspend on the engine mount at what may be a, long moment arm from the center of gravity in addition. to other desirable performance features usually associ. ated with dry sump systems The amount of oil carried. would not be restricted by available crankcase volume if. the dry sump system were chosen The business end of the crankshaft with the prop. flange removed showing the 3 taper,CRANKSHAFT,The crankshaft is. forged from E,4340 steel alloy,and is counter,weighted The. stroke is 90mm,Bearings 1 and,2 are typical,steel backed.
split type plain,bearings 60 mm,at the inside di,ameter The 3. bearing an alu,minum ring type,thrust bearing,again 60 mm is. located nearest,to the prop end, but still inside of The crankshaft is a 2 piece affair Everything from the left of the cam gear shown in the. photo above is attached to the crank via a tapered fit and a left handed 3 4 bolt. CONTACT ISSUE 80 PAGE 6, gine is configured to produce a compression ratio of 8 9. to 1 and operates on the 100LL avgas that has become. the most widely available fuel among North American. flight centers and FBO s, The camshaft is a chilled cast iron unit with a lobe hard.
ness of 60 HRC In the casting process a chill a metal. piece placed in the sand mold is used These chills act. as quenches which remove or wick heat rapidly from a. specific area in the mold The rapid cooling makes the. metal near the chill much harder than the surrounding. material without the chill The hardening depth goes sig. nificantly beyond any other hardening process, The custom grind provides 520 inch of valve lift and. 274 of duration A bolt on aluminum cam gear runs, against the billet machined carbon steel crank gear at. the front of the engine while the cam itself turns in pres. sure fed plain bearings from the Type 1 VW Of note. here Converted VW engines suffered from having crank. CONNECTING RODS shaft strokes severely limited by their close proximity to. Forged 4340 steel H beam type connecting rods have the camshaft The R 3000 has been designed to place. 100 machined surfaces and utilize 3 8 inch ARP 2000 its cam low in the case to allow for the clearance re. rod cap bolts They are balance matched into weight quired when using its longer stroke crank The cam also. groups of 3 grams The rod length has a 6 0 center drives a 38 mm high volume oil pump that has the capa. to center dimension The big end carries pressure bility of moving 2 3 times more lubricant than the 30 mm. lubed plain bearings from Ford s Capri engine which pumps used in the R 2100 That s potentially up to 9 gal. rotate on 54 mm polished and radiused journals The lons per minute. small end with bronze bushing connects to full floating. Chevrolet wrist pins that are retained by spiral circlips LIFTERS AND VALVE SEATS. Splash style lubrication is effectively used to get oil into One of the frequently mentioned issues that plagued the. the wrist pins and piston lands via strategically placed early VW conversions was the persistent though incor. orifices in the piston interior and the rod end rect belief that the solid lifters in those engines were. responsible for the need to adjust the valve lash every 25. hours The truth discovered after exhaustive research by. the Revmaster technicians is that the original valve seat. material was inadequate to tolerate the heat being cre. ated in the combustion chamber once the displacement. grew beyond the Volkswagen factory specifications The. hot valves had begun to lift tiny particles of metal from. the seats and that erosion in addition to destroying the. efficiently of the combustion chamber allowed the valve. to sit deeper in the head The clearances at the rocker. arm would then diminish or disappear altogether caus. ing some to believe that what was happening was that. the valves were stretching Frequent valve lash adjust. ments typically every 25 hours became the common, practice even to this day with VW engines still utilizing. inferior valve seat material Other folks choose to modify. the engine to accept hydraulic lifters which takes care of. the constant need to adjust the valve clearances but. does not remedy the cause of the problem occurring at. the valve seats The true solution is to use seats with a. CYLINDERS PISTONS AND CR very high nickel content alloy which is precisely what. The cylinders are centrifugally cast iron with a bore di Joe has been doing since 1985 Solid lifters work just. ameter of 102 36 mm 4 03 A 25 micro inch cross fine and are super easy to set to the proper clearances. hatch finish hone is applied to the bore The pistons are No additional maintenance beyond check at annual is. a forged aluminum flat top off the shelf Chevrolet part required and the valve train has proven to be very dura. and are equipped with chrome moly rings This flight en ble since the improved hardened seats were adapted. CONTACT ISSUE 80 PAGE 7,The day we visited Revmaster Joe was in the proc. ess of building engines destined for the drag strip. The photo above shows the size and shape of the,combustion chamber but what s missing is the sec.
ond set of sparkplug holes that would normally be,there if this head was dedicated to aviation. short spark plug wire similar to those used in modern. Corvette engines This redundant system is mated to. dual independent fully solid state electronic CDI, This cut away of the head shows just how well the sources The combustion chambers are fitted with. engine can breathe in addition to showing just how stainless steel valves 53 mm for the intakes and 41 mm. beefy the valve seats are for the exhausts These provide the easy breathing and. close on hardened nickel alloy valve seats Chrome moly. HEADS roller rockers are used to transfer the movement of the. The all new aluminum head castings have been carefully pushrods also chrome moly to the valve stems with the. designed with appropriate mass and significant cooling least possible friction Roller rockers also help to reduce. fin area to handle the heat generated therein There are the side loads that would otherwise wear the bronze. two 14 mm x 3 4 Bosch platinum tipped spark plugs per silicone valve guides prematurely. chamber one upper and one lower Each plug has its, own ignition coil mounted just inches away with a very INTAKE SYSTEM. Dual port intakes are positioned on top of each pair of. cylinders See cut away photo upper left corner this. page The intake manifold design will vary with the air. frame and cowling requirements For instance a more. typical aircraft updraft carb would be mounted aft be. neath the engine in most installations The cast alumi. num manifolds depicted on the Revmaster photo on, page 3 shows a pair of 40 mm Revflow throttle body. type carbs mounted above the engine These are an in. house product manufactured and sold exclusively by. Revmaster Aviation The engine shown in that photo was. built for an airframe that had space limitations which pre. cluded installing the carb s under the engine,EXHAUST SYSTEM.
Exhaust systems may vary depending on the installation. limitations of specific aircraft but the factory does offer a. close fitting four into one tuned header which may be. With the head fitted to a special fixture Joe uses to suitable for a wide variety of experimental designs The. test run his valve trains we can see the detail that Revmaster in house dynamometer tests credit this sys. has gone in to the design and application of the tem for about four extra horsepower over straight pipes. light weight roller rockers Either mild steel or stainless versions are available. CONTACT ISSUE 80 PAGE 8,OIL SYSTEM, At the front of the engine below the propeller shaft hous. ing and driven from the end of the cam is the lubrication. system source This is another proprietary casting of the. company It includes the oil pump cover section the. mounting location of the spin on full flow oil filter as. well as the mount for the diaphragm type mechanical. fuel pump Besides servicing the usual oil passages for. the internal engine components pressurized oil is, plumbed via external braided hose and threaded fittings. to the propeller shaft housing Additional lines are routed. Revmaster builds their own oil pump in house, to the oil cooler usually mounted in a horizontal plenum. Above is a small portion of pumps being machined,positioned beneath the crankcase Optionally other. Below is a case of housings yet to be machined, styles and mounting locations for oil coolers can be.
specified by the customer,ACCESSORY CASE, This accessory housing package is responsible for four. items critical to the engine and aircraft operations It con. tains three major operating systems the dual alternators. the self energized ignition source and the electric. starter plus provides the physical mount to the airframe. The R 3000 model is nearly identical to the proven unit. currently used on the R 2100 model 60 of those units. are now in use and is yet another product made exclu. sively by Revmaster The three electrical sub systems. are independent but function as an integrated unit within. one compact case Let s look at each component sepa. rately for the sake of clarity, The precision machined alloy casting fully encloses the. dual 18 ampere alternator package Mounted to the inte. preparation is completed in,the cylinder bore Nikasil is a. nickel and silicon carbide,matrix coating about 0025. thick The nickel component, During our interview with Joe Horvath of Revmaster is very hard but it is comparatively ductile Dispersed.
Aviation we discussed some interesting revelations con through the nickel are particles of silicon carbide less. cerning one of his experiments He is always searching than 4 microns in size These extremely hard particles. for more efficient methods and new materials which make up 4 of the coating and form a multitude of adhe. might prove beneficial to the manufacture of compo sion spots on which oil can collect Besides providing a. nents long wearing surface for the piston and rings Nikasil. also contributes to longer engine life by ensuring good. One such endeavor has led him to attempt production of cylinder lubrication. a unique cylinder for his air cooled aircraft engines The. material is an aluminum silicon carbide alloy The proc Unfortunately the Nikasil process is an expensive one. ess requires taking a billet of this metal and extruding it Between the special cylinder material the custom ma. into heavy wall tubing This tubing is cut to cylinder chining required to shape it and the special coating we. length and precision machined to accept pistons in the have quadrupled the cost of the cylinder This is a big. bore This is no small task since the tool normally used investment to save eight or nine pounds on a set of four. to bore the cylinder is very similar metal and can t do the The desire to reduce the weight suspended on the en. job Instead a diamond tipped device must be used gine mount is strong but at what price We re talking. This same problem extends itself to the cutting of the more than 200 per pound at the manufacturers current. cooling fins price I have no doubt that Mr Horvath will find a way to. reduce the cost of this option if there is a way He s got. The pistons could be run directly against the finished a long history of solving difficult problems But if you are. interior surface of this high tech metal but it seems that willing to pay the price the cylinders are available. long life wouldn t be likely unless a surface hardness JPM. CONTACT ISSUE 80 PAGE 9,The aluminum accessory case shown above is very. similar to the unit produced for decades by Revmas. ter except the old case supported a pair of magne, tos in the area that is now machined to accept the. electronic ignition and alternator regulator shown. Inside the accessory case is an array of coils which. serve as both dual ignition and dual alternators, rior face is a stationary twelve pole stator ring An alumi. num flywheel incorporates twelve neodymium iron boron. magnets that are attached to the interior of the flywheel. These are the strongest magnets commercially available. The magnets rotate around the 8 inch diameter stator. Any movement of the flywheel sends its magnets spin. ning in close proximity to the stator s 12 each of copper. wire windings exciting the electrons and creating electri. cal energy in those coil windings There are two groups. of five alternator coils each set functioning as an inde. pendent 18 amp alternator The current generated from. these coils is sent to solid state regulators and then to. the airframe s battery and operational power buss In the. unlikely case of a failure occurring in one system the. other would remain unaffected, The two coils which make up the ignition power source. are located 180 degrees apart at the 12 and 6 o clock. positions see photo to the left separating the previ. ously mentioned five left and five right alternator stator. coil groups The ignition coils are creating power when. ever there is rotation of the flywheel also but their en. ergy is exclusively hard wired into the CDI package. There is a triggering sensor mounted to the center area. of the housing s interior which receives a signal from a. device attached to the end of the crankshaft This com. ponent acts as the distributor and tells the CDI when to. transmit the power to the eight mini coils which are posi. CONTACT ISSUE 80 PAGE 10,tioned near the upper and lower spark.
plugs at each combustion chamber Once,the engine has been started the battery is. not necessary to operate the ignition,The ignition advance is set at a maximum. 25 before top center I would normally,identify this as a fixed timing position but. in reality the effective advance behaves,as if the low rpm timing is at 15 before top. center This desirable situation is created,by magnetic precession in the self.
energized design Lower voltage exists in,the system when the engine is turning. slowly reducing the current flow at the tim,ing triggers The engine likes 15 BTC for. easy starting and comfortable idle As rpm,rises so does the voltage and the ability to. snap the timing and the advance moves,Photo courtesy of Revmaster Aviation. quickly to its maximum setting Experience,has proven that 25 BTC while possibly.
leaving a few horsepower untapped is a Revmaster has several R 3000 engines in a beta test program. smart place to limit the spark advance be The one pictured above is going in a one of a kind metal Sonerai. cause it greatly reduces the opportunity for, destructive detonation motor being positioned at either the top or bottom posi. tion This would be a particular bonus for airframe de. STARTER signs such as the Zenith 601 whose firewall angles aft. The aluminum flywheel features a heat shrunk steel at the top and the Sonex whose firewall rakes aft at the. starter ring gear The geared Subaru electric starter mo bottom These significantly slanted firewalls present. tor pictured upper right previous page is a compact 6 unique challenges when installing engines other than. inch long installed model weighing 8 5 pounds Experi those that were originally planned for by their creators. ence has established a long service life for this economi The ability to place the starter motor in the location with. cal unit It is mounted in an aft cantilever style the most surplus space can be a huge advantage. Machined locations for the polyurethane cushioned en PERFORMANCE. gine mounting bolts are located in the corners of the The R 3000 makes its highest torque 180 ft lbs at 3 200. accessory case casting With the symmetry of this de rpm and delivers approximately 110 horsepower at those. sign the unit can be rotated 180 to facilitate the starter revs There is a sweet spot in the operation of internal. combustion engines the place where the torque curve. peaks as shown on the performance graph from the,Revmaster dynamometer This is the place where the. volumetric efficiency is optimized In this instance by. design the performance benefits from having this situa. tion occur at a usable prop rpm That negates the need. for a propeller speed reduction unit retaining the pre. ferred simplicity of direct drive to the prop There will. most likely be an even more powerful turbocharged ver. sion available soon, The new engine package is quite compact at 30 overall. length excluding the starter and 31 wide The weight of. the R 3000 is said to be approximately 205 pounds dry. This means that this engine is both smaller and lighter. than the Continental O 200 which it is likely to replace in. homebuilt aircraft The price is expected to be thousands. of dollars less than the Jabiru 3300 or the Rotax 912. and has the additional benefit of being assembled in the. USA making it less subject to the ups and downs of for. eign currency exchange rate uncertainties which has. recently hurt the imported engine market,CONTACT ISSUE 80 PAGE 11. WHAT THE FUTURE HOLDS CONTACT INFORMATION, Given the big push that the Light Sport Aircraft category For more information check the Revmaster Aviation web.
is receiving and the number of airframes which may see site www revmasteraviation com or contact the company. production as ready to fly planes it wouldn t be surpris directly via e mail at revavia aol com The phone num. ing to see a lot of interest in the R 3000 from designers ber to their facility is 760 244 3074 Visitors are wel. currently leaning towards Rotax Jabiru or other factory come at the factory however a phone call in advance is. engines in this class Designers and manufacturers are appreciated The factory and offices are located adjacent. likely to admire the relative simplicity of the R 3000 and to the Hesperia California airport L26 runway and mail. with the target price at 9 995 there is a large price ad can reach them if addressed to 7146 Santa Fe Avenue. vantage over the other choices Many private builders of East Hesperia California 92345. homebuilt models are also certain to look hard at this. fresh and innovative offering from a well established John P Moyle. American company with a long track record of success Associate Editor. was chosen to provide their R 2100 as the standard. powerplant, In the late 1950 s there was a phenomenon happening in Decades of product sales and service later with more. Southern California A funny looking little car known than 3 000 engines delivered you might think Joe. affectionately as the Bug had won the hearts of those Horvath would be resting on his laurels But Joe and his. living in that temperate climate Its 36 horsepower air lovely wife Roberta still come into the office every morn. cooled engine soon grew to 40 horses and the business ing and the pursuit of new and better aircraft engines. of rebuilding the smaller units and converting them to has never ceased The accompanying article discusses. the big bore model with a miraculous 10 improve his commitment to bring a three liter engine of reason. ment in motive force began Joe Horvath a profes able price and rugged reliability to the experimental air. sional machinist was at the forefront of that develop craft community Revmaster has invested ten years of. ment He and his partners created European Motor Per research and development into the new R 3000. formance Inc EMPI and became the force to reckon, with if you wanted to make your VW Beetle get up and Knowing that there is wisdom in a diversified customer. go I still remember EMPI s drag racer Inch Pincher base and having a long interest in auto racing Joe de. which humiliated American hot rods with regularity signed the R 3000 with the full intent of it having it be. adaptable to earth bound vehicles A turbocharged and. fuel injected version of this engine raced at the Fontana. CA drag strip this spring Would you believe 700 horse. power Okay so it s only for a very fast trip down the. quarter mile but you have to appreciate that this is the. exact same base engine as the flight version so one. would have to believe that the internal components are. well engineered competently manufactured and incredi. bly strong, Mr Horvath is a man with unparalleled dedication ex. perience and vision His stalwart commitment to improv. ing the product even to the current point of creating a. The aerospace industry joined the fray when Northrop totally new and vastly superior powerplant is obvious. Aircraft asked Joe to produce a serviceable engine for He has placed a number of the R 3000 engines in beta. military target drones Before long Revmaster Aviation test installations with builder pilots of various experi. was born and began marketing engines to experimental mental aircraft When he s satisfied that there are no. aircraft builders too The company built engines of issues to attend to this design is market ready The. nearly every conceivable displacement until it settled on plan would include upgrading his manufacturing partners. the 2100 cc R 2100 series to include a higher level of finish work from them and. the Hesperia factory would become the final assembly. It had become apparent that there was no significant facility His remarkable ability to identify the best solution. price advantage to produce the versions with fewer cubic to a problem whether it be a design issue or a manufac. centimeters of displacement 1600 1835 etc so turing problem may be his greatest personal asset He. Revmaster invested heavily in one well proven principle has been successful in the past at bringing outsource. model and as a result was able to keep the costs in manufacturers into the mix while maintaining strict qual. check Frequently the best solution to a problem was ity control which allows his company to create the cus. simply creating many of their own components in house tom components for Revmaster Aviation products at rea. When the Quickie Q 2 kit plane came along Revmaster sonable prices JPM. CONTACT ISSUE 80 PAGE 12,ing screw Several throat sizes and needle. configurations are available,The guillotine slide is actuated by a wheel.
and leaf spring that opens and closes to the,throat opening when the wheel is rotated. via the control arm The slide has four flutes,that guide it very precisely on several sur. By Joe Horvath faces so the transition from idle to full power. is without hesitation, Twenty five years ago Revmaster engines used a throt. tle body carb called the POSA manufactured by Jim When the slide is in the wide open position there are no. Birmingham By most reports it was a dreadful leaky other obstructions in the way of the air flow except for the. thing that lacked an effective idle cut off and a functional needle thus allowing for much greater air flow than with. mixture control Many operators indicated that this carb throttle bodies which typically have butterfly valves The. had difficulties in the ram air mode and the number of flat side of the needle is oriented towards the engine and. owners who indicate that keeping the POSA in tune a hit produces a low pressure on the back side which in turn. or miss adventure are legion When Joe Horvath got causes fuel to flow in relation to the air flow This charac. tired of having to shoulder the complaints about the in teristic has altitude compensation benefits due to the. adequacies of this fuel metering unit he decided that variance in air density at higher altitudes In order to. while he knew the concept was sound the manufac manually control the mixture the injector unit is equipped. turer s execution had been lacking He was certain that with a manual mixture control and idle cutoff Besides. he could improve the design and create a superior de controlling the mixture this system will allow the fuel to. vice A fluid systems engineer was brought into the com be cut off at the nozzle thus eliminating fuel leakage. pany to investigate the shortcomings of the Posa Joe from the fuel line Then on restart the fuel is at the noz. and his associates came up with solutions and a new zle for priming and starting. design was created by the engineer which met these. new higher criteria The following article is from The unit is equipped with two control arms one for throt. Technical Study RevFlow Injector Carburetor and re tle and one for mixture cutoff They require vernier type. printed with the permission of the author JPM controls with at least 3 5 travel with solid wire ends Ca. ble housings are connected to the injector body via cable. TECHNICAL STUDY housing attach points This eliminates any movement in. REVFLOW INJECTOR CARBURETOR the cable housing which can cause erratic control prob. Revmaster has been manufacturing,the RevFlow series injector carbure. tor since 1981 The major compo,nents of the RevFlow are precision.
die cast not machined from bar,stock The die casting process al. lows for many intricate features to,be cast in thus reducing manufac. turing costs The injector unit incor,porates a once patented variable jet. for fuel metering and a guillotine,slide which controls the air flow The. two parts work in unison thus pro,viding the engine with the proper.
fuel air mixture,The fuel metering needle is ground. with a flat tapered side which gives it,an asymmetrical shape The needle. is attached to the slide and is al,lowed to float so it is self aligning. when inserted into the fuel nozzle,The head of the needle is configured. so it cannot rotate while in service,and is spring loaded so the fuel mix.
We currently have a Revflow mounted under a Corvair engine attached to. ture can be fine tuned during the, our test stand exceeding our expectations We ve had two other carbure. initial installation via a slotted adjust, tors on the rig in the past and the Revflow out performs them all. CONTACT ISSUE 80 PAGE 13, lems The wire ends of the controls are secured at the In the event multiple units are required such as for in. control arms with barrel clamps The unit is mounted to line engine applications up to 4 units can be ganged on. the intake system by a 1 1 2 hose and two clamps a single throttle shaft. Flanged adapters can be provided on request The one. in the Corvair engine installation photo on the previous RevFlow injector sizes range from 28mm through 30. page shows an adapter I made to adapt the hose clamp 32 34 36 38 40 42 to 44mm An alternate air source. spigot of the Revflow to the AeroCarb flange that is assembly is recommended for most single unit installa. welded to the intake manifold Pat tions This assembly consists of an air filter open on. both ends mounted onto the air horn of the injector and. held on with a clamp The ram air tube is clamped onto. the opposite end The ram air tube was omitted for our. Corvair application pictured to the left Pat The tube. incorporates a valve that controls the ram air When in. the closed position the ram air is cut off and the engine is. digesting warm filtered cowled air, The RevFlow injector is a 1 to 2 psi low pressure injec. tor It will function well on gravity feed although some. applications require a fuel pump When a fuel pump is. installed the fuel pressure should be maintained at a. nominal 1 5 psi This is best accomplished with a fuel. Revmaster has a hoard of Revflow carbs in stock return line to the source The return line can be restricted. This batch of bodies is only a small part of the stock to achieve the 1 5 psi. we saw at the factory 28mm up to 42mm throat di, ameters are available It seems entirely plausible that For VW engine applications Revmaster manufactures a.
this selection would be good for 1 2 VW all the way special oil pump fuel pump oil filter assembly This allows. up to 180 hp irrespective of the engine manufac for an engine driven fuel pump to be incorporated into. turer Since the carb can be mounted in just about certain applications. any orientation it seems well suited for experimental. aviation The RevFlow injector unit is floatless therefore it lends. itself to any mounting posi,tion horizontal vertical etc. The RevFlow injectors have,been installed in various. types of experimental air,craft over the years with. excellent service history,The unit is not type certifi. cated STC d and no such,claims have been made,intentionally or otherwise.
The original POSA carbs,are still occasionally en,countered most are being. used as doorstops or paper,weights it seems I have. never encountered another,piece of aircraft hardware. which is held in such vitriolic, The above photo is of an experimental version of the Revflow we found on Joe s disrepute There have been. desk the day we conducted our interview This unit has been fitted with an elec several other similar de. tronic fuel injection nozzle and a throttle position sensor When mated with an vices which have made it to. oxygen sensor in the exhaust system and an ECU optimal mixture can be estab the marketplace including. lished automatically The real beauty of this system is that in the event of a com the RevFlow and the Aero. puter malfunction or other electrical issues if the carb is plumbed to gravity feed Carb which have fared far. in addition to the high pressure needed by the injector opening the fuel feed better in the court of public. line to the carb will get the engine running again This carb can also be fitted to opinion JPM. most any multi port fuel injection system functioning as the throttle body If. connected to gravity feed as described above it too can act as a back up for the. MP EFI system in the event of a failure,CONTACT ISSUE 80 PAGE 14.
By Paul Lipps shuttles This temperature error caused your computer to. think your density altitude was 10 320 rather than 9410. Here I am toolin along in my fast Glaster behind that big a 910 error which caused it to give a 1 4 error in. ol TIO 540 lookin at those two multi function displays calculating your TAS However the location of your static. 280kts 322mph Hot damn And I just came from the ports appears to be where the actual pressure is 0 1. avionics shop where the avionics tech worked his magic less than true static pressure As a result your indicated. on my pitot static system while I fed numbers into the airspeed is 4 5kts high at 238 5kts rather than 234kts. computer from my laptop so I know what it says is true. Man Could anything be better than this After I get back Alright already I said All of that is great but now will. on the ground my master of skepticism techie buddy you please tell me what do you think my true airspeed. gives me that raised eyebrow look when I lay the num is. bers on him What s wrong Why are you giving me that. fishy look I asked I just got this thing calibrated to the OK OK he said I won t keep you in the dark any. n th degree so don t go givin me that sumthin s wrong longer Your true air speed is 270kts 311mph which is. here look C mon Jump in this thing and I ll show you still spectacular although a full 10kts lower that you. We zip on up to 7500 and level off He asked me to slow. to 90kts indicated After a while of starin at the panel he So What can I do to fix this I asked. made a note and tells me to give it all she s got He. then asked me to put it on autopilot and altitude hold Well first we need to move your temperature sensor. then twirl the heading knob to keep us in a continuous into some shielded stagnant location where it is out of. turn He made some notes then after a little more than the direct flow of air and the engine and cooling ex. one turn he told me to take up a certain heading I haust he said I have two sensors in my plane one. pointed with unconcealed glee as the TAS numbers on behind the rear spar and ahead of the flap and the other. the MFD slowly climb to 279kts A few minutes and many inside above and in back of the elevator spar clear. scribbled notes later he had me turn 180 degrees More ance hole in the fuselage tail cone They usually agree. minutes and notes and he said to land within 1 C and show no rise with increasing airspeed. Next we ll put two or three layers of cellophane tape just. He then got on his cell phone and I heard him give my behind the static ports That will increase the pressure. plane s registration number and then ask for surface slightly We only need 0 1 Then we ll go test these. baro setting and forecast temperature and winds at 7500 mods the same way we did on this flight OK. in our area He wrote those down looked at his notes. entered some numbers on his circa 1979 HP41C pro So now I have true airspeed Actually I liked what I had. grammable scientific calculator told you he was a te better But I ll tell you this when I go to sell the plane. chie pushed the buttons then said You re not going to guess what happens to the tape and temp sensor. like what I tell you The first thing I had you do slowing to. 90kts IAS was so I could see what your OAT said at that Stagnation temperature rise. speed it came within 1 degree of forecast That s good. When we flew in a circle with your autopilot keeping alti Ts TA TA k 1 M 2 where. tude constant I watched your groundspeed and track on Ts stagnation temperature R. the GPS display and noted the track associated with the TA actual temperature R. highest and lowest speeds That gave me the wind direc R F 459 7. tion and speed Next I had you fly with the wind until k specific heat ratio of air 1 405. groundspeed stabilized then against the wind During M Vs V. those two runs I wrote down IAS GS altitude density Vs 49 04 R ft sec. altitude OAT TAS and fuel flow Averaging the ground V true airspeed TAS appropriate units. speeds from the runs in both directions gave me your TR temperature rise F. true airspeed, Since Vs is a function of TA the formula can be reduced. So tell me what was it I asked and TA eliminated leaving only the temperature differ. ence which gives TR TAS c This gives c as, Well he replied First let me tell you what I found As. we went from 90kts to your top speed your OAT in TR ft sec mph kts. creased 8 C from 17 C to 25 C This is what is called. stagnation temperature rise It is due to the impact not F 11 876 5521 4167. friction of the air molecules striking anything in their C 21377 9938 7501. path such as your temperature sensor It is the same. thing that heats up SR 71s and burns up meteors and Paul Lipps elippse sbcglobal net.

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