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HIGHWAY INSPECTOR TRAINING OPTIONS ASSESSMENTS, The Skills Training Centre offers a range of specialised CITY GUILDS 6033 03 HIGHWAY. training and unique assessment packages specifically INSPECTION MONITORING UNITS 301 311. designed to assist organisations in meeting local In addition to the highway inspection training. and national standards and a range of enforcement programmes there is also the City Guilds. requirements qualification, Some courses are recognised by the Institute of UNIT 301 HEALTH SAFETY. Highway Engineers IHE and the UK Roads Board This part of the award is intended to provide. appropriate basic health and safety training for, TRAINING highways inspectors to give them an appreciation. of how to carry out a basic risk assessment and, The five day Highway Inspection Technical assist them to work safely on the highway. programme is based on a series of incremental, knowledge building blocks These blocks inform UNIT 311 HIGHWAY SAFETY INSPECTION.
and instruct at two levels The first level provides This unit is primarily designed to rigorously assess. a comprehensive introduction for those individuals and establish the candidates ability to undertake. with little or no highway environment background highway safety inspections in accordance with. The second level develops themes established national standards suggested or recommended. at level one and expands the technical content in the Code of Practice for Highway Maintenance. and application providing greater insight and Management and standards adopted by local. understanding for the novice and essential refresher highway authorities Highway safety inspections. material for the more experienced highway inspector undertaken by Unit 311 qualified inspectors should. positively contribute towards improved highway user. The training is based on modern instruction methods safety provide a more robust protection against third. group and individual working and several practical live party claims and develop staff confidence Further. highway inspection exercises We would recommend information about the City Guilds qualification. that inspectors attend the technical programme prior to is available on request. attending a NRASW supervisory programme whether, the NRASW qualification is required depends on the. role of highway inspectors in your own organisation LANTRA CUSTOMISED AWARDS. If you are considering putting your candidates The Highway Technical Highway Legal and three. forward for City Guilds 6033 03 Units 301 and 311 day Unit 311 training courses are LANTRA accredited. details opposite please contact our office to discuss customised awards. this prior to any booking for the Highway Technical. course LANTRA are an awarding body with significant. experience in the Highways Sector In order to be, The three day Highway Inspection Legal programme accredited with LANTRA the course content course. is intended for experienced inspectors and or those materials and instructors are reviewed and are. who have attended the five day Highway Inspection monitored via an external verifier from LANTRA. Technical programme You can choose to receive a LANTRA certificate. of attendance at an extra cost instead of our,standard STC certificate of attendance. 020 8619 0939 Email info skillstrainingcentre co uk. Website www skillstrainingcentre co uk,Highway Inspection. HIGHWAY INSPECTION TECHNICAL 5 DAYS,WHO SHOULD ATTEND.
This course is intended for those carrying out, highways inspection in their first year of appointment. and as a useful refresher for more experienced highway. inspectors The course provides a good basic,knowledge of all areas of highways maintenance. and inspection in which they might be involved,The course includes a site visit at which. an inspection will be undertaken, There are two certification routes candidates can choose. Option 1 STC certificate of attendance,Option 2 LANTRA certificate at an extra cost.
OBJECTIVES,4 To provide basic knowledge of key legal. considerations that affect highways and the duties. of the Highway Authority,4 To provide a basic knowledge of the materials. components and techniques used in construction,and maintenance of the highway. 4 To be able to recognise common failures,of highway construction and understand. TOPICS COVERED INCLUDE,the possible causes,4 Adoption and responsibilities of highway.
4 To appreciate the importance of effective,authorities. communication both between individuals and,4 Road construction types. within organisations,4 Materials for construction,4 To highlight health and safety aspects and the. 4 Standards for new build,importance of safe working practice associated. 4 Standards for maintenance work,with work on the highway.
4 Work near trees and verges, 4 To appreciate the importance of records in making. 4 Types of maintenance regimes,an effective legal defence. 4 Legislation and associated Codes of Practice including. 4 Signing and guarding for works,4 Function of the highway inspector. 4 Legal matters relating to inspection,4 Inspection documentation types. 4 Safety inspections,4 Practical inspection,4 Defect recognition.
020 8619 0939 Email info skillstrainingcentre co uk. Website www skillstrainingcentre co uk,Highway Inspection. HIGHWAY INSPECTION LEGAL 3 DAYS,WHO SHOULD ATTEND TOPICS COVERED INCLUDE. The aim of this course is to give someone carrying out 4 The methods by which highways are created. highways inspection detailed knowledge of highways diverted or extinguished. law enforcement knowledge of how to successfully 4 Responsibilities and liabilities of highway. prosecute cases and defend claims including how authorities under common law and statute. to collect and present evidence In order for those 4 The duties and powers by which highway. attending to obtain best value from the course authorities manage the highway. it is expected that they will have several years 4 Procedures used by highway authorities. experience of highways inspection or have completed eg dealing with vehicles which are abandoned. the technical course and had at least 6 months on the highway scaffolding nuisance etc. subsequent experience 4 Importance of contemporary records and their. use to prosecute and defend legal actions, There are two certification routes candidates can choose 4 Preparing and presenting evidence. Option 1 STC certificate of attendance in a courtroom scenario. Option 2 LANTRA certificate at an extra cost 4 The responsibilities of highways authorities. to co ordinate street works, OBJECTIVES 4 An overview of the main provisions of the. 4 To understand the fundamentals of highway NRASWA and the Reinstatement Co ordination. law and its influence on the management Inspection and Signing Guarding Codes. of the highway for the benefit of users of Practice. 4 To understand the requirements for collecting 4 Highways Act 1980 Environment Protection Act. accurate evidence data taking statements and Footpaths Rights of Way Legislation etc. their use in the legal process To gain confidence 4 Maintenance regime for highway structures. in presenting evidence in court,4 How to contribute to Network serviceability and.
to develop an understanding of the procedures N B This is an intensive three day programme that will require. to protect the integrity of the highway delegates to do some homework on the second evening. 4 To develop a practical awareness of NRASWA to prepare cases evidence for the court room scene. and its allied Codes of Practice, 4 To understand how to contribute to Network safety. 020 8619 0939 Email info skillstrainingcentre co uk. Website www skillstrainingcentre co uk,City Guilds 6033. UNIT 301 HEALTH SAFETY,UNIT 311 SAFETY INSPECTION OF THE HIGHWAY. INTRODUCTION,Throughout the UK there is a widespread. recognition of the importance of highway,maintenance and the high value placed on this.
both by users and the wider community There, is also an increasing understanding of the serious. consequences of failure to invest adequately,and effectively in maintaining the local highway. network in particular the progressive deterioration. of safety reliability and quality eventually requiring. even greater levels of investment in the future, This increased profile both in policy and financial. terms for highway maintenance requires a,corresponding increased emphasis on management. and systems to support service delivery within,the context and principles of best value.
The City Guilds 6033 qualification scheme has, been written to give a graded structure of assessed. achievement for those engaged in carrying out,inspections on highways. Delegates achieving the City Guilds Qualification, can apply to the Institute of Highway Engineers IHE. to be added to the Highway Inspectors Register, UNIT 311 assesses an inspector s ability to undertake. highway safety inspections based on the national, UNIT 301 HEALTH SAFETY AND code of practice Code of Practice for Highway.
UNIT 311 SAFETY INSPECTION OF THE HIGHWAY Maintenance Management and locally determined. These have been developed to meet the needs standards practices Safety inspections are primary. of clients who wish to achieve best practice based evidence of the Highway Authorities compliance with. both on national and local standards whilst also their duty to maintain highways maintainable at public. providing opportunities for their employees expense through inspection and repair regimes. to achieve nationally recognised City Guilds and provide essential evidence when faced with. vocational qualifications claims for compensation, UNIT 301 is a mandatory core unit that assesses A three day training programme which can be. an inspector s ability to operate safely in a highway LANTRA Certificated optional to ensure that. environment and within the scope of Health and your staff are aware of your systems procedures. Safety Legislation and Regulations This covers local HAMP and the requirements of the CoPfHMM. the necessary training in the morning which,is then followed in the afternoon by unit 301. Assessments, 020 8619 0939 Email info skillstrainingcentre co uk. Website www skillstrainingcentre co uk,City Guilds 6033. PURPOSE OF THE QUALIFICATION SCHEME CLIENT S EXPERIENCES. The qualification provides a system to assess These comments from two local authorities. the ability of highway inspectors and is intended demonstrate the real value of the training. to be flexible enough to cater for all methods and assessment process. of operation, Since undertaking the training some 18 months ago I have.
Current Legislation Codes of Practice require, seen significant improvements to the service I now have. that amongst other things management must a team of inspectors who fully understand. 1 Follow the principles described in the,4 The legal background to highway maintenance. Code of Practice for Highway Maintenance 4 The reasons why inspections are to be carried out. Management 4 What a safety defect is, 2 Ensure employees are provided with adequate 4 Council policies such as the winter maintenance plan. health and safety training Management of Health and highway maintenance plan. and Safety at Work Regs Additionally improvements have been seen in our insurance. 3 Ensure that employees are carrying out claims from two areas namely. inspections in accordance with the Highways Act 1 We are able to repudiate a high percentage of insurance. 4 Ensure employees are working in accordance claims using our statutory defences i e policy in place. with the Environmental Protection Act and demonstration of it being adhered to through inspection. 5 Ensure employees are working in accordance 2 Also when inspectors have been required to present. with the New Roads Street Works Act evidence at court they are able to say they have. 6 Ensure that data collected for statutory a qualification in highway inspection and this together. performance indicators for road condition under with the legal training they have received enables them. the Local Government Act meet the requirements to present detailed and technical evidence at court. of the Act as set out in the instructions published Therefore our success rate at court is also very high. annually by the Department of Transport Indeed we are in the top quartile if high performing highway. authorities in Wales in this area I consider the training that. my officers undertook was cost effective and very successful. Christina Harrhy Torfaen, Without exception our inspection staff have found this. assessment to be a challenging but rewarding experience. By achieving this unit 311 it has been confirmed to both. my staff and myself the increased emphasis now placed. on the need for accurate inspection and monitoring I feel that. inspecting to a recognised national standard as recommended. in the Code of Practice has effectively raised the profile. of highway inspection duties and the positive feedback from. both assessors regarding our inspection regime and working. methods has further motivated my staff in their duties. Furthermore I am convinced that this accreditation will benefit. our authority in its defence of future highway related insurance. claims and this whole process emphasises our ongoing training. and development of staff,Larry Austin Bournemouth, 020 8619 0939 Email info skillstrainingcentre co uk.
Website www skillstrainingcentre co uk,City Guilds 6033. SAFETY INSPECTION OF THE HIGHWAY,4 Highway maintenance. 4 Highway safety inspection,4 Defect and related risk hazard recognition. 4 Safe working practices,4 Highway safe working procedure. 4 Causes of highway claims,4 Highway construction types elements.
4 The special defence,4 Woolf protocols,4 Defect risk assessment processess. 4 National Code of Practice for Highway,Maintenance Management. 4 Local Highway Assessment Management Plan,HAMP other relevant local documents. PERFORMANCE CRITERIA,4 Undertake a safety inspection. 4 Interpret the results,4 Make accurate measurements.
UNIT 301 HEALTH SAFETY 4 Record the results,4 Carry out the task in accordance with. CONTENT a safe system of work,4 Health and safety,4 Risk assessment. 4 Hazard recognition,4 Safe working practices,4 Management of health and safety. 4 Chapter 8,4 Signing and Guarding a Code of Practice. PERFORMANCE CRITERIA,4 Carry out a risk assessment.
4 Interpret the results,4 Choose a course of action based upon the result. 4 Carry out the task in accordance with a safe,system of work. 020 8619 0939 Email info skillstrainingcentre co uk. Website www skillstrainingcentre co uk,City Guilds 6033. WHAT IS THE PROCESS,Desk Top Review Unit 301, Review of your systems and procedures before This covers the necessary training in the morning. the 311 pre visit which is then followed in the afternoon by unit 301. assessments, Our assessor will meet with you your senior staff to.
Unit 311 Training,review your procedures and documentation to make. A training programme which can be LANTRA,you aware of any gaps and agree how these are. Certificated optional to ensure that your staff are. going to be filled for the purposes of the training. aware of your systems procedures local HAMP,and assessment. and the requirements of the CoPfHMM,Unit 311 Assessments. Theory and practical assessments, 020 8619 0939 Email info skillstrainingcentre co uk.
Website www skillstrainingcentre co uk,Copyright STC2016.

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