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IPS E XECUTIVE C OUNCIL,President Raju Singh 202 623 9372 IMF HQ1 8 548. Vice President Bassirou Sarr 202 623 7247 IMF HQ1 12 521. Treasurer Subramanian Sriram 202 623 7673 IMF HQ1 8 302E. Programs Ex Officio Caroline Helou 202 623 6699 IMF HQ2 B4 276. Membership Mary Wilson 202 623 0004 IMF 6 700,Annual Exhibit Anna Lawton 202 458 5938 WB J2 102. Classes Severina De Biasi 202 623 9709 sdebiasi imf org. Ex Officio Samuel Otoo 202 458 7256 WB J2 135, Shutter Release Manorama Rani 202 473 2057 WB G7 703. IPS V OLUNTEERS,Marina Tyapkina 202 623 6437 IMF HQ1 2 200. Severina De Biasi 202 623 9709 sdebiasi imf org,Manorama Rani 202 473 2057 WB G7 703.
Christy Gray 202 623 4308 IMF HQ1 09 700 03,Manuella Lea Palmioli 202 473 1630 WB I3 068. Competitions Carlos Franzetti 202 473 0447 IFC 7P 184. Carmen Machicado 202 473 5761 WB I4 405,Sigrid Vollerthun svollerthun verizon net. Bill Katzenstein Bill IconicPhoto com,Manorama Rani 202 473 2057 WB G7 703. Per Jartby 703 765 6877 jartby cox net,Christy Gray 202 623 4308 IMF HQ1 09 700 03. Awards and Trophies Sigrid Vollerthun svollerthun verizon net. Presentation Write Up Frederic Cochard 202 473 1631 WB I3 360. Hospitality Patricia Davies pdaviesdc aol com,Severina De Biasi 202 623 9709 sdebiasi imf org.
Christy Gray 202 623 4308 IMF HQ1 09 700 03, Publicity Manuella Lea Palmioli 202 473 1630 WB I3 068. Marina Tyapkina 202 623 6437 IMF HQ1 2 200,Bill Katzenstein Bill IconicPhoto com. S HUTTER R ELEASE,Editor Manorama Rani 202 473 2057 WB G7 703. Distribution Subramanian Sriram 202 623 7673 IMF HQ1 8 302E. Technical Articles Bill Katzenstein Bill IconicPhoto com. PSA Representative Linda Galantin cvmlinda verizon net. SHUTTER RELEASE welcomes article ideas and submissions from club members Unless specified otherwise by e mail the. deadline for submissions is close of business on the last business day of the month prior to the issue month Please send. submissions by e mail to mrani worldbank org as unformatted Word or text files If you wish to add images please make sure. that the longest side does not exceed 800 pixels,SHUTTER RELEASE October 2007. FROM THE PRESIDENT S Finally although the IPS is a volunteer based. NOTEPAD organization we do need some cash to operate. So please remember to pay your dues,Greetings Thanks a lot.
Raju Singh,I hope you all enjoyed your Halloween and had. many shooting opportunities that you will be,sharing with us Don t forget that in January we. will have our traditional theme competition,People NOVEMBER SPEAKER. Susan Ruddick Bloom,I first want to thank our Web team for their hard. work in starting to update our website Over the Digital Fine Art Photography. coming weeks their work will continue and you, will be able to rediscover some of our past Susan Ruddick Bloom will be speaking to us.
events and remain current on the upcoming about Digital Fine Art Photography Her work. ones However this should not prevent you ranges from 360 degree panoramic images to. from coming to our monthly meetings I think digital pastels and oils Prof Bloom s. that everyone will agree that no website can background is grounded in the traditional fine. replace our wine and cheese gatherings and the arts Although her medium is digital fine art she. pleasure to exchange a few words with you is accomplished in many wet darkroom. alternative processes including infrared, I also want to congratulate IPS Member Ignacio photography Her skill as a former courtroom. Hernandez The World Bank Middle East and sketch artist manifests itself in her painterly. North Africa Human Development department techniques She is the author of Digital Collage. was preparing a flagship report on education and Painting by Focal Press She is busy on a. entitled The Road Not Traveled This is the second book and is writing for photo magazines. fifth publication in the series and will be widely as far away as Australia She is also the photo. distributed among client countries in MENA expert for www eons com. and around the world The competition for the, cover design was reportedly fierce but Caroline Helou. Ignacio s image won the day Well done,Ignacio Some of his work can be viewed on his. website www venividiphoto com,I am also happy to announce our partnership. OCTOBER SPEAKER, with the IMF Family Association to help it run VICTORIA RESTREPO.
its first photography contest I think it is a great. opportunity for IPS to share its love of Imaginary Spaces. photography contribute to our community and, reach out to the next generation A big thanks to by Frederik van Bolhuis. the volunteers who are making this possible,Victoria Restrepo was born in Colombia from. old photographer s stock Her Great grandfather,SHUTTER RELEASE October 2007. established as one of the first photographers in MEMBERS FORUM. the Paris of 1840 and the generations in,between remained dedicated to the medium. She introduced the IPS to fascinating REPORT PHOTOPLUS EXPO 2007. possibilities blurring the border between,photography and painting by Bill Katzenstein.
Many of Victoria s creations start with a The annual PhotoPlus Expo in New York. sketched window or door scene with fruits or follows the ultimate global photo trade show. flowers in which she identifies where she will Photokina held in Cologne each September. use digital photographic elements and what Their appetites whetted by new product reports. parts she will fill in with painting It is a from abroad American photographers wait. painstaking job taking a lot of time and impatiently for PhotoPlus Expo to see the latest. precision that in the end may require Photoshop equipment and chat with product. to make it fit perfectly She acknowledged representatives and in cases of small. inspiration from the 16th century painters and as specialized firms with the owners themselves I. well as later ones from the surrealist school visited the show on October 18. She is pleased when viewers are confused about, the medium of the final product Breakthrough introductions and major new. products were rare this year yet most major, In her judging Victoria stressed the need to manufacturers exhibited finessed or upgraded. carefully consider the whole composition versions of proven technology a year of. watching out for dead space making sure there consolidation Participation of companies and. is a focus of interest and making sure that this attendees from abroad was down somewhat. is in focus and not be disturbed by extraneous overall probably reflecting the impact on US. elements She also provided helpful cropping prices of the falling dollar that already has. suggestions It was noteworthy that while begun to significantly increase costs of some. Victoria uses a lot of digital steps in her work imported equipment and supplies Nevertheless. she was not supportive of images where digital the hall was full as exhibitors at these shows. adjustments have become dominant include not only camera and software. manufacturers but lighting equipment all,manner of albums special event photographers. appear the single largest bloc of attendees,book publishers including several self. Congratulations to publishing facilitators photographic. magazines luggage producers schools of, Raju Singh and Per Jartby photography and small business financial.
services As usual thousands of photographers, For their promotion to Class A earnest looking yet clearly wise to the ways of. the world descended upon the hundreds of,booths and stands each searching out products. of interest Little hyped with hardly any small,talk Product representatives fielded technical. questions with dry professionalism Without,further ado below are elaborated some of the. SHUTTER RELEASE October 2007, new or improved products featured at PhotoPlus cameras The optics will cost significantly less.
Expo 2007 than the Leica norm yet feature similar,characteristics such as optimal performance at. Some Featured Items wide apertures A tradeoff is that maximum. aperture is f2 5 compared to f1 f1 4 or f2 for, Canon EOS 1D Mark III the higher priced Leica optics. A significant update of the EOS 1D Mark II Films,digital camera the Mark III will cost on the. order of 4 500 and features Kodak introduced and provided samples of. an improved sensor fill factor increase improved T Max black and white film Fujifilm. in sensitivity to light with an ISO range has reintroduced Velvia 50 transparency film. from 50 to 6400 and is working on a makeover of Astia low. a 3 inch LCD preview screen with live contrast transparency film Ilford the British. shooting and that allows for film manufacturer was strongly represented at. magnification of the image up to 10 PhotoPlus Expo Two years ago many had. times feared for its survival,a 10 frame per second burst rate and. an increase from 8 3 to 10 1 megapixels Billingham Camera Bags. Photographers who want more resolution, in a camera with similar features will Elegant yet highly practical camera bags and.
have to wait for the upcoming Canon rucksacks produced by M Billingham Co in. EOS 1DS Mark III that will feature 21 the UK have become exceedingly popular in the. megapixels and cost about 8 000 US despite the price premium Billingham. products were displayed at a sizable exhibit, Seitz 6x17 Digital Panoramic Camera along with an extensive new catalogue For. those who are curious a sampling of Billingham, An incredible instrument this product of bags can be seen and purchased at Pro Photo on. Switzerland is the first digital medium format I St. 6x17cm exposure area camera in series,production With its digital scanning back the. camera produces panoramics of 170 megapixels,The imaging process takes as little as a second. a tripod is required For architectural and,landscape photographers desiring perspective.
ANNOUNCEMENTS,control up to 15mm lens shift is possible Cost. Announcing Digital Darkroom Quarterly,about 40 000. Posted August 22nd 2007 by Tim Grey,Categories Announcement. Leica Optics,I m pleased to announce the first issue of my. Probably motivated in part by dollar exchange new print newsletter Digital Darkroom. movements that have increased the cost of basic Quarterly has shipped This first issue covers. Leica lenses to an order of 2000 3000 the the following topics. company introduced four new compact lenses, for its classic M series film and digital Photoshop CS3 New Features.
SHUTTER RELEASE October 2007,Lightroom Workflow,Corey Hilz Photography. Lightroom Versus Photoshop Web http coreyhilz com,Email corey coreyhilz com. I m excited to be producing a print newsletter to Blog http web mac com coreyhilz. supplement the Digital Darkroom Questions e,mail newsletter This is a full color 32 page. print publication with no advertising just lots,of great information for digital photographers. For more information or to subscribe visit, www timgrey com ddqp 2007 Virginia Wildlife Magazine.
Photography Contest,National Deadline November 30 2007. It s time to enter your best photographs and let, Location Photography Workshops Virginia Wildlife magazine showcase your images. for thousands to see Special prizes will be donated. with Corey Hilz by Eastman Kodak Richmond Camera and Virginia. Join Corey Hilz to photograph in a great Wildlife and will be given to contest winners And. location at a beautiful time of year receive two very talented contest winners will have their. personal attention in the field and learn how you photographs featured on the cover adult and back. cover kid of Virginia Wildlife magazine as the,can make your photographs even better. Grand Prize,Location workshops allow Corey to spend more. time assisting participants and answering Categories. questions while out photographing The 1 Birds of a Feather Photographs must be of. workshops also include critiques and birds native to and photographed in. presentations on composition creative Virginia, techniques image evaluation and editing 2 Cold and Clammy Critter Photographs.
software and more must be of reptiles fish and amphibians. native to Virginia, 2008 Workshop Schedule 3 A Bug s Life Photographs must be of. insects which include butterflies spiders, Ireland March 10 20 or other creepy crawlies photographed in. Charleston South Carolina April 3 6 Virginia, St Michael s Maryland June 5 8 4 Fantastic Flowers Photographs must be of. Great Smoky Mountains National Park flowers trees grasses and shrubs that are. Tennessee September 18 21 native to and photographed in Virginia. Fall Foliage in West Virginia October 9 12 5 Marvelous Mammals Photographs must. be of mammals native to and photographed,Details about each workshop and photo in Virginia. galleries can be found at www CoreyHilz com 6 Scenic Seasons Photographs will highlight. in the Instruction section the four seasons Winter Spring Summer. Feel free to contact Corey Hilz with any and Fall and shot in Virginia. questions corey coreyhilz com or 7 The Sporting Life Pictures should feature. 703 473 4618 hunting fishing boating and other outdoor. SHUTTER RELEASE October 2007, recreational opportunities in Virginia separate envelopes but may be mailed in.
Please make sure that all activities are done together in one envelope. in a SAFE manner lifejackets blaze orange, eye and hearing protection when Prints Must be high quality 8 X 10. appropriate images Each print must be labeled on the. back with your name phone number and,8 Kids and Cameras This is a two part. subject matter Each category must be, category that encourages kids ages 6 12 and labeled and placed in separate envelopes. 13 18 to enter any of the above categories but can be mailed together in one envelope. How to Enter Computer generated images that are, 1 The contest is open to any photographer grainy or show pixilation cannot be accepted. amateur or professional except employees for judging Do not submit images which. of the Virginia Department of Game and have been digitally manipulated. Inland Fisheries Contest related usage Manipulation of exposure cropping and. rights must be available to Virginia Wildlife some color correction is acceptable It is not. acceptable to remove or add features to an,2 Each photographer may enter up to three 3 image.
images per category,6 We prefer that all photographs taken be of. 3 All images submitted must have been taken wild animals or plants in the wild but will. in Virginia within the past five 5 years accept photographs of animals or plants. taken under controlled conditions or in, 4 All contest entries must be listed on a piece captive situations Shots of animals or plants. of paper or Delivery Memo with your in the wild are given preference over captive. name address and phone number Each shots Wild animals should not be captured. entry must be individually listed on this for the sole purpose of photographs for this. paper stating the category in which it is contest If you do photograph captive or. entered and any details on how and where controlled animals this MUST be stated in. the image was taken If possible please the Delivery Memo. indicate camera type make model lens, film and settings used to take the 7 A self addressed mailer with proper postage. photograph Feel free to elaborate on any for return of your submissions must. story surrounding the photograph as well accompany all entries Submissions without. proper postage WILL NOT be returned If, 5 Digital images Preferably high resolution return is by FedEx or other courier please. JPEG or TIFF files at 360 dpi and a file size include a form already filled out with your. of at least 8 1 2 X 11 One CD or DVD per name address and phone number Please do. category Label each disk with your name not send money checks or loose stamps. category and phone number No digital, prints required Digital submissions will not 8 Deadline for submissions is 5 00 p m.
be returned November 30 2007 All submissions,except winning entries will be mailed back. Slides Should be submitted in clear plastic by March 31 2008 Winning entries will. storage sheets Note the top of the image by appear in the March 2008 issue of Virginia. writing Top on the slide mount Each Wildlife magazine and will be returned by. slide must be identified with your name May 30 2008. phone number and subject Each category, must be labeled sleeved and placed in 9 Mail your contest entries to. SHUTTER RELEASE October 2007, 2007 Annual Photography Contest International Photographic Society. c o Virginia Wildlife Magazine Statement of Revenues and Expenditures. 4010 W Broad St for the Period 7 1 06 6 30 07,P O Box 11104. Richmond VA 23230 1104 Revenues 11 045 05,IMF Subsidy 4 000 00.
The courier address is 2007 Annual, Photography Contest c o Virginia Wildlife World Bank Subsidy 2 000 00. Magazine 4010 W Broad Street,Richmond VA 23230 Membership fees 1 880 00. Tutition classes 3 000 00,It is recommended that you send and return your. submission by certified registered mail or by a Earned interest 165 05. courier who uses a tracking number to locate,lost packages. 10 Virginia Wildlife staff members and well Expenditures 10 635 79. known wildlife environmental photographer Monthly meetings 1 329 70. Lynda Richardson will judge all entries Contest Annual Exhibit net. judges will not be responsible for the receipt of expenditures 3 962 49. damaged photographs lost mail or the return of, photographs not accompanied by a self Photo classes workshops 3 038 13.
addressed mailer Website 193 95, The Virginia Wildlife Annual Photography Equipment 1 007 80. Contest is offered as a way to bring greater, appreciation of Virginia s wildlife and natural Supplies trophies 381 91. resources Annual Dinner 263 21,Miscellaneous 458 60. Assets at June 30 2006 12 557 37,FCU Current account 7 799 93. PROVIA100F for SALE,FCU Savings account 4 757 44,Up to 50 roles exp Feb 2009 are for sale at 1.
a role Please contact Frederik at 202 363 5788 Liabilities at June 30 2006 0 00. or fvanbolhuis rcn com There are no liabilities as of June 30 2006. I have reviewed the documents supporting this Statement. In my opinion it gives an accurate view of the revenues. and expenditures of the International Photographic. Society during the period July 1 2006 June 30 2007. by Subramanian S Sriram,Current IPS Treasurer,not a member of the Executive Council during the. 2006 2007 season,SHUTTER RELEASE October 2007, The Camera Club of New York 2007 Snamprogetti S p A in Abu Dabi United Arab. National Photography Competition Emirates,Neeraj started his career the World Bank in June. Deadline November 15 2007 The Camera 1988 He was an Investment Officer in IFC s. Club of New York announces its 2007 National Asia Department and in July 2003 he became. Photography Competition First place winner Principal Strategy Officer in the Southern. will receive a one person exhibition at the Europe and Central Asia Department a position. Camera Club of New York s gallery in he held until his death. February 2008 and a 300 00 cash award Other, finalists will participate in a group exhibition in Neeraj is remembered for his generosity upbeat. March The competition is open to all US attitude kindness charisma and creativity A. residents 18 years or older except members of special person who was highly committed to. the Camera Club of New York or their families working for those less fortunate his. and employees Juror Larry Fink 40 00 for 6 professionalism has left a lasting impression on. images Download the entry form online at those of us who were fortunate to know him. http www cameraclubofnewyork org or send a Neeraj was a prolific photographer and some of. SASE to 2007 National Photography his photos are on display at IFC and World. Competition Camera Club of New York 336 Bank Among his many professional. West 37th Street Suite 200 New York NY achievements was initiating what is today the. 10018 Questions Please contact Caren Private Enterprise Partnership in Southeast. Rosenblatt at info cameraclubny org or call Europe for Infrastructure He would have been. 212 260 7077 very proud to see this activity generating results. particularly in IDA countries where the need is,the most He will be truly missed by all who.
Myself his mother Shail Jain his sisters,Obituary Kumud and Kumkum and nephew Surya Raj. whom he loved very much think of Neeraj as an,all rounder with a Midas touch He excelled in. It is with deep regret that I advise you of the many different areas studies sports finance. death of my younger bother Neeraj Jain who music photography cooking and languages. passed away on September 18 2007 following a Neeraj was a thoughtful and considerate human. prolonged illness being who had the natural ability to reach out. and touch people s hearts and minds,Neeraj was born in Ambala Cantt India He. received a Bachelor of Technology degree from The family requests that in lieu of flowers. the Indian Institute of Technology in New donations may be made in the name of Nalin. Delhi India and went on to attend the Post Jain 3435 Diehl Court Falls Church VA 22041. Graduate Course in Project Management and for Neeraj Jain s Brain Tumor Fund. Planning at Cerimates S p A ENI Group, Italy In 1998 Neeraj received an award from by Nalin Jain. American University for outstanding,scholarship in MBA Finance and International.
Business Neeraj was a Planning Engineer with,SHUTTER RELEASE October 2007. October 2007 Winners,Theme Nature IPS Competition Themes for 2007 2008. Kindly Check Shutter Release or IPS Website for,Latest Updates. Slides All classes combined 43 entries September 26 2007 Open Competition in EIC. 1st Place Surviving Carmen and Slides, 2nd Place Desert Floral Caroline Helou October 29 2007 Theme Competition in EIC and. Design II Slides Nature, 3rd Place 1 2 3 Soleil Manuella Defined as various aspects of natural plant and animal.
Palmioli life in a living state natural features of land and sea or. HM Humming Bird and Frederich van natural phenomena such as cloud formations light. Crocosmia Bolhuis refractions sunset auroras precipitation frost. HM Britany Poppy Fred Cochard,November 14 2007 Open Competition in Prints. December 19 2007 Open Competition in EIC and,EIC Class A 53 entries Slides. 1st Place Morning Make Up Marketa, Jirouskova January 16 2008 Theme Competition in EIC and. 2nd Place Flowering Cactus 2 Emine G rgen Slides People. 3rd Place Whispers and Samuel Otoo Defined as images in which the major point of interest. Promises is one or more human beings It is not sufficient that. HM Torres de Paine at Curt Caremark people are merely included in the image Excluded are. Sunrise photos of statues mannequins,HM Against All Odds Emine G rgen. HM Wildgoose Island Carmen February 20 2008 Open Competition in EIC and. Machicado Slides,HM Halong Bay Marco Pinon, Silhouettes March 19 2008 Theme Competition in EIC and.
HM Dandelion Marina Slides Architecture, Tyapkina Defined as buildings interiors ruins bridges statues. sculptures doors windows monuments memorials, EIC Class B 48 entries or anything where man made structures are the. 1st Place Peace Raju Singh principal interest,2nd Place Robin 2 Per Jartby. 3rd Place Hello Per Jartby April 16 2008 Open Competition in Prints. HM Cosmos Alex, Hoffmaister May 21 2008 Open Competition in EIC and Slides. HM To Bee or Not Dawn Sikkema, HM A Tortuous Life Raju Singh June 18 2008 Theme Competition in EIC and.
HM Buzzing Around Raju Singh Slides Details, Defined as images depicting close ups of a subject. These dates may change depending on various,circumstances out of our control. SHUTTER RELEASE October 2007, NOTES ON IPS COMPETITIONS Art 1 7 of the IPS Competition Rules. Dates may be subject to change Unless otherwise notified contestants must. IPS meetings usually held on the third Wednesday deliver their slides and prints entries to the. of the month consist of a presentation by a Chairperson for Competitions at least half an. renowned photographer who also judges the hour before the competitions commence Entries. competition that follows must be collected by the contestants after the. Only IPS members may participate in competition competition is held Any uncollected entries will. but attendance in meetings is open to non be retained by the Chairperson for. members Competitions without any liability whatsoever. In January mandatory theme is People for their safekeeping. Prints are not judged everymonth,Open competitions are on any subject matter in. classes B A, Up to a total of 5 photographs may be submitted in.
any of the competitions,Five points are awarded for entering the. competitions regardless of the number of entries,members actually enter. CLASSES B AND A, All new members begin in class B Promotion to class. A requires 13 awards Members should keep track of,their classes to avoid errors. THE POINTS SYSTEM,5 points automatic for entering monthly.
competition,5 points for 1st place,3 points for 2nd place. 2 points for 3rd place,1 point for Honorable Mention. In addition points are given for awards in non monthly. competitions including the IPS Annual Exhibit and,exhibit pre selection as follows. 7 points for 1st place,5 points for 2nd place,4 points for 3rd place. 2 points for Honorable Mention, At the end of the season those with the most points.
win 1st 2nd and 3rd place as Photographer of the,Year There is also an award for new members who. start off in B Class and who gain the most points,it s called Rookie of the Year. SHUTTER RELEASE October 2007,POINTS STANDINGS 2007 2008 SEASON. Class Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb selec Mar Apr 08A May. Last Name First Name Opening 07 07 07 07 08 08 tion 08 08 E 08 Total. Jirouskov Mark ta A 9 10 19,Singh Raju A 7 12 19,G rgen Emine A 8 9 17. Palmioli Manuella A 10 7 17,Machicado Carmen A 5 11 16.
Helou Caroline A 7 8 15,Navaro Martin Miguel A 10 5 15. Rani Manorama A 10 5 15,J rtby Per A 5 9 14,Tyapkina Marina A 8 6 14. Nardello Renato B 8 5 13,Otoo Samuel A 6 7 13,Hoffmaister Alex B 6 6 12. Majaha J rtby Julia B 7 5 12,Gahima Lionel B 6 5 11. Pascual Sebastien B 6 5 11,Arin Tijen A 5 5 10,Franzetti Carlos A 5 5 10.
Thomas Lindsey B 5 5 10,Vollerthun Sigrid A 5 5 10. Carnemark Curt A 6 6,Cochard Fred A 6 6,Farchy Daniel B 6 6. Pinon Marco A 6 6,Sikkema Dawn B 6 6,Van Bolhuis Frederik A 6 6. Bier Willem B 5 5,De Biasi Severina B 5 5,Katzenstein Bill A 5 5. Macedo Antonia A 5 5,Ouzhinskaya Nadia B 5 5,Peabody S N B 5 5.
Romero Marta B 5 5,Sriram Subramaniam B 5 5,Eligible for the Rookie of the Year. COMPETION REMINDERS, 1 No comments or interruptions of any kind from the audience are. allowed under any circumstances,2 Mats that fall apart will be disqualified. 3 The name of the maker and the title of the print must appear on the. back of the print or mount along with an arrow that indicates this edge. up Neither the name of the maker nor the title of the print may appear. on the face of the print or mat,SHUTTER RELEASE September 2007. INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHIC SOCIETY,MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION RENEWAL.
Send a check for 20 payable to International Photographic Society to. Mary Wilson IMF HQ1 Room 6 700 phone 202 623 0004,Phone ext Mail Stop Number Room. Fax if outside Bank Fund,IMF Staff World Bank Staff Retiree Spouse Partner. Mailing address if outside Bank Fund,E mail address MANDATORY. Your e mail address is vital for the timely dissemination of information by the club Please. provide it, Please check below the activities you could help with. Programs Print competitions Slide competitions,Hospitality Publicity Membership.
Exhibits Classes Workshops Field Trips,Shutter Release Other please specify. My main media is slides prints digital, I understand that the club depends entirely on the time contributed by its members. Signature Date, Note to new members If you joined in April May or June you don t have to renew for the next year. you re paid through the end of the season,INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHIC SOCIETY. COMPETITION ENTRY FORM,Fill out and hand in with your entries.
Name Class,Room Phone Month, Note Monthly competition winning photos slides will be used on the IPS web site. If you do not wish to have your photos slides posted on the web site please indicate this. check one for each photo,Slides Prints EIC,Title Theme Open Theme Open Theme Open. Five entries per member maximum,GUIDELINES FOR SUBMISSION. FRONT OF SLIDE, Holding the slide the way it is to be viewed front of the slide. put a red dot in the lower left hand corner of the mount. Flip the slide over vertically so that you are looking at the back. of the slide with the picture upside down Add your name and. the slide title, Mark your slides clearly by using bold print letters on a special.
label Please do not use tapes as they get jammed in the. projector when it is heated,BACK OF SLIDE, All prints must be mounted or matted with the title of the photo. and the name of the maker affixed on the back No loose or. framed prints will be accepted for competition, Maximum size of mounted or matted prints is 30 x30. Title DIGITAL, All images must be sent to EIC ips imfwb org Friday before the. IPS meeting which takes place on 3 Wednesday of each month.

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