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PB 133K EN EU 8sid NY indd 2 2011 11 24 17 03,Moves building. material quickly,The HIAB XS 133 K, The HIAB XS 133 K is designed specifically with the builders. merchant in mind This compact powerful go anywhere truck. mounted crane offers you unbeatable costeffectiveness and flex. ibility in materials handling, The 3 metre inner boom K boom system combined with an outer. boom link gives you outstanding close in performance perfect for. working in confined or awkward spaces At full outreach the boom. system extends to almost 10 metres The HIAB XS 133 K incorpo. rates the very latest XS Pro control system At the heart of the crane. is the fully proportional Valve 91 this supports all the features of. the SPACE 3000 intelligence system Operating safety is further. enhanced by outrigger legs and beams Controlled from the ground. and also from the top seat they give rock solid stability. The non foldable K boom system has geometries that are ideally. suited for meeting the demands of the building materials indus. tries It has an extra long inner boom and a shorter outer boom. The long inner boom provides faster moves from close in to far out. On the K boom system the two outer boom extensions come out at. the same time driven by only one cylinder and a chain connection. This doubles extension speed thus giving a very fast overall load. cycle speed,PB 133K EN EU 8sid NY indd 3 2011 11 24 17 03. Hiab XS 133 K Capacity 14 tm,Front runners in boom design D link.
A Hiab crane is built to withstand extreme loading under The D link system is an outer boom link which provides. all kinds of circumstances in all field conditions Keeping a lever connection between the inner and outer boom. the boom reliable tough and sturdy under extreme The main function of the D link is to enable the outer. loading has made Hiab a world leader in crane boom engi boom to move at a constant speed resulting in smooth. neering Taking a closer look at the crane one can point and precise performance The system absorbs peaks and. out a number of features that our customers benefit from shocks during excavation work making the crane easy. to work with In addition the D link does not protrude. below the boom ensuring it does not interfere with load. positioned under the boom,High seat D link, A high seat provides an excellent view mini An outer boom link causes the outer boom. mizing the danger resulting from blind angles to move at constant speed It also prevents. If the crane is remotely controlled there is a capacity loss when working with a stretched. bracket to place the control unit in out boom It does not protrude below the. boom and thereby does not interfere with,High torque slewing any load placed there. A heavy duty high torque slewing mecha, nism ensures safe and efficient operation Hoses internally. even on inclines or slopes Running hydraulic hoses inside the boom. structure greatly reduces the risk of damaging, Oil bath them This keeps maintenance cost down and. Keeping the slewing mechanism in an oil increases productivity. bath provides smooth and precise slewing, Reduced wear on the mechanism keeps Load holding valve.
repair and service costs to a minimum and The load holding valve enables you to lower. also guarantees a longer crane life loads without having to use engine power. This saves fuel thereby lowering cost and, VSL noise levels The built in hose failure function. Thanks to the VSL function drivers can give ality also provides safety in the unlikely case. their full attention to driving the crane The that a hydraulic hose should burst. crane s intelligent system SPACE automati,cally takes care of the stability something. that improves safety for you and those,around you,PB 133K EN EU 8sid NY indd 4 2011 11 24 17 03. K boom Hexagonal boom profile Side supports for stability. The long inner and short outer boom gives The hexagonal profile ensures the boom is The side supports greatly improve the. excellent load cycle speed On top of this always in perfect balance thanks to its shape performance when for example excavating or. the chain drive makes the two outer boom and large support surface The profile also performing other high stress tasks. extensions come out at the same time giving minimizes boom deflection which reduces. you the fastest boom system on the market maintenance costs and increases efficiency. JIC couplings Large slide pads, JIC couplings are standard on most Hiab The hexagonal profile enables the use of. cranes They ensure easy and secure larger slide pads This makes the extensions. coupling but are still very simple to discon move more smoothly and reduces mechani. nect for service cal wear on the boom,Optional brick and block clamp.
Hiab s brick and block clamp comes in differ,ent sizes and is ideal for handling stacks of. bricks and other building materials bundled,or unbundled palletized or unpalletized. PB 133K EN EU 8sid NY indd 5 2011 11 24 17 03,Pro control system. Pro is the most advanced manually operated control. system in the XS family Equipped with the Valve 91 the. Pro system offers high load cycling speed with maximum. precision The SPACE 3000 intelligence system with,Automatic Duty Control ADC increases your crane s. capacity In the Pro version of Hiab XS 122 166 a Manual. Speed Control MSC function is also included,SPACE 3000 intelligence system.
The SPACE 3000 is the basic electronic system for Valve 91. intelligently monitoring and controlling the electronic The Hiab Valve 91 represents the pinnacle. functions These functions are focused on assisting the of valve technology handling very large oil. operator in two aspects safety and productivity throughputs It is a closed centre pressure. Safety is managed by an Over Load Protec compensated load sensing control valve. providing the operator with finger tip feel, tion OLP function and productivity is increased by. when handling the crane,the Automatic Duty Control ADC and Manual Speed. Control MSC functions, Further more the system handles functions primarily. used by service personnel such as fault code indication. and load cycle data Equipped with these functions the. SPACE 3000 is a part of the Pro control system,Optional CombiDrive2. With the Hiab CombiDrive2 you can position,yourself at the best possible location when.
operating the crane It features 24 propor,tional and 12 on off functions for controlling. the crane optional equipment and acces,sories all with the same precision. A high seat provides an excellent view which,minimizes the danger resulting from blind. angles Once in the high seat the operator is,also at a very safe position Levers mounted. directly onto the control valve gives a superb,feel for the load.
PB 133K EN EU 8sid NY indd 6 2011 11 24 17 03,Technical data K 2 CL K 2 Pro. Max lifting capacity kNm 120 140,Outreach hydraulic extensions m 9 75 9 75. Outreach manual extensions m,Outreach lifting capacity m kg 3 7 3250 3 7 3700. 4 7 2600 4 7 3000,7 1 1660 7 1 1960,9 6 1220 9 6 1440. Slewing angle 415 415,Height with horizontal boom mm 2390 2390.
Installation space needed mm 770 770, Weight standard crane without stabilizers kg 1970 1970. Weight stabilizer equipment kg 270 340 270 340,Hiab XS 133 K 2 Pro. Min 4750 Max 9750, Disclaimer Hiab cranes have been built to meet the highest standards of safety and service life and have been thoroughly tested Strength calculations. for this model have been carried out in accordance with EN 13001 fatigue class S2 Cargotec s certified Quality Assurance System complies with ISO 9001. Some of the items in our literature may be extra equipment Certain applications may require an official permit We reserve the right to change technical. specifications without prior notice Hiab cranes produced for EU countries are CE marked and comply with the European Standard EN 12999. PB 133K EN EU 8sid NY indd 7 2011 11 24 17 03,PB 133K EN EU 111124. Cargotec improves the efficiency of cargo flows by offering solutions for the. loading and unloading of goods on land and at sea wherever cargo is on. the move Cargotec s main daughter brands for cargo handling Hiab Kalmar. and MacGregor are global market leaders in their fields www cargotec com.

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