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Introduction to Modular Representation Theory of Finite
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Trans Amer Math Soc 282 1984 137 152, 6 M Kiyota On 3 blocks with an elementary abelian defect group of order. 9 J Fac Sci Univ Tokyo Sec IA 31 1984 33 58, 7 G O Michler Contributions to modular representation theory of finite. groups Progress in Math vol 95 Birkha user 1991 99 140. 8 H Nagao Y Tsushima Representations of Finite Groups Academic. Press 1989 1987, 9 J B Olsson On 2 blocks with quaternion and quasidihedral defect. groups J Alg 36 1975 212 241, 10 Y Usami Principal blocks with extra special defect groups of order 27.

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