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Property of Wheaton College , 3 The lectures will attempt to trace trends and follow selected problems . structure and interpret the material capture the spirit of a philosopher and. show the unity of his thinking , 4 Discussion helps digestion Optional discussion sessions will be announced . time to explore philosophical and theological issues which class time does. not permit as well as time to clarify course material And I invite discussions. over lunch , 5 Office hours will be posted weekly outside the department offices You can. usually count on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons . Requirements Laxity in these will affect your course grade . 1 Regular attendance is expected including before and after quad break . Excessive absence will result in a reduced grade . 2 Read carefully everything assigned and as much else as you can Assigned. outlines of primary sources or other written work will seek to ensure. comprehension and cultivate precision Outlines must be completed on time. for maximum benefit and to correct misunderstandings prior to tests . Note An outline should trace the flow of thought rather than just listing . topics it should consist of propositions not just phrases identifying major. steps in the exposition or argument and exposing logical connections. between ideas A proposition asserts or denies something Aim at 2 4 . pages in length , Note Late work will be penalized an assignment can earn 10 points less 1. point for each class late down to a minimum of 1 point . The first outline Plato s Meno will be due Friday Sept 6 . 3 Three write at home examinations will require you to explore and compare. ideas more fully to integrate materials and to develop your own thinking . 4 Pass fail students must meet all requirements and earn no less than a C . 5 Your course grade depends equally on the written work 1 4 and 3 . examinations except that failure to produce written work will automatically. reduce your grade at least to D ,Some Free Advice.
1 Good time management will be needed in keeping up to date in the course I . suggest you establish priorities and plan your time schedule accordingly . 2 In a large class some individuals are timid about asking questions or feel. ignored Don t be timid if you have questions others likely do too Moreover. the optional discussions are intended to give everyone opportunity for. interaction And I welcome conversations outside class . 2, Property of Wheaton College , 3 Extracurricular involvements are not an acceptable reason for late course. work , 4 I wish I could get to know each of you The optional discussions will help as. will office hours lunch dates or informal group get togethers you may wish to. initiate , TENTATIVE SCHEDULE , Week of Topic Stumpf Kaufmann. Aug 31 Pre Socratic I II 6 57, Sept 9 Plato III 92 125 142 151. 14 Plato cont 158 219 253 273, 21 Aristotle IV 282 330.
28 Aristotle cont 369 384 398 437, TEST A, Oct 5 Hellenistic Thought 108 120 453 490. Oct 12 Hellenistic cont 120 129 491 500, Reserve Gilson Spirit of Medieval Philosophy ch 2. 21 Augustine VI 510 521, 2 days Reserve Augustine City of God bk VIII. 26 Early Medieval VII VIII 522 523, Oct 24 26 CONFERENCE Contributions of Medieval Philosophy to . Contemporary Issues, Nov 2 Aquinas IX 524 551, 9 Late Medieval 552 564.
TEST B, 16 Bacon and Hobbes X XI 3 20 82 107, 23 Descartes XII 22 80. 30 Spinoza XII 110 162, Dec 7 Leibniz XII 205 230. 17 FINAL EXAM DUE 12 30 PM, Wednesday , 3, Property of Wheaton College . HISTORY OF PHILOSOPHY 312,Spring 1993 A F Holmes . Office BL 483 , Phone 5887 ,Texts , carried over from last semester .
, S Stumpf Socrates to Sartre 4th ed McGraw Hill 1988 . W Kaufmann ed Philosophical Classics Bacon to Kant Prentice Hall 2nd ed . 1968 , new second semester , ,P Gardiner ed 19th Century Philosophy Free Press . A M Whitehead Science and the Modern World Free Press . John Dewey Reconstruction in Philosophy Beacon Press . A J Ayer Language Truth and Logic Dover Books , J P Sartre The Transcendence of the Ego Noonday Press . Objectives, 1 To complete the survey of Western philosophy with emphasis on major men. and problems , 2 To elicit philosophical thinking about important source materials .
3 To lay a foundation for further study in particular areas of thought and for. understanding contemporary philosophy ,Procedures. 1 The primary sources are the meat of the course you will be increasingly on. your own with them this semester , 2 The secondary source Stumpf will provide overall exposition within which . you can locate what the primary sources develop , 3 Lectures aim to trace trends to interpret sources and to highlight especially. important features ,Requirements, 1 Complete ALL assigned reading on time preparing propositional outlines . book reviews other written work as assigned Late work will incur grade . penalties , 4, Property of Wheaton College , Note An outline is intended to trace the line of though by identifying its salient .
steps in ways that expose logical connection between ideas and or propositions . 2 Instead of outlining source material we will write brief book reviews of 1 . either Whitehead or Dewey 2 Sartre and 3 Ayer In each case . a State the overall thesis of the book , b Develop a thesis statement no longer than 2 or 3 sentences for each . chapter showing how a is developed , c Identify any questionable presuppositions the writer takes for granted . d Identify in what regards you agree and or disagree with the author s . conclusions and briefly say why , Length No more than 3 pages each . Seniors please note no late work accepted after Reading Day May 3 . , 3 There will be three examinations integrative in nature . Non requirements, You are invited to periodic informal discussions These can clarify readings or .
lectures or pursue philosophical and other topics that perplex or interest you If you . have suggestions we can on occasion discuss a pre announced topic . For further reading ,F Copleston A History of Philosophy. John Passmore A Hundred Years of British Philosophy and Recent Philosophers. G J Warnock English Philosophy Since 1900, Robert Solomon Continental Philosophy Since 1750 in bookstore . Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Week of Topic Stumpf Primary Sources. I Enlightenment Philosophy, Jan 11 Locke 263 274 K 164 202. Jan 18 2 days Berkeley 274 280 K 237 272, Jan 25 Hume 280 289 K 282 362.
Feb 1 Other 18 Century Thought, th 290 298 Copleston V 171 . 201 345 373 or , Enc Of Phil on , Reid Moral Sense. Feb 8 Kant 299 313 K 366 415 outline , 366 390 2 14. Feb 15 2 Kant 313 323 K 415 483, days , TEST A, II German Idealism and Its. 5, Property of Wheaton College , 20th Century Heirs.
Feb 22 Hegel 324 340 G 43 60 76 87, Mar 1 Feuerbach Marx and later 428 445 237 250 261 283. Idealists, SPRING BREAK, Mar 15 Whitehead and Process Phil Ch 21 SMW ch 1 8. Mar 22 Dewey and Pragmatism Ch 22 Reconstruction ch . 1 4 6 7, March 29 Existentialism Ch 20 25 G 289 366. April 5 2 days Phenomenology Sartre in toto, TEST B. III 19th 20th Century Heirs , of Empiricism, April 12 19th Century Empiricists Ch 18 19 G 133 157 200 .
236 367 394, April 19 20th Century Empiricists 446 461 Ayer ch 1 3. library, assignment, April 26 Post Positivist Analysis 461 473 Ayer ch 6 8. TEST C due Wednesday May 5 at 12 30 p m in Dept office. 6, Property of Wheaton College , PHILOSOPHY 312 BOOK REVIEWS . To this point we have been outlining the unfolding exposition and or arguments of a. piece or else formulating thesis statements Now we move one large step further and. write three book reviews three of the four paperbacks you will be reading . Whitehead or Dewey then Sartre and Ayer Due dates will be 3 29 4 12 and 4 26 . respectively ,A book review should include the following . 1 A brief thesis statement about the whole book What is the author s overall. thesis , 2 A step by step tracing of the author s argument This could consist of a.
series of thesis statements one for each chapter or a propositional outline of. the whole work or a series of descriptive paragraphs In either case previous. assignments should have enabled you to extract the nub of an argument or. exposition , 3 Identify key assumptions that might be challenged and draw unstated. implications that make the book either appealing or problematic . Length 2 to 4 pages , 7, Property of Wheaton College . PHILOSOPHY 311 TEST B,Instructions, 1 You have 3 hours to complete this test beginning when you open the envelope It is. due no later than the beginning of class of Monday November 16 . 2 You may use texts and notes but not consult with other persons Your name on. your paper will be taken as your word of honor in this regard . 3 Select any one of the following questions and write a fact filled clearly organized . essay , I Explain the Logos doctrine of the Patristic and Medieval philosophy including 1 . how it differs from pre Christian logos concepts 2 how it explains the orderedness . of nature 3 what is says about truth and of human knowledge Deal throughout. with specific views of specific philosophers at least but not only Augustine and. Aquinas , II Discuss the similarities and differences of Augustine and Aquinas in their.
understanding of forms and natures What bearing does this have on their. epistemologies and ethics and what happens in theses areas when Occam rejects. real universals Which position do you presently prefer and why . III The medieval notably Augustine Anselm and Aquinas offered arguments for. God s existence that have been called system dependent Explain how the . arguments depend on Platonist or Aristotelian philosophy and how then their . conclusions can go beyond the Platonist or Aristotelian God to the God of Scripture . 8, Property of Wheaton College , , THE PRE SOCRATIC PHILOSOPHERS . I Milseians na ve monism , , Thales water , , Anaximander apeiron . , Anaximenes air , , II Pythagoras and Heraclitus double aspect monism . ,III Eleatics absolute monism , , Parmenides , , Zeno . , Melissus , ,IV Pluralists , , Empedocles earth air fire water .
, Anaxagoras seeds and Nous mind , , Democritus atoms moving in a void . ,For further reading , , G S Kirk J E Raven THE PRE SOCRATIC PHILOSOPHERS . Texts and Commentary , K Freeman ANCILLA TO THE PRE SOCRATIC PHILOSOPHERS . complete texts , W K C Guthrie HISTORY OF GREEK PHILOSOPHY . 3 volume to Socrates , J M Robinson INTRO TO EARLY GREEK PHILOSOPHY .
F M Cornford FROM RELIGION TO PHILOSOPHY , and as always . F Copleston HISTORY OF PHILOSOPHY , vol I , , 9 , Property of Wheaton College . PLATO S DIALOGUES,I Ethics and Social Thought , , Charmides temperance self control . Laches courage , Lysis friendship love , Gorgias the morality of rhetoric of violence or pleasure . Euthydemus can a Sophist teach virtue , Meno can virtue be taught .
Euthyphro respect for authority divine and human . Crito civil disobedience , Symposium love , Protagoras the four virtues . Phaedrus love , Philebus pleasure and morals , Politicus what is a statesman . Laws the just society God and morals ,II Epistemology . , Cratylus philosophy of language , Euthydemus logic and semantics . Gorgias rhetoric , Meno what is knowledge , Phaedo knowledge and the forms .
Theaetetus is perception knowledge , Sophist logic and methodology . III Metaphysics , , Phaedo the forms immortality , Symposium the forms . Meno the forms , Phaedrus nature of man , Parmenides being and becoming forms . Ion what is beauty art , Timaeus cosmology man evil . 10, Property of Wheaton College , MOSLEM PHILOSOPHY .
1 Eastern group developed Aristotelian logic and Platonic cosmology . , Alkendx d 873 , Alfarabi d 950 of Baghdad theistic proofs hylomorphism etc . Avicenna d 1037 combined emanationism with hylomorphism . 1 ten intermediary intelligences connect God and nature the tenth . being the unity of forms of logos of Christian thought . 2 Active intellect is the essence of man hence one in which all men . participate individual immortality is possible because individuation of . the rational soul survives death , 2 Sufism opposed the above developments in the name of purity and piety of faith . , Algazel s Destruction of the Philosophers is an anti philosophical and ascetic . mysticism , 3 Spanish group continued the Aristotelian interest . , Averroes of Cordova d 1198 wrote commentary on Aristotle .
1 Rejects Algazel s fideism defending the intellectual s use of reason . as paralleling popular allegorical faith Cf the theory of two fold truth . in the Latin Averroists Siger of Brabant d 1283 Philosophy and . theology may seem to contradict each other yet both be true . philosophy only reports what reason seems to show it does not . teach truth , 2 Matter is eternal The Divine Creator actualizes its potential forms . 3 Soul is immaterial it is not individuated Hence no individual . immortality , , JEWISH PHILOSOPHY ,1 Neo Platonic influence Avicebron . 1 God is the source of nature s emanation and known only by negation and in . mystic ectasy , 2 Mind and body each have form and matter Each is therefore individuated . Cf Alexander of Hales , 2 Aristotelian influence Moses Maimonides of Cordova d 1204 Guide for the . Perplexed attempted to synthesize Moses and Aristotle God is known by negation . but nature does not emanate from God God gives matter its forms . 3 Gnostic influence Cabalism offered secret doctrines supposedly transmitted from . Abraham about cosmology emanations and mysticism , 11.
Property of Wheaton College , 12, Property of Wheaton College . MEDIEVAL MYSTICISM ,I Generalization, 1 It usually presuppose a soul body dualism in a neo Platonic hierarchy of . being and perfection , 2 It proceeds via purgation and contemplation to illumination and union. analogous to neo Platonic epistrophe , 3 It is thoroughly introspective and is often accompanied by allegoriation . asceticism and fideism , 4 It implies that the human dilemma is due to metaphysical separation from .
God finiteness and individuality rather than moral separation and. sometimes has pantheistic tendencies ,II Victorines monks of Abbey of St Victor . Augustinian in theology, Hugo ideation leads to union with God via cogitation eye of flesh meditation. eye of reason and contemplatio direct intuition of suprarational One . Richard the ecstatic state brings a loss of rational consciousness. Walter faith contradicts reason hence mystic vision blinds intellect Note the. reaction against natural theology and speculative metaphysics . III Ethical mystics usually so called but more like later Pietists and Port Royalists . note the element of Christian cynicism , Waldensian return to Scripture rather than ecclesiastical authority . 2 Albigensians ascetic tendencies compared with Manicheim . 3 Franciscans ascetic and contemplative order N B Bonaventure . IV Pantheistic Mystics,1 Dionysius the Areopagite . God is the One beyond attribution the source of all emanations He is known. by negation and by the mystic path through intermediary beings . 2 Joachim of Floris d 1202 , History divides into these eras .
Rule of the Father B C Law , Rule of the Son Christ to Joachim Gospel . Rule of the Spirit Since Joachim Contemplation and Ecstasy . 3 Meister Eckhart b 1260 , a God is wholly other and unknowable the object of love not reason . b God is objectified in nature All is God all human consciousness is. ultimately His self consciousness , c Mystic ecstasy requires disinterest and self abnegation . Note In 1225 Eriugena was declared a heretic because of pantheistic tendency. 13, Property of Wheaton College , Leibniz on God and Evil . In Monadology ,Paragraph , 37 39 Principle of Sufficient Reason implies a final cause teleological .
argument Op Nature and Grace 7 8 , , 40 41 Necessary and Perfect Being Op nature and Grace 9 . , 42 Imperfections of nature , , 42 48 Eternal truths as archetypes of all things . , 44 45 His essence is to exist ontological argument . , 47 Creation by fulguration , , 51 52 Divine harmonization of all creation . , 53 55 Best of all possible worlds , , 84 86 City of God the telos Op Nature and Grace 15 18 .
, 88 90 Sin and punishment Op First Truths p 233 . In Theodicy , , Sec I The greater good argument evil is part of this larger teleology . , Sec II Evil is therefore limited but Good is unlimited . , Sec III 223 Free will argument , , Sec IV Permitting freedom and evil is for the greater good . , Sec V Evil is a limited privation of good , , Sec VI VII God is just and gracious .
, Sec VII God creates freely since metaphysically he could do otherwise than he . does He acts out of moral necessity for the greater good not out of . metaphysical necessity , 14, Property of Wheaton College . Hegel s Philosophy After McElroy Modern Philosophers pp 8 9 . Note All bearing number I 1 i etc are theses, All bearing number II 2 2 ii etc are antitheses . All bearing number III 3 3 iii etc are syntheses . I Logic sheer abstraction , 1 Existence Sein , 1 Quality. i Being, ii Non Being, iii Becoming, 2 Quantity, 3 Measure.
2 Essence Wesen , 1 Ground for Existence, 2 Appearance. 3 Actuality, i Substance, ii Causation, iii Reciprocity. 3 Concept Begriff , 1 Subject, 1 Concept, 2 Judgment. 3 Syllogism, 2 Object, 3 Idea,II Nature, 1 Laws, 1 Space Time. 2 Motion in Matter, 3 Mechanism, 2 Forces, 1 Physics.

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