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Adjusting the viewfinder diopter adjustment 12,In Camera guide. About the In Camera Guide 13,Preparing the camera,Charging the battery pack. Charging the battery pack using a charger 14,Inserting the battery pack into the camera 15. Battery life and the number of images that can be recorded played back using a battery. Supplying power using a wall outlet wall socket 17. Removing the battery pack 18,Inserting a memory card sold separately. Inserting a memory card 19,Removing the memory card 20.
Attaching a lens,Attaching a lens 21,Removing the lens 22. Attaching the lens hood 23,Notes on changing the lens 24. Setting the date and time,Setting the date and time 25. Confirming the operation method,Confirming the operation method. Using the multi selector 26,Using MENU items 27,Using the Fn Function button 28.
Using the Quick Navi 29,Shooting still images movies. Shooting still images 30,Shooting movies 31,Selecting a shooting mode. List of mode dial functions 32,Intelligent Auto 33. Superior Auto 34,About Scene Recognition 35,The advantages of automatic shooting 36. Program Auto 37,Sweep Panorama 38,Scene Selection 39.
Cont Priority AE 40,Shutter Priority 41,Aperture Priority 42. Manual Exposure 43,Memory recall 45,Using shooting functions. Using the zoom,The zoom features available with this product 48. Zoom Setting 49,About zoom scale 50,Smart Telecon 51. Using the flash,Using flash 52,Flash Mode 53,Flash Comp 54.
FEL Lock 55,Flash control 56,Power ratio 57,Selecting a screen display mode. Switching the screen display Shooting 58,DISP Button Finder 59. DISP Button Monitor 60,Selecting still image size image quality. Image Size still image 61,Aspect Ratio still image 62. Quality still image 63,Panorama Size 64,Panorama Direction 65.
Adjusting the focus, Changing the focus method using the focus mode dial 66. Focus Area 67,Center Lock on AF 68,AF Area Auto Clear 69. AF Area Points 70,Flexible Spot Points 71,Wide AF Area Disp 72. Focus lock 73,Manual Focus 74,Direct manual focus DMF 75. Focus Magnifier 76,Focus Magnif Time 77,Peaking Level 78.
Peaking Color 79,Eye Start AF still image 80,AF MF control 81. AF Illuminator still image 82,AF Micro Adj 83,AF w shutter still image 84. AF drive speed still image 87,AF Track Duration still image 88. AF Track Duration movie 89,Measuring the exact distance to the subject 90. AF Range Control 91,AF A setup 92,Priority setup 93.
Adjusting the exposure,Exposure Comp 94,Exposure compensation button 95. Metering Mode 96,AE lock 97,AEL w shutter still image 98. Exp comp set 99,Exposure Set Guide 101,Exposure step 102. Dial Ev Comp 103, Selecting a drive mode Continuous shooting Self timer. Drive Mode 104,Cont Shooting 105,Self timer 106,Self timer Cont 107.
Cont Bracket 108,Single Bracket 109,WB bracket 110. DRO Bracket 111,Bracket order 112,Selecting the ISO sensitivity. Multi Frame NR 114,NR Effect 115,Correcting the brightness or contrast. D Range Opt DRO 116,Auto HDR 117,Adjusting color tones. White Balance 118, Capturing a basic white color in Custom Setup mode 119.
Selecting an effect mode,Picture Effect 120,Creative Style 121. Recording movies,Movie recording formats 122,File Format movie 123. Record Setting movie 124,SteadyShot movie 125,Audio Recording 126. Audio Level Display 127,Audio Rec Level 128,Audio Out Timing 129. Wind Noise Reduct 130,Auto Slow Shut movie 131,MOVIE Button 132.
Customizing the shooting functions for convenient use. Memory 133,Function Menu Set 134,Custom Key Settings 135. Function of the focus hold button 136,Function of the AEL button 137. Function of the AF MF button 138,Function of the ISO button 139. Function of the Exposure Compensation button 140,Function of the WB button 141. Function of the Drive Mode button 142,Function of the Smart Teleconverter button 143.
Function of the Preview Button 144,Function of the C button 145. Function of the center button 146,Dial Setup 147,Setting the other functions of this product. Smile Face Detect 148,Soft Skin Effect still image 149. Face Registration New Registration 150,Face Registration Order Exchanging 151. Face Registration Delete 152,Red Eye Reduction 153.
Auto Obj Framing still image 154,SteadyShot still image 155. Long Exposure NR still image 156,High ISO NR still image 157. Color Space still image 158,Grid Line 159,Auto Review 160. Live View Display 161,FINDER MONITOR 162,Release w o Lens 163. SteadyS w shut 164,e Front Curtain Shut 165,Superior Auto Image Extraction 166.
Superior Auto Cont Shooting 167,Shading Comp 168,Chro Aber Comp 169. Distortion Comp 170,Dial Lock 171,Deactivate Monitor 172. Aperture Preview 173,Shot Result Preview 174,Viewing still images. Playing back images 175,Playback zoom 176,Image Index 177. Switching the screen display during playback 178,Deleting images.
Deleting a displayed image 179,Deleting multiple selected images 180. Playing back movies,Playing back movies 181,Viewing panoramic images. Playing back panoramic images 182,Specify Printing 183. Using viewing functions,View Mode 184,Display Rotation 185. Slide Show 186,Rotate 187,Protect 188,4K Still Image PB 189.
Viewing images on a TV,Viewing images on an HD TV 190. Viewing images on a BRAVIA Sync compatible TV 191,Changing settings. Setup menu,Monitor Brightness 192,Viewfinder Bright 193. Finder Color Temp 194,Volume Settings 195,Audio signals 196. Upload Settings Eye Fi 197,Tile Menu 198,Mode Dial Guide 199.
Delete confirm 200,Pwr Save Start Time 201,PAL NTSC Selector 202. Cleaning Mode 203,Demo Mode 204,Remote Ctrl 205,HDMI Resolution 206. CTRL FOR HDMI 207,HDMI Info Display 208,USB Connection 209. USB LUN Setting 210,Language 211,Date Time Setup 212. Area Setting 213,Format 214,File Number 215,Select REC Folder 216.
New Folder 217,Folder Name 218,Recover Image DB 219. Display Media Info 220,Version 221,Certification Logo Overseas model only 222. Setting Reset 223,Using Wi Fi functions,Connecting this product and a Smartphone. PlayMemories Mobile 224, Connecting an Android smartphone to this product 225. Connecting the product to an iPhone or iPad 226,Controlling this product using a Smartphone.
Ctrl w Smartphone 227, One touch connection with an NFC enabled Android smartphone NFC One touch. remote 228,Transferring images to a Smartphone,Send to Smartphone 229. Sending images to an Android smartphone NFC One touch Sharing 230. Transferring images to a computer,Send to Computer 231. Transferring images to a TV,View on TV 232,Changing the settings of Wi Fi functions. Airplane Mode 233,WPS Push 234,Access Point Set 235.
Edit Device Name 236,Disp MAC Address 237,SSID PW Reset 238. Reset Network Set 239,Viewing on computers,Recommended computer environment. Recommended computer environment 240,Using the software. PlayMemories Home 241,Installing PlayMemories Home 242. Software for Mac computers 243,Image Data Converter 244.
Installing Image Data Converter 245,Accessing Image Data Converter Guide 246. Remote Camera Control 247,Installing Remote Camera Control 248. Accessing the Help of Remote Camera Control 249,Connecting this product and a computer. Connecting the product to a computer 250,Importing images to the computer 251. Disconnecting the product from the computer 252,Creating a movie disc.
Disc type 253,Selecting the disc creation method 254. Creating a disc with a device other than a computer 255. Creating Blu ray Discs 256,Precautions This product. Precautions,Precautions 257,On the internal rechargeable battery 258. Battery pack and battery charger 259,Memory card 260. Cleaning this product,On cleaning 261, Number of recordable still images and recordable time of.
Number of still images 262,Recordable time of movies 263. Using this product abroad,Plug adaptor 264,On TV color systems 265. Other information,Vertical grip 266,License 267,Trademarks. Trademarks 268,Troubleshooting,If you have problems. If you have problems,Troubleshooting 269,Troubleshooting.
Battery pack and power, You cannot insert the battery pack into the product 270. You cannot turn on the product 271,The power turns off suddenly 272. The remaining battery level indicator shows an incorrect level 273. The CHARGE lamp of the battery charger flashes when charging the battery pack 274. Shooting still images movies,You cannot record images 275. Recording takes a long time 276,The image is out of focus 277. The flash does not work 278, Fuzzy white circular spots appear on images shot using the flash 279.
The recording date and time are not displayed on the screen 280. The date and time are recorded incorrectly 281, The aperture value and or shutter speed and or metering indicator flashes 282. The image colors are not correct 283, Noise appears in the image when you view the screen in a dark place 284. The eyes of the subject come out red 285,Dots appear and remain on the screen 286. You cannot shoot images continuously 287,The image is not clear in the viewfinder 288. The image is whitish Flare Blurring of light appears on the image Ghosting 289. The corners of the picture are too dark 290,The image is blurred 291.
The LCD screen darkens after a short period of time passed 292. The flash takes too long to recharge 293,The control dial does not work 294. Viewing images,Images cannot be played back 295,The date and time are not displayed 296. The image cannot be deleted 297,The image was deleted by mistake 298. A DPOF mark cannot be put 299, You cannot find the wireless access point to be connected 300. WPS Push does not work 301,Send to Computer is canceled halfway 302.
You cannot send movies to a smartphone 303, Ctrl w Smartphone or Send to Smartphone is canceled halfway 304. The shooting screen for Ctrl w Smartphone is not displayed smoothly The connection. between this product and the smartphone is disconnected 305. You cannot use One Touch connection NFC 306,The computer does not recognize this product 307. You cannot import images 308, The image and sound are interrupted by noise when viewing a movie on a computer. Images exported from a computer cannot be viewed on this product 310. Memory cards,Formatted the memory card by mistake 311. You cannot print images 312,The color of the image is strange 313.
Images are printed with both edges cut off 314,You cannot print images with the date 315.

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