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A Note from the Designer, Innovative new designs are only appreciated when related to my collections from the past Many have said Charles . you are only as good as your next collection My new collections will mix and match layer and stack and balance. off my previous collections in a perfectly paired manner My design style is passionately evolving as my collector s. standards continually rise , I design jewelry with the modern woman in mind You have passion you have style and wearing my jewelry will. blend seamlessly with both Family owned and operated my company is very much in tune with the day to day. responsibilities many of my collectors bare That is why I strive to develop and add to my collections designs that. are unique versatile and generational , Ultimately I strive to transition every one of my customers into a Charles Krypell collector All of my jewelry. will transcend time setting apart your style in the modern day and creating lasting memories for future generations . Timeless design and detailed craftsmanship will give you the confidence that only true quality can inspire . Show the world the essence of you one piece at a time . Charles Krypell, necklace 38 2 395, also available in turquoise . as seen on opposite page, hematite necklace 495, white mother of pearl necklace 475.
2 Charles Krypell white mother of pearl bolo bracelet 320 Charles Krypell 3. Day and Night, Versatility meets glamour Brighten up your day and. dazzle into the night with the electric energy of turquoise. and the pure elegance of hematite , SKYE COLLECTION. ring 375 pendant 475 bracelet 1 695, ring 395 pendant 495. bracelet 1 795 earrings 695, as seen on opposite page. stud earrings 290 pendants 190 rings 230 bracelet 350. 4 Charles Krypell as seen on model page 4 necklace 2 395 Charles Krypell 5. It s All in the Details, The intricate details in our newest Ivy Lace Collection.
are feminine yet bold Express your style ,IVY LACE COLLECTION. IVY LACE COLLECTION,pendants 290,earrings 495 SILVER WITH ROSE OR YELLOW GOLD. bolo bracelet 290 necklaces 585 earrings 750 bolo bracelet 375. rings 290 bangle bracelets 1 695 band rings 750, STERLING SILVER. 6 Charles Krypell band ring 340 bangle bracelet 870 Charles Krypell 7. Simply Delicate, This season let the warmth of the tricolor metals in the. Firefly Collection be admired by all The simple touch is. something different something new and absolutely stunning . FIREFLY COLLECTION, FIREFLY COLLECTION, silver with diamonds 385 SILVER WITH ROSE OR YELLOW GOLD.
yellow gold silver with diamonds 695 earrings 980 bracelets 1 190 necklaces with diamonds 1 390. rose gold silver with diamonds 695 single rings with diamonds 385 triple band rings with diamonds 1 230. bolo bracelets tricolor band ring with diamonds 970. yellow gold silver with diamonds 420, STERLING SILVER. 8 Charles Krypell bracelet 670 single ring with diamonds 290 Charles Krypell 9. Anytime All the Time, The timeless designs of our Firefly Collection can be. worn to dress up or dress down This collection will. forever make a statement , FIREFLY COLLECTION necklaces 595. bolo bracelet 385, stud earrings 495 earrings 850. pendants 290, bolo bracelet 290, wire bracelets 575.
10 Charles Krypell rings 290 Charles Krypell 11, Two Toned Beauty. Beautifully detailed ivy beads are, enhanced by the warm sultry. glow of rose and yellow gold , Understated yet captivating . this collection is the, definition of elegance , IVY TWO TONE COLLECTION. earrings 395, pendants 395, lariat necklace 895, five bead necklace 17 695.
bracelets 495,12 Charles Krypell, A Pop of Color, Brighten up your day by adding a pop of color to. any outfit This sleek modern design will define, your style . pendants 295, rings 295, wire bracelets 485, earrings 385. bolo bracelet 295, featured gemstones, 14 Charles Krypell blue topaz purple amethyst garnet Charles Krypell 15. Youthful Elegance, Modern cool and fun this collection is the perfect.
addition to any outfit Let the sleek youthful design. help you shine and sparkle from the inside out , Candy for the Eyes. Satisfy your craving for timeless quality , Sweet and savory unite for a collection. that will make each visit to your jewelry, box feel like a trip to the candy store . ELLAH COLLECTION DYLANI COLLECTION,rings all earrings except blue topaz 495. gemstones diamonds except morganite 670 blue topaz earrings 550. pendants oval rings 385, gemstones diamonds except morganite 695 cushion cut rings 570.
as seen on model pendants 385,morganite diamonds necklace 890 bracelets 695. morganite diamonds ring 870, featured gemstones, 16 Charles Krypell blue topaz green amethyst purple amethyst garnet Charles Krypell 17. Life in Color, Delicate design and exceptional craftsmanship. come together to bloom in captivating color , ASPEN COLLECTION. GREEN AMETHYST,EVE COLLECTION pendant 595 earrings 895.
BLUE TOPAZ DIAMONDS PURPLE AMETHYST, ring 1 595 pendant 1 795 earrings 2 990 pendant 795 earrings 1 290. as seen on model, BLUE TOPAZ,PURPLE AMETHYST DIAMONDS. pendant 1 090 earrings 1 695, ring 1 390 pendant 1 595 earrings 2 695 lariat necklace 2 490 Charles Krypell 19. Precious Pav , Pave the way for jewelry as exceptional as you are . Black sapphires brown diamonds and white diamonds in. brilliant pav settings help to add dimension and texture. to an already captivating design , PAV COLLECTION.
brown diamonds 1 490, white diamonds 1 695, black sapphires 695. white diamonds 3 190, brown diamonds 795, white diamonds 890. black sapphires 385, brown diamond studs 1 590, black sapphire studs 770. black sapphire dangle 795, bolo bracelets, black sapphires 385. 20 Charles Krypell white diamonds 890 Charles Krypell 21. The Missing Link, Casual and stylish the Link Collection is perfect for.
your favorite everyday outfit Whether you are going to. dinner or spending the day shopping your sleek modern. style is sure to be admired by all , IVY LINK COLLECTION. lasso pendant 210,earrings 2 395,pendant 2 595, earrings 450. bowtie ring 1 790, bracelet 1 190,cuff bracelet 2 795. belt new stainless steel belt buckle, as seen on model bracelet 3 595 saddle ring 2 595 on genuine leather 295. featuring black white sapphires also available in sterling silver 1 490 Charles Krypell 23. A Touch of Gold, This beautiful Ivy design delicately wrapped.
in warm 18k yellow gold is a timeless,IVY COLLECTION. masterpiece and an essential addition,earrings 475. to any woman s collection ,rondel pendant 199,cuff bracelet 1 250. rings from left to right 385 495 385,as seen on model page 24. large heart pendant 595 earrings 430, fleur de lis cuff bracelet 1 495 pendants all styles 395 Charles Krypell 25.
Simply Silver, Enjoy the sleek versatile beauty of Sterling. Silver brilliantly carved to form an iconic, Ivy design Mix and match layer and stack . The Modern Classic, finally the collection you can wear everyday The timeless elegance of pearls paired with the fashionable. gleam of sterling silver helps bring this iconic look into the. modern age Classic sleek and refined , IVY PEARL COLLECTION. stud earrings 99 earrings 250 pendant 290 bracelet 595 necklace 18 1 485. bead necklace 295, bead bracelet 595 as seen on model page 26 ring 295 bead bracelet 595 cuff bracelet with gold 2 190.
as seen on back cover, 26 Charles Krypell stackable bracelets silver 870 silver with rose or yellow gold 1 190 set of three 3 250 Charles Krypell 27.

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