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March April 2016 Vol One Hundred and Ten 2,ditorial A Step in Partnership. E A Champion of Feminism,class cast colour and,On a Mission Trip to the. States last year in July,more on his fellow The Rt Revd Dr Probal visiting. human beings which Kanto Dutta visited San diocesan. has led him to conquer Antonio Texas and project, cities and states and established a relationship areas in. countries since times between the Episcopal Durgapur. immemorial Diocese of West Texas Purulia,and the Diocese of Malda and.
It is this need for power Durgapur As a further Sarenga. As much as most people that has also led to the step in this partnership a At Purulia. are scared by the term oppression of women team of three namely Fr the team. feminism it most who have always been David Chalk Kaitlin saw the for Diocesan clergy and. definitely does not refer looked upon as the Reed and Mrs Valerie activities at the institutional heads on the. to a notion of female weaker sex The hunter Kirk visited the Diocese Community Study theme of integrating the. supremacy In its most gatherer mentality has of Durgapur recently Centre Purulia visited seen and the unseen A. basic form feminism is given way to the rape from the 6th to the 16th the St Mary s Sewing total of 32 individuals. a cry for equality for culture in our society of March 2016 centre at the Uffmanpur participated in the. freedom from female village and the rapidly retreat Fr David Chalk. oppression It is the It is this debasement of This trip was designed developing St Peter s shared the Word of God. urge to be recognised women that needs to for the representatives of School Purulia At during the Sunday. as man s better half or stop The church the Diocese of West Malda the team s visit to morning sung eucharist. rather his equal half especially The Diocese Texas to get a better the St Michael s Safe service of the St. and not his inferior of Durgapur has been understanding of both Home and Baldahura Michael s All Angel s. half very instrumental in the ministerial and social Child Development Cathedral at the. promoting this notion of development life and Centre was a great time Diocesan Bhavan. While it is a major female equality The work of the Diocese of of learning and campus in Durgapur. demand worldwide the Diocesan Women s Durgapur As part of experience sharing for. Church has only Fellowship for their mission trip the all In the forest region We are really thankful to. recently come around to Christian Services team started their visit of Sarenga the team God for this newfound. this notion However DWFCS is a prime with paying their visited the Khristiya friendship between the. CNI hasn t been wary example of this Led by respects at the tomb of Seva Niketan KSN Diocese of Durgapur and. about embracing this our bishop s better half Mother Teresa at the Hospital the Church at the Diocese of West. idea and giving it the Mrs Rita Dutta it has Missionaries of Charity Kuchlaghati village and Texas May God be. shape of reality in its been a major force in in Kolkata Following the KSN Nursing instrumental through the. own way As a proud turning around the lives which the team visited Training School The lives of the people of. member of CNI it of several marginalised the historically rich team also participated in these two dioceses in. makes me really glad to children and women Bishop s College in the the inauguration function reaching out to the less. see that women are The greatest City of Joy of the newly constructed fortunate sections of our. given similar chances manifestation of the Hostel block for KSN society and in building. as men Our women get Diocese s efforts in After this their visit was Nursing School the Kingdom of Lord. to serve the Eucharist creating a better world laced in form of On the 9th of March the here on earth. and we don t have to where everyone is equal witnessing special team conducted a retreat Trishikh Dasgupta. take up the veil to is seen in the Anti,dedicate ourselves to. god We can compete,human trafficking,Expansion of St Martin s Hostel Purulia. Located in the village of,with men in the Uffmanpur Purulia the. Theological arena as The power of women,who come together to St Martin s Hostel is a. their equivalent as beacon of hope for the,priests serve other women and.
men alike is the surrounding,marginalised community. In his essay Why Men manifestation of the The hostel constructed. Oppress Women The goodness and the,generosity of mother in October 2011 served. psychology of male to provide boarding and,domination Steve earth herself It is to. this end that the lodging to the children building was started allow more kids to board. Taylor who is a who otherwise have a at the hostel Over here. psychology lecturer at oppression of women bleaker future The children at the we also recognise the. Leeds Metropolitan needs to stop and a, fellowship forged where Uffmanpur centre constant prayer and. University UK talks specialise in handicrafts support of The St. about man s need for women are not revered The centre presently. caters to 64 children out and dance Moreover the Martin of Tours. power which fuelled by or mistreated but of which 20 are residents local community is very Episcopal Church the. testosterone has looked upon as man s, of the hostel In supportive of the Episcopal Diocese of.
traditionally led him to equal December 2015 the Diocese s efforts to aid in Western Michigan and. enforce distinctions of Ankita Bhattacherjee, plans to expand the the development of these other overseas friends. Editor in chief Trishikh Dasgupta hostel were put into children and are very who have made this. Editorial Assistance Ankita Bhattacherjee, Prosenjit Chowdhury Akash Das motion and construction excited about this possible. Published by Rt Rev Dr Probal Kanto Dutta on behalf of for expansion of the expansion which will Raja Moses. Diocese of Durgapur CNI Diocesan Bhavan Dr Martin,Luther King Road Bidhan Nagar Durgapur 713 212. District Burdwan West Bengal India Ishwar Majhi Makes DCSDC Proud. Ph Fax 9 1 3 4 3 2 5 3 6 2 2 0,Former resident centre proud by Nissan Ishwar. newsletterdeep gmail com of the Durgapur securing himself has also joined. Child Study and a job as an DCSDC as a,Development assistant Taekwondo.
Centre technician at trainer,DCSDC leading car,Ishwar Majhi manufacturing Ishwar Majhi. has made the company had specialised,March April 2016 Vol One Hundred and Ten 3. in martial art form participant in all the have one of its own session was also opportunities for. Taekwondo while he was activities organised by return to the fold as a facilitated by the sharing learning. a student at the DCSDC the centre Ishwar Majhi teacher It is indeed a Diocese of Eastern identification of. and has won several is a pride and cherished matter of immense pride Himalaya Diocese common work areas. prizes at district and state member of the DCSDC for the Diocese and possibilities of regional. level He completed high DCSDC in particular On Friday the 18th of coordination creation. school and joined March the team of WhatsApp group. An accomplished artist Nissan travelled on a field visit Skype calling sharing. Lorraine Kobiraj, and a dynamic DCSDC is very glad to to a village in Sarenga of technical expertise. Retreat for Clergy Institutional Heads where the Community inclusion of more. Development participants per,Programme of the organisation and. Diocese of Durgapur is volunteer programme,operational It was among regional partners.
really a eye opening were shared,exposure trip for the. team to get a firsthand Overall the four day,experience of the life training was a great. As part of the newly study personal witness and work of the project time of learning and. forged alliance between the reveal who we are At the end of the retreat and the people of this experience sharing for. the Episcopal Diocese of and group sharing a crucial session was region the participants May. West Texas and The organised to talk about God bless each of our. Diocese of Durgapur The retreat was helpful the next steps that should Under opportunity for work and the. three representative from in providing the 32 be taken in order to future collaboration and partnership of. the former Diocese Fr attendees with an further strengthen our regional engagement UnitingWorld in. David Chalk Kaitlin opportunity to retrospect bond Exchange trips for suggestions such as reaching out to the least. Reed and Mrs Valerie and to ponder about the cross cultural learning more future workshops amongst us. Kirk visited Durgapur seen and unseen factors and various other Nita Pyne. from the 6th to the 16th in their daily lives and to possibilities for children. of March 2016 relate it to their jobs ministries health New VP of St Peter s School. through a new programmes educational The succession plan of. A one day retreat was perspective The retreat endeavours community the Diocese of. organised for the clergy also provided an development projects Durgapur under the. and the institutional opportunity for the West micro financing Self visionary leadership of. heads of the Diocese of Texas Team to meet and Help Groups building of our highly capable. Durgapur on March 9 to share their Churches music leader The Rt Revd. 2016 to cement the experiences with the ministry addiction Dr Probal Kanto. bonds between the two clergy and the counseling and Dutta aims to train and. dioceses The retreat was institutional heads of the scholarship plans were install people of merit. centered on the theme of Diocese of Durgapur discussed about and in the right profile to Michael s School. integrating the seen and They in turn learned suggested during this carry forward the work Raniganj A member of. the unseen The sessions about the possible ways session of the Diocese With St Michael s and All. during the event for a fruitful partnership this vision on April 12 Angel s Cathedral. included prayers Bible in the future T Dasgupta 2016 Mr Louis Lippert Durgapur Mr Lippert. was appointed as the, UnitingWorld South Asia Regional Training Workshop new Vice Principal for has a wife and three. daughters The Diocese,St Peter s School wishes Mr Louis. Durgapur Lippert all the best in,his future endeavours.
Mr Lippert was the and invokes God s,former Teacher in blessings on him and. charge and was later his family as he takes,promoted to the such a major step in his. position of the career and life, UnitingWorld connects Recently from the 16th Training was conducted. Headmaster at St Daniel V Thomas, people and church to the 19th of March by Cath Taylor and. communities in,Australia the Pacific,2016 a South Asian.
Regional Training,Laura McGilvray from,UnitingWorld A Sight of Success. Asia and Africa to Workshop for partners of On 26th of. partner in God s mission UnitingWorld from CDP The workshop was February. overcoming poverty Diocese of Durgapur spanned across these 4 2016 a group. and enabling discipleship Diocese of Eastern days through interactive of highly. and faith filled action It Himalaya and Diocese of sessions group trained eye. is an agency of the Amritsar of CNI from activities sharing of specialists. National Assembly of the subcontinent of India stories and experiences from the Good. the Uniting Church in and the Methodist innovative games skits Shepherd Eye. Australia With a shared church of Sri Lanka was dramas movie night Clinic and. history of nearly 200 hosted at the Diocesan and even cultural Hospital. years its goal is to see Bhavan Campus of the performances A session GSECH led. lives changed both in Diocese of Durgapur in on Community by renowned. Australia and the State of West Bengal Organising was eye surgeon. internationally in India conducted by the Dr Phalguni Mitra and Development. Diocese of Amritsar visited Arrah Kalinagar Centre assisted Dr. The Community From CDP Nita Pyne The session on in Durgapur to set up a Mitra. Development Project Coordinator Participatory Planning medical camp. Programme CDP of Tarun Pal Programme was conducted by the GSECH s resident Around 100 patients. Diocese of Durgapur Facilitator and Trishikh Diocese of Durgapur optometrist Mrs were screened and 17. Church of North India Dasgupta Design and Methodist Church of Sri Ashtami Kar and selected for cataract. CNI is one of Development Person Lanka took a session on trainee Anita Karmakar surgery at the GSECH. UnitingWorld s partners participated in this five Monitoring and who is a student at the scheduled for 13. in India day workshop The Evaluation A special Durgapur Child Study March 2016 All the 17. March April 2016 Vol One Hundred and Ten 4, operated patients have segment an carried by the two hour service was service was held at 6. completely recovered administrative block congregation were held starting at 10 a m a m at Sagarbhanga. their eyesight and have and a highly advanced blessed and then borne in The seven words of Cemetery followed by. gone back to their mobile medical van a procession to the Christ from the cross mass at 8 30 a m. regular lives cathedral after which were read by our Bishop Making this day extra. Hundreds of residents mass we celebrated The Rt Revd Dr Probal special was the. The Good Shepherd from the surrounding mass Kanto Dutta Revd confirmation of two. Eye Clinic has been a slums and far off Samuel Halder Mr young members of the. blessing to the villages have received On March 24 we Louis Lippert and Mr cathedral during the. community in and their eyesights back celebrated Maundy Trishikh Dasgupta morning service and the. around the Diocese of through the outpatient Thursday with the ordination of priests and. Durgapur This consultations mobile washing of the feet by On 26th we observed deacons in the evening. Government approved medical camps eye Revd Samuel Halder Easter vigil and held a. facility has been surgeries distribution The altar was also service at 6 p m in We wish all our readers a. stacked with a state of of medicine and stripped and covered in a expectant rising of our Happy Easter and invoke. the art operation eyewear conducted by black cloth in savior 27th March was God s blessings on. theatre a ward with 20 the Good Shepherd Eye preparation for Good Easter which was everyone throughout the. beds two private Clinic Hospital Friday Good Friday celebrated with the usual year. rooms a consultation Anita Karmakar was a solemn affair A fanfare A graveyard Anamika Dasgupta. HP CSR unites with DWFCS Stewardship Programme, The Stewardship As part of this ongoing Gorai spoke about the. campaign under the able campaign a Stewardship expenditures of the. Hindustan Petroleum Finance Officer leadership for Rt Revd Programme was held Diocese in his speech. Corporation Ltd consisted of distributing Dr Probal Kanto Dutta from the 8th to the 10th He explained about the. Durgapur on 31st bed sheets and Bishop of the Diocese of of April 2016 The efforts undertaken by the. March joined hands pillowcases to the Durgapur has been a secretaries and treasurers Diocese for the. with Diocesan Women s children at the DCSDC very crucial instrument from all the pastorates of expansion of the. Fellowship for residential hostel in creating a nexus the Diocese of Durgapur Kingdom of God. Christian Service s between the Diocese and came together to. DWFCS to aid in the The officials from the its people Through this participate in this event Rt Revd Dr Probal. mission for HP Durgapur Regional programme the Revd Saras Mondal Kanto Dutta our Bishop. development As part of Office were very glad stewardship teams visit who led the event spoke spoke about the. their CSR Corporate to work together with and spend quality time of in a lively manner about Diocese s journey from. Social Responsibility the DCSDC kids and prayer and sharing in the the Word of God He its inception to its. endeavour officers with the DWFCS They house of most of its spoke about the present success Revd. from HP visited the were also very excited 22 500 congregational importance of God in our Mondal in conclusion. hostel campus to extend to find an institution members This lives and how it is only lauded the Diocese s. their help towards the like the DCSDC which programme has helped to God s word that can transformation and. kids in the Durgapur caters to the needs of create an understanding open the doors of our ended the session by. Child Study and underprivileged in the minds of the hearts invoking God s blessings. Development Centre children from the slums common tribal people on everyone present. DCSDC of Durgapur Hindustan about the role life and The administrator for the. work of the Diocese Diocese Mr Subrata Sumanta Naru. Petroleum Corporation,The effort led by Mr Ltd expressed an. Niranjan Sengupta the interest in partnering ICSE Affiliation for All Saint s Church School. Chief Regional with us again in the All Saint s Church visionary leadership of the debts and in allowing. Manager and Mr future for their CSR School Kharagpur was our beloved Bishop The the school to remain. Kamlesh Kumar the act Sangita Lippert recently affiliated to the Rt Revd Dr Probal operational Today we. board for Indian Kanto Dutta Mrs are happy to report the. Holy week at the Cathedral Certificate of Secondary Susmita Bhowmick was ever growing success of. Education ICSE New appointed as the lady this school which has. Delhi In the recent past principal of the school become a bastion of. the school was about to She was instrumental in education for the people. be shut down due to regularising the lease of Kharagpur. huge amounts of debt with Indian Railways,Ankita Bhattacherjee.
However under the which helped in clearing,Expansion of Mission Primary School Bankura. Mission Primary School came to fruition on this with smart boards The. The most sacred time of celebrated with great Bankura recently day his vision to see the inauguration programme. the year for any piety and reverence this witnessed the children of the area have was attended by Revd. Christian Holy week is year construction of a new access to the best of Debojit Das Associate. a period when we building on 30th March education starting from Presbyter Bankura. remember and Palm Sunday which 2016 The new wing of Kindergarten to pastorate the students of. commemorate the fell on 20 March the school was attending college the school and their. Passion and marked our entry into inaugurated by The Rt parents Mr Kamakhya. Resurrection of Christ the Holy Week A Revd Dr Probal Kanto This newly built Biswas Secretary of the. our Saviour Holy week procession of palms Dutta Bishop Diocese extension houses the school gave an inspiring. at St Michael s All marked this day Palms of Durgapur and school library a speech during the event. Angel s Cathedral was leaves and branches Chairman of the school computer laboratory and. It was his vision that classrooms equipped The school currently has. March April 2016 Vol One Hundred and Ten 5, a capacity of more than further in order to consideration Mmarch at Dudhunda of Durgapur is serving. 1000 students Plans to accommodate more Aloke Tirtha Vidyapith the Almighty Lord and. expand the structure children are under Anita Karmakar H S Hemtabad block the least among us and. covering 402 we hope to continue,Sewing to Success students doing so with God s. blessings and with all,March 2016 With all your support your support and. and prayer tThe Anti prayer,A branch of the St Human Trafficking.
Mary s Sewing Centre Programme of Diocese Akash Das. Durgapur the centre at,Simonpur was started on Young Hearts at 80. November 15 2014 The,aim was to help local,girls and women in the. Uffmanpur area by, On March 1 2016 five institution Usha providing them with. students from our St International School vocational training Once. Mary s Sewing Centre at these girls complete their. Simonpur Purulia There were 15 students 6 month training they. appeared for their in the first batch who are certified to get jobs. Diploma Examination in appeared for the in the open market or to As an ex student of and relived the. Sewing and Design The examinations This is the start their own micro Theology and memories of their. 6 month course is second batch of five business ventures subsequently as a youth Many old. offered by highly students who appeared minister of the Lord I friends who had stayed. Ankita Bhattacherjee, acclaimed sewing for their examination in have been blessed by apart due to. Him and provided with misunderstandings, The Fight Against Human Trade a great opportunity to.
work among the youth,became friends once,again Team building. It was this work of activities were,mine that led me to organised to break ice. meet the batch of 80 and foster feelings of,friendship among the. On 10th January 2016 attendees,the people of Bankura. pastorate organised a The excitement among,re union of the batch of those present was.
1980 s at Central palpable as they made, The Anti Human Because of hard labour students had learnt and Church It was a re merry and praised the. Trafficking AHT throughout the past years what were their cries union to celebrate the Lord for blessing them. Programme under and campaigning in about human trafficking memories of youth and with such a wonderful. Diocese of Durgapur schools villages SecondlyMoreover to share the challenges day Gifts were. humbly accepts this ashrams madrasa s and through this activity we of adulthood and life as distributed among the. would love wonderful through other plan on prompting are we know it now participants at the end. opportunity to greet the methods techniques of motivating them to think of the day. readers of Deep The awareness building this discuss and enquire more This programme. Light aA Happy Easter has been possible about human trafficking awakened the lost youth As the attendees left at. and invoke the blessings and thereby increasing in all our hearts the close of the day the. of the Almighty on you On 19th Mmarch 2016 their knowledge We Hundreds of people joy at having re lived. and your family the first ever school were quite amazed took part in this their glorious youth. may the Almighty bless awareness campaign happy to see that these program where they was evident on their. you and your family with through eEssay writing students had learnt a lot shared their experiences faces Pankaj Pande. good health and wisdom on human trafficking during these past three. was conducted at MSK projectthe three years of Recipe Garlic Cheese Toast. The year 2016 began Balas School in of the project years Now Ingredients 240 ml with a fork butter. with a positive mark for Dhankol GP Kaliyaganj we are happy that they cup used and minced garlic. the AHT programme Block The essay writing and can now keep 6 slices of bread Preheat the oven to. Let the work talk for competition was initiated themselves safe from any bread 190 c or heat a pan. itself through documents after noticing the success traffickers 2 to 3 tbsps soft on stove top. and pictures of pamphlet and leaflet butter Butter the bread. distribution in the past Till 31st march the 1 5 to 2 tbsp garlic both sides for pan. A drama competition on school awareness minced or finely toasted Toast in the. human trafficking was This was done to analyse campaign through essay chopped oven for 12 mins or. organised in the target the learnings and the writing has been to 1 cup grated until golden Or. areas of Malda district perception of the local conducted in four cheese i used toast it on both the. to promote awareness students about human schools The essay mozzarella sides on a pan. about human trafficking trafficking There is a writing competition had Salt optional Sprinkle the cheese. and on measures to curb strong reason behind been conducted in four and then herbs or. it The drama This creating awareness schools as on 31st Optional chill flakes Bake it. competition on Human through essay writing on March 2016 On 18th 1 tbsp parsley again for 3 mins or. Trafficking has been human trafficking This mMarch at MSK Balas cilantro until golden For pan. made international news has proved to be Ravindra Bidyapith on oregano as needed toasting Cover with. as with Common successful in the past 22nd Mmarch at Baghon red chili flakes or a lid and toast until. Global Ministries has through verbal Kalitala Bidyapith coarse crushed the cheese begins to. published thepublishing interactions with the Higher Secondary S of pepper as needed melt off. drama competition the students and distribution Kaliyaganj block oOn. report in its Weekly of pamphlets leaflets 22nd march March at Instructions Serve garlic cheese. Updates this was Purgram S C High Make garlic butter toast hot. indeed a successful This was mainly to School H S Kaliyaganj by whisking together. venture analyse what these block and oOn 28th Rita Dutta.

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