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E T S H A R K I E S P L AY E R S, M E w e e k , N I P P E R S t h i s. NAME TIME PLACE, Finlay Lynch 3 13 1, Ryan McGrath 3 17 2. Charlie Winkelmeker 3 33 3, Toby Byron 3 40 4, RESULTS Zach Byron 3 50 5. Ryan Alves 3 54 6, Harry Evans 3 55 7, Josh Corrier 4 14 8. NORTH CRONULLA, NIPPERS Facebook Page, Lahni Woodger 4 25 9.
for general info photos,we need you Harry Parsonage 4 27 10. To keep up to date with, IRB DRIVERS IRB CREW Lucas Correia 4 28 11. training changes and events , Rome Southwell 4 29 12. TO ASSIST AT NIPPERS photos etc join NC, to ensure we are running smoothly Missy Abbott 4 34 13 HOTSHOTZ. If you have these awards or you Pippi Simpson 4 36 14. For those looking to, would like to obtain these awards Allie Mancini 4 36 14.
assist in water safety and, please contact Deputy Director Charlotte Bowmer 4 57 16 get related info NC. Brook Fleming Eleanor Booth 5 06 17 HOTSHOTZ C H, bfleming paragonplumbing com au Jasmine Springall 5 10 18. Minka Byrant 5 10 18, Nisha Arcot 5 12 20, Gracie Gardner 5 15 21 Carnival. Liv Coxsedge, Anastasia Wilson, Jessica Hapgood 5 28 23 Entries Closes 6 NOV. Harry Payne 5 48 25 Email here for, Jane Lanham 5 49 26 entry form.
Felicity Teirney 5 51 27, Evy Cross 7 45 28, Will Dorsman 7 51 29. Scarlett Hoerr DNF , North Cronulla SLSC Nippers, NIPPERS STARTS AT 2 30 and goes to around 5PM. TWILIGHT o, BINGO will start as soon as possible after Nippers. EVERYONE welcome to stay and catch up with, nippers friends and families on the balcony . refreshments available from the Nipper Bar, Cheese Plates for sale by U13 s.
Bingo tickets include food and drink for the kids. Other snacks treats available to buy, 2018 NIPPER STATE UNIFORM SPONSORSHIP. STATE UNIFORM In order to make the uniform s more affordable. and provide a broader range of choices , we are seeking sponsorship from the nipper. community there will be a range of apparel, options for sponsorship . For more info please email, clare paragonplumbing com au. A set of keys was misplaced, during nippers last Sunday if.
anyone found a set of keys, please hand them into the. Club Office during office, hours or to the Nipper Bar. on Saturday, GUESSING COMPETITION, Win a HUGE jar of lollies . 1 per guess,North Cronulla SLSC Nippers, U14 QLD TRIP. By Ariane Sharpe, On Thursday the 26th of October the U14 s there and got to have of everyone s nipper morning.
the U14 s travelled to the Gold some great fun in the water was when we had to jump onto. Coast for a 4 day learning trip The for a few hours doing swims the foamies and race each other . main purpose of the trip was to board and board rescue with Some of us were surprisingly good. get us to spread our knowledge Palm Beach U14 s Dave Waugh despite this being the first time. with the keen nippers at Palm seemed to really like that signal in 5 years Both the boys and the. beach and Kirra surf club and Proceed Further out to Sea I girls then walked to Coolangatta. bond as a group Not only was this was wondering if he was trying where we all got an ice cream . expectation met but we ourselves to get rid of us We had a free To nobody s surprise we girls felt. also learnt so much about each afternoon on Saturday and the girls there was more shopping to be. other headed off for some retail therapy done so the boys walked back to. thanks to Kay at Kozzi we got to Kirra while we stayed for another. We arrived at the sunny Gold, visit their warehouse and picked hour shopping The rest of the day. Coast at midday on Thursday after, up some great swimmers which was spent relaxing and comparing. a what was to quote Dave Waugh, you will all get to see over the to see who had the worst burn . a terrifying and unnatural flight , rest of the season I am sure The I think I won At around 4 00 we. We were then taken to Palm, boys headed back to Palm Beach headed to the airport and said.
Beach surf club where us girls, and many of them got to spend goodbye to the Gold Coast . would be staying for the 3 nights , the afternoon on Boards helping. whilst the boys were taken to their This trip was such an amazing. them out on Patrol as they were, accommodation at Kirra surf club opportunity and on behalf of. short All feeling a little sunburnt, Then all the girls got comfortable the U14 s we would like to. we were pretty tired by the time, and ready for a girls night in give a huge thankyou to Donna.
dinner came around and were glad, watching the bachelorette grand Hargreaves and the office staff. to be back at Kirra SLSC relatively,final who organised this experience. for us Another shoutout goes to,On Friday we headed inland to. On Sunday we did our packing all the squad leaders for putting. Wet n Wild where we heard lots, before heading to Kirra surf club up with us for a whole 4 days . of screaming on rides and that, for the day A common phrase And finally most importantly a.
was mainly from the male squad, used by us all during packing was massive thanks to Dave Waugh . leaders It was a great way to, Has anyone seen my We our Chef De Mission who had. spend the day going on all different, all managed in the end to squish to face his greatest fear of flying. rides with different friends each, all our pillows and hundreds of in order to provide us with the. time we were so busy having, cozzies into our bags and off to time of our lives To all involved.
fun there was barely time to stop, Kirra we went To our benefit we in organising our trip thankyou . for lunch but we managed We, found out when we got there We will never forget it We have. finished off the day with delicious, that some of the squad leaders formed lasting friendships and look. dinner provided by the staff at Palm, for the younger age groups were forward to the years ahead in this. beach surf club , not there so we stepped up to great Club .
Saturday came and it was time the challenge Getting to lead 5. for our 1st nippers session at or so age groups was a very scary. Palm Beach We merged in with but enjoyable task The highlight. North Cronulla SLSC Nippers, BBQ SET UP, It is important that all. Parents assist when it is, their child s age group. Rostered Duty each, age group only has, ONE a season . It s been disappointing, to see that with such, large numbers some. parents are still not, offering to assist, we are finding that.
especially the Beach, Pull Down is being, left to the few Nipper. Committee members, who have also, completed water safety. for your child so please, offer assistance , We all have. busy lives and, its important to, remember the old. moto many hands, make light work , WE D LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU.
FEEL FREE TO SEND ANYTHING, FOR POSSIBLE INCLUSION TO. bridget fazio enware com au,North Cronulla SLSC Nippers. WATER SAFETY, WATER SAFETY All members wishing to meet at the top of the ramp near the tower. wear the Orange rashies on a Sunday should before nippers starts to be briefed by the. be assisting all age groups with water safety Water Safety Coordinators we ask you to. Its been noticed that a number of parents are remain with the water areas for the duration. wearing the orange rashies but are putting of nippers If you can not offer assistance. flags in on the beach for the full duration of nippers you need to. Members who are going to assist with Water communicate this with the WS Coordinators. Safety during the morning at anytime need to so that we can ensure all our nippers a safe . PROFICIENCIES NSW, will run from, 1 30pm to 2 15pm STATE. on Saturday for any, member who needs, to complete their.
Expressions of Interest, Under 9 to Under 14, NSW State Age Titles. Swansea Belmont 2 4 March 2017, See your Squad Leader on Saturday if you. are planning on attending , Draft Timetable available here.

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