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GURU GOBIND SINGH PUBLIC SCHOOL,SYLLABUS 2017 18,Subject English Core. SYLLABUS CUM EXAMINATION SPECIFICATIONS,Prescribed Books 1. 1 Flamingo Text Book Published By NCERT,2 Vistas Supplementary Reader Published By NCERT. 3 The Invisible Man Published by NCERT,Duration of the Exam 3 hours Maximum Marks 100. The whole Syllabus is divided into five Sections,1 Reading Section A 30 Marks.
2 Writing Section B 30 Marks,3 Literature Section C 40 Marks. SECTION WISE DIVISION OF SYLLABUS,Section A Reading A 30 marks. It includes three unseen passages Passages may be of factual descriptive or literary types First. passage contains 900 to 1000 words and the questions are divided into two parts Q1 a and Q1 b Q l. a carries short answer questions MCQ for 8 marks and Q1 b is short questions for 4 marks The. second passage is of 1100 to 1200 words Q 2 a Carries short answer questions for 8 marks Q2 b is. for 2 marks It checks Vocabulary Third passage is of 400 to 500 words It also has two parts Q3 a. Notes making 5 marks Q 3 b Summary of the given passage 3 marks. Section B Writing 30 marks, Various writing exercises are included here to check a student s ability in expressing his her thoughts and. ideas Q 4 of the writing section is short composition It includes notice poster invitation and replies which. carry 4marks Long composition is question Q5 Q no 5 Is letter and the word Limit is 120 to 150 words It. 6 Marks Very long compositions are question 6 7 Q6 Q7 may be either article debate report or. speech It carries 10 marks each and is written between 150 200 words. Section C Literature 40 marks Flamingo and Vistas 28 marks. The first item from here falls as Q8 It is an extract from one of the prescribed poems It carries one to four. short answer questions and the mark is 4 The next question is Q 9 Four questions carrying three marks. each from poetry prose Drama section is asked here Question no 10 carries 1 question from either. flamingo and Vistas as value based question of 6marks Question no 11 carries 1 question from either. flamingo and Vistas and is of 6marks,Novel 12 marks. Q no 12 Long Answer question 125 to150 words carries 06 marks testing theme plot incident. Q no 13 Long answer question 125 to 150 words carries 06 marks testing character sketch. 1 The Last Lesson Alphonse Daudet 2 Lost spring Anees Jung. 3 Deep Water Willian Douglas 4 The Rattrap Selma Lagerlof. 5 Indigo Louis Fisher,7 Going Places A R Barton,1 My Mother at Sixty six Kamala Das.
2 An Elementary School Classroom in a Slum Stephen Spender 3 Keeping Quiet Pablo Nerula. 4 A Thing of Beauty John Keats 5 Aunt Jennifer s Tigers Adrienne Rich. Vistas Supplementary Reader,1 The Tiger King Kalki 2 The Enemy Pearl S Buck. 3 Should Wizard Hit Mummy John Updike 4 On the Face of It Susan Hill. 5 Evans Tries an 0 Level Cohn Dexter 6 Memories of Childhood Zitkala Sa. Long Reading Text Hound of Baskervilles Chapter 1 to 15. Month wise Distribution of Syllabus,April Flamingo The Last Lesson Alphonse Daudet. My Mother at Sixty six Kamala Das,Vistas The Tiger King Kalki. Novel Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4,Writing Notice. Reading Notes making,May Vistas The Tiger King Kalki cont.
June Flamingo Lost Spring Anees Jung An Elementary Classroom in a Slum. Stephen Spender,Vistas The Enemy Pearls Buck,Novel Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8. Writing Advertisement Invitation Posters Replies, July Flamingo Deep water Willam Douglas Keeping Quiet Pablo Nerula. Vistas The Enemy Contd Should Wizard Hit Mommy,Novel Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12. Writing Business Letter Official Letter Letter to the Editor Job Application. August Flamingo The Rattrap Selma Lagerlof A Thing of Beauty John Keats. Vistas On the face of it,Novel Chapter 13 Chapter 14 Chapter 15 Chapter 16. Writing Slogan Speech debate,Reading Notes Making,September Flamingo Indigo Louis Fisher.
Novel Chapter 17 Chapter 18 Chapter 19 Chapter 20,REVISION HALF YEARLY EXAMINATION. October Flamingo Going Places A R Barton,Vistas Evans Tries an O Level. Novel Chapter 21 Chapter 22 Chapter 23 Chapter 24,November Flamingo Aunt Jennifer s Tigers. Vistas Memories of Childhood Zitkala Sa Bama,Novel Chapter 25 Chapter 26 Chapter 27 Chapter 28. December REVISION PRELIMINARY TEST,January Pre Board.
GURU GOBIND SINGH PUBLIC SCHOOL,SYLLABUS 2017 18,Subject Accountancy Code 055. Units Marks 100, Part A Accounting for partnership firms and companies. Unit 1 Accounting for partnership firms 35 Marks,Unit 2 Accounting for Companies 25 Marks. Part B Financial statement Analysis,Unit 3 Analysis of Financial statement 12 Marks. Unit 4 Cash flow statement 08 Marks,Part C Project Work 20 Marks.
Month wise distribution of whole syllabus,April Unit 1a Fundamental of partnership firm. b Nature and valuation of goodwill, May c Change in profit sharing ratio among the existing partner4s. d Admission of new partner,July e Retirement and death of partners. f Issolution of partnership firm, August Unit 2 g Issue forfeiture and reissue of share. h Issue of Debenture,September i Redemptions of Debenture.
Revision and Half Yearly Examination,October Unit 3 j Financial Statement of Company. k Financial statement Analysis,l Tools for Analysis financial statement. m Ratio analysis,November Unit 4 n Cash flow statement. December Unit 5 o Project Work,Revision of whole syllabus and pre board I. January Pre Board II CBSE Practical Examination,GURU GOBIND SINGH PUBLIC SCHOOL.
SYLLABUS 2017 18,Subject Bussiess Studies,Part A Principles and Functions of Management. 1 Nature and significance of Management,2 Principles of Management 16. 3 Business Environment,4 Planning,5 Organizing 14,6 Staffing. 7 Directing 20,8 Controlling,Part B Business Finance and Marketing. 9 Financial Management,10 Financial Markets 15,11 Marketing Management.
12 Consumer Protection 15,Part C Project Work 20,Month wise Distribution of Syllabus. April Unit 1 Nature and significance of management. Unit 2 Principle of management,May Unit 3 Business Environment. June Unit 4 Planning,July Unit 5 Organising,August Unit 6 Staffing. Unit 7 Direction,Unit 8 Controlling,September Unit 9 Financial Management. Revision and Half Yearly Examination,October Unit 10 Financial Markets.
Unit 11 Marketing Management,November Unit 12 Consumer Protection. December Part C Project Work and Revision,January Pre Board Examination. GURU GOBIND SINGH PUBLIC SCHOOL,SYLLABUS 2017 18,Subject Economics Code 030. Theory 80 Marks Project 20 Marks Total 100 Marks,Part A INTRODUCTORY MICRO ECONOMICS. UNIT MARKS,1 Introduction 04,2 Consumer s Equilibrium and Demand 13.
3 Producer Behavior and Supply 13, 4 Forms of Market and Price Determination Under perfect. Competition Simple applications of Tools of demand and supply 10. Part B INTRODUCTORY MACRO ECONOMICS,UNIT MARKS,5 National Income and Related Aggregates 10. 6 Money and Banking 06,7 Determination of Income and Employment 12. 8 Government Budget and the Economy 06,9 Balance of Payments 06. Part C PROJECT WORK 20,Month Wise Distribution of Whole Syllabus.
April May Micro Unit 1 Ch Introduction,Unit 2 Ch Consumer s Equilibrium Utility Analysis. Ch Consumer s Equilibrium Indifference curve Analysis. Ch Theory of Demand,June Micro Unit 2 Ch Elasticity of Demand. Macro Unit 5 Ch Some Basic concepts of Macro economics. Ch National Income and Related Aggregates,Ch Methods of calculating National Income. July Micro Unit 3 Ch Production Function Return to a Factor. Ch Concept of Cost,Ch Concept of Revenue,Ch Producer s Equilibrium. Macro Unit 6 Ch Money Supply of Money, August Macro Unit 6 Ch Banking Commercial Bank and The Central Bank.
Unit 7 Ch Aggregate Demand its components,Ch Short Run Equilibrium Output. Ch Problem of Deficient Demand and Excess Demand Continue. September Macro Ch Problem of Deficient Demand and Excess Demand. Revision and Half Yearly Examination, October Micro Ch Theory of Supply and elasticity of Supply. Unit 4 Ch Forms of Market, Ch Market equilibrium Under Perfect competition and Effects of shifts. in Demand and Supply,Macro Unit 8 Ch Government Budget And The Economy. November Macro Unit 9 Ch Foreign Exchange Rate,Ch Balance of Payments.
December Project Work,Revision of Whole Syllabus and Pre Board I. January Pre Board II CBSE Practical Examination, Suggested Reading NCERT Text Book Part A B Class XII. Note Latest Edition of Text Book should be use,GURU GOBIND SINGH PUBLIC SCHOOL. SYLLABUS 2017 18,Subject Mathematics,Whole year syllabus. 1 Relation,2 Function and Binary operation,3 Matrices and Determinant.
4 Inverse Trigonometrical function,5 Continuity and Differentiability. 6 Differentiation,7 Application of Differentiation. 8 Integration,9 Differential Equation,11 Three Dimension Co ordinate geometry. 12 Linear Programming,13 Probability,Month wise breakup of syllabus. April Relation Function and Binary operation Inverse Trigonometrical functions. May Matrices and Determinant, June Contd Matrices and Determinant continuity and Differentiability.
Revision for P1, July Differentiation Up to higher order and Application of derivatives. August Integration Up to Definite Integral and Area of the Curves. September Differential equation,Revision for P2, October Vector and 3 D Co Ordinate geometry st Line and plane. November Contd Plane LPP and probability,December Revision. January Pre Board Exam,GURU GOBIND SINGH PUBLIC SCHOOL. SYLLABUS 2017 18,Subject Physics,GURU GOBIND SINGH PUBLIC SCHOOL.
SYLLABUS 2017 18,Subject Chemistry,Theory 70 Marks. Book Prescribed NCERT,Units Period Required Marks,Unit 1 The Solid State 12 04. Unit 2 Solution 12 05,Unit 3 Electrochemistry 14 05. Unit 4 Chemical Kinetics 12 05,Unit 5 Surface chemistry 08 04. Unit 6 General Principle and process of Isolation of elements 08 03. Unit 7 P block elements 14 08,Unit 8 d and f block elements 14 05.
Unit 9 Co ordination chemistry 12 03,Unit 10 HALOALKANE and HALOARENES 12 04. Unit 11 Alcohol Phenols and Ethers 12 04,Unit 12 ALDEHYDE KETONE and Carboxylic acid 12 06. Unit 13 Organic compounds containing nitrogen 10 04. Unit 14 Bio molecules 12 04,Unit 15 Polymers 08 03. Unit 16 Chemistry in everyday Life 08 03,T Pds 180 T M 70. Syllabus Break up Month wise,April and May,Unit 01 Solid State.
Unit 02 Solution,Unit 03 Electrochemistry,Unit 04 Chemical Kinetics. Unit 5 Surface chemistry,Unit 10 HALOALKANE and HALOARENES. Unit 11 Alcohol Phenols and Ethers,Unit 12 ALDEHYDE KETONE and Carboxylic acid. Unit 6 General Principle and process of Isolation of elements. Unit 7 P block elements,Unit 15 Polymers,Unit 13 Organic compounds containing nitrogen. Unit 8 d and f block elements,Unit 9 Co ordination chemistry.
Unit 14 Bio molecules,Unit Chemistry in everyday life. GURU GOBIND SINGH PUBLIC SCHOOL,SYLLABUS 2017 18,Subject Biology. Book Prescribed,1 NCERT Biology for Std XII,2 Truman s Biology XII. Syllabus for the whole year,Unit 1 Reproduction 14 marks. Chapter 1 Reproduction in organism,2 Sexual Reproduction in flowering plant.
3 Human Reproduction,4 Reproductive Health,Unit 2 Genetics Evolution 18 marks. Chapter 5 Principles of Inheritance and variation,6 Molecular Basis of Inheritance. 7 Evolution,Unit 3 Biology in Human welfare 14 marks. Chapter 8 Human Health and Disease,9 Strategies for enhancement in food production. 10 Microbes in Human welfare,Unit 4 Biotechnology 14 marks.
Chapter 11 Biotechnology Principles Process,12 Biotechnology and its application. Unit 5 Ecology 14 marks,Chapter 13 Organism and population. 14 Ecosystem,15 Biodiversity and conservation,16 Environmental issues. Syllabus Break up moth wise, Principles of inheritance variation on Molecular basis of Inheritance. Reproduction in organism Sexual Reproduction in flowering plant. Human Reproduction Reproductive health Unit test I. Evolution Human Health Disease Strategies for Enhancement in food production Microbes. in human welfare, Biotechnology Principles Process Biotechnology and its applications.
Organism and population Ecosystem Biodiversity and conservation Contd. Biotechnology and conservation Completed Environmental issue Unit Test II. Revision and Preliminary Test,Pre Board Examination. GURU GOBIND SINGH PUBLIC SCHOOL,SYLLABUS 2017 18,Subject Computer Science 083. Book s Prescribed, Introduction to compare science Volume II by A K Sharma Dhanpat Rai. Introduction to computer science Volume II by Sumita Arora. Unit wise Distribution,Unit Unit Name,1 Programming in C. 2 Data Structure,3 Database and SQL,4 Boolean Algebra.
5 Communication and Network,Unit Chapters,1 a Revision of C. b Structures,c Function overloading,d Class and Objects. e Constructor and Destructor,f Inheritance,2 h basic Concept. i Stack and queue,k Linked list,I File Handling,3 m Database Concept. n Structural Query language,4 o Boolean Algebra,5 p Communications and Network.
Month wise breakup,Revision of C, Defining Structure declaring structure variable accessing structure elements passing structure to. function function return structure user defined datatypes. Function Overloading, What is function overloading rules of function overloading using function overloading in programs. Class and Object, Defining class implementation of object oriented programming concept in C member of a class Data. Members and member functions using private protected and public visibility modes Defining Member. function use of scope resolution operator declaration of object Accessing members form object Array of. type class object as function argument pass by value and pass by reference. Constructor and Destructor, Special Characteristics of Constructor declaring and defining constructor Types of Constructor Rules of. Constructor Declaring destructor and their rules, Inheritance Introduction to Inheritance their advantage visibility mode Access control to member of.
base class base class and derived class types of inheritance containership constructor and destructor. Data structure One and two dimensional array address calculation one dimension array travelling. searching linear Binary insertion deletion sorting selection Bubble insertion Merging. Pointer Declaration and initialization of pointer dynamic memory location deallocation operators New. and delete pointers and array array of pointers pointers to an array function returning a pointer. reference variables and use of alias function call by reference pointer to structure pointer to class. Stack and Queue Operation of stack push and pop and its implementation in C converting. expression Operation on queue and its implementation in C. Linked list Introduction of Linked list creation of Node Types of Linked lit operations on inked list. creation travelling searching deletion insertion linked stack linked queue linked class. File Handling Data and information types of files different field keys storage devices file. organisation types of streams file and streams working with text file. File Handling working with binary files, SQL General concepts advantages of SQL relational data model concept of domain tuple relational. key primary key data types DML and DDL statements Functions. Boolean Algebra Evaluation of Boolean algebra binary valued quantities Boolean variable Boolean. constant truth table different types of laws and theorems Obtaining Sop and Pos from the truth Table. Drawing diagrams using gates k map Manipulation and Minimization of Boolean expression. Communication and Network Evolution of networking internet Arpanet different ways of sending. data across the network Data communication terminologies Transmission media different topologies. protocols webpages HTTP domain name URL protocol address websites web browser web server. web hosting,December Revision,GURU GOBIND SINGH PUBLIC SCHOOL. SYLLABUS 2017 18,Subject IP,GURU GOBIND SINGH PUBLIC SCHOOL. SYLLABUS 2017 18,Subject Multimedia and Web Technology. UNIT WISE MARKS,Marks Total,Unit No Unit Name,01 Introduction to Data Base 05 05 10.
Managements,02 Networking and Open Standards 10 0 10. 03 Web page Development 40 15 55,04 Multimedia and Authoring Tools 15 10 15. Month wise breakup,1 Database Management, Introduction to database Database terminology concept of keys database tools. 2 Networking and open standards, Computers Networking Network topologies type of networking wired and wireless technologies. Network devices wireless mobile communication Internet applications Network security open source. 1 Review of HTML DHMML Java script,Java script Array Forms in Java Script.
Java scripts Flow of control Functions Frame in Java script In build functions. PHP Concept of PHP others equivalent tools Data type feature variable constants output data on. screen operators Arithmetic unary Binary Assignment String operators Comparison operators. Increment and Decrement operators Logical operators operator precedence conditional statements Loop. PHP String Manipulation functions Data functions PHP forms. PHP File handling Text file opening and clasing of file Reading and writing in file and features of file. Working with data base,November Flash Multimedia Authoring Tools. Moving file format embedding Movie frames scene layers special effect Publishing Move Multimedia.

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