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IMPORTANT THIS APPLIANCE IS FOR USE WITH NATURAL GAS ONLY. IT MUST BE INSTALLED BY A COMPETENT PERSON AS STATED IN THE GAS SAFETY INS. TALLATION AND USE REGULATIONS 1984, THESE BOILERS CAN BE USED ON SEALED SYSTEMS IF FITTED WITH OVERHEAT THERM. KIT P I L No 205725 6 10 10 16 OR No 205724 16 22,DATA SECTION Page 2. The following special items are available as optional kits. For 6 10 Models 10 16 Models P I L No,Pump kit casing assembly 205744. Internal fitment kit 205775,Wall Plate 205580,Terminal Guard 205792. Overheat thermostat kit 205725,Infill panel pack single 905813.
Ducting kit,Extension Kit Concentric ducts 205890,Extension Kit Square ducts 205754. For 16 22 Models,Pump kit casing assembly 205744,Air Duct assembly 200620. Flue extension rear outlet only,Terminal Guard 200493. Overheat thermostat kit 205724,Infill panel pack single 905813. IMPORTANT Ducting kits must not be used on 16 22 models. NOTE See Addendum 1 Flues for flue length criteria. Potterton Netaheat boilers are fully automatically controlled wall mounted balanced flue appliances. specially designed for combined gravity hot water and pumped centralheating or fully pumped syst. ems small bore or micro, bore giving ease of siting installation and servicing The data badge is in the base of the control co.
ver The codebadge is on the thermostat housing,THE SYSTEM. Potterton Netaheat boilers have been specially designed for combined systems e g small bore or. bore central heating with an indirect domestic hot water supplywhich can either have pumped or gr. avity circulation the boiler can also be used for pumped central heating only The boiler can be inst. alled in most types of system but thefollowing notes are given as a general guide and reference m. ade to the following documents, BS5376 P 197 Code of practice for selectionand installation of gas spaceheating 1st and 2nd familygases. art 2 6 Boilers of rated input notexceeding 60 kW, BS5440 P 197 Code of practice for flues and airsupply for gas appliances ofrated input not exceeding 60 k. art 1 8 W 1st and 2nd family gases Flues, BS5440 P 197 Code of practice for flues and airsupply for gas appliances ofrated input not exceeding 60 k. art 2 6 W 1st and 2nd family gases AirSupply, BS5449 P 197 Code of practice for centralheating for domestic premisesForced circulation hot watersyste.
art 1 7 ms, BS5546 197 Code of practice for installationof gas hot water supplies fordomestic purposes 2nd familyg. CP331 Par 197 Code of practice for low pressureinstallation pipes. Building Regulati Installations in permanentdwellings England and Scotland. Model Water Byel, British Gas Publication DM2 Guide for gas installations in timber framed housing. First Edition September 1982,Gas Safety Installation and Use Regulations 1984. All pumped systems should be designed so that the static head of the boiler is between a minimum. of 305mm 1 ft and a maximum of 27 5m 90 ft To ensure that theminimum 305mm 1 ft static. head is obtained the level of the cold water in the expansion tank must not be lower than the top of. the boiler casing or the highest point in theheating system. If a minimum 305mm 1 ft head is used extra care should be taken when designing the system to. ensure that pumping over or sucking down at the vent pipe cannot occur. All gravity domestic systems should have a minimum circulating head above the heat exchanger of. See Fig 24, A typical combined gravity system is shown in Fig 24. A fully pumped system giving temperature control of the central heating circuit via a room thermosta. t and a two position valve or diverter is shown in Fig 23 a. If temperature control is required on the hot water system additional equipment is necessary and d. etails are shown in Fig 24, For independent temperature control of both the central heating and domestic hot water circuits a t.
position valve with a central position can be used as shown in Fig 23 This type of valve can give a. flow to either circuit separately or to both circuits simultaneously For the wiring of this type of valve. refer to the valve manufacturers literatureand the information given in Section 6 Wiring. Independent temperature control of both circuits can also be obtained by using room and cylinder t. hermostats and a two, position diverter valve This valve provides a flow toone circuit at a time and details are shown in Fi. The use of two zone valves will also give independent temperature control of both circuits and detai. ls of this type of system are also given in Fig 23 b. A further method of providing independent temperature control in conjunction with room and cylinde. r thermostats is by using two pumps Details are given in Fig 25 Foropen systems it is recommend. ed that an indirect cylinder with a coil type of heat exchanger is used For sealed systems the stora. ge vessel must be of the indirect coil typeor a direct cylinder fitted with an immersion calorifier whic. h is suitable for the system pressure When fitting the boiler no system should be designed in whic. h it is possible tocompletely close both the domestic hot water and central heating circuits and to o. btain this a by, pass of at least 15mm pipe between the boiler flow and returnconnections should be used The b. y pass circuit must include a lockshield valve and be in circuit with the pump see Fig 23 a b. As the boilers are wall hung a drain cock should be included at the lowest point in the central heati. When selecting a circulating pump for the central heatingsystem the data contained in Fig 2 shoul. d be borne in mind For systems requiring a low static head close coupled feed and vent and feed. and vent connections somedistance away from the boiler Figures 19 20 21 should be referred to. Data Section Page 3,Fig 1 GENERAL ARRANGEMENT,Data Section Page 4. Circulating Pump Selection, The resistance through the heat exchanger is equal to 25mbar 10in w g at a flow rate of 27 25 litr. 6galIs min when using the 1 in flow connection or 43 75mbar 17 5in w g at the same flow rate. when using the in flow connection see Fig 2 If other controls such as three. position valves are used in this type of system theresistance through them quoted in their manufac. turers literature must be taken into account, The circulating pump may be fitted on either the flow or return side of the boiler If fitted on the flow.
and the cold feed is taken to the return port on the boiler the centralheating circuit will be under a. positive pressure so reducing the risk of air being drawn into the system but if the pump is on the r. eturn there will be a negative pressure in thecircuit. The pump can be fitted in the space above the boiler if required Use pump casing kit P l L No 205. It is recommended that the static head on the inlet side of the pump should be at least a third of the. maximum pump duty,Fig 2 PRESSURE LOSS ACROSS BOILER. The pump must be fitted with two isolating valves which are positioned as close to the pump as pos. sible Isolation of the valves must always leave the open vent pipeunobstructed. The boiler can be used on a sealed system providing the overheat thermostat kit No 205725 6 10. 10 16 or 205724 16 22 is used Fig 21 shows a typical sealedsystem for further information ref. er to the literature supplied with the overheat thermostat kit. INSTALLATION AND SITE REQUIREMENTS, Ensure that the gas supply pipe and meter are large enough for this appliance and any others that. may be run off the same meter if not contact the local Gas Regional Office The boiler can be insta. lled at any height refer to Clearances Around the Boiler and the static head requirements on an ou. tside wall or on an internal wall providing that oneside of the boiler is next to an outside wall The re. commendations of the British Standards Codes of Practice BS 5440 Part 1 should be followed. Boiler Mounting Surface,The boiler must be mounted on a flat wall of non. combustible material sufficiently robust to take the weight of the boiler The requirements of the loc. al authorities and theBuilding Regulations must be adhered to. IMPORTANT NOTICE TIMBER FRAMED HOUSES, If the appliance is to be fitted in a timber framed building it should be fitted in accordance with the B. ritish Gas Publication, Guide for Gas Installations in Timber FramedHousing reference DM2 If in doubt advice must be.
sought from the local Gas Region of British Gas,Clearances Around the Boiler. Any position selected for the boiler must give the following minimum clearances which are necessar. y for installation and maintenance, 610mm 2 ft at the front of the boiler 5mm 2 in each side 102mm 4 in at the top. except where the optional extra pump casing is to be fitted when 178mm 7 in mustbe allowed. For high level installation e g above working surfaces shelves cabinets etc a minimum clearance. of 102mm 4 ins is required between the bottom of the appliance andthe working surface. For low level installations a minimum clearance of 127mm 5 ins is required between the bottom of. the appliance and the floor An infill panel is supplied with the boiler Ifinstalled with one side expos. ed this panel covers the pipework Extra panels are available P I L No 905813. It is possible to achieve installation of the boiler with the clearances specified but it is advisable duri. ng installation to provide temporary access particularly to the waterconnections at the rear of the bo. iler The appliance can then be built in to the minimum clearance dimensions on completion of the. installation,VENTILATION, If the boiler is to be installed in a confined space such as a cupboard the space will need ventilatin. g Openings must be provided at the top and bottom of the cupboard eachof which should have a fr. ee area as follows, If the openings draw air from outside the building the free areas may be halved Refer to British Sta. ndard Code of Practice BS 5440 Part 2 1976 for further guidance. Balanced Flue Terminals and Ducting, The fresh air inlet and flue ducts can be run from either the left right or rear of the boiler to a miniat.
ure terminal on the outside wall of the building For information appertainingto standard flue lengths. and to extension kits applications reference should be made to Addendum 1 supplied with these in. structions The siting of the balanced flue terminalon the outside wall of the building is shown in Fig. 3 If a terminal is fitted less than 2m above a balcony above the ground or above a flat roof to whic. h people have accessthen a suitable terminal guard should be fitted Terminal Guard P I L No 205. 792 6 10 and 10 16 P I L No 200493 16 22,Fig 3 Netaheat flue terminal positions. Data Section Page 5, Where a flue terminal is fitted less than 850mm 34 in from a plastic or painted gutter or 450mm 1. 8 in from painted eaves an aluminium shield of 750mm 30 in length tobe fitted to underside gutt. er or eave,Electricity Supply, A 240 volts 50 Hz single phase electricity supply fused to 3 amperes must be provided in accor. dance with the latest edition of the Institute of Electrical EngineersRegulations for the Electrical Equ. ipment of Buildings and Local Authorities requirements The current rating of the wiring to the boiler. must exceed 3 amperes in accordancewith BS 6500 1975 and have a cross sectional area of at le. ast 0 75 sq mm The supply to the boiler and its associated equipment should be controlled by an u. switchedplug and socket or a double pole switch having at least 3mm contact separation so that c. omplete isolation from the supply can be achieved to enable maintenance work tobe carried out in s. FIG 4 CONNECTIONS AND DIMENSIONS,Data Section Page 6. MAINTENANCE, The efficient performance of this boiler is dependent upon regular servicing which should be carried.
out annually, Maintenance is best arranged by a contract placed with Potterton International Limited and further d. etails are available from the local Potterton Regional Service Office. All parts likely to require servicing are easily accessible By sliding the cover from the boiler controls. and removing the front cover from the boiler most components areexposed It is then a simple mat. ter to remove the front of the combustion chamber to gain access to the main and pilot burners and. the ignition electrode Removal of thefluehood which is secured by four nuts gives access to the flu. eways in the heat exchanger,ADDITIONAL CONTROLS, The Potterton EP 2000 3000 time control which is a wall. mounted electronic programmer giving a choice of programmes for both central heating and domes. tic hot watersystems is available as an optional extra The EP 2000 3000 is fully described in its ow. n Data Sheet which is available on request,TECHNICAL LITERATURE. The following literature is supplied with each boiler. Data Installation and Service Instructions,User s Instructions. DIMENSIONS HEIGHT WIDTH DEPTH,OVERALL 872mm 400mm 310mm.
34 4 in 15 7 in 12 in, SPACE FOR FIXING 1076mm 410mm 915mm High level installation. BOILER ONLY 42 4 in 16 1 in 36 in over working surfaces. 1102mm 410mm 915mm Low level installation,43 4 in 16 1 in 36 in Clearance at floor level. WITH PUMP KIT 1279mm,CASING ASSEMBLY 50 4 in,WEIGHT OF THE 70kg 154 lbs installed. APPLIANCE 54kg 119 lbs lift weight,FLUE AIR 6 10 10 16 16 22. DUCT SIZE 102mm 202 x 95 5mm,4 in 7 9 x 2 8 in,CONNECTIONS R C in B S P Female Loose key.
ELECTRICAL Terminal Block,CONNECTION,TEST POINT On Gas Valve. SUPPLY PRESSURE 20mbar 8 in w g,WATER CAPACITY 5 7 litres 1 25 gals. OF THE BOILER,BURNER TYPE 6 10 10 16 16 22,Box Type Seven Bladed. INJECTOR 2 8mm 3 6mm 4 2mm, HEAT OUTPUT 6 to 10 3kW 10 to 16 0 kW 16 1 to 22kW. 20 470 to 35 100 Btu h 34 100 to 54 600 Btu h 55 000 to 75 000 Btu h. HEAT INPUT 7 75 to 13kW 13 3 to 20 5 kW 21 9 to 29kW. 26 300 to 44 300 Btu 45 380 to 70 000 Btu h 74 500 to 98 700 Btu h. BURNER PRESSURE 5 7 to 14 mbar 5 7 to 13 3 mbar 8 1 to 13 5 mbar. Measured Hot 2 3 to 5 6 in 2 3 to 5 3 in 3 2 to 5 4 in. GAS RATE 0 72 to 1 2 cum hr 1 2 to 1 9 cu m hr 2 0 to 2 7 cu m hr. 25 4 to 42 8 cu ft h 43 9 to 67 6 cu ft hr 72 to 95 4 cu ft hr. IGNITION Spark Electronic Control,PILOT GAS RATE Governed by Main Control Governor.
INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS Page 7, NOTE When handling the boiler care must be taken to prevent damage to components situated on. the base of the appliance, Installation must be carried out in accordance with the relevant British Standard Codes of Practice. and I E E recommendations If this boiler is installed in a bathroom thespecial electrical safety l E E. recommendations must be adhered to Reference should also be made to British Gas publication. Material and Installation Specifications forDomestic Central Heating and Hot Water. If the boiler is to be installed in a timber framed house the guidelines given in British Gas Publicatio. n DM2 should be followed, The boiler and its associated equipment will arrive on site in two cardboard cartons The contents of. each carton is as follows,CARTON No 1,1 Installation Servicing and User s Instructions. 2 Template,3 Accessories Pack,4 Balanced flue terminal and ducts.
5 Boiler Combustion chamber front cover,6 The controls cover. 7 Mounting channel with rubber strip and metal bearing plate adjusting shims and retaining strap. 8 Telescopic trunking Duct sealing flange and gaskets 16 22 only Air Duct. 9 The boiler front cover,10 Flue air ducts ducting gaskets 6 10 10 16. All items in Carton No 1 are packed so that they are easily removable in the sequence required. CARTON No 2, The boiler is packed on its back The boiler will be supplied without its combustion chamber front co. ver fitted so giving a hand hold at the underside of the heat exchangerinside the combustion chamb. er when lifting the boiler into position The polystyrene protective cover and the two metal feet attac. hed to the bottom of the boiler are to protectthe controls during handling and installing the boiler ont. o the wall These items should not be removed until the boiler is mounted on the wall This pack als. o contains one infillpanel packed under the boiler pallet. 2 FITTING THE BOILER MOUNTING CHANNEL, NOTE The cardboard template has been designed for marking out the wall for boilers with either re. ar or a side flue outlet When positioning the template it must beremembered that a minimum of 5m. in clearance must be provided between the boiler and any side wall Allowance should be made. if the corners of the wall are notsquare or vertical and the template position adjusted accordingly. If a side outlet is to be used on a 16 22 boiler the distance between the boiler and the outside wall. must not be greater than 20mm, in Reference should be made toAddendum 1 Flue Lengths Criteria.
NOTE If the square ducts flue extension kit is used the template provided with the boiler should be. discarded and the template supplied with the kit used. A Using the template mark out the three screw holes on the wall where the boiler mounting chann. el is to be positioned the four screw holes above the mounting channelwhere the plenum chamber. is to be fitted and the position of the flue and fresh air ducts on the wall. B Drill the three holes for the mounting channel securing screws and insert wallplugs Accessories. Pack Item A fit and secure the channel using the 51mm 2 in No 12counter sunk headed woodscr. ews cup and flat washers check that the channel is level Place three of the six metal adjusting shi. ms in the mounting channel followed by therubber strip then the metal bearing plate Retain the re. maining three shims, NOTE The thickness of the wall plaster in some properties could be excessive and in these instanc. es it is recommended that 64mm 2 in long securing screws are usedin operation B When fitting. on to dry lined walls ensure that a sound fixing is achieved. C Drill the four holes for the plenum chamber securing screws and insert wallplugs Accessories P. ack Item B do not fit the plenum chamber at this stage. If the internal fitment kit Part No 205775 is used drill a 102mm dia 4 in hole using a core bit. D Cut the hole in the wall for the flue and fresh air ducts Care should be taken when cutting the ho. le for a rear outlet boiler that the screw holes for the plenum chamber arenot damaged Make good. the inside and outside surface of the wall if necessary and also ensure that the face of the wall wh. ere the plenum chamber is to be fitted is flat,E Open Carton No 2. NOTE If an overheat thermostat is to be fitted it is recommended that it is fitted at this stage see ki.

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