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Introduction,What is Game Physics,Computing motion of objects in virtual scene. Including player avatars NPCs inanimate,Computing mechanical interactions of objects. Interaction usually involves contact collision,Simulation must be real time versus high. precision simulation for CAD CAM etc,Simulation may be very realistic approximate. or intentionally distorted for effect,R W Lindeman WPI Dept of Computer Science 2.
Interactive Media Game Development,Introduction,And Why is it Important. Can improve immersion,Can support new gameplay elements. Becoming increasingly prominent,expected part of high end games. Like AI and graphics facilitated by,hardware developments multi core GPU. Maturation of physics engine market,R W Lindeman WPI Dept of Computer Science 3.
Interactive Media Game Development,Physics Engines. Similar buy vs build analysis as game,Complete solution from day one. Proven robust code base hopefully,Feature sets are pre defined. Costs range from free to expensive,Choose exact features you want. Opportunity for more game specific optimizations,Greater opportunity to innovate.
Cost guaranteed to be expensive unless features,extremely minimal. R W Lindeman WPI Dept of Computer Science 4,Interactive Media Game Development. Physics Engines cont,Open source,Box2D Bullet Chipmunk JigLib ODE OPAL OpenTissue. PAL Tokamak Farseer Physics2d Glaze,Closed source limited free distribution. Newton Game Dynamics Simple Physics Engine True Axis. Commercial,Havok nV Physics Vortex,Relation to Game Engines.
Integrated native e g C4,Integrated e g Unity PhysX. Pluggable e g C4 PhysX jME ODE via jME Physics,R W Lindeman WPI Dept of Computer Science 5. Interactive Media Game Development,Basic Game Physics Concepts. Why are we studying this,To use an engine effectively you need to. understand something about what it s doing,You may need to implement small features or.
extensions yourself,Cf owning a car without understanding. anything about how it works,Kinematics and dynamics. Projectile motion,Collision detection and response. R W Lindeman WPI Dept of Computer Science 6,Interactive Media Game Development. Kinematics,Study of the motion of objects without,taking into account mass or force.
Basic quantities position time,and the derivatives velocity. acceleration,Basic equations v u at,d ut at2 2,where t elapsed time. d distance change in position,v final velocity change in distance. per unit time,a acceleration change in velocity per unit time. u initial velocity,R W Lindeman WPI Dept of Computer Science 7.
Interactive Media Game Development,Kinematics cont d. Prediction Example If you throw a ball,straight up into the air with an initial. velocity of 10 m sec how high will it go,v2 u2 2ad v 0. u 10 m sec d,a 10 m sec2 approx due to gravity a 10. v 0 m sec at top of flight,0 102 2 10 d u 10,d 5m note answer independent of mass of ball.
R W Lindeman WPI Dept of Computer Science 8,Interactive Media Game Development. Computing Kinematics,in Real Time,start getTime start time. p 0 initial position,u 10 initial velocity,function update in render loop. now getTime,t now start,simulate t,function simulate t. d u 0 5 a t t,d ut at2 2,move object to p d, Problem Number of calls and time values to simulate.
depend on frame rate which is variable,R W Lindeman WPI Dept of Computer Science 9. Interactive Media Game Development,Frame Rate Independence. Complex numerical simulations are very,sensitive to time steps due to truncation. error and other numerical effects,But results need to be repeatable regardless. of CPU GPU performance,For debugging,For game play.
Solution control simulation interval,independently of frame rate. R W Lindeman WPI Dept of Computer Science 10,Interactive Media Game Development. Frame Rate Independence,simulation ticks,frame updates. start Initialized one time at start of simulation,delta 0 02 physics simulation interval sec. lag 0 time since last simulated,previous 0 time of previous call to update.
function update in render loop,now getTime,t previous start lag previous simulate t. lag lag now previous new lag,while lag delta,simulate t. lag lag delta,previous now,R W Lindeman WPI Dept of Computer Science 11. Interactive Media Game Development,Doing It In 3D,Mathematically consider all quantities. involving position to be vectors,d ut at2 2,Note these are all scalar products so essentially.
calculations are performed independently in each,Computationally use appropriate 3. element vector data type,R W Lindeman WPI Dept of Computer Science 12. Interactive Media Game Development,The Firing Solution. How to hit a target,With a grenade spear catapult etc. A beam weapon or high velocity bullet over,short ranges can be viewed as traveling in a.
straight line,Projectile travels in a parabolic arc. a 0 0 9 8 m sec2,but typically use higher value e g 18. d ut at2 2,u muzzle velocity vector,Given u solve for d. R W Lindeman WPI Dept of Computer Science 13,Interactive Media Game Development. The Firing Solution u,In most game situations the magnitude of u.
is fixed why and we only need to know its,relative components orientation. After a lot of hairy math see Millington 3 5 3 it,turns out there are three relevant cases. Target is out of range no solutions,Target is at exact maximum range single. Target is closer than maximum range two,possible solutions. R W Lindeman WPI Dept of Computer Science 14,Interactive Media Game Development.
The Firing Solution cont,long time trajectory,u 2d at2 2st. where s max muzzle speed,short time trajectory,u muzzle velocity vector. Usually choose short time trajectory,Gives target less time to escape. Unless shooting over wall etc,R W Lindeman WPI Dept of Computer Science 15.

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