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General Information 2,Investment Fund Overview 6,Your Investment Options 8. Premixed Portfolios 10,Single Focus Funds 18,Terms To Know 36. Master Trust Information 37, This Investment Highlights booklet is part of a prospectus covering securities that. have been registered under the Securities Act of 1933 pursuant to a Form S 8. Registration Statement,InvestmentHighlights,General Information. About How the Master Trust Works, T he Investment Committee receives many questions about how the Master Trust works.
The following information addresses some commonly asked questions. Master Trust,Why is there a Trust, According to the Employee Retirement Income Security Act ERISA U S tax qualified plans such as the Halliburton. Retirement and Savings Plans Plan must be held in trust and managed by a trustee. What is the Master Trust, The Master Trust is a legal entity that invests the assets of all the Company s retirement plans Managing the Plan s assets on a. consolidated basis provides greater investment flexibility and lower operating costs. Who holds the Master Trust assets, State Street Bank and Trust Company based in Boston Massachusetts serves as both the trustee and custodian for all the. investment fund options State Street is well known as one of the world s largest custodians with approximately 12 trillion in. assets under custody and 1 4 trillion under management. What does State Street do, State Street s duty is to act as a fiduciary to the Plan participants This means that it must act with the care skill prudence and. diligence under the prevailing circumstances that a prudent person acting in a like capacity and familiar with such matters. would use in the conduct of an enterprise of a like character and with like aims. As custodian in addition to providing accounting and safekeeping State Street delivers cash management compliance foreign. exchange and performance measurement services,Is the Trust engaged in securities lending.
The Trust invests in a few commingled funds that participate in a securities lending program Securities lending programs are. widely used by the investment management industry including many mutual funds In simple terms securities owned by the. fund are lent to a borrower for a fee To secure the loan the borrower provides collateral in excess of the value of the loaned. securities Usually collateral is in the form of cash or high quality securities The fund has the right to recall loans at any time. When it is time to close the loan the borrower returns the securities to the fund and the fund returns the collateral to the. Who can use Trust assets, By law Trust assets must be used for the benefit of Plan participants and are not subject to the claims of any Halliburton. creditors These assets cannot be used by the trustee or Halliburton for their own benefit. General Information,About How the Master Trust Works. Investment Committee All of the managers are well known and respected in the. business of managing institutional funds Many have their. Who is responsible for the investment management, own mutual fund families or manage assets for other. of the Trust s assets, mutual funds Due to the significant size of Trust assets the. Halliburton s President and Chief Executive Officer Investment Committee is able to employ these managers. has appointed an Investment Committee to oversee the at a cost well below the fees of most other alternatives The. investment management of the Trust s assets The Investment investment managers of each investment fund are listed on. Committee establishes the investment policy and objective each fund s summary page in this booklet. for each investment fund selects external professional. Who pays the expenses to maintain the Trust, investment managers where appropriate and monitors the.
management of each fund Most operating expenses are paid from the Trust The. principal expenses include external professional investment. Who are the members of the Investment Committee, management Plan administration and trustee custodial. Investment Committee members are listed by name and title services These expenses proportionally lower the investment. on page 37 of this booklet These members have many years return of each investment fund The reduction in the. of financial experience investment return is expressed as an expense ratio that. The Chairperson of the Investment Committee and her staff varies for each investment fund based on the structure and. are devoted full time to overseeing the day to day affairs of complexity of the fund The 2008 annual operating expense. the investment funds ratio of each fund is listed on each fund s summary page in. this booklet In keeping with industry standard transaction. Investment Options costs incurred for buying and selling securities are not. Does the Investment Committee buy and sell the Trust s reflected in these ratios However these transaction costs. stocks and bonds are reflected in the investment performance of the funds In. The individual securities are managed by external addition loan fees are not reflected in the operating expense. professional investment managers selected by the Investment ratio as they are directly charged to the participant Actual. Committee The Committee furnishes each manager with future expenses may be higher or lower than those shown. broad guidelines specific objectives and certain restrictions. A Note About Operating Expense Ratios Fund Type Mutual Fund Average Halliburton Fund. Expense Ratio Expense Ratio, An expense ratio is the amount of an investment fund s U S Bonds 0 45 0 17. operating expenses compared with the fund s total asset Bond Index Fund. base expressed as a percentage Because expenses are paid Large Cap Value Equity 1 28 0 60. from fund assets a lower expense ratio is desirable Based Large Cap Value Equity Fund. on a survey of the Morningstar mutual fund database the Large Cap Core Equity 0 62 0 16. S P 500 Index Fund, following are a few examples of average expense ratios. for retail funds compared with some of the institutionally Large Cap Growth Equity 1 34 0 60. Large Cap Growth Equity Fund, managed investment fund options offered through the Plan. Non U S Equity 1 43 0 77, Expense ratios for each of the investment fund options can.
Non U S Equity Fund,be found on its summary page in this booklet. Small Cap Equity 1 46 0 87,Small Cap Equity Fund,InvestmentHighlights. Go to the Your Benefits Resources Web site or call the Benefits Center s. automated telephone system at any time See page 37 for more information. Why does Halliburton use institutionally managed individual Single Focus Fund provides diversification across. separate accounts a range of asset classes and investment styles Investors. Most of the Master Trust s investments are structured using wishing to create their own diversified portfolio would select. institutionally managed separate accounts and the accounts from these investment fund options. are managed only for participants in the Master Trust Why was the Halliburton Stock Fund closed. Unlike mutual funds this structure provides the Investment The decision to close the Halliburton Stock Fund HSF as an. Committee with the flexibility to select fund managers and investment option was based on the Company s commitment. establish investment objectives designed specifically for the to helping you prepare for a secure retirement through. Master Trust This arrangement usually results in lower offering investment fund options diversified across different. expense ratios fees for the various investment options types of investments The Company made the decision to. Why do we have different investment fund choices not offer any individual stock funds as an investment fund. Plan participants have different financial goals time frames option within the Plans because of the inherent volatility. risk tolerances and return targets Each individual investment of individual company stocks Closing and removal of the. fund has different risk and return characteristics The Trust s HSF from the Plans aligns and supports the objectives and. investment options enable Plan participants to structure their investment strategies of the Plans. investment strategy to fit their individual needs What is the sunset period on closing the Halliburton. What is the difference between the Premixed Portfolios and Stock Fund. the Single Focus Funds The Company is providing a three year sunset period which. The four Premixed Portfolios were designed to provide started January 1 2007 You have until the end of the sunset. diversified self balancing portfolios according to targeted period to move your balance out of the Halliburton Stock. risk and return profiles They are professionally managed and Fund into other funds within the Plans The Company will. well diversified Any one of them can be used as a complete monitor the overall move out of the HSF during this period. investment strategy A Portfolio s asset allocation will not and if necessary may implement periodic transfers and. vary significantly from its target allocation or change the sunset period to gradually decrease the HSF. balance Any balance remaining in the HSF after the end of. The eight Single Focus Funds cover a range of asset classes the period will be redirected to an investment fund chosen. and include both actively managed and indexed funds No by the Company. General Information,About How the Master Trust Works. Can I make changes to how my account is invested among How does the Investment Transfer Policy affect my transfers. the different investment options and reallocations. There are four ways you can change your account According to our Investment Transfer Policy for all of the funds. investments and portfolios except for the Stable Value Premixed Portfolio. You can change at any time how all future contributions to any transfer or fund reallocation that moves money out of the. your account will be invested fund will result in a restriction on moving any money into that. same fund for 20 calendar days Each time a transaction is made. You can make a direct fund transfer by selecting what out of the fund the waiting period for moving money into that. funds to take money out of and what funds will receive that fund resets to the date of the latest transaction. money subject to the Investment Transfer Policy A direct. fund transfer is a one time only event and will not change The policy governing the Stable Value Premixed Portfolio. your future fund investment allocations works differently If money is transferred or funds reallocated. into the Stable Value Premixed Portfolio the number of. You can make a fund reallocation subject to the units acquired in the transaction are restricted and cannot. Investment Transfer Policy When you elect a fund be transferred out of the portfolio for 20 calendar days. reallocation you are changing how your current total However any balance in the portfolio prior to the transaction. account balance is invested Fund reallocation is a one time is not subject to the waiting period. only event and will not change your future fund investment. allocations Does the Company make contributions in cash or. Company stock, You can elect to have your investments automatically. rebalanced every 90 days whereby you decide the All contributions to the Plan are made in cash That cash is. percentage of your account invested in each fund Your then invested according to your investment choices. money will be reallocated every 90 days based on the How can I track the performance of my investment. percentages you enter in the Plan, A note regarding the Halliburton Stock Fund As of Go to the Your Benefits Resources Web site or call the Benefits.
January 1 2007 you may make fund transfers or Center s automated telephone system for up to date rates of. reallocations out of the Halliburton Stock Fund without return see page 40. triggering an automatic reduction of your HSF balance to. For comparative purposes the Investment Committee has. no more than 15 of your portfolio This previous policy has. selected a benchmark index or group of indexes for each of. been removed to allow you to gradually move your money out. the investment fund options excluding the Halliburton Stock. of the HSF during the sunset period, Fund You can track index performance in most newspapers. You can make these changes at the Your Benefits Resources and business publications. Web site or by calling the Benefits Center s automated. Where can I find more current information about each fund. telephone system see page 37 in accordance with our. and its performance, Investment Transfer Policy Your fund transfer or reallocation. will be effective the same business day if the request is made The Investment Highlights brochure provides you with. before the close of the market typically 3 p m Central Time annualized returns as of December 31 each year Each. Changes to future contributions will be effective the next quarter we update the Your Benefits Resources Web site with. possible pay period the most current fund characteristics Your personal account. balance and performance information is updated daily To. You do not pay any transaction fees in connection with. access the latest fund characteristics or personal account. making a transfer or reallocation, information you must log in to the Your Benefits Resources. Web site found on page 37 To log in you will need your. InvestmentHighlights, Go to the Your Benefits Resources Web site or call the Benefits Center s. automated telephone system at any time See page 37 for more information. Social Security number and password For new users click on Understanding Your Account Activity Information. Register as a New User and follow the instructions concerning the value of shares or units in the investment. There are various ways to view the fund characteristics One funds. way is to choose Check All Funds from the drop down Materials Provided to the Plan For all investment funds. menu under the Find It Fast section you are entitled to receive the most recent financial. Your personal account balance and overall performance are statements and reports and similar materials provided to. usually on the first screen you see when you log in the Plan including a description of the annual operating. expenses of each fund that reduce the rate of return to. What additional information is available participants and beneficiaries and the aggregate amount. You or your beneficiary may request the following of fund expenses expressed as a percentage of average net. information through the Your Benefits Resources Web assets of the fund. site the automated telephone system or a Benefits Center. representative, List of Fund Assets A listing of investment fund assets.
and their fund values including with respect to fixed. rate investment contracts issued by banks or insurance. companies the name of the issuer the contract term and. the rate of return on the contract, Investment Highlights The most recent past and current. investment performance of each fund determined net of. expenses on a reasonable and consistent basis, Account Activity Statement A report of your current. account balances in each fund,Investment Fund Overview. Your Investment Options, T his chart shows a comparative overview of the 13 investment funds Since participants can. no longer invest in HSF there are now 12 options you can invest in. Investment Fund Management Annual Returns as of December 31. Style 04 05 06 07 08,PREMIXED PORTFOLIOS,Stable Value Portfolio Active 4 8 5 0 5 2 5 3 5 4.
Conservative Premixed Portfolio Active 8 6 6 5 8 7 8 4 15 9. Moderate Premixed Portfolio Active 11 6 8 0 13 7 10 8 29 2. Aggressive Premixed Portfolio Active 14 3 11 0 17 9 13 7 41 0. SINGLE FOCUS FUNDS,Bond Index Fund Passive 4 2 2 3 4 3 6 9 5 4. Balanced Fund Active 11 3 6 9 15 0 8 4 22 3,S P 500 Index Fund Passive 10 8 4 8 15 7 5 4 37 0. Large Cap Value Equity Fund Active 15 9 8 0 18 7 4 3 38 5. Large Cap Growth Equity Fund Active 7 9 6 4 8 3 16 7 42 4. Non U S Equity Fund Active 18 5 19 8 27 4 20 8 44 1. Mid Cap Equity Index Fund Passive 16 5 12 5 10 3 7 9 36 2. Small Cap Equity Fund Active 14 2 1 6 15 7 1 9 37 3. Halliburton Stock Fund N A 50 7 57 3 1 3 22 9 51 3. Remember that past performance is no guarantee of future return and should not be your primary reason for choosing an investment fund. Portfolio returns are after all expenses However transaction costs incurred for buying and selling securities are not included as an expense. for this purpose rather these costs are reflected in the investment performance of the fund. InvestmentHighlights, Annualized Returns as of December 31 2008 2008 Fund Market Inflation Potential. 10 Years 5 Years 1 Year Expenses Risk Risk Return,5 6 5 2 5 3 5 4 40 s ssss s. 4 0 2 8 0 3 15 9 47 sss sss ss,3 0 1 4 3 8 29 2 54 sss ss sss.
1 1 0 1 7 5 41 0 73 ssss s ssss,5 5 4 6 5 5 5 4 17 ss ssss s. 4 5 2 8 1 1 22 3 30 sss ss sss,1 5 2 3 8 4 37 0 16 ssss s ssss. 1 2 1 0 8 7 38 5 60 ssss s ssss,4 2 3 5 10 0 42 4 60 ssss s ssss. 2 8 4 1 4 9 44 1 77 ssss s ssss,4 4 0 2 8 8 36 2 18 ssss s sssss. 0 9 3 8 10 7 37 3 87 ssss s sssss,3 2 7 7 15 2 51 3 14 sssss s sssss.
Transaction costs incurred for buying and selling securities are not reflected in Key. these ratios Such transaction costs are reflected in the investment performance of. High sssss,Medium High ssss,Medium sss,Medium Low ss. Go to the Your Benefits Resources Web site or call the Benefits Center s. automated telephone system at any time See page 37 for more information. Your Investment Options,Understanding Your Investment Funds. T his section provides you with general information about the investment funds. available through the Retirement and Savings Plans The diagram below is a guide to. understanding the information on each of the following fund summary pages. 1 Asset Class,Every investment can be placed into one of. three broad asset classes stable value bonds,and stocks. 2 Fund Composition,This chart illustrates the percentage allocation.
to the types of investments that the fund 2,invests in. 3 Objective and Investment Strategy 3,The objective is the goal and purpose of the. investment fund whereas the investment,strategy is what the fund will invest in to. achieve the goal,4 Annual Returns as of 12 31,This graph illustrates the change in value of. the investment fund over one year periods,relative to the performance of the benchmark.
index with which it is compared,5 Annualized Returns as of 12 31 08. This chart illustrates the change in value of,the investment fund over a specified period of 8. time expressed in annual terms as it relates to,the performance of the benchmark with which. it is compared,6 Long Term Potential Risk and Return. This section provides you with the degree,of likelihood that an investment will go.
up and down in value market risk that,an investment s growth will not keep pace. with inflation inflation risk and that the,investment fund will achieve a better than. average return potential return over a period,InvestmentHighlights. 7 Style Box, This tool attempts to portray a fund s investment strategy For the Equity Style Box Investment Style illustrates whether the fund. invests in value or growth stocks or a blend of the two The Size categorizes the fund by average market capitalization small cap. 2 billion mid cap 2 to 10 billion and large cap 10 billion For the Fixed Income Style Box Maturity illustrates the. average maturity of the bonds contained in the fund and Credit Quality reflects Moody s average rating of the bonds in the fund. Aaa and Aa high quality A to Baa medium quality Ba or lower low quality. 8 Top Ten Holdings,Where applicable these charts provide the.
top 10 stock country and sector holdings,of the fund compared to the index as of. December 31,9 Credit Quality Weighting,4 5 For funds that invest in bonds this section. shows the credit rating of the bonds as,assigned by Moody s. Moody s Bond Ratings,Investment Grade,Aaa highest quality. Aa high quality,A upper medium,Baa lower medium,Non Investment Grade.
Baa speculative,10 Organization,The fund manager s is listed in this section. 11 General Information,This section shows the expense ratio fund. inception date total fund assets as of,December 31 2008 voting rights and market. capitalization of the fund, Go to the Your Benefits Resources Web site or call the Benefits Center s. automated telephone system at any time See page 37 for more information. Premixed Portfolios,Stable Value Premixed Portfolio.
Asset Class Stable Value, Portfolio Composition 12 31 08 Objective and Investment Strategy. he Stable Value Premixed Portfolio SVPP is your most conservative option. in terms of risk and short term volatility It is managed with preservation of. principal as the primary objective with the expectation of a relatively stable rate. of return This does not mean that the SVPP will never experience a negative rate of. return but the porfolio is managed with the intent of reducing this possibility No. government agency either directly or indirectly insures or guarantees the performance. of the portfolio, To achieve the stated objective SVPP invest in diversified portfolios of actively managed. fixed income securities consisting primarily of bonds SVPP then also enters into asset. Asset Backed, Investment Contracts backed investment contracts also known as wrap contracts with various financial. Pooled Asset backed institutions such as banks and insurance companies The contracts provide a minimum. Investment Contracts guaranteed rate of return and provide payment of participant driven transactions at. contract value The Trustee has custody of all these securities therefore if the financial. institution runs into trouble there is a diversified portfolio for protection. General Information, 2008 Fund Operating Expenses Fund Inception Date 1987. Total Fund Assets 1 242 million,Management Fees 0 27.
Plan Administration Fees 0 07,All Others 0 06,Total 0 40. Transaction costs incurred for buying and selling securities are not included as an expense for this purpose. 10 rather these costs are reflected in the investment performance of the fund. InvestmentHighlights, Annual Returns as of 12 31 08 Annualized Returns as of 12 31 08. 10 Stable Value,8 Portfolio Benchmark,6 1 Year 5 4 2 0. 4 3 Years 5 3 3 7,2 5 Years 5 2 2 9,0 10 Years 5 6 3 1. 99 00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08, Fund Benchmark Remember that past performance is no guarantee.
of future return and should not be your primary,reason for choosing an investment fund Portfolio. returns are after all expenses However transaction. costs incurred for buying and selling securities,are not included as an expense for this purpose. rather these costs are reflected in the investment. performance of the fund,Long Term Potential Risk Return Benchmark. Market Risk s iMoneyNet Money Market Fund Average,Inflation Risk s s s s s. Potential Return s,Low Medium Medium Medium High, Distribution By Financial Institution Organization.
Credit Quality, The bank and insurance investment contracts aren t actively traded like stocks and. Stable Value bonds They were administered by the Investment Committee through December 31. Portfolio Rating 2008 and by Galliard Capital Management effective January 1 2009 The following. Natixis Financial investment management firms manage the underlying securities of the asset backed. Products Inc 27 Aa,J P Morgan,investment contracts. Chase Bank NA 22 Aaa,Metropolitan Life, Insurance Co 17 Aa Galliard Capital Management Inc Pacific Investment Management Co Western Asset Management Co. Monumental Life Minneapolis MN Newport Beach CA Pasadena CA. Insurance Co 17 Aa, Wrapped by Monumental Life Wrapped by Natixis Financial Wrapped by JP Morgan Chase. Pacific Life, Insurance Co 18 Aaa Insurance Co Products Inc Bank NA.
Total 100 Loomis Sayles Co L P Reams Asset Management Co. Average Quality Aa Boston MA Columbus IN, Wrapped by Pacific Life Wrapped by Metropolitan Life. Insurance Co Insurance Co, Go to the Your Benefits Resources Web site or call the Benefits Center s automated. telephone system at any time See page 37 for more information. Premixed Portfolios,Conservative Premixed Portfolio. Asset Class Stocks Bonds and Stable Value, Portfolio Composition 12 31 08 Objective and Investment Strategy. he objective of the Conservative Premixed Portfolio CPP is to achieve long term. 7 growth with a relatively low level of risk The portfolio aims for a competitive. 9 investment return while minimizing risk by diversifying its investment among. 3 1 different types of assets Further diversification is achieved by using several external. 1 investment managers with different investment styles The CPP is a highly diversified. portfolio that invests in asset backed investment contracts bonds and stocks both U S. 9 and non U S The asset backed contracts in the pooled fund held by CPP provide. a specific rate of return over a specified time period and are diversified by provider. Stocks provide growth for the portfolio balanced by bonds and asset backed investment. Large Cap Value Stocks,Large Cap Growth Stocks, contracts which minimize risk and short term volatility In addition to U S securities.
Mid Cap Value Stocks the portfolio invests in some non U S stocks and bonds Because competition in the. Mid Cap Growth Stocks business world has shifted to a global arena the best companies for investment may. Small Cap Value Stocks not be located in just the United States Also non U S stocks and bonds have different. Small Cap Growth Stocks, risk and return characteristics than U S securities and are excellent for diversification. Non U S Developed, Market Equities purposes The CPP maintains a static asset allocation and avoids market timing. Non U S Emerging,Market Equities,strategies,Broad Market Bonds. High Yield Bonds,Pooled Asset backed,Investment Contracts. Ten Largest Stock Holdings Top Country Holdings Stocks Only Top Sector Holdings U S Stocks Only. Abbott Laboratories Conservative Conservative,AT T Inc Premixed Premixed.
Portfolio Benchmark Portfolio Benchmark,Chevron Corp. Exxon Mobil Corp United States 67 70 Health Care 15 14. General Electric Co United Kingdom 6 6 Consumer Discretionary 15 10. General Mills Inc Japan 4 8 Industrials 13 12, Johnson Johnson Switzerland 4 3 Financial Services 13 15. Philip Morris International Inc France 3 3 Energy 13 12. Procter Gamble Co Germany 2 3 Consumer Staples 11 10. Wal Mart Stores Inc Brazil 2 0 Information Technology 9 15. Top 10 as a of Stocks 17 India 1 0 Materials Processing 4 4. Top 10 as a of Total Net Assets 4 Mexico 1 0 Telecommunication. Australia 1 2 Services 4 4,Total 91 95 Utilities 3 4. Total 100 100,General Information, 2008 Fund Operating Expenses Average Market Capitalization. U S Stocks only 55 6 billion,Management Fees 0 34,Fund Inception Date 2006.
Plan Administration Fees 0 07,Total Fund Assets 58 2 million. All Others 0 06,Total Estimated 0 47, Transaction costs incurred for buying and selling securities are not included as an expense for this purpose. 12 rather these costs are reflected in the investment performance of the fund. InvestmentHighlights, Annual Returns as of 12 31 08 Annualized Returns as of 12 31 08 Equity Style Box. 20 Conservative,Investment Style,Portfolio Benchmark Value Blend Growth. Large Medium,1 Year 15 9 16 0,5 3 Years 0 3 0 4,Market Cap.
5 Years 2 8 2 2,99 00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08,10 Years 4 0 2 9. Fund Benchmark Remember that past performance is no guarantee. of future return and should not be your primary, The portfolio was not in existence until 1 1 06 reason for choosing an investment fund Portfolio. In order to provide you comparative historical returns are after all expenses However transaction. returns the managers return of their Halliburton costs incurred for buying and selling securities. Trust account is included above If the Halliburton Fixed Income Style Box. are not included as an expense for this purpose,Trust has not employed a manager for 10 years. the firm s composite account return was added rather these costs are reflected in the investment. performance of the fund Maturity,Short Intermediate Long. Long Term Potential Risk Return Benchmark,Market Risk s s s 38 iMoneyNet Money Market Fund.
Credit Quality,Inflation Risk s s s,20 Barclays Capital Aggregate Bond. Potential Return s s Index,4 Merrill Lynch High Yield Bond Index. Low Medium Medium Medium High 26 Russell 3000 Index. 9 MSCI EAFE Index,Does not include Asset Backed, 3 MSCI Emerging Market Free Index Investment contracts. Distribution By Credit Quality Weightings Organization. Conservative The following firms manage the Conservative Premixed Portfolio. Portfolio Benchmark, Bond Aberdeen Asset Management Inc Integrity Asset Management Pyramis Global Advisors Trust Co. Aaa 63 81 London U K Independence OH Boston MA, Aa 7 3 Agincourt Capital Management Loomis Sayles Co L P State Street Global Advisors.
A 6 9 Richmond VA Boston MA Boston MA, Baa 11 0 Fayez Sarofim Co Marvin Palmer Associates Inc TCW Investment Management Co. Not Available 3 0 Houston TX Wilmington DE Los Angeles CA. Total 100 100 effective February 2009, Galliard Capital Management Inc Northern Cross Investments Ltd. Average Maturity 4 7 yrs 5 4 yrs, Minneapolis MN Hamilton Bermuda Wellington Management Co LLP. Average Duration 3 7 yrs 3 7 yrs, GAMCO Investors Inc Pacific Investment Management Co. Stable Value Rye NY Newport Beach CA Western Asset Management Co. Average Quality Aa N A Pasadena CA,Goldman Sachs Asset Pier Capital LLC.
Management Stamford CT,Tampa FL through February 2009. Voting rights Voting rights for securities Go to the Your Benefits Resources Web site or call the Benefits Center s automated. held in the fund are not passed on to you as a telephone system at any time See page 37 for more information.

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