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3 Introduction,5 Defining HRIS Software,6 FrontRunners. Small Vendors,8 FrontRunners,Enterprise Vendors,10 Runners Up. 18 Methodology Basics,INTRODUCTION,T his FrontRunners analysis. is a data driven assessment,identifying products in the Human. graphic had a minimum qualifying,score of 4 12 for Usability and 4 09.
for User Recommended while, Resources Information Systems the Small Vendor graphic had a. HRIS market that offer the best minimum qualifying score of 4 00. capability and value for small for Usability and 4 28 for User. businesses For a given market Recommended,products are evaluated and given. a score for Usability x axis and To be considered for the HRIS. User Recommended y axis FrontRunners a product needed. FrontRunners then plots 10 15 a minimum of 20 user reviews. products each on a Small Vendor published within 18 months of the. and an Enterprise Vendor graphic evaluation period Products needed. based on vendor business size per a minimum user rating score of. category 3 0 for both Usability and User,Recommended in both the Small and. In the HRIS FrontRunners Enterprise graphics,infographic the Enterprise Vendor. Introduction,The minimum score cutoff to be included in.
the FrontRunners graphic varies by category,depending on the range of scores in each category. No product with a score less than 3 0 in either,dimension is included in any FrontRunners graphic. For products included the Usability and User,Recommended scores determine their positions on. the FrontRunners graphic,DEFINING HRIS,S O F T WA R E. H uman Resources Information,Systems HRIS act as the.
system of record for organizations,Software Advice s FrontRunners is. focused on the North American HRIS,market We identify this set of core. and HR departments to manage capabilities for the HRIS category. and track data related to their personnel tracking and reporting. FRONTRUNNERS,SMALL VENDORS,F R O NTR U NNER S FO R HRIS O C TO B E R 2 0 1 8. For each individual rating in both the Usability and. User Recommended criteria the methodology,weighs recent reviews more heavily. FRONTRUNNERS,SMALL VENDORS,TOTAL USABILITY US E R,R E CO M M E N DED.
SCORE SCORE S CO R E,1 OnPay 9 59 4 72 4 87,2 PeopleBookHR 9 63 4 85 4 78. 3 EaseCentral 9 10 4 40 4 70,4 Sapling 9 22 4 61 4 61. 5 Cezanne HR 8 67 4 07 4 60,6 Built for Teams 9 13 4 59 4 53. 7 People 8 71 4 28 4 44,8 Evolution HCM 8 60 4 16 4 44. 9 APS 8 84 4 41 4 44,10 PurelyHR 8 65 4 23 4 42,11 PeopleStreme 8 64 4 22 4 42.
12 CakeHR 8 61 4 28 4 33,13 bob 8 53 4 20 4 32,14 HR Cloud 8 85 4 56 4 28. FRONTRUNNERS,ENTERPRISE VENDORS,F R O NTR U NNER S FO R HRIS O C TO B E R 2 0 1 8. For each individual rating in both the Usability and. User Recommended criteria the methodology,weighs recent reviews more heavily. FRONTRUNNERS,ENTERPRISE VENDORS,TOTAL USABILITY US E R. R E CO M M E NDED,SCORE SCORE S CO R E,1 Gusto 9 20 4 67 4 53.
2 Tanda 9 08 4 46 4 63,3 Viventium 9 03 4 59 4 44,4 Netchex 8 96 4 41 4 56. 5 PrimePay 8 90 4 46 4 45,6 BambooHR 8 81 4 50 4 32. 7 ADP TotalSource 8 55 4 37 4 18,8 Zenefits 8 47 4 29 4 18. 9 Dayforce 8 44 4 24 4 20,10 Paycor Perform 8 43 4 23 4 20. 11 Paycom 8 42 4 27 4 16,12 Workday HCM 8 29 4 19 4 11.
13 UltiPro 8 27 4 13 4 14,14 Namely 8 24 4 15 4 10. 15 ADP Vantage HCM 8 24 4 13 4 11,RUNNERS UP,1099 Etc APERIO. 12Pay Applauz Recognition,1HRMS Appogee Leave,1Staff Back Office Ascentis. 1time AskHR,AboutTime Complete Suite Asure HR Management. Actual iD Attend HRM,ADP Comprehensive Services Avature Suite.
ADP Resource Avom,ADP TeamPay Axiom EPM,ADP Workforce Now BALANCEtrak. Advance Systems BASIC Guru,Advanced HR Basic Online CRM. Agile HR BeeBole,Air Beekeeper,Ajoft HRMS Beeple,ALEX Benefitfocus Platform. Anaplan Benefits Insight,BerniePortal ClockInEasy,BirdDogHR CollaBrill. Bitrix24 Collage,Bizimply Common Census,BizRun CommonOffice HRIS.
BlueSky Medical Staffing Software Compass HRM,BreatheHr Competency Core. Bright Contracts Cornerstone HR,bswift Cornerstone Talent Management. Bullseye CRG emPerform,Cascade Criterion HCM,CascadeGo CrossKnowledge Learning Suite. cbs iManage Darwinbox HR,CharlieHR DATIS,CheckPoint DeepTalent. Chronicle Online Deskera HRMS,CIPHR Dokeos,CISAT HR Automation Solution Dominion.
citrusHR DynamicPolicy,CivicHR Human Resource EBenefits. Management System,EBSPaySuite,ClearCompany,ECI Empower. Efficient Hire Eurecia, Effortless HR Software Extended Workforce Management. Eyo EmployeeApp,ELMO Talent Management Software,Emplloy Workforce. Employee Navigator,FinancialForce HCM,EmployeeConnect.
FingerCheck,Fitnet Manager,EmployWise,FocalPoint,EmpowerHR Pay. FocalReview,Fountain s Hiring Platform,eNETEmployer. Enterprise Advantage,Enterprise Recruit,happierHR by happierWork. Epicor HCM,Helloflock com,Hi5 HRMSSoft,High Line Human Resources HROffice. HigherMe HRsoft Software Suite,HireTouch HRSoftware Me.
Hiretual HRStop,Honestly Employee Engagement HRweb. honeybeeBase Human Resource Management System,and Payroll. Human Resource Suite,Humanefits,Humanic Payroll,HR Partner. HR BLR com,HRadvocate,HRdirect Attendance Calendar. InfinityHR,HRIS System,Infor Workforce Management,HRM Enterprise.
Ingentis org manager,Interview Mocha,iRev MESHAI, iSolved HCM Technology Mettl Talent Measurement Tool. jacando Admin Microimage HCM,Jobbio Microkeeper,Jobma MindTickle. Jobsoid myHR,Justlogin myHRSuite,Justworks myjoboffer com au. Keka MySchedule com,Kin HR Natural HR,KiSSFLOW naukri RMS. Knit NEOGOV,Kronos Workforce Central Nortek People Management.
Kronos Workforce Ready NOVAtime,Lattice Odoo Human Resources. LightWork Talent Management Office HR Management,LightWork Time Officekit. Loxo Officevibe,Lumesse ETWeb On Time Web,Lumesse TalentLink OneMint. Maxwell Health OpaConnect,Mereo Optimum HR by Optimum Solutions. Optimum Payroll by Optimum Performance Culture,Oracle HCM Cloud.
PerformYard Talent,OrangeHRM Enterprise,OrganizeYourPeople. PineappleHR,Pipkins Vantage Point,Pacific Timesheet. PARiM Software,PlanSource,Paychex Flex,Push Operations. Payroll Insights,PayScale Suite,People Trak HRIS Suite. PeopleAdmin SelectSuite,Peoplecart,PeopleDoc HR Service Delivery.
Recruiting Software,PeopleGoal,PeopleGuru HCM,PeopleNet Ksystem. PeopleQlik,PeopleSoft Human Capital,Management Saba.

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