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Historical Fiction,Fleming Thomas Parry Richard Hill Lawrence. When This Cruel War is Over That Fateful Lightning Someone Knows My Name. Gear Kathleen O Neal Perkins Valdez Dolen Johnson Charles Richard. Thin Moon and Cold Mist Balm Middle Passage,Groot Tracy Poyer David Jones Edward P. The Sentinels of Andersonville Civil War at Sea The Known World. Hancock Wayne 1 Fire on the Waters Martin Valerie, The Ghost of Johnny Nichols 2 A Country of Our Own Property. Hepinstall Kathy 3 That Anvil of Our Souls McBride James. Blue Asylum Rising Clara The Good Lord Bird, Higginbotham Susan In the Season of the Wild Rose Song Yet Sung. Hanging Mary Rivers Susan McCann Jessica, Humphreys Josephine The Second Mrs Hockaday All Different Kinds of Free.
Nowhere Else on Earth Shaara Michael Jeff Walker Margaret. Jakes John Civil War Trilogy Jubilee, Charleston 1 Gods and Generals Jeff Whitehead Colson. On Secret Service 2 The Killer Angels Michael The Underground Railroad. Savannah 3 The Last Full Measure,North and South Jeff World War I. 1 North and South Shaara Jeff,2 Love and War Western Theater Barker Pat. 3 Heaven and Hell 1 A Blaze of Glory The Ghost Road. Jones Douglas C 2 A Chain of Thunder Life Class, Elkhorn Tavern 3 The Smoke at Dawn De Berni res Louis. Jones Ted 4 A Fateful Lightning Birds Without Wings. The Fifth Conspiracy Walker Margaret Downing David. Keneally Thomas Jubilee Jack McColl,Confederates Wang Daren 1 Jack of Spies.
Lehrer Jim The Hidden Light of Northern Fires 2 One Man s Flag. No Certain Rest Wheeler Richard S 3 Lenin s Roller Coaster. Leveen Lois The Exile 4 The Dark Clouds Shining, The Secrets of Mary Bowser Wicker Tom Fleming Thomas. Love Dorothy Unto This Hour Over There,Mrs Lee and Mrs Gray Woolard Jim R Gaynor Hazel. McCabe Erin Lindsay Raiding with Morgan Last Christmas in Paris. I Shall be Near to You Wright Stephen Goddard Robert. McCaig Donald The Amalgamation Polka In Pale Battalions. Jacob s Ladder Yates Steve B Helprin Mark, Mitchell Margaret Morkan s Quarry A Soldier of the Great War. Gone with the Wind Yerby Frank Hemingway Ernest, Morris Gilbert McKenzie s Hundred Farewell to Arms. Last Cavaliers Hunter Jack,1 The Crossing Slavery The Blue Max.
2 The Sword Jeffrey Elizabeth,3 The Surrender Banks Russell Meadowlands. Mrazek Robert J Cloudsplitter Johnson Guy, Unholy Fire Cather Willa Standing at the Scratch Line. Oliveira Robin Sapphira and the Slave Girl Keneally Thomas. My Name is Mary Sutter Cole Alyssa The Daughters of Mars. O Nan Stewart Loyal League Kinghorn Judith, A Prayer for the Dying 1 An Extraordinary Union The Echo of Twilight. Parry Owen 2 A Hope Divided MacNeil Robert, Abel Jones 3 An Unconditional Freedom Burden of Desire. 1 Faded Coat of Blue De n Natashia Masters John,2 Shadows of Glory Grace Loss of Eden.
3 Call Each River Jordan Grissom Kathleen 1 Now God be Thanked. 4 Honor s Kingdom Kitchen House 2 Heart of War, 5 Bold Sons of Erin 1 The Kitchen House 3 By the Green of Spring. 6 The Rebels of Babylon 2 Glory Over Everything, 2 The Fort Smith Public Library does not currently have the books in italics. Historical Fiction,Perry Anne Bowen Rhys Follett James. Reavley In Farleigh Field Churchill s Gold,1 No Graves as Yet The Tuscan Child Follett Ken. 2 Shoulder the Sky Boyd Bill Hornet Flight, 3 Angels in the Gloom The Gentle Infantryman Francis Clare.
4 At Some Disputed A Fight for Love and Glory Night Sky. Barricade A Rendezvous with Death Fraser David,5 We Shall Not Sleep Bracht Mary Lynn Blitz. Quinn Kate White Chrysanthemum Furst Alan,The Alice Network Brady James Jean Casson. Remarque Erich Maria Warning of War 1 The World at Night. All Quiet on the Western Front Bunkley Anita Richmond 2 Red Gold. Robinson Derek Wild Embers Night Soldiers,RFC Trilogy Callanan Liam 1 Night Soldiers. 1 Goshawk Squadron The Cloud Atlas 2 Dark Star,2 War Story Cambron Kristy 3 The Polish Officer. 3 Hornet s Sting A Sparrow in Terezin 4 The World at Night. Rufin Jean Christope Cantor Jillian 5 Red Gold, The Red Collar The Lost Letter 6 Kingdom of Shadows.
Scott Justin Carcaterra Lorenzo 7 Blood of Victory. A Pride of Royals Street Boys 8 Dark Voyage,Shaara Jeff Charlesworth Monique 9 The Foreign. To the Last Man The Children s War Correspondent, Smith April Christie William 10 The Spies of Warsaw. A Star for Mrs Blake A Single Spy 11 Spies of the Balkans. Speller Elizabeth Clavell James 12 Mission to Paris. The First of July King Rat 13 Midnight in Europe, Stevenson William Collins Max Allan 14 A Hero of France. The Ghosts of Africa Saving Private Ryan Gannon Michael. Tolkien Simon U 571 Secret Missions,No Man s Land Cottam Francis Garfield Brian. Trigiani Adriana The Fire Fighter The Paladin,The Shoemaker s Wife Dean Debra Gifford Thomas.
Wilhide Elizabeth The Madonnas of Leningrad Praetorian. If I Could Tell You Deford Frank Gillham David R,Williard Tom Love and Infamy City of Women. The Sable Doughboys deHartog Jan Goldreich Gloria,The Trail of the Serpent That Year of Our War. World War II Deighton Len Green Gerald,City of Gold East and West. Alexander V S Goodbye Mickey Mouse Hamamura John Hideyo. The Taster SS GB Color of the Sea,Amend Allison Deutermann Peter Hannah Kristin. Enchanted Islands Ghosts of Bungo Suido The Nightingale. Ballard J G Pacific Glory Harmel Kristin, Empire of the Sun Doerr Anthony The Room on Rue Amelie.
1 Empire of the Sun All the Light We Cannot See Harris Robert. 2 Kindness of Women Downing David Enigma,Barnett Jill John Russell Munich. Sentimental Journey 1 Zoo Station Hersey John,Beach Edward 2 Silesian Station The Wall. Run Silent Run Deep 3 Stettin Station The War Lover. Beard Janet 4 Potsdam Station A Bell for Adano, The Atomic City Girls 5 Lehrter Station Hickam Homer. Bohjalian Chris 6 Masaryk Station Josh Thurlow, The Light in the Ruins Evans Lissa 1 The Keeper s Son. Boulle Pierre Crooked Heart 2 The Ambassador s Son. The Bridge Over the River Kwai Their Finest 3 The Far Reaches. Faulks Sebastian,Charlotte Gray, 3 The Fort Smith Public Library does not currently have the books in italics.
Historical Fiction,Higgins Jack Monsarrat Nicholas Smith Martin Cruz. Liam Devlin Cruel Sea December 6, 1 The Eagle Has Landed Moyes Jojo The Girl from Venice. 2 Touch the Devil The Girl You Left Behind Tanabe Karin. 3 Confessional The Ship of Brides The Diplomat s Daughter. 4 The Eagle Has Flown Mueller Marnie Tillman Barrett. Dougal Munro and Jack Carter The Climate of the Country Dauntless. 1 Night of the Fox Nemirovsky Irene Trobaugh Augusta. 2 Cold Harbour Suite Francaise Sophie and the Rising Sun. 3 Flight of Eagles Otsuka Julie Turow Scott, Jeffrey Elizabeth When the Emperor Was Divine Ordinary Heroes. Meadowlands Piercy Marge Umansky Ellen,Jones James Gone to Soldiers The Fortunate Ones. From Here to Eternity Poyer David Waldman Ayelet,Whistle The Only Thing to Fear Love and Treasure.
Katzenback John Reeman Douglas Waters Sarah,Hart s War In Danger s Hour The Night Watch. Kelly Martha Hall The Destroyers Watkins Paul,Lilac Girls The Greatest Enemy The Forger. Kempowski Walter His Majesty s U Boat Wells Lawrence. All for Nothing The Iron Pirate Rommel and the Rebel. Keneally Thomas A Prayer for the Ship Westheimer David. Office of Innocence A Ship Must Die Von Ryan s Express. Kohout Pavel Strike from the Sea Von Ryan s Return. The Widow Killer Surface with Daring Wilhide Elizabeth. Krugler David F Torpedo Run If I Could Tell You,The Dead Don t Bleed Winged Escort. Laker Rosalind Robbins David L Nazi Holocaust,This Shining Land World War II. Leffler Maggie 1 War of the Rats Amis Martin, The Secrets of Flight 2 The End of the War Time s Arrow.
Lehrer Jim James 3 The Last Citadel Balson Ronald H. The Special Prisoner 4 Liberation Road Karolina s Twins. Leroy Margaret 5 Broken Jewel Once We Were Brothers. The Soldier s Wife Robinson Derek Blum Jenna, Lico Albanese Laurie A Good Clean Fight Those Who Save Us. Stolen Beauty Damned Good Show Doughty Louise,Littell Jonathan Piece of Cake Fires in the Dark. The Kindly Ones Rotten with Honour Fallada Hans, MacLean Alistair Roosevelt Kermit Every Man Dies Alone. The Guns of Navarone Allegiance Foer Jonathan Safran. Force 10 from Navarone Rothmann Ralf Everything is Illuminated. Partisans To Die in Spring Gross Andrew,San Andreas Ryan Jennifer The One Man. Where Eagles Dare The Chilbury Ladies Choir The Saboteur. Mason Bonnie Ann See Lisa Havazelet Ehud, The Girl in the Blue Beret China Dolls Bearing the Body.
Masters John Shaara Jeff Hunter Georgia, High Command Second World War Series We Were the Lucky Ones. Mawer Simon 1 The Rising Tide Jenoff Pam,Trapeze 2 The Steel Wave The Kommandant s Girl. McBride James 3 No Less Than Victory The Orphan s Tale. Miracle at St Anna Shattuck Jessica Konar Affinity. McGivern William The Women in the Castle Mischling. Soldiers of 44 Shepard Jim Lemelman Martin, Messineo Teresa The Book of Aron Mendel s Daugther. The Fire by Night Simons Paullina Lourie Richard, Mingarelli Hubert The Bronze Horseman A Hatred for Tulips. A Meal in Winter McMath Phillip,The Broken Vase, 4 The Fort Smith Public Library does not currently have the books in italics.
Historical Fiction,O Nan Stewart Vietnam War,City of Secrets. Padura Leonardo Caputo Philip,Heretics Indian Country. Perlman Elliot Carroll Gerry,The Street Sweeper North S A R. Quinn Daniel Ghostrider One,After Dachau No Place to Hide. Rosenbaum Thane Del Vecchio John M, Second Hand Smoke For the Sake of All Living Things.
Rosenberg Joel C 13th Valley,The Auschwitz Escape Carry Me Home. Sem Sandberg Steve Heath Layne,The Chosen Ones The Blue Deep. Shepard Jim CW2,The Book of Aron Henley Patricia,Umansky Ellen In the River Sweet. The Fortunate Ones Hoyt Richard,Wiesel Elie Vivienne. The Forgotten Janko James,Hostage Buffalo Boy and Geronimo.
A Mad Desire to Dance Johnson Denis,Night Trilogy Tree of Smoke. 1 Night Just Ward,2 Dawn A Dangerous Friend,3 Day The Accident Krivak Andrew. Young Sara The Signal Flame,My Enemy s Cradle Leib Franklin Allen. The Fire Dream,Korean War Marlantes Karl,Matterhorn. Brady James Mort John,The Marines of Autumn Soldier in Paradise.
The Marine Nguyen Viet Thanh,Boyne Walter The Sympathizer. Air Force Eagles O Brien Tim,Condon Richard The Things They Carried. Manchurian Candidate Peterson Michael,Michener James A Bitter Peace. The Bridges at Toko ri A Time of War,Olmstead Robert Pfarrer Donald. The Coldest Night The Fearless Man,Peters Ralph Soli Tatjana.
The Perfect Soldier The Lotus Eaters,Shaara Jeff Stella Charles. The Frozen Hours Blue Lightning,Simmons Edwards Webb James. Dog Company Six Fields of Fire,West Morris,The Ambassador. Updated 10 1 2019, 5 The Fort Smith Public Library does not currently have the books in italics.

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