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Florida WIC Foods July 2019 Page 1,WHOLE GRAINS ANY. WHOLE GRAINS BRAND,100 Whole Wheat Bread Buns Oatmeal or Oats. 16 oz 1 lb loaf or ANY BRAND Instant Quick Old Fashioned or Rolled. package only 16 oz 1 lb OR 32 oz 2 lb bag box or container. Allowed brands Allowed brands include n Hodgson Mill. n Arnold Sliced Buns and n Bob s Red Mill n Vitarroz n Finest Brand n Madame Gougousse. Sliced Hot Dog Buns n Mom s Best n Goya n Molinera n Lakay n El Sabor. n Nature s Own Sugar Free n McCann s n JCS n N ap boule n Iberia n Ti Machan n n Yummy. and with Honey Note 16 oz and 32 oz Oatmeal or Oats may be purchased as Whole Grains. n Pepperidge Farm Swirl while 11 8 oz and 23 7 oz Quaker Ralston and store brands of Instant. Oatmeal Original Regular may be purchased as Breakfast Cereal. Light Style Stone Ground,and Very Thin,n Sara Lee,Bulgur or Cracked Wheat ANY. n Wonder ANY BRAND 16 oz 1 lb OR 32 oz 2 lb bag BRAND. n Any store brand box or container,100 FRUIT JUICE. Children receive juice in 64 oz bottles btl cartons or jugs. A gallon size 128 oz bottle of juice will count as 2 two 64 oz bottles. A 16 oz can of juice concentrate can be bought instead of a 64 oz bottle. Women receive juice in 48 oz bottles btl A 96 oz bottle of juice will. count as 2 two 48 oz bottles An 11 5 or 12 oz can of juice concentrate can. be bought instead of a 48 oz bottle, Apple Grape Pineapple and White Grape Juices must be labeled as.
100 Whole Wheat Pasta 72 mg 80 or more vitamin C per 8 oz serving OR 120 or more. 16 oz 1 lb size only vitamin C per 8 oz serving when mg of vitamin C are not listed on. label May buy juice that has added calcium or vitamin D. ANY BRAND ANY SHAPE No added sugar or syrup No juice drinks beverages cocktails or. 100 whole wheat pasta macaroni light juice No juice blends. Whole wheat flour and or whole durum,Refrigerated Plastic Jugs or Cartons. wheat flour must be the only flours listed in,the ingredient list. No added vegetables sugars fats oils,or salt sodium 100. Grapefruit,JUICE JUICE Juice,100 Whole Wheat Tortillas. 16 oz 1 lb bag only ANY BRAND ANY BRAND Half gallon 64 oz. ANY BRAND Gallon 128 oz n Orange n Ruby Red Grapefruit. n Orange n Pink Grapefruit n White Grapefruit,100 whole wheat tortillas.
Whole wheat flour must be the only flour,listed in the ingredient list. Plastic Bottles or Jugs, ANY BRAND 48 oz 64 oz 96 oz and Gallon 128 oz sizes. Corn Tortillas Apple is the only allowed flavor of Juicy Juice Note Other Juicy. 16 oz 1 lb bag only Juice products such as Grape White Grape and Orange Tangerine. Allowed brands are not allowed because they are juice blends. n Best Choice n Essential Everyday n Mi Tia No Apple Cider or Natural Apple Juice No Kedem Juice No Welch s. n Chi Chi s n La Banderita n Mission 96 oz size No Welch s with Fiber or with Calcium. n Daisy n La Real n ShurFine,No taco shells or tortilla chips. Brown Rice 100,ANY BRAND 100,14 to 16 oz bag or box 1 lb APPLE. n Apple n Grape n Orange n Pineapple n White n White. 28 to 32 oz bag or box 2 lb Grape Grapefruit,Regular Instant Boil in Bag.
Frozen Concentrate,Basmati Jasmine Short Grain and Instant 100. Long Grain are allowed, Whole Grain APPLE ANY BRAND 11 5 oz 12 oz and 16 oz sizes. Brown JUICE,No white rice or wild rice No added Rice Apple. n n Grape n Orange n Pineapple n White n White,Grape Grapefruit. ingredients such as seasonings, No rice in jars No frozen rice Welch s frozen concentrate must have yellow top.
Florida WIC Foods July 2019 Page 2,BREAKFAST CEREAL. 9 to 36 oz box or bag Allowed items are only those listed Cereals with contain 51 or more whole grain GF Gluten Free. No other sizes flavors or varieties are allowed,General Mills. Cheerios MultiGrain Blueberry Cinnamon Corn Rice Vanilla Wheat Wheaties Total Berry Berry Honey Kix. GF Cheerios GF Chex GF Chex GF Chex GF Chex GF Chex GF Chex Whole Grain Kix Kix. All Bran Corn Crispix Frosted Mini Wheats Rice Krispies Special K Special K Protein. Complete Flakes Original Little Bites Touch of Fruit Original Original Honey Almond. Wheat Flakes Raspberry Multi Grain Ancient Grains,Post Malt O Meal. Great Grape Nuts Grape Nuts Honey Bunches of Oats Corn Flakes Hot Wheat Original Farina Original. Grains Flakes Honey With Vanilla Whole Grain Pecan. Banana Nut Roasted Almonds Bunches Honey Crunch Maple. Crunch Brown Sugar,Frosted Strawberry Cream,Mini Spooners Mini Spooners. Instant Grits Instant Oatmeal Life Oatmeal Squares. Original Original Original Brown Sugar Cinnamon Blueberry Mini Spooners Crispy Rice GF. Any Store Brand or Ralston Foods Brand of the following Cream of Wheat or Rice. Bran Flakes MultiGrain Flakes, Corn Flakes MultiGrain Medley Tasteeos Spins or Toasted Cereal.
Corn Squares Biscuits Crisps or Bites Nutty Nuggets Crunchy Nuggets Crunchy Wheat. Crisp Rice Crispy Rice Oat Crunch Oat Wise Oat Squares Lively Oats. Crispy Hexagons Corn Rice Oats More with Almonds Almonds Oats. Essentially You Toasted Rice Oats More with Honey Honey Oats. Frosted Shredded Wheat Frosted Wheat Rice Squares Biscuits Crisps or Pockets. Instant Grits Original Regular Toasted Oats Tasteeos Toasted Oat Spins Happy O s Cream of Rice Cream of Wheat. Instant Oatmeal Original Regular 11 8 oz Wheat Flakes Crema de Whole Grain 2 minute 1 minute. Strawberry Frosted Shredded Wheat Wheat Squares Biscuits or Crisps Arroz Stove Top Instant. Stove Top Instant,Instant GF, Keep track of the cereal balance left on your WIC EBT card Plan your cereal purchase so you are able to use all of. the ounces oz for the month If you buy 12 18 24 and 36 oz sizes of cereals you will be more likely to use all of your. cereal ounces,Florida WIC Foods July 2019 Page 3,MILK FRUITS AND. LEAST EXPENSIVE BRAND VEGETABLES, Your shopping list will state the allowed fat level quantity size. and type of milk that you may purchase Fresh, May buy calcium fortified enriched milk or milk with probiotics such n ANY BRAND variety size or mixture of fresh fruits and vegetables. as acidophilus or bifidus if it is the LEAST EXPENSIVE AVAILABLE of with no added sugar syrup artificial sweeteners fat or oil. that size and fat level n Whole or cut up, No goat s milk nut milk rice milk or other grain milks n Loose or packed in bags or plastic containers.
No flavored milk kefir or buttermilk n Fresh garlic onions scallions cassava and yuca are allowed. Whole Milk for children 1 year of age Canned also includes plastic or glass containers. 1 Lowfat or Fat Free Milk for women and children 2 n ANY BRAND variety size or mixture of canned fruits and vegetables. years of age and older, with no added sugar syrup artificial sweeteners fat oil or meat. 2 Reduced Fat Milk under special circumstances n Canned fruit must be packed in water or fruit juice and may not. for women and children have added salt, Refrigerated milk n Canned vegetables may be with or without salt and may have. Gallon gal Half gallon hgl Quart qt added seasonings or spices. 2 pack of gallon size 2 gal n Applesauce with no sugar added and applesauce fruit blends with. no sugar added, The following types of milk may only be purchased when listed n Tomato sauce tomato paste whole tomatoes crushed tomatoes. on the shopping list diced tomatoes and salsa with no added sugar syrup artificial. Evaporated Milk sweeteners fat oil or meat, 12 oz can evaporated milk whole n Canned beans and peas such as green peas green beans wax. 12 oz can fat free evaporated milk skim beans snap beans and snap peas are allowed Note Canned green. No filled milk No 2 lowfat evaporated milk peas and whole kernel corn may have added sugar Mixed vegetables. Lactose Free Milk Nonfat Dry Milk may include any type of bean. Half gallon 0 50 gal 3 2 oz pouch makes 1 qt 0 25 gal. 96 oz 0 75 gal 9 6 oz container makes 3 qt 0 75 gal Frozen. Quart 0 25 gal 16 oz box makes 5 qt 1 25 gal n ANY BRAND variety size or mixture of frozen fruits and vegetables. 25 6 oz box pouch makes 8 qt 2 00 gal with no added sugar syrup artificial sweeteners fat oil meat pasta. UHT Milk 32 oz box makes 10 qt 2 50 gal rice or sauce Frozen vegetables may be with or without salt. Quart qt 64 oz box makes 20 qt 5 00 gal n Any frozen beans or peas such as lima beans and blackeye peas are. Soy Milk or Soy Beverage, All types of fresh frozen and canned potatoes are allowed as long as.
Allowed refrigerated brands they have no added sugar syrup artificial sweeteners fat oil or meat. 8th Continent Original half gallon, 8th Continent Vanilla half gallon No items from the salad bar party trays or fruit baskets. Great Value Original half gallon No decorative fruits or vegetables painted pumpkins or gourds. Silk Original 64 oz or 32 oz No herbs and spices No minced garlic in jars No ginger root. No edible blossoms flowers or plants,Allowed shelf stable brands. No dried or dehydrated fruits or vegetables,Pacific Foods Ultra Soy Original 32 oz. No baby and toddler fruits and vegetables,Silk Original 32 oz. No pouches of fruit purees or fruit pulps No frozen fruit bars. Half gallon 64 oz or 2 quarts 1 hgl No beverages such as fruit juice tomato juice and vegetable juice. 2 pack of half gallon size 2 hgl No nuts coconuts or fruit nut mixtures. 1 quart 32 oz 0 5 hgl No ketchup relishes pickles olives sauerkraut or mustard. No jelly jams fruit preserves or apple butter, No dry or canned beans peas that are allowed in Beans category.
CHEESE If the total price of the allowed fruits and vegetables selected. by the WIC customer is more than the dollar limit of Fruits and. ANY BRAND Vegetables the customer can choose to pay the difference in cash. 8 oz or 16 oz 1 lb package slices shredded block round or another form of acceptable payment at check out time Or the. string or cubes of cheeses listed below Whole milk part skim WIC customer can remove some of the fruits and vegetables from. reduced fat lowfat and any blends of the cheeses listed below the purchase so that the cost is less than or equal to the dollar limit. are allowed Non smoked and smoked cheeses are allowed If the dollar amount of the purchase is less than the dollar limit no. change is to be given to the WIC customer,n American Deluxe n Monterey Jack n Muenster. n Cheddar mild medium sharp extra sharp n Provolone. n Colby n Mozzarella n Swiss Organic products are not allowed with any WIC. n Colby Jack n Mozzarella Cheddar purchases except when buying. n Cheddar Jack n Mozzarella Provolone Fruits and Vegetables and Baby Foods. No cheese product or cheese food No individually wrapped slices When added sugar or syrup is not allowed this includes sugar sucrose corn syrup. No other sizes flavors or varieties No cheese with added ingredients high fructose corn syrup maltose dextrose honey and maple syrup When added artificial. such as Pepper Jack No imported cheese No fat free cheese sweeteners are not allowed they include Splenda NutraSweet Equal aspartame. saccharin sucralose and acesulfame K,Florida WIC Foods July 2019 Page 4. BABY FOODS EGGS, Regular and Organic brands of baby cereal baby fruits and. vegetables and baby meats are allowed including Baby LEAST EXPENSIVE BRAND. Basics Beech Nut Earth s Best Gerber Happy Baby Nature s 1 dozen doz white chicken eggs in. Heart Organic O Organics Once Upon A Farm Parent s large OR extra large OR jumbo. Choice Pic Select Fresh and Wild Harvest Half dozen size may be purchased. Examples of how to buy No specialty or low cholesterol eggs No brown eggs. Baby Cereal 24 oz baby cereal,8 oz or 16 oz container. n Barley n MultiGrain 16 oz 8 oz PEANUT BUTTER,n Oatmeal n Oatmeal Millet Quinoa 8 oz.
n Rice n Whole Wheat 8 oz,8 oz 16 to 18 oz jar only. No added ingredients such as, fruit formula yogurt or DHA ANY BRAND Peanut Butter. Creamy Crunchy Chunky Extra Crunchy Smooth,Baby Fruits and Vegetables Super Chunk or Natural. No spreads whipped or reduced fat, ANY BRAND of baby fruits vegetables or fruit No Peter Pan Plus Jif Omega 3 or Simply Jif. vegetable combinations in only these sizes No Natural Jif Peter Pan or Skippy these are spreads. Jar 4 oz No added artificial sweeteners honey marshmallow chocolate. Package 8 oz with two 4 oz containers or jelly,Package 4 oz with two 2 oz containers.
May buy 128 oz variety pack and 12 oz starter kit,No pouches No added ingredients such as DHA. sugars starches salt sodium meat poultry cereal,LIGHT TUNA PINK SALMON MACKEREL. noodles rice yogurt raisins granola oatmeal,For women who are fully breastfeeding PINK. chia quinoa or amaranth No desserts dinners or SALMON. casseroles No toddler foods or pregnant with more than one baby Light Tuna. You can buy your baby fruits and vegetables with any combination. of packages or jars that add up to the total ounces oz you receive ANY BRAND 5 to 15 oz can. n Light Tuna n Mackerel Atlantic Pacific Chub or Jack. per month Here are some examples of how to buy,64 oz 16 4 oz jars packages OR 8 8 oz packages. 128 oz 32 4 oz jars packages OR 16 8 oz packages Packed in water spring water or oil. 256 oz 64 4 oz jars packages OR 32 8 oz packages No white albacore or yellow fin tuna No sockeye or. red salmon No pouches No olive oil lemon flavored, Baby Meats gourmet smoked grilled blackened or added ingredients.
For breastfed babies who receive no formula from WIC. 2 5 oz jar only BEANS,n Beef Beef Broth Gravy, n Chicken For each bag of beans on your EBT card you can buy either a. Chicken Broth Gravy, n Ham Ham Gravy 16 oz bag of dry beans OR 4 four 15 to 16 oz cans of beans. n Turkey Turkey Broth Gravy Each can of beans counts as 0 25 bag. 1 00 bag 4 cans 0 50 bag 2 cans,No meat sticks,0 75 bag 3 cans 0 25 bag 1 can. YOGURT Examples of beans include but are not limited to black beans blackeye. peas cannellini beans garbanzo beans chickpeas great northern beans. kidney beans lentils lima beans navy beans pink beans pinto beans. ANY BRAND ANY FLAVOR including Greek Yogurt pigeon peas red beans soybeans split peas and white beans. Whole Milk Yogurt for children 1 year of age, Nonfat or Lowfat Yogurt 0 to 2 fat for women and Dry Beans 16 oz 1 lb bag only. children 2 years of age and older ANY BRAND is allowed. No smaller sizes No flavored seasoned, For each tub on shopping list these sizes may be purchased gourmet or soup mixes.
n one 32 oz 2 lb tub OR, n one 32 oz 2 lb package with eight 4 oz servings OR Canned Beans 15 to 16 oz can only. n two 16 oz 1 lb packages with four 4 oz servings,ANY BRAND is allowed May be with salt or reduced. No yogurt with more than 40 grams total sugars per 1 cup 8 sodium May have added sugar syrup or dextrose. oz serving 30 grams total sugars per 3 4 cup 6 oz serving or No canned green peas green beans wax beans or. 20 grams total sugars per 4 oz serving No yogurt with artificial snap beans No soups No chili beans seasoned beans. sweeteners or stevia many of these yogurts are called LIGHT refried beans or baked beans No added meat fat oil. yogurt No smoothies or artificial sweeteners,Florida WIC Foods July 2019 Page 5. Smart Shopping with your WIC EBT Card, EBT stands for Electronic Benefits Transfer EBT is a simple secure and convenient. way to buy your WIC foods All of the foods for your family will be together on one. card There will be a begin date and end date to buy your family s food each month. You can choose how little or how much you want to buy each time you go grocery. shopping with your WIC EBT card Make sure you buy all of the foods on your shopping. list within the allowed dates Benefits will be in your food account at 12 00 midnight. At the store always have on the beginning date and will expire at 12 00 midnight on the ending date. 1 Your WIC EBT card, 2 The Florida WIC Foods pamphlet In the WIC Office.
3 The WIC EBT shopping list You will receive your WIC EBT card To use your new EBT card you will need to have. 4 Most recent store receipt from a WIC EBT a 4 digit secret code called a PIN which stands for Personal Identification Number WIC. purchase staff will give you information about how to set up your PIN When choosing a PIN. EXAMPLE choose 4 numbers that are easy for you to remember but hard for someone else to. At the bottom Bottom of Store Receipt figure out Don t use the same number like 1111 or a sequence of numbers like 1234. of the store from WIC Purchase for your PIN Keep your PIN a secret. receipt you QTY UNITS DESCRIPTION You will receive a Florida WIC EBT Shopping List The shopping list shows all of your. 1 00 lb Cheese 8 or 16 oz,will see how 2 00 doz Eggs. family s WIC foods for each month, much food 72 00 oz Breakfast Cereal You will receive a list of stores where you can use your WIC EBT card. 2 00 jar Peanut Butter, is left on 2 00 lb Whole Grains In the Check Out Line. your card for 4 00 gal 1 or Fat Free Milk n,Give the cashier any coupons. 4 00 btl Juice64oz 128 oz 2,the current 12 00 Fruits Vegetables.
n Some stores may tell you to separate your WIC foods from other foods. month CARDHOLDER COPY, n Then the cashier will tell you when to swipe your EBT card and when to enter your. PIN Note Once you swipe your card and select yes the transaction cannot be. WIC EBT Customer Service canceled or voided,n The cashier will then give you a receipt. 1 866 629 1095 n The receipt will tell you what foods you bought with your WIC EBT card and what. www FloridaWIC org foods you have left on your card. Call the toll free number or visit the website Returning to the WIC Office. n If you lose your WIC EBT card, n Keep your WIC EBT card and bring it with you each time you come to the WIC office. n If you forget your 4 digit secret PIN, n You will get your WIC foods for each month put on the same card. n If you do not know what foods are available,on your WIC EBT card.
n If your card won t work,Take Care of your WIC EBT Card. n DO NOT write your PIN on your card,n If you have other questions. n DO NOT keep your PIN in your purse or wallet, Florida Department of Health n DO NOT give your PIN to anyone that you do not want to use your card. WIC Program n DO NOT bend your card, 1 800 342 3556 n DO NOT place your card in direct sunlight such as on a car s dashboard. n Keep your card safe and clean, n Cashiers must honor all store or manufacturer n Keep your card away from items such as magnets cell phones TVs and microwaves.
promotions such as buy one get one free buy one, get one at a reduced price manufacturer cents off What should I do if my card is lost or stolen. coupons and store savings card or customer reward Call Customer Service at 1 866 629 1095 Then you will need to contact your local. card presented by the WIC customer If a cents off WIC office about getting a replacement card If you lose your card the card will no. coupon makes a product the least expensive brand longer be able to be used even if you find it later. the WIC customer may choose that brand What if I enter the wrong PIN. n WIC customers may never receive cash refunds gift If the correct PIN is not entered by the third try your PIN will be locked to prevent. cards change rain checks or IOUs in exchange for someone from guessing your PIN and getting your food benefits Your account will. a WIC EBT card or food formula obtained with a unlock after midnight After that you will get one more try to enter your PIN correctly If. WIC EBT card WIC customers are not to exchange locked out again call 1 866 629 1095. foods obtained with a WIC EBT card except for What should I do if someone finds out my PIN. exchanges of an identical item when the original If someone has your PIN who should not have it immediately call Customer Service at. item is defective spoiled or outdated Baby 1 866 629 1095 and change your PIN. formula purchased with a WIC EBT card may not be, exchanged for another brand or type of formula How will I know my food account balance. Formula can only be exchanged for a different The receipt from every purchase shows the balance so the easiest way to know your. brand or type at the WIC office WIC customers account balance is to keep your receipt If you don t have your last receipt get your. can be taken off of the WIC program for selling WIC balance from Customer Service at 1 866 629 1095 or go to the WIC EBT website at. foods or trying to get a cash refund for WIC foods www FloridaWIC org or from a WIC EBT Point of Sale POS machine You should. This includes selling on eBay Craigslist other always check the amount of approved foods remaining before you shop.

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