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Not Protectively Marked,1 HOW TO COMPLETE A 5X5X5 FORM. 1 1 Government Protective Marking Scheme GPMS, 1 2 Reporting Member of Staff and Date Time of Report. 1 3 Person Providing Information Source,1 4 Source Evaluation. 1 5 Information Intelligence Evaluation,1 6 Information Content. 1 7 Submission of the 5x5x5,1 8 Initial Use of the Handling Codes.
1 9 Responsibilities,2 EVALUATION OF A 5X5X5,2 1 Quality Assurance of the 5x5x5. 2 2 Re Evaluation of the Source and Information,2 4 Sanitisation. 2 5 Handling Codes,3 FORM C ADDITIONAL RISK ASSESSMENT. 4 RESPONSIBILITIES,5 INTELLIGENCE ACTIONING PROCESS. 5 1 Priority Assessments,5 2 Authorisations,5 3 Entry onto an Intelligence System.
6 TEMPLATES, Template 1 5x5x5 Information Intelligence Report Form A. Template 2 5x5x5 Continuation Form B,Template 3 Risk Assessment Form C. Not Protectively Marked,1 HOW TO COMPLETE A 5X5X5 FORM. The 5x5x5 report contains basic details identifying the person completing and. submitting the report It will also contain the time and date of submission and. the signature of the person submitting the report if a paper copy is used Many. electronic systems for recording 5x5x5 reports include electronic identifiers and. so do not require a signature, An audit trail of the information recorded on the 5x5x5 is essential and all police. staff must ensure that these details are completed. The following sections outline each individual aspect of the 5x5x5 report with. examples how each part of the form should be completed. See Template 1 5x5x5 Information Intelligence Report Form A. 1 1 Government Protective Marking Scheme GPMS, Once the report contains information it needs to be allocated an appropriate.
protective marking There are five levels of this marking for sensitive assets. depending on the degree of sensitivity involved PROTECT RESTRICTED. CONFIDENTIAL SECRET and TOP SECRET The majority of. information intelligence that the police service holds contains personal or. sensitive data This data therefore needs a level of protective marking and. normally this will be RESTRICTED The GPMS TOP SECRET marking is not. included on the 5x5x5 as it is unlikely that this form would ever be used for such. material For further information on the GPMS see ACPO and ACPOS Handling. of Protectively Marked Material A Guide for Police Personnel October 2007. 1 2 Reporting Member of Staff and Date Time of Report. ORGANISATION Sandford Police FIB DATE TIME 25 07 05. AND OFFICER PC 123 Smith OF REPORT 10 08, These fields record name rank or position station or office of the person. who completes the information intelligence report together with the date. and time of submission,1 3 Person Providing Information Source. INTELLIGENCE ISR FIB 1234 05,SOURCE REFERENCE used to protect 12345 05. ISR sensitive sources,Not Protectively Marked, The identification of the source of the information can either be the name and. address of the person providing the information or an intelligence source. reference ISR number Details of the person providing the information should. be placed in these sections and not in the body of the report The final sanitised. version of an intelligence report to be seen by operational officers and staff i e. those expected to act upon intelligence should not detail the true identity of. any source either within a source field or the main body of the text This. includes police and staff as information sources Revealing the identity of some. sources on the intelligence report and not on others can result in compromising. a source or a current operation The reliability of the source and quality of the. information will be reflected in the final grading of the intelligence Individual. force policy will determine who specifically will have access to un sanitised. reports Best practice would suggest that the ISR is managed by the FIB. A unique reference number URN will be added to the submitted report by the. receiving intelligence unit in order to provide an audit trail of received. information Should editing or sanitisation be required the Intelligence Unit will. create a second sanitised version of the report ensuring the removal of the. source details and will allocate a further URN to this report The second report. will then be cross referenced to the original URN to continue the audit trail of. received information The original report must be retained and stored securely to. ensure that source information is not revealed Individual force policy will. determine who will have access to un sanitised intelligence reports. Items of information from the same source but concerning totally different. matters should be recorded on separate information intelligence reports Where. a single source of information provides several items of information relevant to. the same issue separate 5x5x5 reports should be submitted This is to avoid a. single source being identified who may be the only one to know the sum total of. the information submitted This is particularly important when intelligence. reports are prepared from a sensitive source for example CHIS or a technical. device The purpose of this procedure is to ensure that an adverse decision on. disclosure of a 5x5x5 would only put a single sensitive source or a single record. at risk of compromise,1 4 Source Evaluation,Always Mostly Sometimes Untested.
EVALUATION Unreliable,Reliable Reliable Reliable Source. Source reliability refers to the assessment given to the person agency or. technical equipment providing the information intelligence The source reliability. is assessed initially by the person recording the information and should be. completed in all circumstances Source evaluation is not a static process and. should be subject to continual review This will affect the whole of the. Not Protectively Marked, information management process particularly sharing information and the need. for retaining it, The assessment of the source should be based as far as possible on objective. knowledge of the source as it will affect both the evaluation of the information. recorded and any potential actions based on the information. The 5x5x5 provides five gradings in respect of source evaluation. A ALWAYS RELIABLE, There is no doubt of the authenticity trustworthiness and competence of the. source Information has been supplied in the past and has proved to be reliable. in all instances, This grading should only apply to cases where reliability can be assured Most.
biometric information is virtually irrefutable but the reliability of technical. deployment may depend on factors such as installation environment and. previous reliability etc This means that it will not be used frequently as a source. evaluation It is normally used only for technical sources such as recording. equipment CCTV ANPR Communications equipment e g mobile phones MP3. players games consoles and computers etc digital video recording equipment. and DNA Fingerprint Scientific techniques and not for people however. unimpeachable due to the possibility of human error Assessment of a Source of. information as Always Reliable carries a risk Its use should be carefully. considered due to the risk of errors arising from malfunction or operator error. Vehicle tracking devices for example may vary in reliability depending upon a. number of variables, It is acknowledged that there is some concern since the downgrading of police. officers as sources to a B grade that anything graded A may automatically. allude to technical equipment and therefore covert activity This is not the case. as can be seen above Whilst the A grade may be synonymous with technical. equipment in a large number of cases it does not in itself automatically indicate. a covert policing method, Scenario Local Authority Town Centre CCTV records a male figure spraying the. closed shutters of a local butchers shop with graffiti then running. east towards Brixley High Road Clearly seen little possibility of. misinterpretation, Scenario A covert video recording device installed in an observation point and. focussed on the closed shutters of a local butchers shop captures. the figure of a male spraying graffiti then running east towards. Brixley High Road Clearly seen little possibility of. misinterpretation,Not Protectively Marked, Scenario A member of the public records on her mobile phone a male figure. spraying the closed shutters of a local butchers shop with graffiti. then running east towards Brixley High Road Clearly seen little. possibility of misinterpretation,Intelligence Report text.
A male sprayed graffiti onto the shutters of insert name Butchers Shop. Sandford Road at 22 35hrs on xx xx xx before running off towards Brixley High. In the examples above assuming the reliability of the equipment warrants A. grades intelligence reports can be submitted with the A grade showing the. provenance of the intelligence As the above examples demonstrate in only one. case is a covert police technique being used If for operational reasons and for a. limited period this intelligence should not be seen by a wider audience then a. handling code of 4 may be applied by the Intelligence Unit specifically detailing. who may have access to it, It is of the utmost importance that care is taken when sanitising reports from. technical sources Words such as saw seen or heard must not be used. B MOSTLY RELIABLE, Information has been received from this source in the past and in the majority of. instances has proved to be reliable This could be the majority of law. enforcement and other prosecuting agencies, Example Information received from police officers some tested CHIS and. agencies e g UKBA Trading Standards Environment Agency etc. may be evaluated as this source evaluation,C SOMETIMES RELIABLE. Some of the information received from this source has proved to be both reliable. and unreliable Any information with this grading should generally not be acted. upon without corroboration Where a potential risk demands a response the. intelligence manager will need to obtain as much corroboration as possible. before commissioning action, Example This grading may apply to some CHIS or information received from.
the media or product of a technical deployment where malfunction is. D UNRELIABLE, Information under this grading will refer to individuals who have provided. information in the past which has routinely proved unreliable There may be. some doubt regarding the authenticity trustworthiness competency or motive. of the source Any officer applying this grade should justify the allocation of this. Not Protectively Marked, grade within the provenance section of the report if applicable to individual. force systems and complete a Form C Risk Assessment Any information with. this grading should not be acted on without corroboration. Example This grading could apply to information received from anyone with a. potentially malicious motive e g in neighbourhood disputes or to. information received from an individual with a history of making false. allegations,E UNTESTED SOURCE, This grading refers to information received from a source that has not previously. provided information to the person recording it The source may not necessarily. be unreliable but the information provided should be treated with caution. Corroboration of this information should be sought. Example This grading will usually apply to members of the public providing. information for the first time and the majority of information. received from Crimestoppers,1 5 Information Intelligence Evaluation. INFORMATION Known to Known Not known Cannot Suspected. INTELLIGENCE be true personally to personally to be to be false. EVALUATION without the source the source but judged. reservation but not the corroborated, It is essential than any information received or recorded should be evaluated for.
reliability The evaluation will involve using objective professional judgement. and the value of the information must not be exaggerated to encourage that. action be taken The assessment of the reliability of the information will be. based on the person recording it and their knowledge of the circumstances at. The 5x5x5 provides five information intelligence evaluation grades. 1 KNOWN TO BE TRUE WITHOUT RESERVATION, This could be information generated from a technical deployment or an event. which was witnessed by a law enforcement officer or prosecuting agency. Information received from technical deployments should be treated with caution. as although the information may have been recorded accurately the content may. be misinterpreted This grade refers to first hand information. Not Protectively Marked, Example an officer witnessed an incident or refers to live evidence. 2 THE INFORMATION IS KNOWN PERSONALLY BY THE SOURCE BUT. NOT TO THE PERSON REPORTING, Information under this grading is believed to be true by the source although is. not personally known to be so by the person recording the information The. source has first hand knowledge of the information Care must be taken to. differentiate between what a source knows to be a fact and what a source. reports they have heard or been told, Example A source gives information that a named individual is in possession. of a large quantity of Class A drugs They know this because they. were present when that person took possession of the drugs and. personally saw where the individual then hid them, Example A source states that A N Other is selling Crack Cocaine at the Three.
Tuns Public House The source knows this because they have. witnessed A N Other dealing at the public house on several. 3 THE INFORMATION IS NOT KNOWN PERSONALLY TO THE SOURCE BUT. CAN BE CORROBORATED BY OTHER INFORMATION, Information given may have been received by a source from a third party and its. reliability has been corroborated by other information e g CCTV. other force systems It is the responsibility of the person recording. the information to seek corroboration for this grading to be given. Example A source has been told that Michael Brown has been seen driving a. car registration ABC 123 the source does not know this information. for themselves The PNC shows that Michael Brown is the registered. keeper of car registration ABC 123, Example A source states that A N Other is dealing Crack Cocaine at the Three. Tuns public house He says he knows this because A N Other s. girlfriend told him Examples of corroboration could be other. intelligence reports already on the system alleging A N Other s. involvement in drug supply enquiries with the landlord of the Three. Tuns confirm that A N Other drinks there regularly and the landlord. suspects he may be dealing drugs corroboration from a registered. CHIS who attracts a Source grading of B,Not Protectively Marked. 4 THE INFORMATION CANNOT BE JUDGED, The reliability of this information cannot be judged or corroborated Information. with this grading should be treated with caution, Example A source provides information that a named individual may be in.
possession of a large quantity of Class A drugs as they have heard a. number of others mention this in conversation There is no other. information on force systems to corroborate this, Example A source states that A N Other is selling Crack Cocaine at the Three. Tuns Public House A N Other told the source that this is what he. does The source has never seen A N Other deal drugs at the Three. Tuns Public House and there is nothing to corroborate this on force. systems The landlord states A N Other is an infrequent visitor to the. public house and he has no suspicions,The sanitised report should read. A N Other sells Crack Cocaine at the Three Tuns Public House. It could be argued that the intelligence report could be written. A N Other is telling people that he sells Crack Cocaine at the Three Tuns Public. House and graded 2 This carries with it however a risk to the source should. A N Other not have told anyone else,5 SUSPECTED TO BE FALSE. Information with this grading should be treated with extreme caution This. information should be corroborated by a reliable source before any action is. taken Any person applying this grade should justify within the provenance. section of the report if applicable to individual force systems why it is. appropriate to use this grading and must complete a Risk Assessment Form C. Example Malicious callers or a CHIS who is engaged in criminal activity and. provides exaggerated information against others in order to deflect. attention from themselves or to prepare a defence of working for. the police should they be arrested, Example The source is arrested following an alleged assault at the Three Tuns. public house and is barred by the landlord During his detention the. source states that the landlord sells Crack Cocaine in the Three Tuns. Public House There is nothing to corroborate this information It is. suspected by the reporting officer that the information is malicious. as a result of being barred,Not Protectively Marked.
The importance of the provenance of the information being tested. thoroughly cannot be emphasised enough,1 6 Information Content. Person Record Andrew Kent DoB 21 12 79 NIB CRO 15643 99V. OPERATION NAME NUMBER OPTIONAL S I H,Proposed robbery WHAT B 2. Andrew Kent is planning an armed robbery at a bank in. Sandford town centre WHERE exact location not known. This is to take place in 2 days time 27 07 05 when the next. cash delivery is received WHEN,He will be using a red car details unknown HOW. This refers to the body of the text within the report The information provided. should be clear concise and without abbreviations The body of the report. should contain all information whether the person submitting it believes it to be. relevant or not Where possible the information should be corroborated and its. provenance established This could be done through interrogation of other. business areas for example Andrew Kent is confirmed on PNC as being the. registered keeper of a red Ford Escort car registration number ABC 123 This. additional corroborative information should be submitted on a separate. intelligence report and linked to the original intelligence report This is because. the additional information has come from another source and will have a. separate 5x5x5 grading, The information content will commence with the full name of the subject. nominal if known together with their date of birth and or age and where. possible any national identification number e g National Identification Bureau. Criminal Records Office number, For ongoing operations the operational name or number may be added.
Not Protectively Marked, Having identified who the information relates to the information should then. clearly describe what is likely to occur where when why and how if known. If information is not known then this should be clearly stated. 1 7 Submission of the 5X5X5, Once information has been recorded on a 5x5x5 the report should be submitted. to the force BCU intelligence unit by secure electronic or manual means It will. then be considered for its intelligence value based on research source reliability. the content of the information and its actionable value against the force BCU. control strategy intelligence requirement or other policing purpose. 1 8 Initial Use of the Handling Codes, Handling codes are designed to provide an initial risk assessment prior to. recording material into an intelligence system They allow recording officers and. others involved in the dissemination of intelligence material to easily record their. decisions on the suitability or otherwise of sharing the intelligence with other. The officer completing the 5x5x5 will not usually complete the handling code. unless they are officers staff involved in the intelligence discipline for example. trained intelligence officers and specialists It is accepted however that many. force intelligence systems are designed so that an initial handling code must be. applied by the reporting officer in order for the report to be accepted onto the. system In such cases the default handling code should be input as Handling. Code 1 upon submission until evaluated by an intelligence professional Should. the person first recording the information have concerns about disseminating the. information they should complete specific handling instructions In cases where. handling codes 4 or 5 are considered necessary a Risk Assessment Form C. must be completed The Form C should be attached to the 5x5x5 when it is. submitted Unless concerns are raised the intelligence unit will review the. information intelligence report and apply the appropriate handling code It is. therefore important that Form C contains a comprehensive evaluation of the. risk as without this the intelligence unit may lack the information to make an. appropriate determination of the handling code,1 9 Responsibilities. All staff should be able to identify information which may be relevant to policing. purposes They should also be able to complete an information intelligence. report and identify obvious risks about the information. The person submitting the 5x5x5 should check the information they wish to. record against other business areas before entry to help verify the information. Anyone submitting information has a duty to ensure that it is as accurate as. possible and where it can be easily corroborated that action is taken The first. Not Protectively Marked, stage of converting what may be rumour into information that can be used is.
for the reporting officer to ensure that facts are accurate. Checklist Recording Information on a 5x5x5,The person completing a 5x5x5 must. Complete all submission fields, Assess the source reporting the information and apply the correct grading. Evaluate and grade the information given,Complete text of report. Use the correct GPMS marker, If necessary give specific handling instructions and apply a risk. assessment, to the information Where that is done the Risk Assessment Form C.
be attached and sent to the intelligence unit, Send report to appropriate intelligence unit in line with force security. Not Protectively Marked,2 Evaluation of the 5x5x5, Once a 5x5x5 has been received by the intelligence unit it will be further. assessed for, Compliance with this guidance for the completion of 5x5x5 reports. Risks and duty of care issues including CHIS safety. Its intelligence value, Accurate and full provenance of the information completed by the person. submitting, Consideration for further research and development.
Consideration for dissemination and requirements for sanitisation. Entry onto the intelligence system,2 1 Quality Assurance of the 5X5X5. When the 5x5x5 has been received the initial report should be quality assured. The information contained within the 5x5x5 should be checked for completeness. and accuracy, Competent use of information is a key requirement for all staff and is integral to. the management of performance at personal and team levels. Any amendment to the 5x5x5 should have an audit trail This may include the. resubmission of a sanitised 5x5x5 linked directly to the original report. 2 2 Re Evaluation of the Source and Information, The content of the 5x5x5 should be read and reviewed by the nominated. intelligence officer with responsibility for quality assurance within the intelligence. unit The 5x5x5 will be examined in line with the initial gradings given Reliance. should be placed on the person submitting the report with regards to the source. reliability and information evaluation unless there is an obvious discrepancy or. incompatibility If further clarity or corroboration is required on any issue. contact should be made with the person who submitted the report. The intelligence unit should note the GPMS Government Protective Marking. Scheme marking contained on the 5x5x5 When quality assuring the 5x5x5 the. document s protective marking should be checked to make sure it has the. correct one attached to it,Not Protectively Marked. 2 4 Sanitisation, Reports should be sanitised for onward transmissions by removing material.
which explicitly or implicitly identifies a source or police methodology The text. as opposed to the source reference should give no indication of the nature of. the source whether human or technical or the proximity of the source to the. information Words such as seen saw or heard should not be used The. proximity of the source may be compromised by using words such as come. turn up or appear or arrive at Alternatives may be attend or go to. Two men come to A N Other s address every evening in a black BMW. convertible, Two men attend A N Other s address every evening in a black BMW. convertible, Persons should not put material into a 5x5x5 that adds no value or leads to the. identification of the source or any sensitive operational details For example. care should be taken not to reveal sensitive police tactics such as observation. points surveillance covert human intelligence sources or other confidential. information The term intelligence suggests at the beginning of a report is no. longer encouraged This phrase detracts from the grading and calls its accuracy. into question In addition this phrase may allude to the fact that the source is. human and most likely not to have come from a police officer Where this phrase. is used in some reports and not in others a distinction is able to be drawn. Persons should report only the facts of what was told to them and not place any. additional interpretation within the report changing the meaning of what was. told to them This is essential to maintain the integrity of the information. Example An officer is told by a source that John Smith is storing stolen car. parts in his garage for A N Other The source knows this as he was. shown the parts in the garage by John Smith and was told by him. that they came from cars stolen from a hospital car park The report. should read John Smith is storing stolen car parts in his garage for. A N Other as opposed to Intelligence suggests that John Smith. may be storing stolen car parts in his garage for A N Other or John. Smith is believed to be storing car parts which may be stolen in his. garage for A N Other, If the intelligence unit needs to sanitise the 5x5x5 before dissemination or. inputting into an intelligence system a new 5x5x5 should be submitted The. new report should not only be given a new unique reference number URN but. also be cross referenced to the original report to identify provenance and. provide an audit trail The original report should be retained but stored securely. to ensure that the source is not revealed, The following examples highlight specific issues and then illustrate good practice for. Not Protectively Marked, 5x5x5 report Yesterday I met John Clarke at 12 00hrs at the dog track He said the.
day before he was round at Tommy Smith s place and he overheard him on the phone. Tommy said there wouldn t be a problem He d got enough cash and he would take as. much speed amphetamine and coke cocaine as the man could provide him with but. that he didn t want any smack heroin this time Clarke said the number Smith called. was 01234 56789 dialled from a piece of scrap paper on the living room table. Problem The report identifies the source at the subject s address at a specific. time The informant provides two pieces of information which taken together. may only be known by this one person This may identify the source even. without the source being named,Best Practice Two separate intelligence reports. 1 Tommy Smith is arranging to buy large quantities of amphetamine and. 2 Tommy Smith has an associate concerned in the supply of amphetamine. cocaine and heroin who uses the telephone number 01234 56789. 5x5x5 report At approximately 10 00hrs on Saturday 27th February 2011. the subject Richard Smith was seen from an observation post at number 2. High Street Anytown to return home driving a red Saab A123 ABC. Problem The report identifies that a covert operation is in place against. Richard Smith and identifies the location of the OP. Best Practice, Richard Smith was driving a red Saab A123ABC in the High Street Anytown. at 10 00am on 27th February, Note The decision to include the time within the report must be made on a case. by case basis dependant upon the circumstances In this training scenario it can. be argued that the inclusion of the time does not automatically reveal covert. activity on the subject s address This is because the return home aspect has. been omitted If this were a real High Street it may be that any number of. people could have seen Smith driving including passing patrolling officers The. decision to leave out the return home aspect deliberately distances the source. from the subject Evidentially however nothing has been lost as the original.

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