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About Transport for London TfL,5 Foreword 19 Safety of our suppliers. Part of the Greater London Authority We work hard to make journeys easier. family of organisations led by Mayor through effective use of technology. 6 Our business 23 Roads, of London Sadiq Khan we are the and data We provide modern. integrated transport authority ways to pay through Oyster and. responsible for delivering the Mayor s contactless payment cards and provide 8 Underground and Rail 26 Tfl workforce safety health. strategy and commitments on transport information in a wide range of formats and wellbeing. to help people move around London,As a core element in the Mayor s overall 13 Buses. plan for London our purpose is to keep Real time travel information is 30 Environment. London moving working and growing provided directly by us and through. and to make life in our city better We third party organisations which use 16 Other operations. reinvest all of our income to run and the data we make openly and freely. improve London s transport services available to power apps and other. and to make it safer more modern and services,affordable for everyone. We listen to and act upon feedback, Our operational responsibilities include and complaints to constantly.
London Underground London Buses improve our services and work. Docklands Light Railway DLR London with communities representative. Overground TfL Rail London Trams groups businesses and many other. London River Services London Dial a stakeholders to shape transport. Ride Victoria Coach Station Santander provision in London. Cycles and the Emirates Air Line,Improving and expanding transport in. On the roads we regulate taxis and the London is central to driving economic. private hire trade run the Congestion growth jobs and housing throughout About this report. Charging scheme manage the city s the United Kingdom Under the Generally the report covers the financial Environment data covers London s public. 580km red route network operate all Mayor s housing strategy we are using year from 1 April 2015 to 31 March 2016 transport operations including taxis and. of the Capital s 6 300 traffic signals and our surplus land to provide thousands However the road safety data for Greater private hire vehicles plus the activities we. work to ensure a safe environment for of new affordable homes Our own London and the Transport for London and our suppliers undertake. all road users supply chain creates tens of thousands Road Network TLRN covers the calendar. of jobs and apprenticeships across the year from January to December 2015 Our continual effort to provide more. We are delivering one of the world s country accurate data means that there are some. largest programmes of transport capital The safety data includes customer changes to the figures that we reported. investment which is building the employee and supplier details Health last year following further checks Where. Elizabeth line modernising Tube services data relates to employee wellbeing and possible data is compared over five years. and stations transforming the road includes employee sickness absence but and where appropriate comparisons. network and making it safer especially does not cover contractor or customer have been made with previous years. for more vulnerable road users such as health issues. pedestrians and cyclists,Health Safety and Environment report 2015 16 3. On 9 November a tram derailment near and raising awareness of the dangers of. Sandilands in Croydon resulted in the travelling too fast being distracted carrying. tragic deaths of Dane Chinnery Donald out risky manoeuvres driving under the. Collett Robert Huxley Philip Logan Dorota influence of alcohol or drugs and failing to. Rynkiewicz Philip Seary and Mark Smith comply with the laws of the road. More than 50 people were injured,We focus particular attention on those who. Urgent investigations are under way to need the most protection pedestrians. find out the cause of what went so terribly cyclists and motorcyclists A high proportion. wrong and additional safety measures have of road deaths involve heavy goods vehicles. been put in place on the tram network so we are working with freight operators and. while that cause is determined We and tram vehicle manufacturers to help stop these. operator First Group are offering support to and with the Government and regulators to. the bereaved families and those injured in remove dangerous trucks from our streets. what is an incredibly difficult time,There is a link between poor air quality and. The period covered by this report also public health in London We have cut carbon. saw 15 people losing their lives following dioxide CO2 and other damaging pollutants. accidents involving buses and three people from our services year on year but we. suffered fatal injuries on the London must do more Around 9 400 people die. Underground network from air quality related illnesses every year. This is why our number one priority every and this must be reduced The Mayor has. day is doing everything we can to make an ambitious plan of action This includes. sure those who use our services are safe making our bus fleet cleaner and greener. This includes constant improvement of our a massive programme to update more of. road and public transport infrastructure our older bus fleet to meet latest European. explaining potential hazards on the network emissions standards and consulting on. and how they can be avoided and proposals to introduce the central London. enhanced training for our employees Ultra Low Emission Zone in 2019 a year. earlier than planned,We are carrying out a massive investment.
programme to improve and expand London is one of the greatest cities in the. London s transport network More than world and everyone using or working on. 30 million journeys a day take place across our transport network should be able to do. the Capital and this will rise as the city s so as safely as possible Delivering our work. population grows from 8 6 million today on health safety and the environment is. to 10 million by 2030 our top priority and always will be. The number of people killed or seriously,injured on London s roads is at an all time. low but clearly there is so much more to,be done We must work towards removing. all death and serious injury from our roads Mike Brown MVO. through improvements to infrastructure Commissioner. 4 Chapter 1 Message from the Commissioner Health Safety and Environment report 2015 16 5. Our business,How we report on our business Facts and figures. Underground,9 200 Total number,of buses on the,TfL network. TfL operated,Total number highways,of trains on the.
TfL network,Passenger journeys,London Underground,TfL operated Rail and. Total number of,traffic signals that,TfL operates,Underground routes. Rail Docklands Light Railway London Overground London Trams Emirates Air Line TfL Rail. Other London River Services Dial a Ride Santander Cycles. Excluding road journeys and pedestrians, 6 Chapter 2 Our Business Health Safety and Environment report 2015 16 7. Underground and Rail,London Underground London Overground DLR. London Trams TfL Rail and Emirates Air Line, Customer safety Customer injury platform train interface.
Three accidents occurred at London There has been an increase in the number. Underground stations this year that led of incidents between the platform and. to fatal injury A passenger at Stockwell train on the London Underground network. station died after bending down to pick this year Sixty per cent of incidents. something up at the platform edge and resulted from people being caught in the. was struck by a train a passenger at doors as they board or alight trains while. Waterloo fell between the platform and a further 30 per cent resulted from falls. train and another fell down some steps between the train and the platform New. at London Bridge and later died from trains serve to improve level access by. their injuries There were no customer removing the need to step up into the. fatalities on DLR the Emirates Air Line train however this increased the platform. London Overground London Trams or gap at certain locations. TfL Rail in 2015 2016,We are committed to providing the safest. Customer injury stairs and escalators possible service and have launched. Slips trips and falls on stairs and a long term programme looking at. escalators are the main causes of measures to reduce incidents which. customer injury We trialled a number of includes methods of highlighting risks and. initiatives on stairs and escalators and realigning platforms to reduce or remove. identified a number of measures now the gaps between the train and platform. being introduced to influence customer We are also continuing with awareness. behaviour to reduce incidents They campaigns that encourage customers not. include passenger positional footprints to rush to catch their service. which show people where to place their,feet step riser messages in between. steps highlighted entry exit points,electronic message signs messages. embedded in handrails floor vinyls and,holograms All of our physical safety. mechanisms are supported with more,customer information through posters.
announcements and employees are on,hand at hotspots. Safety initiatives have been trialled at stations to help. reduce customer injuries on stairs and escalators, 8 Chapter 3 Underground and Rail Health Safety and Environment report 2015 16 9. Number of statutory reportable injuries Number of statutory reportable injuries. to underground and rail customers to underground and rail customers. Quarterly Annually,Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 2012 13 2013 14 2014 15 2015 16. Heron Quays Docklands Light Railway station, 10 Chapter 3 Underground and Rail Health Safety and Environment report 2015 16 11. London Buses,Customer safety Bus network safety strategy.
This year 15 people suffered fatal injuries We are committed to making the. following accidents that involved buses network safer and in February launched. Two fatalities occurred owing to falls a major initiative to boost bus safety that. on bus services 11 pedestrians died after contributes towards meeting our goal. collisions with buses and two people of halving the number of people killed. were fatally injured as a result of collisions or seriously injured on the Capital s roads. between buses and other road vehicles by 2020 The programme involves. As in London Underground slips Developing a world leading bus safety. trips and falls continue to be the main standard for London. causes of customer injury This year, we trialled the use of Intelligent Speed Updating our bus contracts system. Assistance ISA technology which has to include enhanced road safety. successfully prevented vehicles operating performance indicators. beyond speed limits in a variety of road, environments with different speed limits Publishing additional bus collision. By controlling speed we will provide a data and making it more accessible. smoother journey and reduce the number, of falls We intend that all new buses have Providing greater transparency on. this technology fitted from 2018 bus collision investigations. We will also continue with campaigns The programme also included In The. to encourage customers to stay Zone hazard perception training for bus. safe by holding on to the rails while drivers which raises awareness of the. travelling and taking care when getting risks taken when on the road whether as. on and off services a driver or as a vulnerable road user such. as a pedestrian cyclist or motorcyclist,It helps drivers anticipate and avoid. potential hazards and all 25 000 drivers,have now been trained.
We aim to have all new buses fitted with Intelligent. Speed Assistance technology by 2018, 12 Chapter 4 Buses Health Safety and Environment report 2015 16 13. Our work with Sarah Hope, We introduced a helpline service in March that ensures support. is available to anyone involved in a life changing incident on the. transport network including witnesses and close family members. Sarah Hope was involved in a life changing incident in 2007 and her. story is the inspiration behind this service The Sarah Hope Line offers. Customers hospitalised through injury Customers hospitalised through injury access to a range of practical and emotional help including helping. Quarterly Annually with travel accommodation and other needs following an incident. and referral to a number of support services including counselling. 302 1 200 Bus, Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 2011 12 2012 13 2013 14 2014 15 2015 16. Sarah Hope at the launch of her accident support help line. 14 Chapter 4 Buses Health Safety and Environment report 2015 16 15. Other operations,London Dial a Ride DaR London River Services. LRS Taxi Private Hire TPH Santander Cycles,Victoria Coach Station VCS and other.
Using enforcement to protect public and ranks clear so that the legitimate law. safety Operation Neon abiding trades can operate,We launched Operation Neon in May. 2015 which aims to tackle touting and Cycle hire safety. illegal minicab activity This highly visible All 11 500 Santander Cycles will be fitted. multi agency operation involves our with Blaze Laserlights after a successful. enforcement and compliance officers and trial with overwhelmingly positive. those that we fund in the Metropolitan feedback and strong independent test. Police Roads and Transport Policing results The lights provide a bigger. Command and local authority parking brighter presence on the road and early. attendants Initial indications show it is warning of a cyclist s proximity Santander. effectively dealing with many of the issues UK will contribute 90 per cent of the. identified by the trade and is keeping roads funding for the lights. Customers hospitalised through injury Customers hospitalised through injury. Quarterly Annually, 0 0 Santander ambassador and Olympian Jessica Ennis Hill CBE. Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 2011 12 2012 13 2013 14 2014 15 2015 16 rides a Santander Cycles bike fitted with a Blaze Laserlight. 16 Chapter 5 Other operations Health Safety and Environment report 2015 16 17. Safety of our suppliers, Construction supplier safety Operational supplier safety. Important safety requirements and Our operational suppliers are central to. considerations are built into our our service delivery In London Rail and. contractor selection processes with Surface Transport the main customer. emphasis on developing a consistent set facing service is provided by private. of standards across the supply chain sector suppliers. Construction activity risks are monitored, and we help organise safety networking Surface Transport saw a notable rise in. events that aim to foster an environment supplier injuries resulting in hospital. for suppliers to share good practice and attendance from 97 in 2014 15 to 157 in. enhance the supply chain s performance 2015 16 This rise has been dominated. by bus drivers where the significant, Our safety support teams are continuing injuries went up from 58 to 110 in 2015 16.
to develop further the tools to support equivalent to five injuries per 1 000. good HSE management standards We drivers Road traffic collisions were the. have made improvements to contractor main cause of injuries accounting for 57. incident reporting processes and the per cent of incidents A range of new. supplier performance assessment tool initiatives are being introduced to reduce. to ensure effective monitoring Making these incidents including the Intelligent. sure our contractors and supply chain Speed Adaptation system and further. continue to achieve high standards of driver training. safety management will be a main focus, as our investment programme continues Supplier work related violence. and aggression, Diesel fuel substitute Most work related violence and. We have begun trialling a diesel aggression involving suppliers in London. fuel substitute in order to reduce Rail and Surface Transport are towards. occupational health risks and associated employees in frontline customer service. pollution where we use diesel plant Most events tend to be connected with. and equipment This supports the revenue protection and occur while fares. Mayor of London s Air Quality Strategy are being checked and result in verbal. reducing carbon dioxide CO2 and abuse Incidents involving employees in. carbon monoxide emissions by up to an construction and maintenance remains. estimated 70 per cent The substitute is low Training of frontline staff in conflict. also non toxic to water organisms Trials avoidance and strong management. will continue into 2016 17 support for employees enables them to. deal with such issues effectively,Engineers working at Euston Circus. 18 Chapter 6 Safety of our suppliers Health Safety and Environment report 2015 16 19. TfL supplier injuries resulting in hospital TfL supplier assaults. attendance Annually London Overground, Annually In May 2015 the London Overground network. was expanded to include the former West,Anglia routes between Liverpool Street and.
Shenfield The stations on these services had,previously been unmanned and ungated levels. 180 2 500 of ticketless travel were high and there were. no staff on stations to challenge any customer,antisocial behaviour. 1 965 Following the expansion we put people on, 120 stations and made tickets a requirement to gain. 100 1 500 access which has resulted in a rise in incidents. 104 of workplace violence on these routes Of the,311 reported events on London Overground. 108 happened on the West Anglia routes 19,were physical assaults and 89 verbal Only four.
50 involved physical injury to employees,To further protect the workforce we. introduced,British Transport Police patrols at targeted. 2012 13 2013 14 2014 15 2015 16 2012 13 2013 14 2014 15 2015 16 hotspot locations. Easier ways for staff to report incidents of,poor customer behaviour and raise safety. concerns while on the network including a,new smartphone app. Conflict avoidance training for employees,Safety surgeries for around 120 operational.
staff where they can give direct feedback,following their experience on the network. Since these measures were introduced assaults,on London Overground employees have. continued to fall,London Overground route through east London. 20 Chapter 6 Safety of our suppliers Health Safety and Environment report 2015 16 21. Transport for London Road Network TLRN, Road safety are at the greatest risk of injury Along with. A total of 25 193 collisions occurred in 2015 tackling incidents such as speeding careless. This resulted in 136 deaths on the road riding and red light running they offer road. network and 1 956 serious injuries safety advice and information on BikeSafe. London rider skills days,While the number of people killed or.
seriously injured KSI in London is now Two phases of Operation Winchester took. at the lowest level since records began place this year with officers out at hotspots. we continue to make our roads as safe during peak times enforcing the laws of the. as possible and have set a new target of road to help keep motorcyclists and scooter. a 50 per cent reduction in KSIs by 2020 riders safe Officers stopped 5 389 riders. issued 742 Traffic Offence Reports gave 1 335, Throughout the year we delivered a verbal warnings seized 96 motorcycles and. number of road safety projects and made 10 arrests. programmes as part of the Safe Streets for, London Road Safety Action Plan The TfL Urban Motorcycle Design Handbook. was published in March 2016 The guide, Safe roads for people who design build and maintain. After successful trials of 20mph limits on London s roads provides a better insight of. two key routes through the city they have how road and traffic conditions affect this. now been made permanent and there are vulnerable road user group. plans to introduce more across the capital,Safe people. Our target to upgrade 400 crossings 10 In 2015 16 the number of UK licensed. per cent of crossings in London with HGV drivers completing TfL s Safe Urban. Pedestrian Countdown by April 2016 Driving SUD course reached 20 000 This. was exceeded with more than 523 sites programme shows drivers how to share. upgraded The target was subsequently the road safely with others and is the first. increased by 200 sites and by summer 600 accredited course in the UK to include an. crossings received the technology The on road cycle training element Participants. system works on traffic signals by replacing have the opportunity to see the road from. the blackout period after the green man the viewpoint of a cyclist and the course can. disappears with a numerical counter that help change attitudes towards cyclists and. shows how many seconds a pedestrian has pedestrians A further 4 000 drivers will be. to cross the road safely trained in 2016 17, Motorcycle safety TfL s Children s Traffic Club is a free road.
The Metropolitan Police Service Motorcycle safety education programme designed for. Safety Team and wider Roads and three to four year olds and their parents or. Transport Policing Command continue to carers It promotes valuable road safety skills. Blackwall Tunnel east London target those boroughs where motorcyclists and sustainable forms of transport such as. 22 Chapter 7 Roads Health Safety and Environment report 2015 16 23. walking scooting and cycling The scheme Safe vehicles. has seen 66 542 children join from the 33 The Safer Lorry Scheme launched in. London boroughs that have registered September 2015 to improve the safety. We aim to target 100 000 by the end of the of cyclists and pedestrians It requires. school year in 2016 every vehicle in London weighing more. than 3 5 tonnes with a small number, During 2015 we celebrated reaching of exemptions to be fitted with side. almost half of all London schools with guards to protect cyclists from being. our STARS Sustainable Travel Active dragged under the wheels in the event of. Responsible Safe scheme A total of a collision It also requires the vehicles to. 1 475 schools are now participating have mirrors that give the driver a better. in this accreditation programme that view of cyclists and pedestrians around. encourages children parents and their vehicles,teachers to adopt more sustainable and. safer ways of travelling to school, Killed and seriously injured road users Fatalities by vulnerable road user group. Annually Annually,Road Safety Awards 2 500,132 127 20. In September we received a public authority award at the European PRAISE Awards for 136. outstanding measures for reducing road deaths and injuries by improving road safety. at work The award reflects our continuing commitment to improving road safety 2 000 100 27 36. both in our own fleets and throughout our supply chain by the use of responsible 22. procurement We have also been cited as a case study in the European Transport 2060 2040 1956 80. Safety Council publication on managing road risk at work and the Construction 14 13 9. Logistics and Cycle Safety Programme won the Prince Michael International Road 60 69. Safety Award in November for outstanding contribution to road safety 1 000 64. 2012 2013 2014 2015 2012 2013 2014 2015,The Safer Lorry Scheme aims to radically.
improve cyclist and pedestrian safety Fatal Linear target by 2020 Bus or coach occupants Car occupants. Seriously injured Other vehicle occupants Pedal cyclists. Powered two wheeler Pedestrians, 24 Chapter 7 Roads Health Safety and Environment report 2015 16 25. TfL workforce safety,health and wellbeing, We aim to eliminate occupational illness and create workplaces that protect employees Sickness absence rate. health and promote wellbeing We focus on identifying occupational health risks and Annually. introduce practices to control exposure led by our Occupational Health team Workforce 10 5. wellbeing has a beneficial effect on safety and productivity as well as TfL families. and communities, Workforce attendance and two 12 week weight loss programmes 10 0. Overall average employee sickness absence 9 9,have been run with 771 employees taking. is 9 9 days per employee across TfL and its part Throughout the year employees 9 5. subsidiaries Musculoskeletal injury and received support via the I Will website 9 5 9 5. mental health are the main reasons for with access to videos podcasts. absence declared through self certification factsheets and training plans that focused 9 0. and fit notes Our health improvement on exercise and losing weight. activities include measures to address the,causes of absence Step It Up 8 5.
A series of events were promoted, Mental health during the third year of our Step It Up. TfL Mental Health First Aid Volunteers programme which aims to increase. are trained to recognise the signs that employees physical activity levels. someone may be unwell and provide The initiative includes an initial fitness. initial help to guide a person towards assessment and encourages employees. appropriate professional help We also to sign up to 150 minutes of exercise. set up WellMent a support group for each week This year 1 099 employees. employees who have experience of accepted the challenge 2011 12 2012 13 2013 14 2014 15 2015 16. mental health conditions and wish to,help others who do Global Corporate Challenge. A total of 1 001 employees signed up to, Health fairs walk at least 10 000 steps per day for 100. Forty five health fairs were held for consecutive days A total of 66 per cent. employees at different locations across of participants reported lower stress. the organisation The fairs aim to levels either at home or at work and Drug and alcohol testing. encourage self health management with 64 per cent felt that taking part in the We take a zero tolerance approach to. clinicians providing coaching on both challenge had improved their energy drug and alcohol misuse This is enforced. physical and mental health nutrition and levels As a result this initiative will be through random unannounced testing. medical conditions rolled out across the organisation more Disciplinary action up to and including. widely in 2016 17 dismissal is taken against anyone who is. Nutrition found to be in breach of our drugs and, We are in the fourth year of a five year Winter health alcohol policy This year we conducted. strategy to reduce obesity across the The flu jab campaign ran between 894 screenings meeting our target to. organisation and help employees maintain October and December at many test five per cent of our safety critical. a healthy weight A 12 week weight operational and office locations A total workplace There were 12 failures. management booklet has been developed of 2 838 vaccinations were given. 26 Chapter 8 TfL workforce safety health and wellbeing Health Safety and Environment report 2015 16 27. TfL workforce safety reoccurrence It involves senior managers Total number of workforce statutory Total number of workforce statutory. We want all of our employees to return going to the incident site discussing the reportable injuries reportable injuries. home safe and healthy every day and causes with the injured person and Quarterly Annually. are committed to creating the safest the local manager and agreeing 60 250. possible conditions for our employees preventative actions. Safety risks are continually reviewed, and control measures are put in place Work related violence and aggression 50.
to ensure our employees work in a safe Most incidents of work related violence 52 200. environment This is the tenth year are in connection with revenue collection. without a workforce fatality and temporary station closures as part of 40. our congestion control plans 150,There were 160 workforce statutory 36 154. reportable injuries this year fewer than Our partnerships with the British. last year against a backdrop of more Transport Police and Metropolitan Police 100. hours delivering infrastructure upgrades Service continued to focus on targeting. and services There is no single reason for hotspots and supporting investigations. this but the figure reflects our continuing and court proceedings We have rolled out. efforts to prevent accidents and injuries refreshed training to frontline employees 10. through local action plans and trialled the use of body worn video. cameras to assess the extent to which, Workforce injury slips trips and falls they deter attacks 0 0. Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 2012 13 2013 14 2014 15 2015 16,The main causes of an employee. requiring time off work are slips trips Support for victims. and falls resulting in musculoskeletal The TfL Workplace Support Team. injury There were 160 statutory provides practical support to employees. reportable workforce injuries most of and contractors who have been victims. which met the criteria for a statutory of work related violence In 2015 16. report owing to the injured person 436 employees and supplier staff. taking seven days absence rather than reported assault cases to the police. the nature of the injury 1 Our Go Look for investigation with sanctions against. See programme is one of a number perpetrators ranging from community. of initiatives aimed at preventing orders to prison sentences DLR workforce safety engagement programme. Tea with Safety or Safe Tea as it has become known throughout the DLR was set. up in 2015 16 Groups of five to six employees attend these 30 minute sessions to. discuss safety issues supporting the idea that safety lives in the business not in the. safety department Each session is chaired by a DLR senior manager and the format. encourages discussions around personal safety at home and in the workplace and. 1 The Reporting of Injuries Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 2013 RIDDOR requires helps employees think about safety in their day to day decision making. employers and other people in control of work premises to report and keep records of deaths injuries. occupational diseases and dangerous occurrences Not all accidents need to be reported a RIDDOR. report is only required when the accident is work related and results in an injury type which is reportable. Additionally an accident resulting in employee absence or where they are unable to perform their normal. work duties for more than seven consecutive days is also reportable. 28 Chapter 8 TfL workforce safety health and wellbeing Health Safety and Environment report 2015 16 29.

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