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Hardware and Engineering DF6 340 Frequency Inverters
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Dangerous electrical voltage,Before commencing the installation. Disconnect the power supply of the device Devices that are designed for mounting in housings or control. cabinets must only be operated and controlled after they have. Ensure that devices cannot be accidentally restarted. been installed and with the housing closed Desktop or. Verify isolation from the supply portable units must only be operated and controlled in. enclosed housings,Earth and short circuit the device. Measures should be taken to ensure the proper restart of. Cover or enclose any adjacent live components, programs interrupted after a voltage dip or failure This should. Follow the engineering instructions AWA for the not cause dangerous operating states even for a short time. device concerned If necessary emergency stop devices should be implemented. Only suitably qualified personnel in accordance with Wherever faults in the automation system may cause injury or. EN 50110 1 2 VDE 0105 Part 100 may work on this material damage external measures must be implemented to. device system ensure a safe operating state in the event of a fault or. malfunction for example by means of separate limit switches. Before installation and before touching the device ensure. mechanical interlocks etc,that you are free of electrostatic charge. Depending on their degree of protection frequency inverters. The functional earth FE must be connected to the protective. may contain live bright metal parts moving or rotating. earth PE or the potential equalisation The system installer is. components or hot surfaces during and immediately after. responsible for implementing this connection, Connecting cables and signal lines should be installed so.
Removal of the required covers improper installation or. that inductive or capacitive interference does not impair the. incorrect operation of motor or frequency inverter may cause. automation functions, the failure of the device and may lead to serious injury or. Install automation devices and related operating elements in damage. such a way that they are well protected against unintentional. The applicable national accident prevention and safety. regulations apply to all work carried on live frequency. Suitable safety hardware and software measures should be inverters. implemented for the I O interface so that an open circuit on the. The electrical installation must be carried out in accordance. signal side does not result in undefined states in the. with the relevant regulations e g with regard to cable cross. automation devices,sections fuses PE, Ensure a reliable electrical isolation of the extra low voltage of. Transport installation commissioning and maintenance work. the 24 V supply Only use power supply units complying with. must be carried out only by qualified personnel IEC 60364. IEC 60364 4 41 VDE 0100 Part 410 or HD384 4 41 S2, HD 384 and national occupational safety regulations. Deviations of the mains voltage from the rated value must. Installations containing frequency inverters must be provided. not exceed the tolerance limits given in the specifications. with additional monitoring and protective devices in. otherwise this may cause malfunction and dangerous. accordance with the applicable safety regulations, Modifications to the frequency inverters using the operating. Emergency stop devices complying with IEC EN 60204 1 must software are permitted. be effective in all operating modes of the automation devices. Unlatching the emergency stop devices must not cause a. Safety instructions,Moeller GmbH, All covers and doors must be kept closed during operation.
To reduce the hazards for people or equipment the user must. include in the machine design measures that restrict the. consequences of a malfunction or failure of the drive. increased motor speed or sudden standstill of motor. These measures include, Other independent devices for monitoring safety related. variables speed travel end positions etc,Electrical or non electrical system wide measures. electrical or mechanical interlocks, Never touch live parts or cable connections of the frequency. inverter after it has been disconnected from the power. supply Due to the charge in the capacitors these parts may. still be live after disconnection Fit appropriate warning. 01 02 AWB8230 1413GB,About this Manual 5,Abbreviations and symbols 5. 1 About the DF6 Frequency Inverter 7,System overview 7.
Type code 8,Inspecting the package content 9,Layout of the DF6 10. Features of the frequency inverters 11,Selection criteria 11. Intended use 12,Service and guarantee 12,2 Engineering 13. Performance features of the DF6 13,Connection to the power supply 15. Mains configurations 15,Mains voltage mains frequency 15.
Interaction with p f correction equipment 15,Fuses and cable cross sections 15. Protection of persons and domestic animals,with residual current protective devices 16. Mains contactor 16,Current peaks 16,Mains choke 17. Mains filters and radio interference filters 17,EMC requirements 18. EMC interference class 18,3 Installation 19,Installing the DF6 19.
Mounting position 19,Installation dimensions 19,Mounting the DF6 20. EMC compliance 21,EMC compliant installation 21,Using the radio interference filter 21. EMC measures in the control panel 23,Earthing 24,Screening 24. Electrical connection 26,Connecting the power section 28. Motor cable 37,Connecting the control signal terminals 38.
Contents 01 02 AWB8230 1413GB,4 Operating the DF6 45. Initial startup 45,Operation with LCD keypad 46,Menu overview 47. Changing display and Basic parameters 48,Changing the parameters of the extended. parameter groups 48,Display after the supply voltage is applied 49. Connection examples 50,Operation using an external potentiometer 50.
Operation through an analog setpoint value 50,Operation with fixed frequencies 51. Operational warnings 52,5 Programming the Control Signal Terminals 53. Overview 53,Analog outputs AM AMI and FM 57,Voltage output AM 57. Current output AMI 58,Frequency output FM 58,Analog inputs terminals O O2 and OI 60. Frequency setpoint definition 60,Matching of terminals O O2 and OI 61.
Analog setpoint value matching 62,Programmable digital inputs 1 to 5 65. Start stop 67,Fixed frequency selection FF1 to FF4 68. Bitwise fixed frequency selection SF1 to SF7 70,Analog input changeover AT 72. Second time ramp 2CH 73, Controller inhibit and coasting free run stop FRS 74. External fault message EXT 75,Unattended start protection USP 76.
Reset RST 77,Jog mode JOG 78,PTC NTC thermistor input terminal TH 80. Software protection SFT 81,Motor potentiometer functions accelerate UP. decelerate DWN reset frequency UDC 82,Use second parameter set SET 84. Activate DC braking DB 85,Change over current limit OLR 87. Heavy mains starting CS 88,Setpoint value through keypad OPE 90.
Three wire control STA STP F R 91,Activate deactivate PID control Reset PID and. integral component PIDC 92,Programmable relay outputs K11 to K34 93. Signalling relay terminals K11 K12 K14 93,Relay outputs K23 K24 and K33 K34 94. Frequency arrival signal FA1 FA2 FA3 94,01 02 AWB8230 1413GB Contents. Run signal RUN 96,Overload signal OL 97,PID control deviation signal OD 98.
Fault signal AL 99,Instant stop IP and undervoltage UV 99. Running time RNT and Mains On time ONT 100,Motor thermal overload THM 101. 6 Setting Parameters 103,Setting the display parameters 104. Basic functions 105,Input display frequency value 105. Acceleration time 1 105,Deceleration time 1 106,Direction of rotation 106.
Setting the frequency and start signal parameters 107. Defined frequency setpoint 107,Start signal 108,Base frequency 108. End frequency 108, Voltage frequency characteristic and voltage boost 109. Voltage frequency characteristics 109,DC braking DCB 112. Operating frequency range 114,Acceleration pause 115. PID control 116,PID control 116, Structure and parameters of the PID controller 119.
Example for setting Kp and Ti 125,Application examples 126. Automatic voltage regulation AVR 128,Energy saving mode 128. Time ramps 129,Acceleration and deceleration characteristics 130. Automatic restart after a fault 132,Electronic motor protection 135. Tripping characteristics with increased,overload protection 135.
Tripping characteristic with normal overload protection 136. Tripping characteristic at adjustable overload protection 136. Current limit 138,Parameter protection 139,Controlled deceleration 140. Other functions 142,Inhibit direction 142,Starting behaviour 142. Display mode 143,Pulse frequency 144,Initialization 147. Country version 147,Frequency factor for display through PNU d007 147. OFF key disabled 147,Motor restart after removal of the FRS signal 148.
Contents 01 02 AWB8230 1413GB,Controlling the internal braking transistor. 11 and 15 kW only 148,Type of motor stop 149,Fan control 149. Debug mode 149,Motor data 149,User defined parameters parameter group U 150. 7 Messages 151,Fault messages 151,State of frequency inverter on fault message 151. Fault message indication 151,Fault history register 152.
Other messages 154,Warnings 155,8 Troubleshooting 157. Appendix 159,Technical Data 159,Weights and dimensions 163. Cables and fuses 164,Mains contactors 165,Mains choke 165. RFI filter 166, Standard form for user defined parameter settings 167. 01 02 AWB8230 1413GB,About this Manual, This manual describes the DF6 series frequency inverters In some of the illustrations the enclosure of the frequency inverter.
and other components affecting equipment safety have been. This manual contains information you need to install configure. omitted for improved clarity However the frequency inverter must. and operate the DF6 frequency inverters The features parameters. always be operated with the enclosure and all necessary. and functions are described in detail with examples for the most. components that affect equipment safety correctly fitted. important applications All information applies to the specified. hardware and software versions Read the manual thoroughly before you install and operate the. frequency inverter We assume that you have a good knowledge. of engineering fundamentals and that you are familiar with the. Abbreviations and symbols electrical systems and the applicable principles and are able to. read interpret and apply the information contained in technical. The following abbreviations and symbols are used in this manual drawings. EMC Electromagnetic compatibility X Indicates instructions to be followed. ESD Electrostatic discharge, HF High frequency h Indicates useful tips and additional information. IGBT Insulated gate bipolar transistor, PES Positive Earth connection of the cable screen Warns of the possibility of minor material damage. PNU Parameter number, WE Default setting Warns of the possibility of major material damage and. minor injury, All measurements are in millimetres unless otherwise stated. Warns of the possibility of major material damage and. serious or fatal injury, To improve legibility the title of the current section is given at the.
top of each left hand page and the current subsection at the top. of each right hand page except on the title page of each section. and the blank pages at the end of each section,01 02 AWB8230 1413GB. 01 02 AWB8230 1413GB,1 About the DF6 Frequency Inverter. System overview,Figure 1 System overview,a DEX DEY 10 external keypad. b Expansion module for example for PROFIBUS DP connection DE6 NET DP. c DF6 frequency inverter,d DE6 LZ RFI filter,e Mains choke. f Braking resistor,About the DF6 Frequency 01 02 AWB8230 1413GB.
Type codes and type designations of the DF6 frequency inverters. DF6 x x x yyy,Motor rating code,Incoming supply EU rated voltage 400 V. Version and model number,0 basic version,1 system devices. 2 voltage code suffix,Supply connection voltage code EU rated value. 4 400 V 342 V 0 to 506 V 0,Supply connection phase code. 3 three phase,Series designation,Drives Frequency inverter generation 6.
Figure 2 Type codes of the DF6 frequency inverters. DF6 340 11K The DF6 frequency inverters,Three phase mains supply voltage 400 V. Assigned motor rating 11 kW at 400 V,01 02 AWB8230 1413GB Inspecting the package. Inspecting the package content, The DF6 frequency inverter has been carefully packaged and Open the packaging with suitable tools and inspect the contents. prepared for delivery The device may be transported only in its immediately on delivery to ensure that they are complete and. original packaging with a suitable transport system see weight undamaged The package must contain the following items. details Observe the instructions and the warnings on the side of. One DF6 frequency inverter, the packaging This also applies after the device is removed from. Installation instructions AWA8230 1937,the package.
One CD containing, this manual in PDF format and copies in other languages. the parameterization software,System requirements PC with Windows 95 98 2000 NT. and DEX CBL 2M0 PC connecting cable,Figure 3 Package content. h On the nameplate attached to the frequency inverter. check to ensure that the frequency inverter is the type. which you have ordered,About the DF6 Frequency 01 02 AWB8230 1413GB. Layout of the DF6,Figure 4 Physical features of the DF6.
a Keypad g Control signal terminals,b Fan h Power terminals. c Heat sink i Cable entry points, d Interface connector for keypad j Screw for opening the terminal shroud. e Two slots for optional modules k Terminal shroud. f RS 485 interface l Cover,01 02 AWB8230 1413GB Selection criteria. Features of the frequency inverters Selection criteria. The DF6 frequency inverters convert the voltage and frequency of Select the frequency inverter according to the rated current of the. an existing three phase supply to a DC voltage and use this motor The rated output current of the frequency inverter must. voltage to generate a three phase supply with adjustable voltage however be greater than or equal to the rated current of the. and frequency This variable three phase supply allows infinitely motor. adjustable speed control of three phase asynchronous motors. The following drive data is assumed to be known,Type of motor three phase asynchronous motor. Mains voltage supply voltage of the motor e g 3 400 V. f Rated motor current guide value dependent on the circuit type. and the supply voltage, Load torque quadratic constant with 1 5 times the starting.
h 3 Ambient temperature maximum temperature 40 C, h If several motors are connected in parallel to the output of. a frequency inverter the motor currents are subject to. vector addition i e the active in phase current and. Figure 5 Function chart of the frequency inverter reactive current components are added separately When. you select a frequency inverter make sure that it can. supply the total resulting current,a Supply through an interference suppressor. Mains voltage ULN EU rated voltages, 3 AC 400 V 50 60 Hz h If you connect a motor to an operational frequency. inverter the motor draws a multiple of its rated current. b The bridge rectifiers convert the AC voltage of the electrical supply to. a DC voltage When you select a frequency inverter make sure that the. starting current plus the sum of the currents of the. c The DC link contains a charging resistor smoothing capacitor and. switched mode power supply unit It allows DC link coupling and the running motors will not exceed the rated output current of. supply of DC current the frequency inverter,DC link voltage UZK W2 x mains voltage ULN. The rated output current of the frequency inverter can be found in. d IGBT inverter,the technical data in the appendix from page 159.
The power inverter converts the DC voltage of the internal DC link to. a variable three phase alternating voltage with variable frequency. In conjunction with an external braking resistor the braking transistor. allows braking of motors with a high moment of inertia or during. extended regenerative operation,e Output voltage U2 motor connection. three phase variable AC voltage 0 to 100 of the input voltage. Output frequency f2,Variable frequency 0 to 400 Hz. Output rated current I2N, 22 to 253 A at about 1 5 times starting current for 60 s at a switching. frequency of 5 kHz and at an ambient temperature of 40 C. Motor connection assigned shaft output P2,11 to 132 kW at 400 V. f Programmable control section with LCD keypad and interface. About the DF6 Frequency 01 02 AWB8230 1413GB,Intended use Service and guarantee.
The DF6 frequency inverters are not domestic appliances They are In the unlikely event that you have a problem with your Moeller. designed only for industrial use as system components frequency inverter please contact your local sales office. The DF6 frequency inverters are electrical apparatus for controlling Please have the following data and information about your. variable speed drives with three phase motors They are designed frequency inverter to hand. for installation in machines or for use in combination with other. Exact frequency inverter type designation a nameplate. components within a machine or system,Date of purchase. After installation in a machine the frequency inverters must not be Detailed description of the problem which has occurred with the. taken into operation until the associated machine has been frequency inverter. confirmed to comply with the safety requirements of Machinery. Safety Directive MSD 89 392 EEC and meets the requirements of If some of the information printed on the nameplate is not legible. EN 60204 The owner operator of the equipment is responsible for please state only the information which is clearly legible. ensuring that the machine is used in compliance with the relevant. Information concerning the guarantee can be found in the Moeller. EU Directives,General Terms and Conditions of Sale. The CE markings on the DF6 frequency inverter confirm that when. used in a typical drive configuration the apparatus complies with. the European Low Voltage Directive LVD and the EMC Directives. Directive 73 23 EEC as amended by 93 68 EEC and Directive 89. 336 EEC as amended by 93 68 EEC, In the described system configurations DF6 frequency inverters. are suitable for use in public and non public networks Depending. on their location of use additional external filtering may be. Connection to IT networks networks without a ground potential. reference point is not permitted as the devices internal filter. capacitors connect the network to the ground potential. enclosure On earth free networks this can lead to dangerous. situations or damage the device isolation monitoring is required. To the output of the frequency inverter terminals U V W you. connect a voltage or capacitive loads e g phase compensation. connect multiple frequency inverters in parallel,make a direct connection to the input bypass. Observe the technical data and terminal requirements For. additional information refer to the equipment nameplate or label. and the documentation,Any other usage constitutes improper use.

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