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Impala SS and Caprice T56 Six Speed install guide
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First let me tell you a little about myself My name is Mike Fetcko and I live. currently in Kalamazoo Michigan I am an Avionics Systems Engineer and work for a. company that modifies business class jets, I got bitten by the B Body bug a couple of years back when helping out my best. friend with his 1996 Impala SS Started digging into the car and before you knew it I. was pretty fluent on the inner working from suspension engine tranny etc. I purchased my first 9C1 in 2007 for a whole 750 bucks It is a 1994 model. which was pretty basic Well it has undergone quite a few transformations since then. Paint bodywork T56 installation engine mods typical bolt on s suspension upgrade. and all that jazz, I purchased another 1994 9C1 for a whole 250 bucks from Ebay had about. 182 000 miles on it now and ran like a champ This was the quintessential winter. beater but it actually had a better body on it than my other 9C1 had on it before. bodywork But it got totaled, I then purchased a 1995 Buick RMS 123K original owner no rust winter ride. Didn t run but got that one for 450 bucks, Well on with the guide I want to document all that I have learned while doing. this installation on my car and all that I have learned from Impalassforum com. members along the way I am not saying this is going to be the perfect guide but it will. get you on track with what you need to do this installation yourself. Torque specifications will be listed on page 38 for reference and also pictures. of some of the parts that you are going to need so that you have a visual reference. Here we go, First you are going to need to locate the transmission When looking for a.
transmission you are going to find that they are going to run from as cheap as 1 000 to. as expensive as 3 600 where the last number being for a unit that has all upgraded. internals and a viper tail shaft It all depends on whether you can get a great deal on a. used transmission that doesn t need to be rebuilt or a brand new unit from D D or any. other supplier out there You can use a 93 97 F Body T56 The 1993 unit has a lower. front side gear and a 62 overdrive ratio in 6th gear but the torque rating is down to 400. ft lbs 94 97 units are rated at 450 ft lbs or torque and the 6th gear ratio is 50 This is. the transmission that most go with Here is a list of details on these units. Trans source 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th Max torque, 1993 LT1 F body T56 3 36 2 07 1 35 1 00 80 62 350 lb ft. 1994 97 LT1 F body 2 66 1 78 1 30 1 00 74 50 450 lb ft. LT1 F body T56 2 97 2 07 1 43 1 00 80 62 400 lb ft. w 3 23 s G92,Trans source GM part number Tremec part number. 1993 LT1 F body T56 10236020 13 86 000 006 or,w 2 73 s 1386 000 006. 1994 97 LT1 F body 12550647 13 86 000 016 or,T56 1386 000 016. LT1 F body T56 10236021 13 86 000 011 or,w 3 23 s G92 1386 000 011.
Once your transmission is located and if you get a used unit work out a deal to. get all these items listed below or if buying new you will have to search heavily to find. the parts that you need I would recommend searching the Camaro and Firebird. discussion boards for parts as they come up there often. 1 bellhousing with bolts,2 flywheel with bolts, 3 the hydraulics for the clutch including master and slave unit. 4 Inspection plate these are hard to find I have a way out of this if you can t find. 5 Shifter if you plan on using the original If not this is not needed. 6 F Body pedal assembly 1993 2002 with all the clutch switches and brake. 7 Tunnel shift boot, 8 And all the switches and connectors from the transmission including reverse. lockout VSS connector if you have a 94 or 95 car if you have a 96 the original. connector will plug right in and Reverse lights, This should be all that you need from an F body donor car to start your B bodies. transformation, Now listed below are the items that you are going to have to purchase to install. the T56 into your B Body, 1 T56 Crossmember available from Dan Clearimageautomotive com.
Or you can modify you existing unit Modifying the existing unit is going to take. time patience and welding skills to accomplish this Dan s crossmember is. roughly 200 00 and it comes with the tranny mount The next picture gives you. an idea of the surgery that you will have to do to the original to make it work. Essentially you will have to drop the original mounting point on the cross. member by roughly 1 5 inches, 2 The F2B clutch pedal bracket kit This kit is only available through Tony at. F2Bkit comor through Ebay contact seller Scoobydoo321 He only makes a run. of a certain amount of kits every couple of months They are available for. 3 PCM programming to remove the automatic transmission details and change. other MAF tables etc in the PCM so that the car will run a lot better If you are. going to try and have the reverse lockout work like a factory F Body car there. are only a few programmers that have been successful in accomplishing this. Other options for reverse lockout are documented later in this manual I have. heard that madz28 com PCMPerformance com and fastchip com are some of. the best There maybe more out there like I had a good friend help me with. mine but I am unaware of them at this point Plus this will be a good point to do. a performance tune as it should be all wrapped in the price of the 6 speed tune. 4 Get the factory flywheel resurfaced or purchase an aftermarket manufactured. unit from Advance auto or similar I personally would stay away from. remanufactured general price for a flywheel will be about 100 dollars for a. factory replacement and can go to an upwards of 600 dollars for a billet steel. unit it is highly recommended that you stay away from aluminum flywheels as. they are very light and will take a lot of the rotational torque away from getting. our heavy cars moving, 5 Install new pressure plate and clutch assembly most people will use the. factory upgrade unit available through Autozone for about 200 00 Note If you. are putting down a lot of horsepower you may want to look into getting an. upgraded unit from Mcleod Zoom or Ram I highly recommend the DF or Dual. friction disc from Mcleod part number 261571, 6 Install new gears I would recommend at least 4 10 s Other guys have run. 3 73 s and 4 56 s with great luck I like the 4 10 s personally because it gives. you great off the line characteristics and great cruising RPM Yes you can run. the 3 08 s but be warned doing this can cause damage to your engine by. bogging it too much and also damaging the clutch from having to rev so high to. get it going, 7 If doing the gears which are RECOMMENDED you need a new driveshaft. Denny s driveshaft in New York makes about the best ones and he is one of two. in the country that can spin the shaft to its critical speed and balance it He. should have the measurements from my car but stock length will work fine and. also if you have extended control arms make sure that you add this length. Most likely Denny will require you to measure it anyway He can be contacted. at dennysdrishaft com, Listed below are Gm factory part numbers and quantities that gm originally used that.
you can use if you are missing something that was described above prices listed are. pretty generic and there is no guarantee that the manufacturer still carries these. 1 10267518 Transmission Boot Underbody 24 18 seals around shifter. coming through car Note this item has been discontinued used will be the. only option for this or you will have to get creative with making a boot. 1 12101899 Vss Pigtail,1 12101857 Reverse Lockout Pigtail 10 76. 1 12085485 Reverse Light Pigtail 10 40,4 12337828 Screws for flywheel cover 0 37. 1 10241153 cover for flywheel dust shield AKA flywheel access panel. Discontinued only used available see below for alternate method or contact. Tony at F2Bkit com as he manufactures replacements of this unit. 6 12337973 bolt for flywheel 1 34, 6 10079898 bolt for pressure plate to flywheel 1 78. Note I have been informed that these are no longer available and have been. discontinued ARP may make replacements for these,6 10198997 bolt for bell housing to engine 0 43. 1 12559912 master slave clutch cylinder 98 24, 2 11506117 nut for slave cylinder M8x1 25 with washer.
1 10121502 retainer for clutch reservoir 0 17,2 22570841 bolt for transmission mount M10x1 5x30. 1 10255857 nut for transmission mount 1 28, As listed above the original cover for the flywheel is not available and is discontinued. There is a method that can be used as an alternate Purchase cover assembly 354497. inspection cover assembly This is for any older block and transmission but a slight. trim and the drilling of new holes will make it look factory On the next page are the. visual differences, As you can see by the picture minor trimming and a couple more holes and you are in. Installation, Installation of the transmission is pretty straight forward I will try to guide you. through these steps as easy as possible I would also recommend that if you are going. to be keeping the catalytic converters on the car after the installation of the. transmission it is recommended that you either cut and rotate the catalytic converter. so that it is going to give you clearance at the slave cylinder before you remove the. transmission and all that or dent the catalytic converter for clearance It will make. things easier in the end The next picture will give you a visual reference of how far it. needs to be rotated, The beginning steps that I am listing can be found in the FSM for your year B.
body under transmission removal procedures you can also find it in a typical Haynes I. just listed the generics here as is pretty straight forward removing the transmission. 1 Get your car up on jacks as high as possible if memory serves me right you. have to have at least 15 to 18 inches of clearance under the frame rails to aid. in removal of old and installation of the new transmission Make sure that you. also support the front crossmember underneath motor so that the front end. doesn t droop, 2 Take measurement from yoke at the transmission connected to the driveshaft. to the floor make sure this is exact as this is the measurement you are going. to need to go by when installing the new transmission to height so that you. don t have to mess with the pinion angle You can also use an angle finder to. get the angle off of the harmonic balancer and make a note of this angle. 3 Purchase this little scissor lift tranny jack from Harbor Freight for about 80. bucks Best money you will ever spend, 4 After jacking and making sure your car is super secure at that height begin the. removal process by disconnecting the exhaust the driveshaft safety loop and. the driveshaft Make sure that you mark the location of the driveshaft relative. to the pinion or the way that it is clocked If you will be retaining your original. driveshaft but must put in a new driveshaft with the installation of the. transmission,5 Disconnect battery and remove starter. 6 Remove torque converter inspection cover at the rear of the engine and the. front of the transmission You are going to have to remove the 3 9 16 bolts that. hold the torque converter to the flexplate if they have never been removed the. application of heat can help to break free the lock tight from the factory You. will need a buddy to help rotate the engine over after ever fastener the easiest. location to get a good bite on the bolt is where the starter was Once all three. are out the torque converter should spin freely Note I found that if you remove. the exhaust manifolds it will make it a little easier to get up in there to get the. bolts out Plus this would be the time to fix the dreaded broken exhaust. manifold bolt that commonly occurs on these cars on the passenger side. 7 Remove shifter linkage attached to transmission and bracket assembly. mounted to the frame rail and the shifter rod attached to the steering shaft on. the firewall, For 96 Impala SS only remove shifter cable assembly from transmission the. cable will pop off the little ball fitting on the transmission shift lever on the side. of the transmission and the hold down bracket should be held on by two. fasteners on the transmission pan, 8 Remove transmission fluid from transmission by typical procedures of loosing.
all the transmission pan fasteners and then remove the fasteners one by one. from back to front slowly until the pan drops enough to start draining fluid. until you remove the pan After all fluid is out reinstall the transmission pan. 9 Place jack under transmission remove transmission mount nut 5 8 on. crossmember mount and relieve pressure off crossmember by jacking up. transmission as high as it will go to give you room to get crossmember out. 10 Remove four 15mm bolts total in the frame rails themselves two on each side. holding the crossmember in place Now pray to the Gods that you will not have. to cuss too much getting the original crossmember What I have found works is. you push forward and into the frame rail on the drivers side and pull back on the. passenger side and it should fall out Just cross your fingers. Note that if you are doing this installation on a Caprice with heavy duty tow. package and a mechanical fan remove the fan shroud before dropping the. transmission down the fan will hit the shroud if you don t do this. 11 Now that crossmember is removed drop transmission down as low as it will go. and remove transmission cooler lines this is where I would recommend. removing the exhaust manifolds or the catalytic converters so that you can. get in there to break them free If you can t break them loose you can cut them. as you will not need these anymore, Note Have a drop pan handy as transmission fluid will run out of the lines. This is the time you can remove the transmission cooler lines and cooler itself. or just remove the lines and reuse the cooler for a power steering cooler I will. document this in the end of the manual Note that if you are doing this. installation on a Caprice with heavy duty tow package and a mechanical fan. remove the fan shroud before dropping the transmission down the fan will hit. the shroud if you don t do this, 12 Disconnect all connectors on transmission the big round one on the passenger. side is removed by squeezing the sides and pulling up VSS is at the tail shaft. and also the temp sender attached to fluid lines Disconnect the connectors. and essentially have the harness completely loose up to the back of the engine. Note On 96 models with four O2 sensors the rear sensors are part of this. harness and will have to be disconnected make sure these are marked where. 13 Begin removing with a really long extension the six 9 16 bellhousing bolts. holding the transmission to the back of the block and the bolt that holds the. transmission dipstick tube to the passenger side head and push up the tube as. far as it will go Go from top to bottom once the top bolts are loose and free. jack transmission back up to about level and remove the remaining lower bolts. 14 Once all the bolts are out there are two dowel pins that hold the transmission in. place you may have to wiggle the transmission back and forth to get it out but. it will come out lower and wheel out from underneath the car. Note I recommend placing a woodblock on a jackstand and place this under. the oil pan so when the transmission is pulled from the dowels the engine won t. be resting fully on the engine mounts alone, 15 Take the old transmission dipstick out as viewed in next picture you are going. to have to cut the wire harness hold down portion off to re use to save your. wiring from falling down on exhaust manifold, 16 Cut off bracket so it looks like next picture and reinstall bracket to wiring. harness on the passenger rear side of head, 17 Now you will have to remove the left front wheel well to make installing the F2B.
bracket assembly and the clutch master cylinder a whole lot easier Here is a. picture with it removed, As you can see this gives you plenty of room to work generally under the master. cylinder for the F2B bracket installation, 18 Gain access to the underside of the dash area where the steering column rides. You will have to remove the lower dash piece to gain access to this Which to. do this first remove two 7mm screws in the gauge cluster surround they are. facing up towards the windshield once these are removed a good swift pull. and the piece will come free there are two clips on the lower portion of this. holding it in, 19 Next remove the ashtray assembly this is held in place by 4 7mm screws on. the sides of it If you have a 9C1 the cigarette lighter is installed here after the. unit is loose pull connector of the back of cigarette lighter and ash tray light a. small two pin connector, 20 Pull fuse cover on the driver side remove 7 mm screw going towards the gauge. cluster and next find all the other screws that are holding it in place this are. pretty much all located on the lower portion of the dash assembly Once loose. a good tug will pull the clips loose holding the upper portion of the assembly in. 21 On SS models only Remove center console Remove shift know by pulling the u. clip in the front of the handle and pulling up The console is held in by 4 10mm. bolts two in the front and two underneath the storage compartment in the rear. 22 Remove front seats they are held in by 4 13mm bolts. 23 Remove door sill plates that are holding down the carpet pull carpet back to. give you ample room to access center tunnel where the shifter is going to lie. 24 Now that there is access we are going to remove the brake pedal assembly. There are 4 nuts holding this to the firewall as well as holding the vacuum. booster in the engine compartment in place there is also one bolt facing up. towards the dash very hard to see Also disconnect the switches that are. installed on the pedal assembly there will be two After pedal assembly is. removed make sure that the vacuum booster bolts are still hanging through the. holes These are going to aid in aligning F2B bracket. This shows the four nuts that are pretty visible the next picture shows the pedal. assembly removed from the car so that you can see the hole where the upper. fastener is located, 25 With the pedal assembly removed you will see that the firewall has insulation.
on it Take the main F2B bracket and align the four main mounting holes over. where the booster bolts go through it will not fit flush draw an outline around. the unit and cut out insulation where you marked It should look close to this. 26 Now you are going to need to draw and outline the bracket again using the. same method as described above but this is going to be lower portion of the. bracket where is going to protrude through the firewall You will notice that the. bracket overlaps the black mounting portion of the lower steering column this. will also have to be trimmed a bit so that the bracket can sit flush Make an. outline and cut I always cut a bit small and enlarge from there for precise fit. Basically you should have something that looks like this At the end of this. document is a template that you can cut out to aid in marking this location the. cutout is about the right size actually a little on the small side so that you can. trim to fit, 27 The cutting procedure will take time be patient and it will come out looking. really nice The next picture is what the unit will look like fully installed on the. booster bolts coming through the firewall in the F2B kit there is some. insulation looking material that I never really figured how to make it work on. the bracket I discarded this and just made sure that I made the bracket fit. precisely I then used silicon around the entire assembly inside and out Mount. bracket to four booster bolts and install four original nuts.

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