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Introduction to Informatics,Spring 2007 Section 11595. Instructor,Prof Luis M Rocha,Office Hours Tuesdays 10 30am 12 30pm. Eigenmann Hall Room 905,Associate Instructors,Christian Beck Bharat Dravid Mira Han. Office Hours TBA,http informatics indiana edu rocha i101. Blog http infoport blogspot com,OnCourse iu edu,Luis M Rocha and Santiago Schnell.
Introduction to Informatics, The course deals with foundational Informatics concepts such. as Information Knowledge Modeling and Uncertainty We. introduce all the conceptual building blocks necessary to. understand the basics of Information Theory We introduce. those building blocks hand in hand with the practical dimension. of Informatics which focuses on solving real problems with. information technology We present informatics tools in various. human domains and discuss their implications for the practice. of science engineering art and society in general, Students will be introduced to fundamental topics in Informatics. while developing a basic understanding of Information Theory. They will build up their proficiency in Information Technology as. detailed in the course syllabus emphasizing its use in the. modeling of nature and technology,Luis M Rocha and Santiago Schnell. Introduction to Informatics 6 lectures,Modeling and Problem Solving 2 lectures. Data and Knowledge Representation 3 lectures,Deductive Model Building 2 Lectures.
Inductive Model Building 4 lecture,Information and Uncertainty 3 lectures. Storing Data 2 lectures,Computing Models Algorithms 4 lectures. At the end of each section review exercises as can be. expected in exams will be presented,Luis M Rocha and Santiago Schnell. Course Evaluation,Participation 5, Based upon attendance and participation in class and online. Continuous Evaluation 30, Comprised of two semester long projects an individual and a group.
one Projects are designed to be tackled with different tools and. concepts as they are presented in class, Participation is essential for continuous evaluation success. Laboratories 20, Designed to present and familiarize students with various informatics. tools Several tasks are assigned to be completed by the following lab. Mid term Exam 15,Cumulative,Final Exam 30,Cumulative. Luis M Rocha and Santiago Schnell,Continuous Evaluation Agenda. Individual Project, First Installment By the end of section 2 last week of January.
Second Installment By the end of section 3 Valentine s week. Third Installment By the end of section 5 After Spring Break. Fourth Installment By the end of section 7 End of March. Group Project,First Installment end of February, Second Installment By the end of section 5 After Spring Break. Third Installment During section 8 mid April,Luis M Rocha and Santiago Schnell. Laboratories,First Lab January 11th and 12th,Topic Blogs. Read What are blogs,http infoport blogspot com,Details course s web page. http informatics indiana edu rocha i101,Deliverables due by the following lab.
Luis M Rocha and Santiago Schnell,Lab Time Changes. Section 15230,F 09 05A 09 55A I109,To sections 11596 and 15231. Luis M Rocha and Santiago Schnell,Course Materials. Lecture notes, Posted online http informatics indiana edu rocha i101 and. Course package, Von Baeyer H C 2004 Information The New Language of.
Science Harvard University Press,Chapters 1 4 10, Clark A 2003 Natural Born Cyborgs Minds technologies and. the Future of Human Intelligence Oxford University Press. Chapters 2 and 6, Englander I 2003 The Architecture of Computer Hardware and. Systems Hardware Wiley,Chapters 2 and 3, Klir J G U St Clair and B Yuan 1997 Fuzzy Set Theory. foundations and Applications Prentice Hall,Chapters 2 and 3. Norman G R and D L Streinrt 2000 Biostatistics The Bare. Essentials,Chapters 1 5 and 13, Igor Aleksander Understanding Information Bit by Bit.
Ellen Ullman Dining with Robots,Luis M Rocha and Santiago Schnell. Class expectations,Attendance and demeanor, Students will approach the course as a professional. environment,Just like a job,Attend every class, No attendance is recorded but indispensable for succeeding. Behave appropriately, No sleeping no reading newspapers no cell phones no laptops in. Academic Integrity, As with other aspects of professionalism in this course.
you are expected to abide by the proper standards of. professional ethics and personal conduct This includes. the usual standards on acknowledgment of joint work. and other aspects of the Indiana University Code of. Student Rights Responsibilities and Conduct Cases of. academic dishonesty will be reported to the Office of. Student Ethics a branch of the Office of the Dean of. Students Luis M Rocha and Santiago Schnell,Incomplete Grade. An incomplete I final grade will be given only by,prior arrangement in exceptional circumstances. conforming to university and departmental policy, which requires among other things that the student. must have completed the bulk of the work required,for the course with a passing grade and that the. remaining work can be made up within 30 days after. the end of the semester,Luis M Rocha and Santiago Schnell.
Definition of Grades, A 98 100 Excellent Work Student performance demonstrates. A 93 97 thorough knowledge of the course materials and. A 90 92 exceeds course expectations by completing all. requirements in a superior manner, B 85 89 Very Good Work Student performance demonstrates. B 80 84 above average comprehension of the course, B 75 79 materials and exceeds course expectations on all. tasks as defined in the course syllabus, C 70 74 Good Work Student performance meets designated. C 65 69 course expectations and demonstrates, C 60 64 understanding of the course materials at an.
acceptable level, D 55 59 Marginal Work Student performance demonstrates. D 50 54 incomplete understanding of course materials. F Less than 45 Fail,Luis M Rocha and Santiago Schnell. The Nature of Information,Quid est ergo tempus,Si nemo ex me quaerat scio. si quaerenti explicare velim nescio,St Augustine of Hippo. Confessions 11th Book Point 239, What then is time If no one asks me I know what it is.
If I wish to explain it to him who asks me I do not know. Luis M Rocha and Santiago Schnell,Nature of Information. Information is that which reduces,uncertainty Claude Shannon. Information is that which changes us,Gregory Bateson. Information is a semantic chameleon,Luis M Rocha and Santiago Schnell. What is information,The word information derives from the Latin.
informare in formare meaning to give,form shape or character to It is therefore to. be the formative principle of or to imbue with,some specific character or quality. von Baeyer Chapter 3 pp 20 21,Luis M Rocha and Santiago Schnell.

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