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4 Stop periodically in your reading and make some predictions about what might happen next As you continue to. read review your predictions and see how accurate you were. 5 Is the ending of the book satisfactory What are the implications of the ending and its effect on the main. character Was the main character successful in overcoming a difficulty Why or why not How much do you. sympathize with him or her, 6 To what extent do you think that the book is worthwhile Did it help you to gain some insight or to come to a. greater understanding in any way, Please share your written assignment with Ms Sagmoen Scales by Monday August 8st at. kellie sagmoen apps district196 org, Reading Assignment Due Thursday September 8th Evidence of your reading and thinking about the book is due in. class on the third day of school This evidence is best seen in one of two ways. 1 Post it notes used throughout the novel,2 Written notes within the margin of the novel. Clearly this requires that you have your book with you on the first day of school If you are checking this book out. from a local library it is your responsibility to have renewed your book through September 8th please be aware of the. date and plan accordingly, An Honors English scholar is expected and required to meet deadlines in a timely.
manner The deadlines for each of these assignments are firm and we will hold you. accountable for meeting those deadlines You are making an important first. impression on your English and government teachers. Please bring your reading assignment i e book with notes to school with you on Thursday September 8th. Book Availability, By late spring the Burnsville and or Eagan Barnes and Noble should have multiple copies of each title available for. purchase Used copies or old copies of books are perfectly acceptable as is checking out a copy from a local library If you. do check out a copy from a library make sure that you have it checked out through the first week in September or continue to renew. it Finally feel free to borrow a copy from friends and or older siblings as well If you choose to borrow a book that is. already marked up you need to figure out a way to show or highlight your notations. We look forward to meeting you in the fall,Mr Dettmer Ms Donais Ms Sagmoen Scales. For Honors American Government, You need to complete Chapter 1 of American Government Roots and Reform by Karen O Connor Larry J Sabato and. Alixandra B Yanus our primary textbook for the school year As you are reading the text you need to complete the. Chapter 1 study guide due on Thursday September 8th. Please note the study guide AND chapter 1 are both found in the pdf on Eastview s web page the study guide is. listed first and the chapter follows, For successful textbook reading you should start by carrying out the following strategies that we will emphasize. throughout the year, 1 Do a preview of the chapter by looking at the section headings and the pictures.
2 Note the key terms in both the margins and in the text. 3 Break the reading into smaller sections completing a section and then going back to complete the study guide to. test your understanding of the reading, 4 Maintain your focus during the reading by taking notes summarizing sections as you go and looking up words. you don t know, The purpose of our summer reading assignment is two fold. 1 To give you good information as a student about the level of challenge of our Honors American Government. textbook If reading this first chapter provides too great of a challenge for you in addition to completing the. study guide you might consider making a level change prior to the start of the school year Honors American. Government students need to be able to read their textbook independently bringing questions to class as a result. of their reading to be successful in Honors American Government. 2 Chapter 1 is the first unit of the year giving a good foundation of what we ll discuss throughout the year We. will use the study guide in class as part of our note taking and discussion as well as use it during the transition. curriculum to model study skills note taking and strategies for reading your textbook. If you have any questions regarding the Honors American Government assignment please contact. michelle dumonceaux district196 org,Ms Carberry Ms Dumonceaux Mr Wollersheim. ORIGINAL SCHOLARSHIP ONLY SHARING OF RESPONSES IS COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE SUBJECT TO THE EASTVIEW HONOR CODE. EASTVIEW HIGH SCHOOL AMERICAN GOVERNMENT,Chapter 1 American Government Roots and Reform. Study Guides will be scored using the following criteria. STUDENT S ORIGINAL SCHOLARSHIP ONLY, FINAL PRODUCT MUST REPRESENT PRIDE OF EFFORT SCHOLARSHIP.
CORRECTNESS THOROUGHNESS AND THOUGHTFULLNESS OF RESPONSES COMPLETE SENTENCES ARE REQUIRED. VOCABULARY IS DEFINED USING THE CONTEXT OF THE TEXT NOT SIMPLY A GLOSSARY DEFINITION EXAMPLES ARE A MUST WHEN APPROPRIATE. MAPPING ACTIVITIES MUST BE COMPLETED NEATLY USING COLORED PENCILS OR CRAYONS YOU MUST ALSO PROVIDE A KEY WHEN APPROPRIATE. DIRECTIONS Answer the following questions and define the terms listed based on your careful reading of the text At the end of the. course this study guide will be an excellent source for review PLEASE RESPOND COMPLETELY AND THOROUGHLY. Chapter 1 page 2 American Government Roots Context Culture. 1 Why did the British seek out the New World and what were the problems they experienced at Jamestown. 2 What caused the number of indigenous peoples to diminish over time once Europeans settled in what is now known as the. United States, 3 In addition to wealth and riches what were other reasons for the colonists to come to the United States. 4 What was the experience like for those who settled in Plymouth What sort of rules did they set up for their community. 5 Who was Anne Hutchinson and what did she promote. The following questions will be complete during in class notes. 6 What was a social compact What is America s most famous example of a social compact. 7 What is the social contract theory Who developed this idea. Eastview High School,American Government Citizenship page 1. ORIGINAL SCHOLARSHIP ONLY SHARING OF RESPONSES IS COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE SUBJECT TO THE EASTVIEW HONOR CODE. 8 Compare and contrast the beliefs of Thomas Hobbes and John Locke What beliefs did they hold in common Write your. response in the space provided In the boxes below make a list of their key individual beliefs that set them apart. Hobbes Locke, The following terms are found in your reading starting on page 7 section 1 2. DEFINE THE FOLLOWING TERMS,Totalitarianism,Direct Democracy. Indirect Democracy what s another term we use for this. 9 In declaring their independence from Great Britain what governmental system were the colonists rejecting What did. they fear they d replicate,10 Describe the British aristocracy.
Eastview High School,American Government Citizenship page 2. ORIGINAL SCHOLARSHIP ONLY SHARING OF RESPONSES IS COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE SUBJECT TO THE EASTVIEW HONOR CODE. 11 Why was a direct democracy not an option for the new nation What did the Greeks feel about indirect democracies Why. did they hold that belief, 12 Why did the term democracy original cause concern for some citizens What did they prefer to think of their government. as Why In today s terms what is a REPUBLIC, Later in our quarter we will explore the Preamble to the Constitution which is described on pages 9 and 10 Please read. these two pages and then continue your work on the study guide at section 1 4 on page 10. American Political Culture and the Basic Tenets of American Democracy section 1 4. 13 What makes up our political culture in the United States. For the following characteristics define and give an example of how this characteristic is alive and well in the United States. today Also share an example of when this characteristic comes into conflict with another characteristic. 1 Define Personal Liberty,2 Define Political Equality. 3 Define Popular Consent,4 Define Majority Rule,Eastview High School.
American Government Citizenship page 3, ORIGINAL SCHOLARSHIP ONLY SHARING OF RESPONSES IS COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE SUBJECT TO THE EASTVIEW HONOR CODE. 5 Define Popular Sovereignty,6 Define Individualism. 14 What is natural law Why is it significant to our government today. The Changing American Public section 1 5, Summarize the following sections that describe the changes the American public has experienced and or will experience in. upcoming years,Racial and Ethnic Composition,Religious Beliefs. Regional Growth and Expansion,Family and Family Size.
Political Ideology section 1 6, 15 Define the term political ideology Explain what political scientists attribute to ideologies. Eastview High School,American Government Citizenship page 4. ORIGINAL SCHOLARSHIP ONLY SHARING OF RESPONSES IS COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE SUBJECT TO THE EASTVIEW HONOR CODE. 16 Define the term CONSERVATIVE,17 Define the term LIBERAL. In the t chart below list the beliefs of conservatives and liberals. CONSERVATIVE LIBERAL, 18 What is a moderate How many Americans consider themselves moderate. 19 Which political parties align with the political ideologies described above. Consider taking World s Smallest Political Quiz to find out what you are. Eastview High School,American Government Citizenship page 5.

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