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1 Introduction 3 6 Servicing 29,6 1 Initial inspection 29. 2 Boiler Specification 4 6 2 Routine maintenance 30. 2 1 Technical Data 4 6 3 Re commissioning the boiler 31. 2 2 Dimensions 5,2 3 Boiler connections 5 7 Parts replacement 32. 2 4 Function diagram 6 7 1 Initial preparation 32,7 2 Fan 34. 3 General Requirements 7 7 3 Air pressure switch 34. 3 1 Related documents 7 7 4 Burner 35,3 2 Boiler location 7 7 5 Electrodes 35. 3 3 Gas supply 8 7 6 Temperature sensor NTC 36,3 4 Flue system 8 7 7 Gas valve 36.
3 5 Air supply 10 7 8 Main Heat exchanger 37, 3 6 Electricity supply 10 7 9 CH expansion vessel 38. 3 7 Guide to system requirements 10 7 10 Transformer 39. 7 11 Overheat thermostat 39,4 Boiler installation sequence 13 7 12 Pump 39. 4 1 General 13 7 13 Automatic air release 40,4 2 Boiler delivery 13 7 14 Automatic bypass 40. 4 3 Preparation of boiler location 14 7 15 Diverter valve 40. 4 4 Installing the flue system 16 7 16 Pressure and temperature. 4 5 Mounting the boiler 16 gauge 41, 4 6 Connecting the flue assembly 7 17 Differential pressure switch 41. to the boiler 17 7 18 DHW microswitch 42, 4 7 Electrical installation 19 7 19 DHW heat exchanger 42.
4 8 Controls 20 7 20 Circuit boards 43,5 Commissioning 22 8 Fault finding 44. 5 1 Preliminary electrical checks 22 8 1 Introduction 44. 5 2 Gas supply 22 8 2 Logical fault finding procedure 44. 5 3 Water supply 22 8 3 Fault finding charts 45,5 4 Filling the heating system 23. 5 5 Initial system flush cold 23 9 Electrical diagrams 54. 5 6 Initial lighting 24 9 1 Functional flow diagram 54. 5 7 Gas inlet working pressure 25 9 2 Wiring diagram 55. 5 8 Main burner pressure 25 9 3 Schematic appliance. 5 9 Adjusting central heating circuit diagram 56,output range rating 26. 5 10 Functional checks 27 10 Short parts list 57,5 11 Checking flame. supervision device 28 11 Supplementary LPG,5 12 Final system flush hot 28 information 59.
5 13 Fitting case 28,5 14 Handing over to user 29,Leave these instructions with the user. when the installation is completed, 1 Introduction Note This boiler must be installed The TURBOmax range consists of. models with outputs for domestic hot,and serviced by a competent person. in accordance with the Gas Safety water of 24 and 28 kW The boiler is. Installation and Use Regulations easily sited on any internal wall and. 1994 In the UK CORGI Registered can be installed with either a horizontal. Installers undertake the work to a or vertical RSF Room Sealed Fan. safe and satisfactory standard assisted flue Flue extensions and. additional bends and elbows are, The TURBOmax is a fully available for increased siting flexibility. automatic wall mounted room sealed The boiler is not suitable for external. combination boiler for central heating installation. and domestic hot water Domestic hot, water is supplied directly from the If desired an inhibitor may be used in.
boiler without requiring a copper the system Guidance on the use. cylinder cold water tank feed and of inhibitors is contained in these. expansion tank or associated instructions,pipework Domestic hot water has. priority over central heating Natural Gas and LPG versions of the. boiler are available,The boiler has been designed for use. with a sealed central heating system The boiler contains a domestic hot. and comes fully tested and assembled water heat exchanger The temperature. with a built in circulating pump in the heat exchanger is limited by the. bypass expansion vessel and diverter boiler control system and it is not. valve necessary to install a scale reducer on,the cold mains inlet to the boiler. However in exceptionally hard water,areas to prevent scale formation in the. property hot water system,pipework a scale reducer may be.
TURBOmax boilers carry CE Mark, This demonstrates that the boilers fulfill The TURBOmax has built in diagnostic. the essential requirements of the Gas indicator lights which illuminate in. Appliance Directive 90 396 EEC sequence giving information on the. and the Gas Appliance Safety boiler status when operating and per. Regulations 1992 formance of key components to aid in. commissioning and fault finding,The CE Mark also demonstrates that. the boilers comply with the The data badge is fitted on the bottom. requirements of the Electromagnetic of the combustion chamber. Compatibility Directive Directive, 89 336 EEC the Low Voltage See text of General Requirements for. Directive 73 23 EEC the Boiler Installation Requirements or notes. Efficiency Directive 92 42 EEC and,the Boiler Efficiency Regulations. TURBOmax meets the requirements of,Statutory Instrument The Boiler Effi.
ciency Regulations 1993 and,therefore is deemed to meet the. requirements of Directive 92 42 EEC,on the efficiency requirements for new. hot water boilers fired with liquid or,gaseous fuels. 2 Boiler specification,2 1 Technical data,TURBOmax VUW 242 1 E VUW 282 1 E units. Countries of Destination GB IE,Maximum CH heat input 29 3 34 2 kW.
100 000 116 600 Btu h,CH heat output range 9 6 24 0 11 2 28 0 kW. 32 800 81 900 38 200 95 500 Btu h,Maximum DHW heat input 29 3 34 2 kW. 100 000 116 600 Btu h, Maximum DHW heat output range 9 6 24 0 11 2 28 0 kW. 32 800 81 900 38 200 95 500 Btu h,DHW flow rate 35 C rise 10 11 5 l min. Mains water pressure required for max flow rate 0 8 1 0 bar. Minimum water flow rate 2 7 2 7 l min, Mains water pressure required for min flow rate 0 3 0 3 bar.
Maximum inlet water pressure 10 10 bar, Inlet gas working pressure required Natural Gas 20 20 mbar. Gas supply G20 Gross C V s t 37 8 37 8 MJ m3,Gas burner pressure max rate 10 0 10 6 mbar. Gas burner pressure ignition rate 2 0 2 0 mbar,Gas rate max DHW 2 79 3 26 m3 h. Main burner jet size 16 x 7 120 18 x 7 120 no x size. CH flow temperature range 40 90 40 90 C, Minimum CH water flow for 20 C rise 1 032 1 204 l h. Pump pressure available 0 25 0 25 bar, 8 l expansion vessel pre charge pressure 0 75 0 75 bar.
Maximum CH system pressure 3 0 3 0 bar,Connections. Heating flow return 22 22 mm,Cold water inlet 15 15 mm. DHW outlet 15 15 mm,Gas inlet 15 15 mm,Pressure relief discharge pipework min 15 15 mm. Weight 47 48 kg,Primary water content 0 7 0 7 litres. Electrical supply,Voltage 230 50 230 50 V Hz,2 x internal fuses 2 2 A.
1 x internal fuse 1 25 1 25 A,external fuse 3 3 A,Power input 130 130 W. Supplementary LPG information on page 59,2 2 Dimensions. All dimensions in mm,1a Air flue duct to the rear 120 max 995 120. 1b Air flue duct to the side,2 Appliance bracket 1a. 3 Heating system return 22 mm 1b,4 Cold water connection 15 mm.
5 Gas connection 15 mm,6 Hot water connection 15 mm 2. 7 Heating system flow 22 mm,8 Pressure relief valve outlet. 3 4 in BSP,with standard horizontal flue 880,max 2965 mm with extensions. 7 65 4 3 8 380,2 3 Boiler connections 200,1 Compression union flow of 70. heating system,2 Service valve flow of heating,3 Domestic hot water connection.
4 Compression Union gas,5 Gas service valve supplied with. the boiler,6 Cold water connection with 1 2 345 6 78 9 50. shut off valve,7 Service valve return of heating,8 Compression union return of. heating system,9 Pressure relief valve,2 4 Function diagram. 1 Air duct,2 Air pressure switch,3 Combustion chamber.
4 Temperature sensor NTC 2,5 Ignition electrodes,6 Modulating burner. 7 Overheat thermostat,8 Fully modulating automatic gas 19. 9 DHW heat exchanger,10 Indicator lights LED s 4,11 Maximum radiator temperature 5 20. control 21,12 Maximum hot water temperature 6,control 22. 13 Central heating control and 7 23,lockout reset,14 Main on off control 24.
15 CH flow service valve 8,16 Gas service valve 9 25. 17 Flue gas duct 26,19 High efficiency heat exchanger. 20 Flame sensing electrode 10 28,21 Differential pressure switch 7 8 9. 22 Expansion vessel charging valve,23 Expansion vessel 7 8 9. 24 Automatic air vent 4,25 Circulating pump 13 30,26 Diverter valve 3.
27 Water switch DHW,28 Water section,29 Temperature and Pressure gauge. 30 Automatic bypass valve 31,31 Pressure relief valve. 32 CH return service valve 15 32,33 Cold water shut off valve. GW 573 2GB, 3 General requirements 3 1 Related documents 3 2 Boiler location. The installation of the boiler must be The location chosen for the boiler must. in accordance with the relevant permit the provision of a satisfactory. requirements of Gas Safety Installation flue termination The location must. and Use Regulations 1994 Health also provide adequate space for. and Safety Document No 635 The servicing and air circulation around. Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 the boiler The boiler may be installed. BS7671 IEE Wiring Regulations and in any room although particular. the byelaws of the local Water attention is drawn to the requirements. Undertaking It should also be in of BS7671 I E E Regulations and in. accordance with the relevant Scotland the electrical provisions of. requirements of the Local Authority the Building Standards Scotland. Building Regulations Building Regulations in respect of the installation. Standards Scotland Regulations and of a boiler in a room containing a. the relevant recommendations of the bath or shower. following British Standards,Note Where a room sealed boiler.
is installed in a room containing a,BS 5440 Flues and ventilation of gas. bath or shower any electrical switch,fired boilers not exceeding 60 kW. or boiler control utilising mains,Part 1 Flues,electricity should be so situated that it. Part 2 Ventilation,cannot be touched by a person using. BS 5449 Specification for forced the bath or shower. circulation hot water for domestic,Where the installation of the boiler.
will be in an unusual location special, BS 5546 Specification for gas hot procedures may be necessary and BS. water supplies for domestic premises 5546 and BS 6798 give detailed. guidance on this aspect,BS 6700 Services supplying water. for domestic use within buildings and The boiler must be mounted on a flat. their curtilages vertical wall which must be sufficiently. robust to take the weight of the boiler,BS 6798 Specification for installation. The boiler may be installed on a,of gas fired boilers not exceeding 60. combustible wall subject to the,requirements of the Local Authorities.
BS 6891 Specification for installation and Building Regulations. of low pressure gas pipework up to,A compartment used to enclose the. 28 mm R1 in domestic premises 2nd,boiler must be designed and. family gas constructed specifically for this, BS 7593 Treatment of water in purpose An existing cupboard or. domestic hot water central heating compartment may be used provided. systems that it is modified for the purpose,Details of essential features of. BRITISH GAS PUBLICATION DM2 cupboard compartment design. Guide for Installation in Timber including airing cupboard installations. Framed Housing are given in BS 6798,If the boiler is to be fitted in a timber.
Important framed building it should be fitted in,accordance with British Gas Publication. The appliance must be installed and DM2 Guide for Gas Installations in. serviced by a competent person as Timber Framed Housing. stated in the Gas Safety Installation,and Use Regulations 1994. 3 3 Gas supply,The gas supplier should ensure the,availability of an adequate supply of. A gas meter may only be connected,to the service pipe by the supplier of. gas or their contractor,An existing meter should be checked.
to ensure that it is capable of passing,the rate of gas supply required. Installation pipes should be fitted in,accordance with BS 6891. Pipework from the meter to the boiler,must be of an adequate size Do not. use pipes of a smaller size than the,boiler gas connection 15 mm. The complete installation must be,tested for soundness and purged as.
described in BS 6891,3 4 Flue system,The standard horizontal flue system. Art No 300 807 is suitable for,installations up to 995 mm measured. from the centre of the boiler flue outlet,to the outside face of the wall A fig. 4 Flue extensions Art No 300 802,are available to extend this length up. to 2965 mm Both 90 elbows,Art No 300 808 and 45 bends.
Art No 300 809 are also available,to increase siting flexibility. A vertical flue system is also available,Art No 300 800. TURBOmax boilers may also be used A max 2965 mm,in SE duct applications SE duct flue. system available Art No 300810,Refer to the flue installation instructions. for full details,3 4 1 Flue Termination,1 The terminal must be positioned.
such that the combustion products can,disperse freely at all times. 2 In certain weather conditions a,plume of water vapour may be visible. from the flue terminal Positions where,this could be a nuisance should be. 3 If the terminal is fitted less than 2m G,above a balcony above ground or BCD B F. above a flat roof to which people G,have access then a suitable guard F J L.
must be provided and fitted available,from Tower Flue Components F. Tonbridge TN9 1TB reference TFC,Terminal position for fan assisted flue. minimum distance see fig 5,A Directly below an openable mm fig 5. window or other opening, e g air brick 300 Where a terminal is fitted less than. B Below gutters soil pipes 1m below a plastic gutter or less than. or drain pipes 25 0 5 m below painted eaves or any. C Below eaves 25,other painted surface then a suitable.
D Below balconies 25,shield at least 1m long should be. below car port roof 200,fitted to protect the surface. E From vertical drain pipes,and soil pipes 25,F From internal or external. corners 25,G Above ground or balcony,H From a surface facing a. terminal 600,I From a terminal facing a,terminal 1200.
J From an opening in a,car port e g door window,into a dwelling 1200. K Vertically from a terminal,on the same wall 1500. L Horizontally from a,terminal on the same wall 300. M Distance from adjacent,wall for Vertical Flue 500. Note Vertical flues must not terminate,within 600 mm of an openable.
window air vent or any other,ventilation opening, 3 5 Air supply 3 6 Electricity supply 3 7 Guide to system. Detailed recommendations for air A 230 V 50Hz single phase requirements. supply are given in BS 5440 Part 2 electricity supply fused to 3 amps must 3 7 1 Water circulation system. be provided in accordance with the, It is not necessary to have an air vent Detailed recommendations for the. latest edition of BS7671 I E E Wiring, in the room or internal space in which water circulation system are given in. Regulations and any other local, the boiler is installed BS 6798 and BS 5449 Part 1 for. regulations that may apply,small bore and micro bore central.
3 5 1 Cupboard or compartment air THIS APPLIANCE MUST BE EARTHED heating systems. supply The method of connection to the mains,Pipework not forming part of the useful. TURBOmax Room Sealed Combination electricity supply must provide a. heating surface should be insulated to, Boilers are very high efficiency means of completely isolating the. help prevent heat loss and possible,appliances boiler and its ancillary controls. freezing particularly where pipes are, As a consequence the heat loss from Isolation is preferably by the use of a. run through roof spaces and ventilated, the appliance casing during operation fused three pin plug and unswitched.
underfloor spaces, is very low For cupboard and shuttered socket outlet both complying. compartment installations it is therefore with the requirements of BS 1363 Draining taps must be located in. not necessary to provide any high or Alternatively a 3 Amp fused accessible positions which permit the. low level permanent air vents for double pole switch with a 3mm draining of the whole system including. cooling purposes contact separation on both poles may the boiler and the hot water system. be used Draining taps should be at least 1 2,in BSP nominal size and be in. accordance with BS 2879,The boiler is suitable for use with. minibore or microbore systems,Copper tubing to BS 2871 Part 1. should be used for water carrying,pipework All capillary joints in the.
DHW pipework must be made with,lead free solder,Particularly where a new boiler is to. be fitted to an existing system it is,good practice that the system is. thoroughly cleansed This cleasing,should take place prior to the fitting of. the new boiler and be in accordance,with BS 7593,For advice on the application of. system cleansers contact Sentinel,Grace Dearborn Ltd Widnes.
Cheshire WA8 8UD,Tel 0151 4951861,3 7 2 Filling and make up. The system should be filled with water Heating,via a separate filling point fitted at a circuit. Double check Mains,convenient position on the heating return Hose. valve assembly water,circuit Where local Water Authority unions supply. Regulation allows a temporary,connection to the mains may be used Stop.
fig 6 The connection must be valve,removed when filling is completed Test. Where local Water Authority valve,Regulation does not allow temporary Temporary. connection a sealed system filler Hose,pump with break tank must be used fig 6. The heating system will not be filled,automatically from the domestic hot. water side,Alternative methods of filling sealed,systems are given in BS 5449.
3 7 3 Pressure relief valve,A pressure relief valve is provided 11. ready assembled within the boiler,5 fig 7 This safety device is 9. required on all sealed C H systems 8 5,and is pre set at 3 bar and provided. with a 3 4 in BSP connection for a,discharge pipe which must be of no 6. less than 15 mm diameter,3 7 4 Pressure and temperature gauge 2.
This is factory fitted to the boiler and,indicates the primary circuit pressure 4 3. to facilitate filling and testing as well 10,as showing the temperature of the. central heating system water, 3 7 5 Expansion vessel Table 2 Sizing of Additional Expansion Vessel. An expansion vessel is incorporated, into the boiler suitable for a sealed Safety valve setting bar 3 0. heating system with a maximum water Initial system pressure bar 1 0 1 5. content of 100 litres,Total water content of system VESSEL VOLUME L.
If the nominal capacity of the built in,expansion vessel is not sufficient for. 25 2 7 3 9,the heating system for instance in 50 5 4 7 8. case of modernisation of old open 100 10 9 15 6,systems an additional expansion 125 13 6 19 5. vessel can be installed external to the 150 16 3 23 4. boiler It should be fitted in the return 175 19 1 27 3. pipe as close as possible to the boiler 200 21 8 31 2. in accordance with BS 5449 Part 1 225 24 5 35 1,250 27 2 39 0. Guidance on the sizing of an,275 30 0 42 9, additional expansion vessel is given in 300 32 7 46 8.
Table 2 325 35 7 50 7,3 7 6 Circulating pump 350 38 1 54 6. 375 40 9 58 5, The circulating pump is included in the 400 43 6 62 4. boiler The pump head available for 425 46 3 66 3, the heating system is shown in fig 8 450 49 0 70 2. 475 51 8 74 1,3 7 7 System by pass 500 54 5 78 0, An automatic system by pass is For system volumes other than. included within the boiler The boiler those given above multiply 0 109 0 156. is suitable for use in systems with the system volume by the factor. thermostatic radiator valves and no across,additional by pass is required.
3 7 8 Venting,The boiler is fitted with an automatic 13 3 400. air vent Additional provision should,be made to enable the heating system 10 300. to be vented during filling and,commissioning either by automatic air. vents or manually 6 7 200,3 7 9 DHW expansion vessel. A DHW expansion vessel kit Art No Q, 8070 is available as an optional 0 200 400 600 800 1000 1200 1400 1600 l h.
accessory from Vaillant Ltd This fig 8,expansion vessel kit should be fitted. to the boiler whenever either a stop,valve of the loose jumper type or a. non return valve are present in the,cold water mains supply to the boiler. D H W expansion,vessel fitted to the boiler,Non return Mains water. valve supply,Stop valve,4 Boiler installation 5mm 5mm.
4 1 General,The boiler should be mounted on a,flat and vertical area of wall of. sufficient area for the boiler plus the,required minimum clearances for. installation and servicing fig 10,These are shown on the installation. template supplied with the boiler and,5 mm either side of the boiler. 100 mm below the boiler,165 mm on top of the boiler.
500 mm in front of the boiler,150 mm where optional pre. installation connecting group,Art no 8015 is used,This clearance is only required to. enable easier access to the boiler,for servicing and may be. provided by an openable door,Note If the boiler is to be fitted in a. timber framed building it should be,fitted in accordance with British Gas.
publication reference DM2 Guide,for gas installations in timber framed. 4 2 Boiler delivery,The TURBOmax is delivered in two. a the carton containing the boiler,b separately boxed flue accessory. 1m horizontal flue accessory,Art No 300 807 or,vertical flue accessory. Art No 300 800, 4 2 1 Installation accessories Table 3 Installation Accessories.
Table 3 lists the standard and optional Standard Accessories Art No. accessories which are available for, the TURBOmax combination boilers 1 Air flue duct and terminal accessory 300 807. Optional Accessories Art No,4 2 2 Unpack the boiler fig 11. 1 Vertical air flue duct including terminal 300 800. Open the boiler carton and remove,2 Pitched roof adjustable roof tile. a protective cardboard sheet for use with vertical air flue duct 9076. b top and bottom decorative panels 3 Flat roof penetration collar. c polystyrene packaging for use with vertical air flue duct 9056. Note Care should be taken not to 4 1 m air flue duct extension 300 802. scratch the white surface of the boiler 5 2 m air flue duct exension 300 803. casing 6 Additional 90 elbow for air flue duct 300 808. Packed in the boiler carton are the 7 Additional 45 bends pair for air flue duct 300 809. following 8 Additional air flue duct joint clamps pair 300 806. boiler installation template 9 Se duct flue kit 300 810. boiler hanging bracket 10 Internal flue fixing kit 8098. gas service valve 11 Pre installation connecting group. fixing screws and wallplugs includes 300 813 8015, installation and user instructions 12 Vaillant boiler replacement connection accessory 300 813. flue restrictor 13 Pipe cover accessory 8099,domestic hot and cold water.
connections and straddle bracket 14 Plug in 24 hour central heating timeclock 300 820. 15 Plug in 7 day central heating timeclock 300 821. 4 3 Preparation of boiler,4 3 1 Select position of boiler. Refer to Section 3 2 Boiler Location,for information regarding siting the. boiler In general the boiler must be,positioned such that. there is adequate space around the,boiler for service and maintenance. the boiler can be correctly flued,i e the flue terminal position is sited.
in accordance with Section 3 4 1,and the air flue duct can be. installed in accordance with the,flue installation instructions. all necessary pipework can be,connected including the pressure. relief valve discharge pipe,4 3 2 Using the boiler template. 4 3 2 1 Once a suitable location has,been chosen fix the paper installation.
template on the wall ensuring that the,centerline of the template is vertical. using a spirit level or plumb line,The template shows the positions of. the fixing holes for the boiler hanging,bracket 2 and the optional. pre installation connection group 3,The template also shows the position. of the flue exit hole for use where the 3,air flue duct is to be installed directly.
to the rear of the boiler e g where,the boiler is installed on an outside. wall and the flue terminates directly,4 3 2 2 A Pre installation connection. group Art No 8015 is available as,an optional accessory It is used to. allow the installation of the central,heating and domestic hot water. pipework without the need to have the,boiler in position Where an old.
existing Vaillant boiler is to be,replaced the boiler replacement. accessory Art No 300 813 can be fig 12,used to allow easy connection on the. new boiler to the existing connecting 4 3 3 Fitting the boiler hanging. group Refer to the instructions bracket, supplied separately with these Secure the hanging bracket to the. accessories wall using the screws supplied If the, 4 3 2 3 Mark on the wall the positions condition of the wall is poor it may. of the hanging bracket fixing holes 2 be necessary to use additional or. Drill two holes 10 mm for the alternative fixings to ensure adequate. hanging bracket Note Use the support,alternative fixing holes where.
necessary NOTE If the boiler is to be fitted in a,timber framed building ensure that the. 4 3 2 4 Rear exit flue,brackets are secured to a substantial. Mark the position of the centre of the part of the timber frame capable of. flue duct and its circumference e g taking the weight of the boiler. by drilling through the template,4 3 2 5 Other flue options. Refer to the installation instructions,supplied with the flue accessory for. detailed instructions on other flue,options such as vertical RSF flues flue.
runs to the side of the boiler and the,use of additional flue elbows and. 4 3 2 6 Remove the template from the,wall and plug the drilled holes using.

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