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Living and Writing in the Middle East,Thursday 12 August 12 00. Images on British television often portray crisis in the Middle East But what is life like for writers. living and working there How do writers use their imagination to give voice to what is taking. place around them Kuwaiti author Mai Al Nakib Egyptian novelist Khaled Al Khamissi and. British Palestinian writer Selma Dabbagh discuss the challenges and pleasures of writing about the. Middle East Chaired by Marilyn Booth from the Centre for the Advanced Study of the Arab World. Click HERE for more information and tickets,The Future of the Middle East. Thursday 14 August 15 30, Can the Middle East escape perpetual conflict and political division Has the initial promise of. popular rebellion against dictatorship dissipated or is there still hope that demands for justice will. be fulfilled Three writers from the region discuss hopes for the future Tamim Al Barghouti is a. young poet highly acclaimed in Palestine and Egypt Justin Marozzi is a political journalist and. advisor to the prime minister of Somalia Alev Scott is a journalist whose new book is Turkish. Awakening Chaired by Raja Shehadeh,Click HERE for more information and tickets. 1001 Arabian Nights with James Mayhew,Thursday 14 August 16 00.
Come and discover the mysterious tales of the Arabian Nights stories originally compiled in Arabic. during the time of the Islamic Golden Age Our Illustrator in Residence James Mayhew takes you. on an unforgettable journey as he recounts some of the 1001 tales drawing as he goes to the. evocative sound of Scheherazade by Rimsky Korsakov. Click HERE for more information and tickets,Justin Marozzi From Ancient Capital to War Zone. Friday 15 August 16 00, Baghdad may be one of the most strife filled cities on the planet but this was not always the case. The Iraqi capital is now known for sectarianism and misrule but it was once one of the greatest. cities on earth An authoritative commentator on the Muslim world and author of Baghdad City of. Peace City of Blood Justin Marozzi interrogates how it slid into violence Chaired by James. Click HERE for more information and tickets,Where Scottish and Palestinian Ideas Meet. Monday 18 August 16 30, Scotland s poetic links with Palestine are celebrated in a new book A Bird is Not a Stone As part of. a fascinating initiative 25 poems by Palestinian writers have been translated to create new versions. in English Gaelic Scots and Shetlandic Liz Lochhead is joined by fellow Scottish writer Alasdair. Gray and Palestinian writers Maya Abu al Hayyat and Tareq al Karmi to discuss their collaboration. on this intriguing project,Click HERE for more information and tickets.
www alwaleed ed ac uk,One Scotland Many Cultures Celebrating Difference. Wednesday 20 August 18 00 19 30, We explore the Church of Scotland s report One Scotland Many Cultures and the Cultural. Heritage Project addressing first generation immigrants to Scotland We ask our panel members. to consider how migration hospitality and celebrating difference require a continued willingness. from host and immigrant communities to be counter cultural and embrace the possibility of. transformation,Click HERE for more information and tickets. The Mirror of the Word Spirituality in Islamic Calligraphy. Saturday 23 August 14 00 15 00, A visual journey into the world of Islamic calligraphy and spirituality focussing on the. contemporary Turkish calligraphic tradition in Istanbul Led by Francesco Stermotich Cappellari. PhD researcher at the Alwaleed Centre University of Edinburgh Turkish tea and baklava will be. Free but ticketed Click HERE for more information and free tickets. Rug of a Thousand Colours Poetry inspired by the Five Pillars of Islam. Sunday 24 August 14 00 15 00, Scottish poet Tessa Ransford and Palestinian poet Iyad Hayatleh now living in Glasgow invite.
you to a reading of their collaborative project Rug of a Thousand Colours Published in 2012 this. collection of poems in English and Arabic were inspired by the Five Pillars of Islam Although. from very different backgrounds the two poets form a dialogue which is interwoven throughout. the poems creating a vivid tapestry of ideas As each poet translates the other unpredictable but. revealing symmetries begin to emerge Hosted by the Alwaleed Centre for the Study of Islam in. the Contemporary World at the University of Edinburgh. Free but ticketed Click HERE for more information and free tickets. The revolution Will Be Visualised Katharyn Spellman Poots. Martin Webb Pnina Werbner,Monday 25 August 14 30, One noticeable aspect of the Arab Spring uprisings was the use of images videos songs and poetry. that helped animate them and spread the word Far from anaesthetizing the protest these tactics. helped mobilise the young and the disaffected In this event three leading academics editors of. The Political Aesthetics of Global Protest look at protest today from anthropological and. sociological perspectives,Click HERE for more information and tickets. www alwaleed ed ac uk,Events Shows taking place on multiple dates. The World History of Rashid al Din 1314 A Masterpiece of Islamic. Daily Monday Saturday throughout the Festival 10 00 17 00 FREE. This festival exhibition highlights the Jami al Tawarikh World History or Compendium of. Chronicles of Rashid al Din one of the masterpieces of medieval Islamic manuscripts. Celebrating the 700th anniversary of its production 1314 2014 the exhibition features. approximately 15 folios from Edinburgh University Library s manuscript Or MS 20 Curated and. organised in collaboration with the Centre for Research Collections and the Alwaleed Centre for. the Study of Islam in the Contemporary World both at the University of Edinburgh. For more information click HERE,Blood Orange,1 24 August 19 45. Set in Scotland s club scene past with a cocktail of drunken disgusting cruelty A young man loses. control of his tolerance for race religion and faith in a tragedy about rural Scotland being invaded. by the SDL Zander loses his mum and he blames those Asian market sellers for his dad shutting. down the shop Mole lurks on the top soil of Zander s darkest thoughts only to unleash a racist. crusader to deliver the fatal blow Blood Orange examines the turbulent rise of the new far right in. modern Scotland Written by Graham Main,Click HERE for more information and tickets.
Scott Capurro Islamohomophobia Reloaded,30 July 25 August 22 00. Painkillers Check Koran bashing Check Barebacking Check mate In Islamohomophobia. Reloaded award winning comic Scott Capurro now a married and poignant gasper inches closer. toward auto erotic asphyxiation with his blah blah against bigotry fag bashing and Bangalore The. most fearless and technically perfect stand up on the circuit Guardian Vaingloriously. poisonous Scotsman Sheer audacity Chortle co uk The best way to spend an hour. ScotsGay White trash Asian Age He s evil and should be forced to leave the country. Daily Mirror,Click HERE for more information and tickets. Domestic Labour A Study in Love,1 23 August 14 00, War bicycles and the withdrawal method A love story man and woman East West the mundane. and the monumental the personal and the political the dust behind the bed and the Iranian baby. boom A love story told through the nitty gritty of daily life past girlfriends marriage Islamic law. and Brigitte Bardot as a man and his absent wife negotiate the very domestic battle over who. does the washing up Created by award winning 30 Bird Domestic Labour is inspired by 1970 s. feminism and its impact on men Rich inventive theatricality WhatsOnstage com. Click HERE for more information and tickets,www alwaleed ed ac uk. 5 24 August 14 00, A Jew and a Muslim walk into a bar a comedic drama about two Canadian best friends who go on.
spiritual journeys that change their lives forever A laugh out loud thought provoking story about. the lines that occur between faith and friendship World premiere. Click HERE for more information and tickets,No Guts No Heart No Glory. 18 24 August times vary, We are sick of it being ignored Sick of it being indoors A site specific play staged in a boxing. gym based on interviews with Muslim female boxers No Guts No Heart No Glory is devised in. collaboration with four 16 19 year old Muslim female performers and explores being young fearless. and doing the unexpected With a live electronic sound score epic visual design cinematic lighting. and the energy of a club Staged in Craigmillar approx 20 minutes from Edinburgh City Centre by. bus Routes 12 and 30,Click HERE for more information and tickets. A Game of Soldiers,1 23 August times vary, A social and political drama about the morality of Iraq war This new play by Scottish Bafta New. Talent Award nominee Joe McArdle questions individual and group morality through barrack. banter and black humour It examines the relationship between soldiers and Iraqi civilians Very. exciting realistic emphatic great dialogue and physicality throughout National Script Reader. PlaywrightsStudio co uk If you liked Black Watch served in the armed forces interested in the. referendum politics sociology morality or religion then you must see this Contains strong. language violence and bigotry Not suitable for children Directed by Andrew Byatt. Click HERE for more information and tickets,Mush and Me.
31 July 24 August 14 50, People talk Rumours spread No one approves In greasy spoons and hotel rooms two young. believers are reluctantly falling in love Cultural pressures and contemporary life collide in this. stirring new play by Karla Crome star of Misfits and Prisoners Wives A story about faith family. and bacon butties Winner of IdeasTap Edinburgh Award Thrilling a hugely effective spectacle. Time Out s Critic s Choice Our Days of Rage co written by Karla Crome an angry and vital piece. of theatre impressive and exhilarating Exeunt,Click HERE for more information and tickets. Fundamentalists,18 23 August 13 05, Fundamentalists is a documentary style drama involving an ex serviceman from the Afghanistan. war who is at a recovery hospital in Wiltshire His nurse is from Somalia a country hounded by. war now under constant attack from Al Shabaab This play is touching funny and revealing about. the truth behind Islamaphobia and how such brave civilians and service personal have witnessed. and survived A strange friendship is forged of mutual respect and equal loss Performed in. International Sign by the hugely talented David Bower and with dance and the poetry of the. Somalian language,Click HERE for more information and tickets.

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