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PRE VISIT 1 Review the ways of telling through the lens of an ethnographer. Ethnography is an attempt to tell a holistic well studied story about a. culture subculture or program however it can never tell the whole story The. ethnographer observes the culture through different lenses Observer from the. outside looking in as a Participant observer an outsider looking from within. a new group community and a Member observer looking from the inside. out One can tell the story as an impression observer a realistic telling personal. experience of something new or a confessional personal habit patterns. Ethnography has roots in social fieldwork as well as literary criticism. biography and journalism Featured characteristics include. 1 Well studied context of the case in question, o Explore the musical culture of punk grunge and the impact of. Nirvana on American music history, o Describe the cultural terrain of Kurt Cobain and the members of. Nirvana i e life in Aberdeen Washington circa 1970. 2 Observable data What do you see hear feel notice Listen to Nevermind LP. 3 Formal and informal interviews oral history techniques of your. parents grandparents friends neighbors and perhaps people from Aberdeen WA. 4 Descriptive telling of the data rather than quantifiable numbers. with many choices regarding the style of telling, 5 Interpretation of the observations including different meanings of events. and actions of the different members with empathetic presumption of intentions. 6 Triangulation of evidence by checking multiple sources. www empsfm org education page 2,2 Distribute and review vocabulary sheet. VOCABULARY, Alternative music A branch of Rock n Roll genre that has roots in.
punk rock This style of music does not fit in any mainstream musical. categories i e folk jazz classical Broadway students may search. for discover standard categories in a music store, Chord Three triad or more musical notes played at the same time. creating harmony or dissonance, Compilation Samples of work from various artists on one recording album. Cover A new version of a previously recorded song, Disc Jockey AKA DJ or Deejay A person who plays recorded. music for an audience radio or live, Fanzine Small magazine intended for fans with a particular interest. 45 LP Vinyl musical records a 45 is small with one song on each. side and an LP is a Long Playing recording 45s were named as they. spin 45 revolutions per minute on a turntable, Generation X Label for the group of Americans born from the year.
1965 through 1975 Character descriptors for this group have. included rebellious self absorbed shallow and lacking in work ethic. Grunge A form of alternative music noted for the use of strong. aggressive drumming heavy guitar lines primal like vocals very loud. volume The literal definition of grunge is dirty inferior or obnoxious. Riverside Webster s II Dictionary, Heavy metal A genre of popular music characterized by loud. playing distorted sounds and screamed vocals, Liner Notes Information about the music and musicians found on or. inside a record cassette or CD Production information credits and. appreciations are usually included,www empsfm org education page 3. 1 Observe the artifacts in the EMP SFM NIRVANA Taking Punk to the Masses exhibit. 2 Determine Primary and Secondary Source evidence, 3 Describe the types of artifacts Primary and Secondary Source evidence. 4 Check out the Oral History library in the Sound Vision Artists Tell Their Stories exhibit. Post Visit,1 Listen to selections from the Discography o.
Bleach Sub Pop 1989,o Nevermind DGC 1991,o Incesticide DGC 1992. o In Utero DGC 1993,o MTV Unplugged in New York DGC 1994. o From the Muddy Banks of the Wishkah,DGC 1996 o Nirvana DGC 2002. o With the Lights Out box set 3 CDs 1 DVD DGC,2004 o Silver the Best of the Box DGC 2005. 2 Tell Your Tale write your report and share with the class or school news journal. 3 Post your writing on The SoundBoard at soundboard ning com. Additional Resources,Nirvana Live guide www nirvanaguide com.
The Internet Nirvana Fan Club www nirvanaclub com,List all resources and artifacts as either. primary or secondary source evidence,Primary Source Evidence. Oral histories Interviews,Diaries Notebooks,Secondary Source Evidence. Songs Sound recordings,Newspaper Journal articles,Biographies Clothing. Letters Phone messages,www empsfm org education page 4.
Smells Like Teen Spirit from the LP Nevermind by Nirvana. Load up on guns bring your friends,It s fun to lose and to pretend. She s over bored self assured,Oh no I know a dirty word. hello hello hello how low 4x,With the lights out it s less dangerous. Here we are now entertain us,I feel stupid and contagious. Here we are now entertain,us A mulato,An albino A,I m worst at what I do best.
And for this gift I feel blessed,Our little group has always been. And always will until the end,Hello hello hello how low 4x. And I forget just why I taste,Oh yeah I guess it makes me smile. I found it hard it was hard to find,Oh well whatever nevermind. Hello hello hello how low 4x, EMP s NIRVANA curriculum is supported locally by PONCHO and JP Morgan Chase Foundation.

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