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Dear Beginning Knitter, So you ve decided you want to learn how to knit Congratulations I think you ve made a great. choice Before You Start, Knitting is a centuries old craft mostly practiced out of necessity if you wanted socks or a. sweater you had to knit it yourself, Today knitting is much more of a hobby although I think it s an art form and some might say. it becomes an obsession As with any craft there are some basic supplies you ll. When a new knitter looks at all of the yarn and patterns out there it can seem overwhelming want to have on hand These include. But don t let it get to you even the most accomplished knitter was once a beginner Yarn wound into a ball if it didn t come that way. It might surprise you to know that there are only two stitches used to make any knitted ob Needles appropriate to your yarn size. ject the knit stitch and the purl stitch Measuring tape to measure your progress. The knit stitch is a versatile stitch that is one of the building blocks for all knitted items When Crochet hook for fixing mistakes. you knit every row you re actually knitting a stitch pattern called garter stitch It s called that Pen and paper for making notes. because of the inherent lengthwise elasticity that made bands of garter stitch good at keeping And a bag to keep everything in. stockings up, When you add the purl stitch your knitting options open up even more Knitting one row. and then purling the next row creates the imminently versatile stockinette stitch used in so. many knitting patterns, We re going to go through the process of knitting the knit stitch and the purl stitch step by Yarn.
step and we ll also cover things you need to know before you start knitting and several impor Yarn is your raw material As you get more into knitting you ll see the wide range of fiber types. tant techniques such as how to start your knitting and how to end it that are spun into yarn There s workhorse wool and luscious llama and everything in between. At the end of this eBook you ll find a pattern for a garter stitch wash cloth a garter stitch scarf and There are seven basic yarn weights which essentially tell you how thin or thick a yarn is The chart. a ribbed scarf You ll be able to knit all three of these patterns after a bit of practice swatching below from the Craft Yarn Council Association details what these weights are and what they mean. Here s to knitting,Cheers CYCA Standard Yarn Weight System. Categories of yarn gauge ranges and recommended needle sizes. Contents Yarn, Type of Fingering Sock Sport Baby DK Light Worsted Chunky Bulky. Before You Start 2 Yarns in,Worsted Afghan,Craft Rug Roving. Casting On 4 Knit Gauge, 33 40 sts 27 32 sts 23 26 sts 21 24 sts 16 20 sts 12 15 sts 6 11 sts. Stockinette,The Knit Stitch 5 Stitch to 4,The Purl Stitch 6 Recom.
4 5 5 5 mm 5 5 8 mm 8 mm,and larger,Binding Off 7 Metric Size. Joining New Yarn 7 Recom 000 to 1 1 to 3 3 to 5 5 to 7 7 to 9 9 to 11 11 and. mended larger,OOPS Fixing Common Mistakes 7 Needle U S. Size Range, Your First Projects 8 GUIDELINES ONLY The above reflect the most commonly used gauges and needle sizes for specific. yarn categories, Laceweight yarns are usually knitted on larger needles to create lacy openwork patterns Accord. Recommended Reading 9 ingly a gauge range is difficult to determine Always follow the gauge stated in your pattern. Credits 10,See more at www craftyarncouncil com weight html.
Copyright 2011 Interweave, In my beginning knitting classes I always use a Medium 4 yarn 4 inch square piece of knitting The pattern tells you the. with size 8 or 9 needles depending on how thick the yarn is 8s with number of stitches and rows you need to get that 4 X 4. worsted weight 9s with Aran weight It s also a good idea to use a square and you change needle sizes if you re not getting. light colored yarn so you can see your stitches gauge. To measure the gauge lay the swatch flat place a tape. Yarn Labels measure or ruler parallel to a row of stitches and count. There is a wealth of information on yarn labels Take a close look the number of stitches are in 4 inches This is your stitch. at a label and you should see the fiber content the recommended gauge per 4 inches Compare this gauge to the one speci. needle size washing instructions and gauge information for more fied in the pattern. on gauge see Gauge below If your swatch is too loose fewer stitches than called. As you become a more experienced knitter you ll learn how to for you need to go down a needle size If your swatch is. interpret the information on a yarn label to help you decide what too tight more stitches than called for you need to go. to use a specific yarn for up a needle size, For the purposes of this eBook find yourself a yarn that knits up For the patterns at the end of this eBook gauge is not. at 4 5 to 5 stitches per inch on size 8 or 9 needles crucial but it s still provided as a guideline. If you ve been to a yarn shop or craft store you ve noticed all the This swatch shows how much. needle size can change the, different types of needles available There are wooden needles and. size gauge of your knitting, metal needles made from all kinds of different wood and all kinds This is knit from the same. of different metal Yarn Label yarn going up a needle size. You ve probably also noticed that there are straight needles two separate needles and cir with each color change. cular needles which aren t actually circular they re made up of two needle tips connected by. a cable Circular needles are use to knit items that are circular or they re used to knit items that. are very wide such as afghans or baby blankets, As you progress in knitting and try out different types of needles you ll discover which type RISK FREE TRIAL OFFER.
you like best and which needles work for different types of yarn Discover knitwear designs that will capture your imagination. For this tutorial I recommend a set of straight bamboo needles The bamboo grips the yarn You don t have to be a designer or a knitting pro to make beautiful knitted. garments and accessories and you don t have to hunt all over for inspiring designs. a little bit so your stitches won t slide around too much. From cover to cover Interweave Knits magazine gives you great projects from. the beginner to the advanced Every issue is packed full of captivating smart. Gauge designs step by step instructions easy to understand illustrations plus. well written lively articles sure to inspire, In knitting gauge is a measurement of your knitting Take advantage of this special risk free offer today. that is a critical factor in getting and accurate fit All. patterns are based on a specific number of stitches. interweave com go kdiwk, and rows per inch of knitting If your knitting doesn t. match that specification chances are good that your. garment won t fit properly, You get gauge by knitting a swatch which is a 4 by. Copyright 2011 Interweave,Casting On, Casting on is the name for the technique used to get the first row of stitches on the The Long Tail Cast On. needle There are several methods of casting on but the one that we re going to learn here 1 Leaving a long tail about 21 2 to 3 for each stitch to be. is called the long tail cast on It s a versatile and sturdy cast on that you can use for most cast on make a slipknot and place on right needle. 2 Place thumb and index finger of left hand between yarn. ends so that working yarn is around index finger and. tail end is around thumb, Making a Slipknot 3 With your other fingers secure the ends a few inches.
This cast on starts with a slip knot which is a knot that tightens up easily once you place it on the below the needles Hold palm upwards making a V of. needle yarn Figure 1, 1 With the tail end of the yarn in your palm wrap 4 Bring needle up through loop on thumb Figure 2 grab. the working yarn around your index and middle first strand around index finger with needle and go Figure 1. fingers and lay the working yarn across the tail back down through loop on thumb Figure 3. end forming an X 5 Drop loop off thumb and placing thumb back in V con. 2 Spread your fingers slightly and push the working figuration gently tighten resulting stitch on needle Figure 4. yarn through your fingers from the back of your, 3 Pull this loop up slightly while holding the tail end. of the yarn to form a knot, 4 Place the loop onto the knitting needle and pull. working yarn to adjust the tension,For Practice,Make a bunch of slip knots over and over and over. Figure 2 Figure 3 Figure 4, Be sure not to cast on too tightly or loosely stitches should easily slide back and forth on.
the needle without looking loose and loopy,For Practice. Cast on 20 stitches Now pull all of the stitches off of the needle I know I know and cast. on 20 stitches again Repeat this process until you feel really comfortable with this cast on It. takes awhile to get that muscle memory ingrained so keep at it It ll come I promise. Copyright 2011 Interweave,The Continental Method, The Knit Stitch There are several ways to accomplish the knit stitch the two most popular are the English. method also called throwing and the Continental method also called picking The infor. mation at left pertains to the English method in which the working yarn is held in the right. hand In the Continental method the yarn is held in the left hand Practice both methods to. One of the objects of the knitting game is to move stitches from your left hand see which feels best to you There s no right or wrong way to knit well I suppose there is a. needle to your right hand needle making new rows of stitches in the process right way whichever works best for you. To use the Continental method of knitting follow the steps below. Let s get started 1 With the working yarn under and in the back of the needle place the tip of your right. 1 Cast on 20 stitches needle between the front and back legs of the first stitch on the left needle Figure 1 The. 2 Hold the needle with the cast on stitches in your left hand the empty needle in your right tip of the needle. hand Hold the needles a few inches from the tips between your thumb and first couple should point away. of fingers from you, 3 With the working yarn in back of the needle insert the right needle into the front of the 2 Wr ap the y ar n. first stitch the one closest to the tip from left to right Figure 1 counterclockwise. 4 Now with your right index finger bring the yarn between the needles from back to front around the right. Figure 2 needle the one, 5 With your right hand pull the right needle which now has a loop of yarn around it you just put. toward you and through the stitch Figure 3 through the stitch Figure 1 Figure 2. You now have a stitch on the right needle All you need to do to finish the stitch is to slip the Figure 2. old stitch off the left needle Tug gently on the working yarn to secure the new stitch 3 Pull t h e r i g ht. Repeat this process through the end of the row When you have knitted every stitch on the needle back just. row you will have an empty needle in your left hand Swap needles so that the full needle is enough to slip. in your left hand and the empty one is in your right hand and do it all over again underneath the. lef t needle and,pull the yarn,along with it,through the stitch Figure 3 Figure 4.
on the left needle, 4 Slip the stitch off the left needle Figure 4 You just created a new stitch. For Practice, Make a practice swatch just keep knitting rows If you make a mistake keep going You. Figure 1 Figure 2, aren t making anything but practice knitting so you can ignore mistakes if you want to If you. want to correct them though please see the OOPS tion on page 6. Right Leg Rule, Every stitch has a front and a back leg Each stitch. should sit on the needle with its right leg in front of. the needle Think right leg forward If you knit a, stitch with its left leg perched in front of the needle.
the stitch will be twisted Right Leg Forward,Copyright 2011 Interweave. The Purl Stitch, Step 1 As with the knit stitch start by holding Tension. the needle with the stitches in your left hand Tensioning yarn simply refers to how you hold your working yarn You want to find a. and the empty needle in your right way to hold your yarn so that your stitches come out firm but not too firm to slide easily. Step 2 Pull the working yarn in front of the along the needle and look even no particularly loose stitches and no particularly tight. needles Insert the tip of the right needle into stitches Figures 1 and 2 show just two ways to hold the yarn Figure 1 shows tension for the. the front of the first stitch on the left needle English style of knitting and Figure 2 shows tension for the Continental style. from right to left Figure 1 When you tension yarn you re doing two things at once slowing yarn as it comes off the. ball and guiding yarn around the needle Sounds complicated but it s not Why Because. Step 3 With the yarn in front of the needles,travel around the tip of right needle in a. there s no wrong way to do it Once your hand acquires muscle memory of holding tension. counterclockwise movement passing between you ll do it without thinking. the needles from right to left and back around,to the front again Figure 2. Step 4 Pull the right needle with the loop of,working yarn around it down and back mov.
ing away from you through the stitch on the, Figure 2 left needle Figure 3 Slip the old stitch off the. left needle and tighten the new stitch on the,right needle You have your first purl stitch. Repeat this process through the end of the,One way to tension yarn for the Eng. row When you have purled every stitch on the,lish method Figure 1. row you will have an empty needle in your left,hand Swap needles so that the full needle is.
in your left hand and the empty one in your,right and you re ready to begin the next row. Figure 3 Note If you purl every row you also get garter. stitch What doesn t work Holding the yarn,between your your thumb and fore. finger to tension and guide the yarn,at the same time The trouble is that. Identifying the Working Yarn it provides irregular tension because. The working yarn the yarn that runs from you drop the yarn at each stitch. your needle to the ball is attached to the last,stitch you made That last stitch worked should. be the stitch closes to the tip of your right One way to tension yarn for the Con. tinental method Figure 2,needle Inevitably you ll get interrupted while.
knitting When you return to your knitting,simply find the working yarn make sure you re. holding the needle with the last stitch worked,in your right hand and away you go. Working yarn,Copyright 2011 Interweave, Binding Off also called Casting Off OOPS Fixing Common Mistakes. Binding off secures the last row of the knitting so that it will not unravel Binding off secures the last row of knitting so that it will not unravel. First knit two stitches then with the two stitch, es on the right needle pass the right stitch over the Unknitting Unraveling Stitch by Stitch. left and off the end of the needle Knit the next This technique is also known as tinking tink is knit spelled backward Unknitting moves. stitch Repeat from until the all stitches have been stitches in reverse undoing each new stitch from the right needle and replacing the old stitch. bound off After you bind off the last stitch on the on the left If you re at the end of a row leave the full right needle in your right hand exactly. needle cut the working yarn and pull the cut yarn the opposite of what you d do normally If you re in the middle of a row find your working yarn. through the last stitch to secure it the end that s coming from your ball of yarn and hold the needle it s attached to in your right. For Practice hand The working yarn comes off the back of the knit stitches. Bind off the stitches on your practice swatch 1 The trick to unknitting is to place the left needle tip into the stitch lying right underneath. the live stitch next to the tip of your right needle To do this pull on the working yarn. the opening created in your stitches points to exactly where to place your left needle. 2 Place your left needle in the opening from front to back Figures 1 and 2 This captures. the stitch from the previous row without twisting it. 3 Slip this stitch from right needle to left needle Pull the working yarn to unravel the stitch. The old stitch now sits on the left needle one stitch has been unknitted Figures 3 and 4. Joining New Yarn 4 Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you arrive at the mistake. What do you do when you ve knit your way through an entire ball of yarn It s time to. join a new ball There are several ways to do this but here s the join I use. Tie a new ball onto the old ball at the side edge Figure 1 Figure 2. using the first half of a square knot Then slide the. half knot up to just behind the stitch on the needle. and continue knitting with the new ball of yarn,This method has the advantage of uninterrupted.
knitted rows and feels quite stable where the new,ball begins. I recommend always joining your new yarn at the, beginning of a row so you don t have a visible join Figure 3 Figure 4. in the middle of your row,Copyright 2011 Interweave. OOPS Fixing Common Mistakes Your First Projects, Avoiding Extra Stitches Project 1 Garter Stitch Scarf. When you re beginning to knit it s a good idea This scarf is both good practice for begin. to count your stitches at the end of each row If ning knitters and a stylish accessory. you end a row with more stitches than you began Finished Size 5 wide and 44 long. with you ve probably added some extra stitches Yarn CYCA 6 super chunky Yarn Shown. Look for slanted stitches on your needle See Fig is Misti Alpaca Super Chunky Handpaint. ure 1 If you see any you may have accidentally 50 cotton 50 wool 55yd 50 m 100 g. SCH04 Oberon 2 skeins,made what s called a yarnover.
Figure 1 Needles Size 11 US,This happens when you accidentally place the. Gauge 10 stitches and 18 rows in garter, working yarn in the front when making a knit stitch stitch knit every row equals 4 inches. taking the working yarn over the right needle so that the loop on the needle looks like a square. stitch Skill Level Easy, To fix the accidental yarnover unknit to the slanted yarnover there s your working. yarn on the incorrect side of the work The yarnover will fall off the needle Move the Scarf. working yarn to the back and then finish your row without the extra stitch Cast on 12 stitches. Row 1 Knit,Repeat Row 1 until you have 24 inches of. Accidentally Working the First Stitch yarn left, as Two Stitches Bind off all stitches and sew in ends.
This common problem is a variation of the acci Wear with pride. dental yarnover the working yarn is thrown over,the needle at the end of the row front to back in. stead of under the needle That pulls the first stitch Project 2 Garter Stitch Dishcloth. You ll love knitting these dishcloths for,up so that it looks like two stitches Figure 1. Figure 1 yourself and for gifts This is a fun project. To fix this mistake simply unknit to the double,for practicing increasing and decreasing. stitch and remove it stitches,Finished Size 91 2 inches square. Yarn CYCA 3 worsted Yarn Shown is Lily,Sugar n Cream Solid 100 cotton 120 yd.
110 m 70 g 01222 Country Green,Needles Size 7 US,Gauge 16 to 18 stitches 4 inches. Skill Level Easy,Stitch Guide,Bring working yarn to the front and wrap. around the needle from front to back,Copyright 2011 Interweave. Your First Projects Recommended Reading, Knit Two Together Many of the instructions in this eBook were taken from the Interweave. Insert the right needle into two stitches at publications Knit Fix by Lisa Kartus and The Knitter s Companion by Vicki. the same time and knit them as if they were Square and the special issue of Knitscene Knitscene Easy These are won. a single stitch,derful resources to have in your library.
Cast on 4 stitches Some other sources you might want to check out are. Row 1 Knit 4 Fearless Knitting Workbook by Jennifer Seiffert. Yarnover increase, Row 2 Knit 2 yarnover knit across the The Knit Stitch by Sally Melville. row Repeat Row 2 until you have 44 stitches, on the needle The Knitter s Companion by Vicki Square. Row 3 Knit 1 Knit 2 together yarnover Stitch and Bitch by Debbie Stoller. knit 2 together knit to the end of the row, Vogue Knitting The Ultimate Knitting Book by the Editors of Vogue. Repeat Row 3 until you have 4 stitches on,Knitting magazine. the needle,Bind off all stitches,Knit two together decrease.
And if you re a visual learner try www YouTube com Enter Interweave. in the search box and you ll get lots of informative how to videos You can. also enter in the specific term you re looking for and chances are you ll get. Project 3 Ribbed Scarf many videos to choose from, This scarf is great for practicing knitting For even more instruction watch Knitting Daily TV on your local PBS. and purling and the finished product is a station or order the DVDs from www Interweavestore com. wonderful unisex gift,Finished Size 6 inches wide 108 inches. Yarn CYCA 5 chunky Yarn Shown is,Bonbori 94 wool 6 nylon 88 yds 80. m 50 g Color 5 3 balls,Needles Size 10 US,Gauge 20 stitches 4 inches in K1 P1 rib. Skill Level Easy,Cast on 30 stitches,Row 1 Knit 2 purl 2 across row.
Row 2 Purl 2 knit 2 across row,Repeat Rows 1 and 2 until you have 24. inches of yarn left,Bind off all stitches and sew in ends. Tip After completing Row 1 simply knit the,knit stitches as you come to them and purl the. purl stitches as you come to them Easy,Copyright 2011 Interweave. Text and Illustrations Copyright 2011 Interweave Press LLC. H ow to K nit fo r B e ginn e r s, All rights reserved unless otherwise noted E a sy K nitting I nst r u ctions to.
The information in this eBook was augmented with text and images from the following Interweave Press H e l p yo u L e a r n to K nit. publications T h e K nit S titch,A Knitting Daily eBook edited by. Books Kathleen Cubley, Knit Fix Problem Solving for Knitters by Lisa Kartus Interweave 2006 C r e a tiv e s e r vic e s. The Knitter s Companion Expanded and Updated by Vicki Square Interweave 2006 Designers Lee Ann Short Janice Tapia. Projects and information are for inspiration and personal use only. Magazines Interweave Knits and Knitting Daily do not recommend approve or. Knitscene Easy Interweave 2010 endorse any of the advertisers p roducts services or views advertised. in this publication Nor does Knits or Knitting Daily evaluate the. advertisers claims in any way You should therefore use your own. judgment in e valu ating the advertisers products services and views. advertised in Knits or Knitting Daily,Watch Knitting Daily TV on Public Television. TRIAL OFFER Subscribe to knittingdaily com to receive weekly. e newsletters free patterns tips and much more,Discover knitwear designs that will capture. your imagination, You don t have to be a designer or a knitting pro to make.
beautiful knitted garments and accessories and you don t Find more DVDs and hundreds of patterns. have to hunt all over for inspiring designs,at interweavestore com. From cover to cover Interweave Knits magazine gives you. great projects from the beginner to the advanced Every. issue is packed full of captivating smart designs step by. step instructions easy to understand illustrations plus. well written lively articles sure to inspire, Take advantage of this special risk free offer today. interweave com go kdiwk,Copyright 2011 Interweave,.

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