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Table of Contents,02 Message from the DM,03 Strategic Alignment. 04 The Vision,05 Executive Summary, 06 Introduction WHAT IS INFORMATION WHAT IS INFORMATION. MANAGEMENT WHY IS INFORMATION MANAGEMENT IMPORTANT FOR THE GOA. 08 Business Drivers,11 Strategic Goals GOAL ONE GOAL TWO GOAL THREE. 14 Moving Forward,15 Acknowledgements,16 Glossary,Message from the DM. Service Alberta is focused on working collaboratively to foster an open transparent accountable and participatory. government We recognize that information along with people finances and infrastructure are key strategic. resources in the Government of Alberta and are at the very core of our operations Service delivery activities. decision making policy development and planning activities are all founded on information. The quality reliability and integrity of information are critical to good decision making in the government Proper. management of information will transform the delivery of program and service outcomes protecting Albertans. from information security and privacy risks This will help ensure that the needs of Albertans are met through. efficient and effective operations, The Information Management Strategy creates the foundation we need to continually improve transform and.
increase information sharing accountability and transparency in the government It articulates a clear vision with. three goals that address key business drivers and works toward promoting effective and innovative information. management practices within the organization,I approve and support this strategy. original signed by,Annette Trimbee,Deputy Minister Service Alberta. November 2013,Government,Enterprise,Governance,Information Management Critical Success Factor. Governance Collection Transformation,Goal One Goal Two Goal Three. Information Management Strategy 2,Strategic Alignment.
This strategy builds from the foundation that was established in the Information Management Framework IMF. which was adopted by Deputy Ministers in 2003 as well as from the Information Management and Technology. IMT Strategic Plan 2012 2017 issued by the Corporate Chief Information Officer CCIO in November 2011 This. IM Strategy delivers on the GoA s commitment to manage and leverage our information as a strategic resource. ensuring that public funds spent on information resources result in the maximum value possible. The Information Management Strategy IMS strives to coordinate the disciplines associated with information. technology records management practices and business requirements thereby enabling the GoA to effectively. manage its information holdings, This Strategy is sponsored by the Assistant Deputy Minister ADM Information Services Service Alberta and. presents an enterprise approach to managing information within the GoA. ADM Sponsor Information Services,Service Alberta, Increasing the availability of government information will multiply the economic and social value of this prime resource and will. enable the use of information resources to innovate and create additional value Providing access to GoA information can also. create benefits of more complete awareness of Albertans preferences and needs allowing us to build smart programs and. services We require information management in the form of new enterprise information standards policies and tools to make. this transformation possible,Information Management Strategy 3. The Vision,The Government of Alberta is a trusted steward of. information held on behalf of Albertans,INFORMATION IS.
COLLECTED ONCE,MANAGED DIGITALLY IN AN,OPEN AND SECURE. ENVIRONMENT,ACCESSIBLE,USED TO ITS,FULLEST POTENTIAL. Given the business value generated from information and the. long term value of the Government of Alberta s information. holdings it is important that we define a vision for information. management in the Government of Alberta,Information Management Strategy 4. Executive Summary,The Government of Alberta GoA produces and. collects vast amounts of information which when Premier Alison Redford. Cabinet Mandate Letters, managed appropriately offer significant opportunities.
Our current Information Management IM practices Albertans have given this government a clear mandate. change how government works to better reflect their. however tend to be disjointed across the GoA limiting. needs and the realities of the province in today s world. those opportunities Delivering that change will require listening to Albertans. increasing transparency and accountability and building. Some departments treat information as a strategic strong collaborative relationships with all our partners. resource and fund its management accordingly, making headway in terms of proactively releasing We have heard from a number of colleagues and. information to the public or to other agencies stakeholders that the information collected and created. providing significant opportunities for reuse and by and for the GoA is essential for policy development. innovation to occur within the GoA and in our broader and to support programs and service delivery Our. society The GeoDiscover Alberta portal is one such current information environment consists of separate. example It is populated with geospatial data from information repositories that cannot be accessed across. eight separate departments and agencies Other the organization resulting in the need to have Albertans. examples include the Information Sharing Strategy repeatedly provide the same information in order to. which proposes to enable greater information sharing receive services. across departments and agencies dealing with the, health and social wellbeing of our citizens and the. recently launched Open Data Portal, This strategy describes information IM and outlines. why IM is important within the GoA It articulates a. clear vision for IM the key business drivers that our. clients have relayed to us through our consultation. process as well as specific goals strategies and, Through the Results Based Budgeting reviews and projects to address those business drivers. Open Government Initiatives we have the expanded, opportunity to take a strategic look at the management In addition a Tactical Plan accompanies this strategy.
of the GoA s information resources These are the recognizing that shared accountabilities will be. prime resources and products created by the GoA negotiated across the organization in order to ensure. with the potential to impact success or failure mutual success and effective use of existing resources. efficiency and effectiveness innovation and economic. opportunities for Alberta depending on how they are. The primary objective of this strategy is to explicitly acknowledge the value of. information the importance of managing that information at an enterprise level. and the benefits of treating information as a strategic communal resource. Information Management Strategy 5,Introduction, processing and review times increasing the opportunity to. What is Information,focus on client needs, Information is the only resource and product created. Electronic systems filing of client information has also. by the GoA Depending on how it is managed, increased the ease of updating and accessing client files. information has the potential to impact success or. and reducing the need to pull paper files for reference. failure efficiency and effectiveness innovation and. economic opportunities for the GoA Information, includes everything from single granular facts to the What is Information Management. most complex highly contextualized analysis, conveyed through our publications It is a valuable IM is the means through which the organization ensures.
resource and the cornerstone of accountable and that the value of its information resources is identified so. transparent government Information is generated that these resources may be utilized to their fullest. from many diverse sources and resides in multiple potential The primary objective of IM is to ensure that the. different formats paper datasets web content right information is available to the right person in the. etc right format at the right time IM is the way in which an. organization plans identifies captures manages, The GoA and other public bodies collect and create preserves and disposes of its information across all. information in order to administer programs and formats physical and digital and includes the. services Information is needed to inform policy management of all functions associated with information. development and make evidence based decisions such as security metadata management quality. as well as to ensure accountability to the public management etc. Information is organized for a purpose and,presented within a context that gives meaning All. recorded information records from the smallest of Migrating to an electronic filing system. will not only help address duplication but,data elements to the comprehensive publications. also yields,issued by the GoA must be managed,The Day Forward Imaging project implemented by. the Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped,AISH program in Human Services demonstrates.
Source Calculations based on presentation Podemski. that effective information management not only E Dupuis H Litigation What RIM Professionals Should. facilitates efficiencies in the business process but Know April 2013 PowerPoint presentation. also service delivery to AISH clients,With the imaging process new documentation is. scanned and stored in a centralized database which. is accessible to AISH staff throughout the province. The system automatically assigns the client to a,workflow queue which is then processed by AISH. staff on a first come first serve basis This new,practice has resulted in reduced application. Information Management Strategy 6, security education or health while retaining professional. Why is Information Management, discretion in ascertaining when the sharing of information.
important for the GoA would be in the child s best interest. The GoA s ability to respond to the needs of These initiatives demonstrate the challenges being. Albertans depends on how well it can create use experienced in specific departments or areas within the. and preserve information to make decisions and government and link to the importance of managing. take action to achieve its operational and strategic information to make it barrier free We have the. goals Along with people and finances information opportunity through the realization of this strategy to. is a key business resource for the GoA and as leverage the work that has occurred in these initiatives. such the management of that information is critical while adopting an enterprise approach to the management. to achieving the government s priorities of our information resources. Currently individual government sectors are The enterprise governance of IM is mandated to Service. responding to their own information pressures with Alberta through the Records Management Regulation. the creation of specific solutions to address their This strategy and tactical plan represents the foundation. needs For instance the GeoDiscover Alberta portal for the implementation of a pragmatic approach to the. has highlighted the need for specific policies management of the GoA s information resources that will. standards and practices to improve the availability position the GoA to offer best in class service delivery to. of data promote integration of technology its citizens in a transparent and accountable manner. encourage collaboration among partners and,extend access to multiple stakeholders Similarly. the Integrated Resource Management System All information must be managed no matter the. which includes a number of specific initiatives seeks form or format. to examine the combined effects of existing and All lines of business have IM components. future developments by bringing previously including Open Government Information. Technology the Freedom of Information Privacy, disparate functions under the new Single Regulator. Act and Records Management,and ensuring that environmental monitoring. Information should not be collected and,information is accessible and transparent to. reproduced multiple times for the same purpose,stakeholders.
The key to success lies in executive, Within Human Services the Information Sharing understanding and commitment to managing. Strategy has been developed to ensure information information at an enterprise level. sharing practices within government and with, service agencies support the best decisions possible. for the health education and safety of children and Enterprise and Advanced Education. 2 Government of Alberta, families The Children First legislation builds from. the Information Sharing Strategy to define the tent The information that the GoA collects creates uses and. shares is a key strategic resource for Alberta and for. within which this information can be shared including. future generations of Albertans As such we will need. government departments educational bodies health more innovative information management IM processes. care bodies police services parents or guardians or and systems in order to support Alberta businesses and. 3 institutions in creating and applying knowledge This will. others The aim is to enable information sharing in. give us a stronger competitive advantage and allow us to. order to ensure the child s safety well being, obtain greater value from all our natural and human. 1 Standards used within GeoDiscover Alberta https geodiscover alberta ca geoportal catalog info standards page Retrieved May 14 2013. 2 Alberta s Information Sharing Strategy Alberta Human Services http humanservices alberta ca department 14802 html Retrieved May 14 2013. 3 Children First Legislation Alberta Human Services http humanservices alberta ca 16594 html Retrieved May 14 2013. Information Management Strategy 7,Business Drivers.
Business areas and programs use information in every aspect of their work from the information collected to. determine program or service eligibility to the research and stakeholder engagement discussions that are part of. the policy development process As such there are a number of business driven IM requirements that need to be. addressed and or supported by the Information Management Strategy The following represents a sample of. those business drivers,Process Driver 1,Identify and Use Trusted Information Sources. There are many sources of information in the GoA including structured information held in databases and other. applications such as IMAGIS or Curam along with huge volumes of unstructured electronic and paper. documents To be trusted information must be up to date and recognized as the source of truth We must be. able to prove that it is authentic and to trust it as a full and accurate representation of the relevant facts. transaction or business process It must be complete unaltered and be available for as long as it is required We. must identify who is responsible for each information source to ensure that the information is kept accurate and. up to date,Process Driver 2, Appropriate Collection of and Access to Information Resources. In order to effectively manage information the GoA must first assess the extent of the information being collected. and ensure that it is only collecting the information elements necessary for business purposes Given the multiple. points of collection for the same information across the GoA e g personal information about Albertans there are. opportunities to consolidate information collection processes and transform the way in which the information is. accessed by those programs and services requiring it. Process Driver 3, Support for Increased Transparency and Citizen Engagement. Albertans are placing increased emphasis on openness transparency and an expectation that the public sector. will document its policy or decision making processes all of which will demand change in the GoA s approach to. how it manages its information The pressure to achieve these objectives is raising awareness of the importance. of IM with senior executives as an enterprise approach to IM it is necessary for the GoA to act with accountability. and transparency and continue to earn public trust and confidence in government decisions. Information Management Strategy 8,Process Driver 4. Legislated Compliance, All departments must ensure compliance with obligations to maintain records of decisions and respect the privacy.
of Albertans While traditional records and IM practices for physical records tend to be well established we need. to adapt to the changing requirements of an electronic information environment the proliferation of electronic. documents and the ever expanding amount of data that is being collected and created by the GoA. IM policy in the form of over arching information legislation regulation and other policy instruments will ensure. that the GoA has the appropriate reference authorities in place to govern the management of information. resources at an enterprise level,Final Report,Cross Government Report Review of Records. Government s need for transparency and for protection and privacy of information necessitate good records information. management Records are required to reflect or be in compliance with a variety of legislative requirements some of which. are program specific such as the Health Information Act HIA while others have impact across government entities such. as the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act FOIP E discovery as part of legal challenges also requires. the ability to readily access and retrieve all applicable records. An effective and efficient government requires good governance of records management to allow it to carry out its everyday. business protect the interests of all stakeholders and preserve the history and knowledge of government. How these records are created used retrieved and disposed of needs to be in keeping with the policies and procedures set. out by the Government of Alberta GoA and current best practices. Outcome Driver 1,Support Collaboration, Effective enterprise IM practices will support inter departmental collaboration for policy development and. seamless service delivery for Albertans Across and within the various departments there are many information. silos In order to allow for genuine collaboration across the organization efficient group interactions and cross. departmental decision making is important We need to integrate IM practices and automate business processes. to better facilitate knowledge sharing access and re uses of our existing information resources In moving our. business process towards the inclusion of digital information collection and management we will decrease our. paper footprint and enable an environment in which information can be accessed across multiple business areas. and departments,Outcome Driver 2, Clarity regarding Roles Responsibilities and Accountabilities. One of the top considerations revealed during consultation with stakeholders was regarding the lack of clarity for. IM roles responsibilities and accountabilities and the associated lack of capacity We must ensure that endorsed. standards and practices for IM are in place and we need to proactively improve the IM knowledge and skills of. staff to fulfill their roles We must seek to introduce and improve an IM culture for the GoA and provide a long. term commitment to IM through executive support and long term funding We must increase the capacity of IM. professionals in the GoA at both the enterprise and department levels. Information Management Strategy 9,Outcome Driver 3. Improved Information Risk Management, Information risk management relates to integrity Report of the Auditor General of Alberta.
quality availability and confidentiality of information October 2012. resources and the information environment There is Without adequate security policies the ability to monitor. very little value in information that is not available when and enforce them throughout government or the need for. government entities to demonstrate they adequately. you need it to make a decision or deliver a program or. protect public information assets government information. service In addition failing to meet acceptable and the personal information of Albertans is at risk of. standards of availability and integrity may also pose unauthorized use or disclosure p 10. significant risk when faced with litigation as does the. practice of keeping information beyond its business. requirement, Complex organizations like the GoA require sophisticated enterprise information security policies to prevent. access to information by any unauthorized individuals as well as mechanisms to prevent authorized persons from. taking the information outside the GoA authorized domain information leakage Information risk is a key. operational risk for the GoA posing a threat to business continuity. Information Management Strategy 10,Strategic Goals. Based on discussions with business and IM community stakeholders three core goals have been established that. will serve to address the identified business drivers. Build enterprise governance and accountability for information. In order for the GoA to be the trusted steward of Albertans information we must be able to demonstrate that we. have appropriate IM governance models in place We must clearly identify the GoA s enterprise IM program and. mandate for IM and clarify IM roles and responsibilities across the GoA IM legislation and policies may be. required as is a performance management framework to ensure compliance with established standards. Enabling Strategies,Enhance and implement Enterprise IM Program. Develop IM Legislation, Enhance and implement IM Awareness and Skills Strategy. Develop IM Performance Management Framework,Business Drivers Addressed.
Outcome Driver 2 Clarity regarding roles responsibilities and accountabilities. Outcome Driver 3 Improved information risk management and. Process Driver 4 Legislated compliance,The importance of IM within the GoA is realized. Clarity regarding accountabilities for IM, Regular evaluation and continuous improvement of IM and. GoA information sharing is facilitated to support better program and service delivery for Albertans. Governance,Information Management Strategy 11,Transform information collection access and use. In order to achieve our vision information collection and management practices must be addressed. Business processes should enable the collection of digital information resources that can be utilized across the. organization Structures will be required in order to ensure that the information owners are identified and can be. held accountable for the maintenance and management of that information Individual departments have. developed approaches that may be suitable for adoption across the organization e g Environment and. Sustainable Resource Development Data Management Alberta Official Statistics Quality Assurance and. Metadata Standards etc,Enabling Strategies, Develop Enterprise Information Management Policy Instruments. Develop an Information Assurance Framework,Business Drivers Addressed.
Process Driver 1 Identification and use of trusted information sources. Process Driver 2 Appropriate collection of and access to information. Process Driver 3 Support collaboration, Outcome Driver 6 Improved information risk management and. Outcome Driver 7 Legislated compliance,Seamless service delivery to Albertans. Increased efficiencies and, Credible quality information is available to support policy development and evidence based decisions. Collection,Information Management Strategy 12,Goal Three. Maximize the potential of our information, As a strategic resource our information currently offers potential that remains unexploited By leveraging the.
opportunities offered through the robust use of digital information sources we will support more efficient. collaboration and innovation within the GoA and with Albertans as well as reducing the amount of paper being. produced and stored In order to accomplish this we must first understand what information the GoA currently. holds what would be required in order for that information to be made available across multiple boundaries or. with the public and what strategies are needed to ensure that digital information resources with historical value. can be preserved for posterity,Enabling Strategies. Support the development and implementation of the Open Government Strategy. Enhance the administration of access and privacy legislation e g FOIP. Develop and implement a Digital Transition Change Management Strategy. Develop the GoA s Digital Continuity Strategy,Support Business Transformation. Business Drivers Addressed, Process Driver 1 Identification and use of trusted information sources. Process Driver 2 Appropriate collection of and access to information. Process Driver 3 Support increased transparency and citizen engagement. Process Driver 4 Legislated compliance,Outcome Driver 1 Support collaboration and. Outcome Driver 3 Improved information risk management. Increased efficiency of program and service delivery internally and externally. Improved information risk management,Increased transparency and accountability.
Information is available for re use by present and future generations of Albertans. Alignment between enterprise wide IM IT initiatives including those initiated by mandates outside SA. Reduce environmental footprint,Transformation,Goal Three. Information Management Strategy 13,Moving Forward, The ADM IM IT Committee has accountability for the. Contact Us, implementation of the tactical plan and will work with. key stakeholders to ensure that the actions are,For further information please contact. completed The IM Directors across the GoA will work. under the direction and guidance of the ADM IM IT,Records and Information Management.
Committee and collaboratively with the CIO Council to. Information Services,achieve the specific projects and deliverables to. 780 427 3884, support the Tactical Plan while working to achieve their. departmental priorities, The Records and Information Management Branch will. continually review and update the Tactical Plan as well. as managing and monitoring compliance against, approved IM policies and procedures while actively. promoting IM awareness across the organization,Measuring Performance.
The ongoing measurement of performance is critical to. ensuring that our information resources are being, managed appropriately As such one of the priorities. will be the development of a performance management. framework for IM across the GoA This will allow,regular assessments of IM programs policies and. procedures which will not only guide IM practice but. will also serve to inform the need for ongoing revision. to the strategy tactical plans and to our policy,instruments.

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