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A Message from the,Program Director,DEAR PROSPECTIVE STUDENT. At UCF ensuring that Science,Technology Engineering and. Mathematics STEM majors achieve,success is a top priority The fast. paced nature and technical curricula,of the STEM majors are challenging. but EXCEL with its comprehensive,and well planned support structure.
prepares students to succeed,starting with the most critical first. two years of college,The EXCEL program is structured. to build strong math skills Once,you possess a strong mathematics. background science and engineering,subjects are easier to master. THE EXCEL PROGRAM helps you understand mathematical EXCEL GETS RESULTS. and scientific concepts An EXCEL advisor designs an academic. The program offers support and plan for you and closely follows your progress Graduate Since its inception in 2006 the EXCEL program has recruited. mentoring for all required courses student mentors help you in math and science courses One more than 2 400 students EXCEL has increased their success. hour seminars assist you in transitioning to the STEM college defined by staying in a STEM major by 42 percent compared. common to engineering science and, environment and introduce you to the concepts of research to UCF STEM students who have not been part of the EXCEL.
math majors program, The program increases student achievements in first year and. We want you to expect success And second year math and science courses the cornerstone of Every year spring of a student s second year more than 40. we can help you along the way success in STEM disciplines EXCEL brings students together students participate in research experiences with a UCF STEM. to learn and build connections among students and faculty professor becoming a part of the professor s research team and. Sincerely getting a taste of research, During your second year you have the opportunity to. participate in an undergraduate research experience Students who participate in second year research experiences. have an excellent chance of continuing their research in their. The first two years of college go by quickly As a STEM major third and fourth years through established fellowship programs. EXCEL can help make those years successful at UCF such as Research and Mentoring Program RAMP. Melissa A Dagley McNair Scholars and Camp Young Entrepreneur and Scholar. Executive Director Initiatives in STEM CAMP YES,EXCEL STARS. EXCEL ANTHONY SEABERT was accepted into the Young Entrepreneur WHY. IS FOR EXCEL, and Scholar YES program upon completion of his EXCEL. undergraduate research experience and presented at the YES annual. spring symposium his junior and senior years Anthony completed. YOU IF both a B S in mechanical engineering and an M S in engineering management at. UCF before going to work in launch operations at Firefly Aerospace EXCEL students who are. awarded housing contracts, YOU EXCEL has been such a great KEON VEREEN took advantage of all EXCEL had to offer After.
participating in the EXCEL undergraduate research experience he. can apply to reside in the,same block, Are admitted to UCF was chosen as a McNair Scholar to continue his research work Upon Each student builds a. with the intent to major experience for me because graduation with a B S in aerospace engineering he was awarded the carefully planned co. in Science Technology RAMP Master s Fellowship Keon began his next journey when he was awarded the developed educational. Engineering or Mathematics within this large school you have National Science Foundation s Graduate Fellowship and moved to the University of schedule with their EXCEL. academic advisor, Washington to pursue a Ph D in aerospace engineering. Have taken a minimum of, Algebra II and Trigonometry a community of support and a EXCEL students interact. or a minimum of Pre, DANIELLA BADAL graduated with a B S in biomedical sciences with our community of. calculus group of students who share but chose to do her EXCEL undergraduate research in engineering. technology She served EXCEL as a Girls EXCELling in Math and. undergraduate and graduate,students faculty and staff.
Scored at least a 610 Math, common goals and interests Science GEMS mentor for two years performed as an EXCEL. Welcome Party team leader and assisted in the coordination of several EXCEL. one on one or in small,group settings, volunteer and social activities including serving as a judge for Science Olympiad. Want to make friends and Kimberly Trimble EXCEL students are. While completing her Doctor of Pharmacy at the University of Florida s pharmacy. Biomedical Sciences, connections with students school at Lake Nona Daniella received the Jerry Elaine Klimetz Memorial Scholarship guaranteed seats in first. in other STEM disciplines for academic achievement and leadership year math classes to learn. with people they know,Enjoy study groups and, structured programs WHITNEY KEITH won the prestigious Astronaut Scholarship EXCEL courses are taught. awarded only to a handful of exceptional students around the U S for by outstanding faculty. Want to have a rewarding the research work she conducted with the Mathematics Department. college experience that This scholarship is provided to students who exhibit motivation EXCEL helps second year. leads to a successful imagination and exceptional performance in the science or engineering field of their students get involved in. STEM career major Whitney served as a GEMS mentor her senior year Upon completion of her research experiences. B S in electrical engineering Whitney went to work with the Ford Motor Company. THE WHERE CAN,EXCEL I START A,CENTER CAREER,The EXCEL Center offers services.
Through its carefully planned educational activities. and activities such as tutoring and,EXCEL will prepare students for rewarding careers. advising Free tutoring by graduate,in any of the following disciplines. students is available in College,Algebra Pre calculus Calculus. Aerospace Engineering Biology Biotechnology,Differential Equations Biology. Chemistry and Physics Chemistry Civil Engineering Computer Engineering. A computer lab and study area Computer Science Construction Engineering Electrical. provide places for students to study Engineering Environmental Engineering Forensic. and interact, Science Industrial Engineering Mechanical Engineering.
Mathematics Photonics Physics and Statistics,Both EXCEL and college advisors. are available to all EXCEL students,during advising days and by. appointment,After being a part of,the program I can say. without hesitation that,the EXCEL program,was a catalyst toward. my career aspirations If,you want to be a leader,that tackles some of the.
challenges that we face,in the 21st century then,the EXCEL program. will offer you enormous,resources toward your,future endeavors. Keon Vereen,Aerospace Engineering,PATHWAYS TO STEM COURSES AND UNDERGRADUATE. EXCEL FIRST YEAR UNDERGRADUATE RESEARCH AND,EXCEL first year mathematics faculty determine a. student s Pathway of Study based upon their math,RESEARCH ENTREPRENEURSHIP.
placement test results EXPERIENCES URE EXPERIENCES. Students meet with an advisor at the beginning of EXCEL SECOND YEAR EXCEL THIRD AND FOURTH YEARS. the semester to ensure that they have the right mix. of classes After completing required math and science classes The EXCEL research experience prepares students. during the first year EXCEL students have the for additional opportunities in their later college years. EXCEL students who take College Algebra Pre opportunity to continue with EXCEL math courses. calculus Calculus I and Calculus II classes participate in through Calculus III in their second year Additionally Eligible EXCEL students have the opportunity to. unique recitation sessions These sessions enhance and eligible 3 0 GPA EXCEL students have the option of work with a UCF STEM professor or an industry. reinforce students understanding of math concepts taking part in an undergraduate research experience mentor to better prepare them for graduate school. The goal of the undergraduate research experience is or a career in industry. EXCEL students are continuously mentored and are for students to see and experience research firsthand. required early in each term to visit the EXCEL Center Paid undergraduate experiences research or. for tutoring and to meet with their graduate student In the fall semester of the second year EXCEL students entrepreneurship establish learning communities. mentor pair with UCF STEM faculty mentors and participate in which offer enhanced educational experiences and. research preparatory workshops In the spring students connections with faculty graduate students and. Special classes called STEM Seminar I and II are also and faculty team up according to their research industry professionals. taken These courses encourage community building interests. and provide information and tools necessary for, student transition and academic success Seminar I More than 40 EXCEL sophomore students participate. introduces students to concepts aimed at helping them in the research of a UCF STEM professor every year. to be strong competitive students in STEM disciplines. Seminar II focuses on exposing the EXCEL students EXCEL students involved in undergraduate research. to STEM faculty and researchers These classes are experiences are well prepared for future paid research. offered only to EXCEL students experiences at UCF, The EXCEL program provides an EXCEL has been one of the greatest. opportunity for freshman and upper level resources that I have had the privilege of. research faculty to interact in a learning using throughout my college experience. environment that fosters questions and Not only did I meet a group of amazing. inquiry The students get to know faculty hard working goal oriented friends I. that they wouldn t otherwise see for two was able to succeed in both of my math. years know a bit of what they do for classes due in large part to the help of. research and how it will apply to their the graduate students and to the EXCEL. education teachers who made it their goal that their. Cherie Yestrebsky students achieve academic success. Professor of Chemistry,Ashleigh Guinn,Biomedical Sciences. Not only has the EXCEL program,helped and motivated me to study. engineering but it has also helped,me to connect with fellow classmates.
and teachers who have similar,interests These are the people who. you want to be with throughout your,college career. Kenzo Mendoza,Electrical Engineering,EXCEL has offered me many. opportunities The one that I enjoyed,the most is being able to apply what. I ve learned in class to the real world,From applications of Calculus I and.
the YES program to being a part,of the Machine Learning Lab I have. made great friends that share my,passion for engineering. WOMEN S MENTORSHIP NETWORK Giselle Borrero, To meet the goal of increasing underrepresented graduates in the STEM Computer Engineering. workforce EXCEL established a women s mentorship network This. network provides for peer mentors in the first year and industry mentors. The WISE mentoring program, in subsequent years These relationships provide personal support early. changed my life Because of in the student s transition to the university academic support in the Being in EXCEL has opened a. chosen field and career support through setting goals defining a career. my mentor s guidance I learned plethora of opportunities Through. path and performing as a role model for the mentees. how to effectively talk to this experience I have had access to. GIRLS EXCELLING IN MATH AND SCIENCE GEMS, recruiters at job fairs and how various resources such as living with.
First year EXCEL students are assigned an upperclass GEMS mentor. to have a successful interview These mentors are hand picked from EXCEL alumni and trained by fellow students in my major tutoring. the EXCEL staff Students receive communications during the summer. I applied for three different, before arriving at UCF as well as GEMS sponsored industry and faculty for my math and science courses and. internships and received offers networking events and socials throughout the first year of college. a chance at undergraduate research, from all three WOMEN IN SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING WISE UCF. Stacy Glass, Leah D Agostini Second and third year EXCEL students have the opportunity to be paired Electrical Engineering. Computer Science with a STEM industry professional for a six month mentoring program. In addition to meeting with the WISE mentees the industry mentors. provide access to industry partners for internships. Non profit,U S Postage,Permit No 3575,UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL FLORIDA. Orlando FL,EXCEL Program,P O Box 162993,Orlando Florida 32816 2993.
EXCEL is directed by the Center for Initiatives in STEM and is a program in the Division of Teaching and Learning. 1807EXL124,HOW DO I APPLY TO THE,EXCEL PROGRAM, After you apply to UCF as a declared STEM major you. can apply to the program at excel ucf edu,APPLY EARLY Questions Contact. ENROLLMENT IS LIMITED EXCEL Coordinator,Download an application excel ucf edu.

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