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Health amp Fitness of young people through sport
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This project is supported by the IOC,health and Medical Commission. fitness of,young Dr Patrick Schamasch Medical Director. people Prof Lars Engebretsen Head of,Scientific Activities. physical This Consensus Statement is based on,activity and the meeting held in Lausanne SUI. sport January 2011,List of participants, Arne Ljungqvist Chairman IOC Medical Commission Switzerland.
Patrick Schamasch Director IOC Medical Department Switzerland. Lars Engebretsen Head of Scientific Activities IOC Medical Department Switzerland. Margo Mountjoy Coordinator IOC Medical Commission Games Group Switzerland. Lars Bo Anderson University of Southern Denmark Odense Denmark. Neil Armstrong University of Exeter Exeter UK, Stuart Biddle Loughborough University Loughborough UK. Colin Boreham University College Dublin Ireland, Hans Peter Brandl Bedenbeck University of Paderborn Paderborn Germany. Ulf Ekelund Medical Research Council Epidemiology Unit Cambridge UK. Ken Hardman University of Worcester Worcester UK, Andrew Hills Queensland University of Technology Brisbane Australia. List of participants, Estelle Lambert University of Cape Town Cape Town South Africa. Victor Matsudo Physical Fitness Research Laboratory Sao Paolo Brazil. Heather McKay University of British Columbia Vancouver Canada. Lyle Micheli Harvard Medical School Boston USA, Russell Pate University of South Carolina Columbia USA.
Chris Riddoch University of Bath UK, Carl Johan Sundberg Karolinska Institute Stockholm Sweden. Grant Tomkinson University of South Australia Adelaide Australia. Willem van Mechelen VU University Medical Center Amsterdam The Netherlands. Esther van Sluijs Medical Research Council Epidemiology Unit Cambridge UK. Sonja Kahlmeier University of Zurich Zurich Switzerland. Susi Kriemler University of Basel Switzerland,Consensus Overview. Introduction,Science review,Are children fit active. Health implications of low PA low fitness,Correlates of PA inactivity low fitness. Options for change,evidence from community school interventions.
Recommendations of the IOC expert group,Discussion. Introduction,IOC President Jacques Rogge, Olympic In the late 1800s de Coubertin worried that. Movement youth in his native France were turning,away from physical activity Today we see. in Society the same problem in the growing rate of. Congress youth obesity throughout the world We,are here to make sure that the Olympic. 2009 Movement will continue to serve athletes,the world s youth and society at large for.
decades to come,Olympic Recommendation 51,Movement Everyone involved in the. in Society Olympic Movement must become more,Congress aware of the fundamental importance of. physical activity and sport for a healthy life, Copenhagen style not least in the growing battle against. 2009 obesity and must reach out to parents and,schools as part of a strategy to counter the. rising inactivity of young people,World Health Organization.
Physical inactivity is the 4th leading risk,factor for global mortality. Statistics behind hypertension tobacco use and high. blood glucose,contributing to 3 2 million deaths globally. 60 of all global deaths can be attributed to,non communicable diseases. Statistics,31 of adults around the world are,physically inactive. 5 5 of all deaths globally can be,attributed to inactivity including.
Statistics CV disease,diabetes mellitus,some cancers. to join efforts and to cooperate,to promote healthy lifestyles. physical activity and sport among the communities,Based on the. above rationale,Consensus the IOC Medical,Meeting Commission took. a leadership role,in addressing the,January global health.
2011 issue of,inactivity in young,Programme Objectives. To raise awareness of the serious health consequences of. inactivity in young people based on the provision of. evidence based information,To provide recommendations on the prevention and. management of this health issue, To motivate sport organizations and governments to. collaborate in promoting healthy fitness in children. To encourage further scientific research in this field.

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