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iPod touch Made Simple, Copyright 2010 by Martin Trautschold and Gary Mazo. All rights reserved No part of this work may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means. electronic or mechanical including photocopying recording or by any information storage or retrieval. system without the prior written permission of the copyright owner and the publisher. ISBN 13 pbk 978 1 4302 3195 0,ISBN 10 electronic 1 4302 3195 5. Printed and bound in the United States of America 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1. Trademarked names logos and images may appear in this book Rather than use a trademark symbol. with every occurrence of a trademarked name logo or image we use the names logos and images only in. an editorial fashion and to the benefit of the trademark owner with no intention of infringement of the. The use in this publication of trade names trademarks service marks and similar terms even if they are. not identified as such is not to be taken as an expression of opinion as to whether or not they are subject. to proprietary rights,President and Publisher Paul Manning. Lead Editor Steve Anglin,Development Editor James Markham. Editorial Board Steve Anglin Mark Beckner Ewan Buckingham Gary Cornell Jonathan Gennick. Jonathan Hassell Michelle Lowman Matthew Moodie Duncan Parkes Jeffrey Pepper Frank. Pohlmann Douglas Pundick Ben Renow Clarke Dominic Shakeshaft Matt Wade Tom Welsh. Coordinating Editor Laurin Becker, Copy Editor Mary Behr Mary Ann Fugate Patrick Meador Sharon Terdeman.
Compositor MacPS LLC,Indexer BIM Indexing Proofreading Services. Cover Designer Anna Ishchenko, Distributed to the book trade worldwide by Springer Science Business Media LLC 233 Spring Street 6th. Floor New York NY 10013 Phone 1 800 SPRINGER fax 201 348 4505 e mail orders ny springer. sbm com or visit www springeronline com, For information on translations please e mail rights apress com or visit www apress com. Apress and friends of ED books may be purchased in bulk for academic corporate or promotional use. eBook versions and licenses are also available for most titles For more information reference our Special. Bulk Sales eBook Licensing web page at www apress com info bulksales. The information in this book is distributed on an as is basis without warranty Although every. precaution has been taken in the preparation of this work neither the author s nor Apress shall have any. liability to any person or entity with respect to any loss or damage caused or alleged to be caused directly. or indirectly by the information contained in this work. CONTENTS AT A GLANCE, This book is dedicated to our families to our wives Julie and Gloria and to our kids Sophie Livvie and. Cece and Ari Dan Sara Billy Elise and Jonah, Without their love support and understanding we could never take on projects like this one.
Now that the book is done we will gladly share our iPods with them for a little while. Contents at a Glance,Contents at a Glance iv,Contents vi. About the Authors xxii,About the Technical Reviewer xxiii. Acknowledgments xxiv,Part I Quick Start Guide 1,Getting Around Quickly 3. Part II Introduction 27,Introduction 29,Part III You and Your iPod touch 29. Chapter 1 Getting Started 31,Chapter 2 Typing Tips Copy Paste and Search 57.
Chapter 3 Sync Your iPod touch with iTunes 85,Chapter 4 Other Sync Methods 127. Chapter 5 Wi Fi Connectivity 163, Chapter 6 Organize Your iPod touch Icons and Folders 175. Chapter 7 Personalize and Secure Your iPod touch 185. Chapter 8 Multitasking and Voice Control 201,Chapter 9 Playing Music 209. Chapter 10 Viewing Videos TV Shows and More 239,Chapter 11 iBooks and E Books 261. Chapter 12 Surfing the Web with Safari 281,Chapter 13 FaceTime Video Messaging and Skype 303.
Chapter 14 Email on Your iPod touch 317,CONTENTS AT A GLANCE. Chapter 15 Working with Contacts 359,Chapter 16 Your Calendar 377. Chapter 17 iPod touch Photography 397,Chapter 18 Recording and Editing Videos 417. Chapter 19 iTunes on Your iPod touch 425,Chapter 20 The Amazing App Store 445. Chapter 21 Games and Fun 463,Chapter 22 Social Networking 481.
Chapter 23 Eliminate Your Paper Notes 503,Chapter 24 Bluetooth on the iPod touch 523. Chapter 25 Utilities Clock Calculator and Weather 531. Chapter 26 New Media Reading Newspapers Magazines and More 551. Chapter 27 Find Your Way with Maps 569,Chapter 28 Troubleshooting 589. Part IV iPod touch s Soulmate iTunes 607,Chapter 29 Your iTunes User Guide 609. Contents at a Glance iv,Contents vi,About the Authors xxii. About the Technical Reviewer xxiii,Acknowledgments xxiv.
Part I Quick Start Guide 1,Getting Around Quickly 3. Learning Your Way Around 4,Keys Buttons and Switches 4. Switching Apps Multitasking 5, Music Controls and Portrait Screen Rotation Lock 6. Starting Apps and Using Soft Keys 6,Menus Submenus and Switches 8. Reading the Wi Fi Connectivity Status Icons 8,Touch Screen Gestures 9.
Tapping and Flicking 10,Swiping 11,Scrolling 12,Double Tapping 13. Pinching 14,App Reference Tables 14,Getting Started 15. Staying Connected and Organized 16,Being Entertained 17. Staying Informed 19,Networking Socially 20,Being Productive 21. Part II Introduction 23,Introduction 25,Congratulations on Your New iPod touch 25.
How This Book Is Organized 27,Quickly Locating Tips Cautions and Notes 28. Free iPod touch Email Tips 28,Part III You and Your iPod touch 29. Chapter 1 Getting Started 31,Getting to Know Your iPod touch 31. What s in the Box 31,Charging Your iPod touch and Battery Life Tips 33. iTunes and Your iPod touch 37,Do You Need to Activate Your iPod touch 37.
Slide to Unlock and Your Home Screen 37,Install or Upgrade iTunes on Your Computer 38. Connecting Your iPod touch to iTunes the First Time 39. Start iTunes 39, Registering or Activating Your iPod touch the First Time 40. Apple s MobileMe Sync Service 42,Set Up Your iPod touch 42. Setup Complete The iPod touch Summary Screen 45,Maintaining Your iPod touch 45. Cleaning Your iPod touch Screen 45, Cases and Protective Covers for Your iPod touch 46.
Where to Buy Covers 46,What to Buy 47,iPod touch Basics 48. Powering On Off and Sleep Wake 48, Moving Around Inside Apps and the Settings Screens 49. The Home Button 50,Multitask by Double Clicking the Home Button 51. Volume Keys for Ringer and Audio Video Playback 52. Locking Your Screen in Portrait Vertical Orientation 52. Adjust or Disable the Auto Lock Time Out Feature 53. Adjusting the Date Time Time Zone and 24 Hour Format 53. Adjusting the Brightness 55,Chapter 2 Typing Tips Copy Paste and Search 57. Keyboards on Your iPod touch 57,Typing on the Screen with Two Thumbs 57.
Saving Time with Auto Correction 58,Spell Checker 61. Accessibility Options 62, Getting Your iPod touch to Speak To You VoiceOver 62. Using Zoom to Magnify the Entire Screen 63,White on Black 64. Triple Click Home Button Options 65, Magnifying Glass for Editing Text Placing the Cursor 66. Typing Numbers and Symbols 67,Touch and Slide Trick 68.
Press and Hold to Type More Symbols 69,Caps Lock 70. Quickly Deleting or Changing Text 70,Keyboard Options and Settings 71. Auto Capitalization 71,Auto Correction ON OFF 71,Check Spelling 71. Enable Caps Lock 72,Shortcut 72, Typing In Other Languages International Keyboards 72. Adding a New International Keyboard 72,Editing Reordering or Deleting Keyboards 73.
Copy and Paste 75,Selecting Text with Double Tap 75. Selecting Text with Two Finger Touch 76, Selecting Non Editable Text with Touch and Hold 77. Cut or Copy the Text 78, Jumping Between Apps App Switching Multitasking 78. Pasting the Text 79,Pasting Text or an Image into Another App 80. Shake to Undo Paste or Typing 80,Find What You Need with Spotlight Search 81.
Using Spotlight Search 81,Search Web or Search Wikipedia 83. Customizing Spotlight Search 83,Chapter 3 Sync Your iPod touch with iTunes 85. Before You Set Up Your iTunes Sync 85,Prerequisites 86. Can You Sync iTunes with an iPhone or iPad and Your iPod touch 86. There Are Other Sync Options MobileMe and Exchange Google Should You Use iTunes 86. Wireless Sync vs iTunes Desktop Sync 87,Setting Up Your iTunes Sync 87. The iPod touch Summary Screen Manually Manage Music Update Restore and More 87. Getting to the Sync Setup Screen Info Tab 89,Sync Your Contacts and Calendars 89.
Syncing Email Accounts Browser Bookmarks and Notes 92. Syncing Your iPod touch with iTunes 93,Keeping Track of the Sync 93. Handling Sync Conflicts 93,Cancelling a Sync in Progress 95. Why Might You Not Want to Use iTunes Automatic Sync 95. Manually Stopping the Auto Sync Before It Starts 96. Turning Off the Auto Sync Permanently 96,Getting a Clean Start with the Sync 97. Apps Syncing and Managing Them 99,Syncing Apps in iTunes 99. Moving Apps Working with Folders or Deleting App Icons 101. Removing or Reinstalling Apps 102, Getting Downloaded Items into iTunes to Sync Them 102.
File Sharing File Transfer Between Your iPod touch and Your Computer 104. Copying Files from Your Computer to Your iPod touch 105. Copying Files from Your iPod touch to Your Computer 105. Syncing Media and More 107,Keeping an Eye on Capacity Available Space 107. Syncing Ringtones 107,Syncing Music 108,Syncing Movies 109. Syncing TV Shows 110,Syncing Podcasts 111,Syncing iTunes U 113. Syncing iBooks PDF files and Audiobooks 115,Syncing Photos 117. How to Know What Is New or Unplayed in iTunes 118, Manually Transferring Music Movies Podcasts and More on Your iPod touch Drag and Drop Method 119.
Troubleshooting iTunes and the Sync 121, Check Out the Apple Knowledgebase for Helpful Articles 121. iTunes Locked Up and Will Not Respond Windows Computer 122. iTunes Locked Up and Will Not Respond Mac Computer 123. Updating Your iPod touch Operating System 123,Chapter 4 Other Sync Methods 127. Wireless Sync of Your Google or Exchange Information 127. Why Do We Say Google Exchange 128,If You Want a Google Account Create One 128. Setting Up Your Google or Exchange Account on Your iPod touch 129. Editing or Deleting Your Google or Exchange Account 133. Working with Google or Exchange Data on Your iPod touch 135. Wireless Sync Using the MobileMe Service 143,Signing Up for the MobileMe Service PC or Mac 144. Setting Up MobileMe on Your Mac 146,Setting Up MobileMe on Your Windows PC 149.
Multiple Ways to Access MobileMe 150,A Quick Tour of the MobileMe Web Site 151. Setting Up Your iPod touch to Access Your MobileMe Account 155. Using MobileMe After Setup 156,Canceling Your MobileMe Account 160. Chapter 5 Wi Fi Connectivity 163, What Can I Do When I m Connected to a Wi Fi Network 163. Wi Fi Connections 163,Connecting to a Wi Fi Network 164. Connecting at a Public Wi Fi Hotspot with Web Login 165. Secure Wi Fi Networks Entering a Password 166,Switching to a Different Wi Fi Network 167.
Verifying Your Wi Fi Connection 167, Advanced Wi Fi Options Hidden or Undiscoverable Networks 168. Why Can t I See the Wi Fi Network I Want to Join 168. Reconnecting to Previously Joined Wi Fi Networks 169. Flying on an Airplane Airplane Mode 171,VPN Connection Set Up on Your iPod touch 172. Knowing When You Are Connected to a VPN Network 174. Switching VPN Networks 174, Chapter 6 Organize Your iPod touch Icons and Folders 175. Moving Icons to the Bottom Dock Docking Them 176,Starting the Move 176. Moving Icons to a Different Page 178,Deleting Icons 179.
Resetting All Your Icon Locations Factory Defaults 180. Working with Folders 181,Creating a Folder 182,Moving Folders 183. Chapter 7 Personalize and Secure Your iPod touch 185. Changing Your Lock Screen and Home Screen Wallpapers 185. Changing Wallpaper from Your Settings App 186,Using Any Photo as Wallpaper 189. Downloading Great Wallpaper from Free Apps 189,Downloading Wallpapers from an App 190. Using Your Newly Downloaded Wallpaper 191,Adjusting Sounds on Your iPod touch 191. Keyboard Options 193,How to Secure Your iPod touch with a Passcode 193.
Setting a Simple Four Digit Passcode 193,Setting a More Complex Password 194. Passcode Options Change Time Out Adjusting Passcode Options 195. Setting Restrictions 196,Restricting Apps 196,Restricting Content 197. Chapter 8 Multitasking and Voice Control 201,Multitasking or App Switching 201. How to Jump Between Apps 202,How to Close Apps from the App Switcher 203. iPod Controls and Screen Portrait Orientation Lock 204. Voice Control 205,List of Voice Commands 205,Changing the Language for Voice Control 207.
Chapter 9 Playing Music 209,Your iPod touch as a Music Player 209. The Music App 210,Playlists View 212,Creating Playlists on the iPod touch 213. Searching for Music 216,Changing the View in the Music App 217. Artists View 217,Songs View 218,Albums View 218,Genres 219. Composers 220,Viewing Songs in an Album 220,Navigating with Cover Flow 221.
Playing Your Music 223,Pausing and Playing 223,To Play the Previous or Next Song 224. Adjusting the Volume 224, Double Click the Home Button for iPod Controls 225. Repeating Shuffling Moving around in a Song 226,Moving to Another Part of a Song 227. Repeat One Song or All Songs 227,Shuffle 227,Genius 228. Now Playing 230,Viewing Other Songs on the Album 230.
Adjusting Music Settings 231,Using Sound Check Auto Volume Adjust 231. EQ Sound Equalizer Setting 232, Volume Limit Safely Listen to Music at a Reasonable Level 232. Showing Music Controls When Your iPod touch is Locked 233. Listening to Free Internet Radio Pandora 233,Getting Started with Pandora 234. Pandora s Main Screen 235,Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down in Pandora 236. Pandora s Menu 237,Creating a New Station in Pandora 237.
Adjusting Pandora s Settings Your Account Upgrading and More 238. Chapter 10 Viewing Videos TV Shows and More 239,Your iPod touch as a Video Player 239. Loading Videos onto Your iPod touch 240,Watching Videos on the iPod touch 240. Video Categories 240,Playing a Movie 241,To Pause or Access Controls 242. Fast Forward or Rewind the Video 242,Using the Time Slider Bar 243. Changing the Size of the Video Widescreen vs Full Screen 243. Using the Chapters Feature 244,Viewing the Chapters 244.
Watching a TV Show 245,Watching Podcasts 245,Watching Music Videos 246. Video Options 246,Start Playing Option 247,Closed Captioned 247. TV Out Widescreen 247,TV Signal 248,Deleting Videos 248. YouTube on your iPod touch 249,Searching for Videos 250. Using the Bottom Icons 250,Playing Videos 252,Video Controls 253.
Checking and Clearing your History 255,Netflix on the iPod touch 255. Hulu on the iPod touch 257,Chapter 11 iBooks and E Books 261. Downloading iBooks 262,The iBooks Store 262,Using the Search Button 265. Reading iBooks 265, Customizing Your Reading Experience Brightness Fonts and Font Sizes 268. Growing Your Vocabulary Using the Built In Dictionary 270. Setting an In Page Bookmark 270,Using Highlighting and Notes 271.
Using Search 273,Deleting Books 273,Reading PDF Files in iBooks 274. Other E Book Readers Kindle and Kobo 276,Download E Reader Apps 276. Kindle Reader 277,Kobo Reader 279,Chapter 12 Surfing the Web with Safari 281. Web Browsing on the iPod touch 281,An Internet Connection Is Required 282. Launching the Web Browser 282,Layout of Safari Web Browser Screen 283.
Typing a Web Address 284, Moving Backward or Forward Through Open Web Pages 285. Using the Open Pages Button 286,Zooming In and Out in Web Pages 287. Activating Links from Web Pages 288,Working with Safari Bookmarks 288. Adding a New Bookmark 288,Using Bookmarks and History 289. Managing Your Bookmarks 290,Safari Browsing Tips and Tricks 292.
Jumping to the Top of the Web Page 292,Emailing a Web Page 293. Printing a Web Page 294,Watching Videos in Safari 295. Saving or Copying Text and Graphics 295,Saving Time with AutoFill 296. Adding a Web Page Icon to Your Home Screen 298,Adjusting the Safari Browser Settings 299. Changing the Search Engine 300,Adjusting Security Options 300.
Speeding Up Your Browser by Clearing History and Cookies 300. Enabling AutoFill 301,Chapter 13 FaceTime Video Messaging and Skype 303. Video Calling 303,Setting up FaceTime 304,Video Calling with FaceTime 305. Setting Favorites in FaceTime 307,Multitasking Using FaceTime 308. Making Phone Calls and More with Skype 309,Downloading Skype to Your iPod touch 309. Creating Your Skype Account on Your iPod touch 309. Log in to the Skype App 310,Finding and Adding Skype Contacts 310.
Making Calls with Skype on Your iPod touch 312,Receiving Calls with Skype on your iPod touch 313. Chatting with Skype 314,Adding Skype to Your Computer 315. Chapter 14 Email on Your iPod touch 317,Getting Started with Mail 317. A Network Connection Is Required 317,Setting up Email on the iPod touch 318. Entering Passwords for Email Accounts Synced from iTunes 318. Adding a New Email Account on the iPod touch 319,A Tour of Your Mail Screens 323.
Mailboxes Screen Inboxes and Accounts 324,Inbox and Threaded Messages Views 324. Moving Around in Mail Folders 325,Viewing an Individual Message 327. Composing and Sending Emails 328,Composing a New Email Message 328. Addressing Your Message Choose the Recipients 329,Changing the Email Account to Send From 330. Type Your Subject 331,Typing Your Message 331,Keyboard Options 332.
Send Your Email 332,Checking Sent Messages 333,Reading and Replying to Mail 334. Zooming In or Out 334,Email Attachments 334,Knowing When You Have an Attachment 334. Receiving an Auto open Attachment 335,Opening Email Attachments 335. Opening and Viewing Compressed zip Files 338,Issues When Opening Email Attachments 339. Replying Forwarding or Deleting a Message 341,Replying to an Email 342.
Using Reply All 342,Using the Forward Button 342,Cleaning up and Organizing Your Inbox 343. Deleting a Single Message 343,Deleting or Moving Several Messages 343. Deleting from the Message Screen 344,Moving an Email to a Folder While Viewing It 345. Copy and Paste from an Email 345,Searching for Email Messages 346. Activating Email Search 346,Fine Tuning Your Email Settings 348.
Automatically Retrieve Email Fetch New Data 348,Adjusting Your Mail Settings 350. Changing Your Email Signature 351,Changing Your Default Mail Account Sent From 352. Toggling Sounds for Receiving and Sending Email 352. Advanced Email Options 353, Removing Email Messages from iPod touch After Deletion 353. Using SSL Authentication 353,Deleting from Server 354. Changing the Incoming Server Port 354,Troubleshooting Email Problems 354.
Email Isn t Being Received or Sent 355,Verifying Your Mail Account Settings 356. Chapter 15 Working with Contacts 359,Loading Your Contacts onto the iPod touch 359. When Is Your Contact List Most Useful 359,Two Simple Rules to Improve Your Contact List 360. Adding a New Contact Right on Your iPod touch 360,Start the Contacts App 361. Adding a New Phone Number 363,Adding an Email Address and Web Site 364.
Adding the Address 365,Adding a Photo to Contacts 366. Searching Your Contacts 367, Quickly Jump to a Letter by Tapping and Sliding on the Alphabet 368. Search by Flicking 368,Search Using Groups 369,Adding Contacts from Email Messages 370. Sending a Picture to a Contact 372,Sending an Email Message from Contacts 373. Showing Your Contacts Addresses on the Map 373, Changing Your Contact Sort Order and Display Order 375.
Searching for Global Address List GAL Contacts 375. Contacts Troubleshooting 375, When Global Address List Contacts Don t Show Up For Microsoft Exchange Users 376. Chapter 16 Your Calendar 377,Manage Your Busy Life on Your iPod touch 377. Today s Day and Date Shown on Calendar Icon 378, Syncing or Sharing Your Calendar s with Your iPod touch 378. Viewing Your Schedule and Getting Around 379,The Three Calendar Views 381. Working with Several Calendars 383,Adding New Calendar Events 384.
Adding a New Appointment 384,Recurring Events 386,Calendar Alerts 387. Second Alert 387,Choosing which Calendar to Use 388. Availability 388,Adding Notes to Calendar Events 389. Using Copy and Paste Text in the Calendar 389,Editing Appointments 391. Editing a Repeating Event 392,Switching an Event to a Different Calendar 392.
Deleting an Event 392,Meeting Invitations 393,Calendar Options 393. Changing the Default Calendar 395,Chapter 17 iPod touch Photography 397. Using the Camera App 398,Geo Tagging 398,Taking a Picture 399. Viewing Pictures You Have Taken 401,Getting Photos onto Your iPod touch 401. Viewing Your Photos 404,Launching from the Photos Icon 404.
Choosing a Library 405,Working with Individual Pictures 405. Moving Between Pictures 406,Zooming In and Out of Pictures 406. Double Tapping 406,Pinching 407,Viewing a Slideshow 408. Adjusting Slideshow Options 409,Using a Picture as Your iPod touch Wallpaper 410. Emailing a Picture 410,Email Copy or Delete Several Pictures At Once 411.

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