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For this project we propose the system with the main objective as to create a visual. queue for hospital online where people can access and reserve their queue wirelessly. over the Internet The system allows people to monitor their queuing status from the. web service application This beneficial system is designed to offer the options for. people who are waiting for the service they can go anywhere while they are in the. queue rather than standing and presenting themselves in front of the service area . 2 Literature Review, The traditional queuing management methods mostly used in the hospital are. queue card and smart queue as described it featured by figure 1 When using queue. card system the people in the queue are assigned by numbers according to the arrival. order This method allows the patients to be able to manage their time based on an. estimation of the time available until their number is called Venturing outside of the. immediate area is a constant gamble The queue number may guarantee service. according to the number priorities however a delay in returning may still result in the. loss of a queue position , Fig 1 Typical state hospital queue management system. Most of the private hospitals provide a smart queue system as well as helpdesks. and counter services for their customers The smart queue system provides automatic. queue numbers along with automatic voice calling and LED display panels on a. progressive basis However this system still requires patients to congregate in the. immediate area to monitor the progress of queue numbers being serviced This service. 551, only eliminates the need to stand in an organized line but does not address a more. productive method for time utilization, Based on a survey people waiting in a queue get a service from public hospitals in. rural area in Thailand reveal that they are compelled to endure the endless waits . They lined up at the service counter Any abandonment results in their requirement to. return to the back of the line and an even longer wait With such a long queue and. waiting period it represents a considerable amount of time wasted for the people. involved Any desire to venture outside the immediate area is outweighed by the. uncertainty of not having information regarding the progress of the queue They. simply cannot miss their position due to a lack of information This problem. motivated us to develop a method to manage the reserved queue to alleviate on. minimizing the number of people in the physical queue. 3 Service Queue Management System with Wireless Approach. 3 1 System Boundary and Architecture, The new approach of the hospital queue management system will provide.
stakeholder with tools to manage their queue status wirelessly 1 The system would. allow them to know what is going on with the queue wherever they go As can be. seen in the figure 2 a new comer arrives at the service counter before booking into the. hospital queue With their wireless devices the queue status can be accessed through. the Internet and it provides information to everyone in the queue . Fig 2 Existing Hospital service queue management system. 552, The proposed system the boundary and its functionality are described in a form of. UML concepts 1 2 shown in figure 3 The system s functionality is demonstrated. and explained as the role of four actors and seven use cases as following . Actors role , System Admin represents an administrator who grants access to all system. features the role is to register a new hospital and queue administration to the. system , Queue Admin represents a hospital queue administrator the role is to. create queues and operators to the system , Queue Operator represents a person who takes care of each queue The. role is to register queue client to the system and to manage all activities in. the queue , Queue Client represents the person who requires hospital service and is.
seated in the queue The role is to view the queue status in order to know. when to be in the service , Fig 2 Hospital Queue System Use Case Diagram. Use case role , Register Hospital Describes a behavior for the system administration to. register hospital details into the hospital queue system . Register Queue Admin describes a behavior that a queue administration is. created by the system admin , Create Queue Describes a queue that is created by queue administration . Register Queue Operator Describes a behavior that a queue operator is. created by the queue administration , 553, Manage Queue Describes how the queue operator manages all activities. that happen in a queue , queue including the insertion of a client.
ent to the queue put, queued client into a service and end the client from the queue after the. service is complete , Status Describes a behavior where a queue client can check or. View Queue Status , view their queue status during the queue process . Status Describes the behavior where a queue client can check. View Queue Statu, or view their queue status during the queue process . 3 2 Database and Development Tools, We consider using Java programming.
programmi run on Java EE environment 3 Glassfish, as its web server and running web service on WSDL Web Services Description. Language model running with XML to view and exchange data A system based on. Java technology could be strong in term of security and great in term of performance. and implement with RESTful 4 architecture Thee set of tools is an advantage of ease. to access and deployment , Database is created by using PHPMyAdmin 5 which is MySQL 6 management. program It comes together with XAMP 7 The entities and relationships system is. ployed with relational database 8 principle which consists of five tables Qbusiness. deployed, table stores the entity of the hospital that is registered to the hospital queue. queue system ,Quser table stores the entity of user who works. work with the system Qqueue table stores, the entity of a queue which is created by queue administration .
admin Qtran table stores the, entity of a queue transaction which is generated through queuing process Customer. table stores the entity of a queue client or a ppatient. atient who requires hospital services and,seating in the queue . 3 3 Queuing Management Mechanism, In this project First Come First Serve concept and queuing theory with Little s. law 9 10 isis deployed as the system discipline to manage service queue . queue Given is, the average number of items arriving per unit time W is average waiting time per for. an item and L is an average number of items in the queuing system so L W . The Arrival Rate is formulated by a division of Total arrival N by Total. Time T as N T This means that at the time interval T the system has been. observed the number of arrival N entering to the system queue . Finding individual waiting time In order to find the time remaining or waiting. time for an individual, vidual in the queue we need to know the average waiting time W of.
the system at the period time T by being calculated from equation 1 . 1 , To calculate the waiting time for the Nth queue number to be in service the. average waiting time needs to be calculated onward to get the most likely average. time For instance the queue may have an average L customers waiting in the queue. 554, with arrival rate so calculating, lculating the average waiting time is W L Therefore the. expected waiting time for the Nth queue to reach the service is. 2 , According to the equation 2 , equation an individual waiting time could be rewritten. itten as the,average waiting time multiply, multipl by the number of individual a queue number. approximately As of continuous system, system the estimate time waiting could be denoted.
as the equation 3 , 3 , Where m is the queue number of an individual queue and n is the number of. queues included in average , average an estimated waiting time of an individual W n m could. be suggested to the customer of the queue as the multiplication of queue number m. with the average waiting, ng time Wn ,4 System Prototype Implementation. The proposed hospital queue system is required to run over the Internet or intranet . therefore the stakeholder system administrative users and patients can use their smart. phones and Internet access device, devices to view their queue status The system. ystem prototype is, demonstrated by testing with a set of tools and equipment as described below .
Locally testing with XAMP, The web b server needs to be set up and tested on Windows environment and. running on XAMP v3 2 1 7 which is a bundle package of Apache MySQL and. PHP 11 12 However the system cannot fully operate locally since the. customer client patient must be able to view a queue status over their wireless device . Therefore the system has to be online to serve this requirement . Online hosqueue com, To take the system online, online a domain name needs to be registered Also it has. been named as hosqueue com The system domain is also lso hosted with one of a. domain hosting providers which w gives the system space and requires server. environment for the system to run , The system has been done on top of the previous code taken from the open pen source. software called Complain Management System writte written by Tousif Khan 13 The. system is built on top of pre coding, pre and structure with a new database design and new. business processing The system is built on PHP 11 14 and Java Script 4 coding. example is shown in the following page , page The code represents part of PHP requesting.
esting, queuery to the database before converting into JSON data format which perform performs. RESTful web service As it can be seen in the code, code one important requesting element. is AvgTime Average Time The system allows the queue admin to modify the. number of samples of individual waiting time as a set of average time waiting . AvgTime is then to be used to calculate time remaining. remain for the next remaining queue , 555, sql SELECT. qtran QueueID queueno CustID arrive tstatus qqueue AvgTim. e FROM dbname qtran INNER JOIN dbname qqueue ON,qtran QueueID qqueue QueueID WHERE qtran QueueID. qid , result mysql query sql rows array , while r mysql fetch assoc result .
rows Queue r , printjson encode rows , Example of PHP script on data conversion by using json encode function yields requesting. queue data output into JSON data format , The main operation is on queue management system on PHP demonstration When. the customer client patient queue viewer is mainly on Android 3 15 16 . application coding example is shown below This part of the code allows the. application to retrieve JSON data format from the PHP web service AvgTime. abruptly calculates time remaining equivalent to the sequential order of the patient. queue number This part of the system allows the user to access data over their. wireless device ,public void ListDrawer , try JSONObjectjsonResponse . newJSONObject jsonResult , JSONArrayjsonMainNode . jsonResponse optJSONArray Queue , rowQueue clear .
for inti 0 i jsonMainNode length i , JSONObjectjsonChildNode . jsonMainNode getJSONObject i , columnQueue set 0 jsonChildNode optString QueueID . columnQueue set 1 jsonChildNode optString queueno . columnQueue set 2 jsonChildNode optString CustID . columnQueue set 3 jsonChildNode optString arrive . columnQueue set 4 jsonChildNode optString tstatus . columnQueue set 5 jsonChildNode optString AvgTime . columnQueue set 6 String valueOf Integer valueOf . jsonChildNode optString AvgTime 60 i 1 , columnQueue set 7 String valueOf Integer valueOf . jsonChildNode optString AvgTime 60 i 1 , rowQueue add new ArrayList String columnQueue . , catch JSONException e , Example of Android programming function calledListDrawer which retrieves JSON data.
format and displays on Android client application . 556, Installation Client Application with Android. An Installation client program for Android application hosqueue com is stored in. an APK file after its compilation The customer can download the file and install it to. an android device The program requires running on Android 4 0 3 Ice Cream. Sandwich and above , Fig 4 Available download of hospital queue viewer 1 0. The system function will display all the queue and find queue by ID as shown in. figure 5 , Display All Queue The Display All Queue button leads to a view by queue. selected screen where the customer can view the queue by choosing a. particular queue that they want to view Therefore the customer is required. to know which queue to look for , Find Queue by ID The Find Queue by ID helps the customer in searching. the queue in case that the customer does not know which queue it is . However the customer is still required to know their customer ID to be used. as a finding key to the queue , 557, Fig 5 Queue display by searching customer ID.
The queue displays the queue number customer ID queue status and estimated. time of service This can help the customer go anywhere nearby or do other activities. while still knowing the queue status ,5 Conclusion. Hospital Service Queue System is a project to eliminate the traditional physical. queue and replace it with a convenient management This project is designed to help. the public who suffers from long queues in hospitals especially the public hospitals . The main system functionalities which are constructed and implemented online are. ready for hospital queue services hence the customer patient client can view a queue. status over their wireless , The contribution of this system does not only serve the people requesting the. service in hospital but also utilize their time to do other activities Also the advantage. of using open source it could benefit to community as a whole Not only one hospital. can benefit with the current system design and setting but multiple hospitals can be. served at the same time An individual hospital can manage its own queues with a. given power user as a queue administration With this design a cost sharing. arrangement is possible amongst hospitals without having any budget to spend for the. extra development , 558, References, 1 Kendall K E Kendall J E Systems Analysis and Design 8th Ed Pearson Education . Harlow 2011 , 2 Bruegge B Dutoit A H Object Oriented Software Engineering Using UML Patterns and. Java 3rd Ed International Edition Pearson Education Upper Saddle River NJ 2010 . 3 Java Software Oracle https www oracle com java Accessed 15 April 2015. 4 The World Wide Web Consortium W3C http www w3 org Accessed 12 May 2015. 5 phpMyAdmin http www phpmyadmin net Accessed 23 February 2015. 6 MySQL Community http www mysql org Accessed 23 February 2015. 7 XAMPP Installers and Downloads for Apache Friends https www apachefriends org . Accessed 23 February 2015, 8 Hoffer J A Mary S Heikki T Modern Database Management 10th Ed Prentice Hall .
Upper Saddle River NJ 2011 , 9 Chhajed D Lowe T J Building Intuition Insights From Basic Operations Management. Models and Principles pp 81 84 Springer Heidelberg 2008 . 10 Cooper R B Introduction to Queueing Theory 2nd Ed pp 178 185 Elsevier North. Holland Inc New York 1981 , 11 PHP Hypertext Preprocessor http php net Accessed 12 February 2015. 12 The Apache Software Foundation https www apachefriends org . Accessed 23 February 2015, 13 A Zoo of Technology http www techzoo org Accessed 15 November 2014. 14 Welling L Thomson L PHP and MySQL Web Development 4th Ed Addison . Wesley Professional Boston 2008 , 15 Meier R Professional Android 4 Application Development updated for Android 4 John. Wiley Sons Inc Indiana 2012 , 16 Android https www android com Accessed 17 January 2015.

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