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ii, Master of Pugilistic Arts venerable Lam Sai Wing 1860 1943 . The last photo supposedly 1940 1943 , Moving Along the Hieroglyph Gung I Tame the Tiger with. the Pugilistic Art , Traditional technique Nan Kuen the Southern Fist inherited from the past and. handed down by Lam Sai Wing , Lam Sai Wing, Translation Wang Keze. Oleg Korshunov, Leonid Serbin, Seng Sinfu, Comments Andrew Timofeevich.
Editor Master of Hung Gar style Alexandr Popov, COPYRIGHT 2002 Shaolin Kung Fu OnLine Library ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. www kungfulibrary com, iii, Contents,Foreword by author vi viii. Preliminary Exercise Basic techniques Fighting Methods . Preliminary Exercise fig 1 9 , Fig 1 Join your feet leaving one cun between them 1. Fig 2 Clench your fists and hide them on the waist 2. Fig 3 Pull up your hands to the breast level and execute a cutting departure 3. Fig 4 Turn your arms pull out your fists and place your arms against your shoulders 4. Fig 5 Press aside three times the Fighting Cock spreads its wings pierce with palms 5. Fig 6 Submerge your elbows and support the sky with your fingers 6. Fig 7 Clench your right hand into fist use your left palm 7. Fig 8 Suspend your foot pull in your breast perform the greeting ceremony 8. Fig 9 Turn your hand pull in your fists return to the initial position 9. Basic techniques fig 10 51 , Fig 10 Stand on your legs apart and take a Stable Stance of a Horse 10. Fig 11 Raise your fists in front of your breast and cut with both hands 11. Fig 12 Close your palms and part them to the position Stout Iron Bridge 12. Fig 13 Thrice fling with one finger 13, Fig 14 To powder yourself three times and to deliver three blows in succession 14.
Fig 15 Throw for the fourth time pierce with your hands support the sky with your fingers 15. Fig 16 Both pull out and both cut grasp and bring apart 16. Fig 17 Go out to the left suspend on the right draw the rein and come back 17. Fig 18 Use a foot like a spade lower yourself to the posture SEI PING BA FEN MA 18. Fig 19 Use continuously one arm in the stance ZIWU 19. Fig 20 Raise and twist Horse Stance 1000 Hieroglyphs 20. Fig 21 Pull out an arm turn the torso cut and come back 21. Fig 22 Riding a Horse smoothly change positions and deliver a stroke aside with your palm 22. Fig 23 Horse stance crook of the arm piercing blow 23. Fig 24 Cut with a hand strike a smooth blow with a palm in the Horse stance 24. Fig 25 To clench the fist to pull out the hand to turn and to spread 25. Fig 26 Go out to the right to suspend on the left to pull and come back 26. Fig 27 A foot like a spade to lower oneself to the stance SEI PING MA BA FEN 27. www kungfulibrary com, iv, Fig 28 To turn the right arm in the stance ZIWU 28. Fig 29 To raise and to twist to take the stance MA The Hand of a 1000 Hieroglyphs 29. Fig 30 To pull out the hand to turn the torso to cut and to come back 30. Fig 31 To mount a Horse to deliver a blow to the side 31. Fig 32 In a stable stance to use the crook of the arm method to pierce with a hand 32. Fig 33 To cut with a hand to deliver a straight strike with a palm in the stable stance 33. Fig 34 To clench a fist to grip and to pull out to turn and to split 34. Fig 35 To go to the left with a stamping to suspend one s foot on the right to take the stance MA 35. Fig 36 Looking in the mirror to powder oneself with claws three times 36. Fig 37 To take the Horse by the bridle and to bring it back to the stall to pull and to turn back 37. Fig 38 The Cat washes its muzzle three times again 38. Fig 39 To take the Horse by the bridle to twist the torso and to pull back again 39. Fig 40 To make a step with the right leg to take the stance ZIWU MA 40. Fig 41 The bow is in front the arrow is behind a pair of cutting arms 41. Fig 42 To raise up from the left to lower from the right an Hand of a 1000 Hieroglyphs 42. Fig 43 After reining in the Horse pull out your fists and deliver a double GUA from up to down 43. Fig 44 To jump the Horse to make circles with an elbow pair of Tiger s claws 44. Fig 45 The Bull strikes with its horn makes a turn and breaches the sky 45. Fig 46 To turn the Horse to strike up with an elbow powder yourself four times 46. Fig 47 To turn the body back to take the stable stance of a Horse 47. Fig 48 To cut with both arms by lowering them to join the palms then to bring them apart 48. Fig 49 To support the sky with one finger to advance three times 49. Fig 50 To use the method of marking and piercing hand to make a Iron Bridge 50. Fig 51 Both pull out and both cut grasp and bring apart 51. Fighting Methods fig 52 93 , Fig 52 Palms like butterflies after approaching and separating to infiltrate with arms 52. Fig 53 To throw off again with palms butterflies to approach to part aside and to penetrate 53 54. Fig 54 To throw away with palms to do without stopping a hold and to knock down with a leg 55. Fig 55 A side wind rush shakes a willow to turn the body 56. Fig 56 To cut with both arms by raising and lowering the right and the left arm 57. Fig 57 The hand technique of the 1000 Hieroglyphs to deflect with one hand to make. delimitation with another one 58, Fig 58 After reining in the Horse to pull out fists to deliver a double blow GUA from up to down 59. Fig 59 To jump at the horseback to make circles with an elbow a pair of tiger s claws 60. www kungfulibrary com, v, Fig 60 The Bull strikes with its horn makes a turn and breaches the sky 61. Fig 61 On horseback a single bridge a straight blow combined with advancement 62. Fig 62 To rein in the Horse to beat with an elbow top like a stone battledore 63. Fig 63 To turn the head not to be slow with palms like butterflies 64. Fig 64 The Black Tiger delivers a blow and uninterrupted series of blows 65. Fig 65 The butterfly with one of palms and a step of the Unicorn 66. Fig 66 Continuous use of palms like butterflies in the motion of the Unicorn 67. Fig 67 To pull out on the right to deliver a fist blow with an advance 68. Fig 68 Continuously to do the same motion to the right and to the left 69. Fig 69 A turn of the body a single GUA a straight blow at the center with an advance 70. Fig 70 To rein in the Horse to turn the body to do GUA DA CHUI 71. Fig 71 While advancing and plunging into a stance to catch and to strike continuously 72. Fig 72 To pull up your back leg the Hand of 1000 Hieroglyphs 73. Fig 73 To burst on horseback to deliver a straight blow with an elbow top 74. Fig 74 To part and to penetrate to turn into the Golden Dragon 75. Fig 75 A palm in the stance ZIWU a leg like Tiger s tail 76. Fig 76 To turn the body the posture of a Snake to take away pearls again 77. Fig 77 The spoon the Snake raises up its head to wag a tail 78. Fig 78 To turn the body to jump and to beat the drum with a stone battledore 79. Fig 79 To advance and to suppress an attack from the right to strike with a palm from the left 80. Fig 80 To stop an attack from the left in the posture MA to strike with a palm from a side 81. Fig 81 To make a step with the right leg into posture ZI WU to cover with a hand 82. Fig 82 A bar weighing 1000 jins on the Iron Gate 83. Fig 83 To jump over to the stance MA to draw a tight bow and to shoot an arrow 84. Fig 84 To hook and to cut to continue the attack with the claws of the Black Tiger 85. Fig 85 To retreat to the Horse Stance the Golden Dragon carries gifts in its claws 86. Fig 86 To turn the body to parry with a bridge to deliver a straight blow 87. Fig 87 To hang from the left to entwine a branch and to deliver a blow 88. Fig 88 From the left and from the right without stopping each time to powder himself 89. Fig 89 To draw aside with palms like butterflies and to separate from the left and from the right 90. Fig 90 Three Stars one after another Black Tiger s claws 91 92. Fig 91 To turn the body to make a bridge and to deliver the CHUI blow 93. Fig 92 To pull up the fists to do the greeting ritual with a suspended leg 94. Fig 93 To turn arms to pull fists to make a respectful bow 95. , www kungfulibrary com, vi, Foreword by author,GUNG GEE FOOK FU KUEN A SHORT HISTORIC SKETCH.
During the Qing Dynasty in the years under the motto of Yongzheng about. 1723 1736 the Japanese army occupied the island of Taiwan When the. news about the Japanese seizure of some towns reached the Qing. Government it was terrified and sent the Chinese troops there to take back. the island but the Chinese army suffered defeat one after another Military. commanders of different ranks were not able to drive the Japanese away . After that a detachment of monks,from the Shaolin Monastery in. Fujian province came to Taiwan ,They full of audacity and. courage delivered a decisive,blow to the Japanese army The. Japanese suffered a defeat and, retreated Taiwan was liberated Shaolin monks engaged in a fight with. Japanese invaders Gallery of wooden, sculptures at the Shaolin Monastery .
The Qing Government rejoiced over the victory and intended to grant. various titles and posts to the most courageous monks However the. unworldly monks did not accept granted posts so they were awarded with. land allotments to grow rice and with other valuable presents . www kungfulibrary com, vii, The Qing bureaucracy thought that if there were such outstanding persons in. the Shaolin Monastery they might be dangerous for the Emperor Palace If. anti Qing feelings become strong among the monks it could be very. harmful The Qing Government sent to the monks grain and presents At the. same time some people sent by the government secretly brought to the walls. of the monastery a lot of straw One night broke out a fire that completely. ruined the Southern Shaolin Monastery ,The monks who saved. after the fire dispersed in,different direction all. over China like stars in,the sky One of the most,esteemed monks settled. in the Haichuang Temple,in Nanhai District near,the city of Guangzhou.
Ruins of legendary Southern Shaolin at, Canton There he present . started to teach monks,different methods of Fighting Arts . The most outstanding among his disciples was Luk Ah Choy a monk who. made a great success in learning Luk Ah Choy handed down his skills to. Wong Tai Wong from the village of Louzhou in Nanhai district small. district of Xiqiao Wong Tai handed down his skills to his son Wong Kay. Ying Wong Kay Ying to his son Wong Fei Hung who became a successor. of the fighting arts in the third generation , www kungfulibrary com. viii,Later on Wong Fei Hung taught the fighting arts. to generals Wu Quanmei and Liu Yongfu In the,years under the motto of Guangxu 1875 1908 he.
won a contest and was nominated for a post of,jingxun daqishou something like an official. person responsible for flood prevention He,served under the assistant of the governor of. Fujian province Tang Jinsong , Wong Fei Hung,At that time riots of common people started in. Fujien The people of this province demanded that Tang should become the. head of a democratic state and Wong Fei Hung the commander in chief . That news made Li Hongzhang become the commander of the government. army numbering several thousands of men to suppress the riots Tang. Jinsong could not resist such a large force and decided to hide after shaving. his moustache and beard Wong Fei Hung followed Tang Both of them took. a flight to Guangzhou Canton In Guangzhou in Zienan street Wong Fei. Hung opened up a drugstore named Bo Chi Lam He lived in solitude there . he did not seek any posts and did not hand down his superb skills to. outsiders , This book will help to reach the mastership in Fighting Arts that are not. simple to understand It has been written with the aim of handing down the. knowledge to disciples who are eager to find tutors and expect to receive. instructions , www kungfulibrary com, 1,Fig 1 HE JIAO LIKAI YI CUN KUO.
Join your feet leaving one cun between them,Translation You stand erectly as. if there is a weight of 1000 jin ,on the crown of your head Chi. lowers to Dantien and from there,it spreads to four limbs The four. limbs are heart feet ears and eyes ,The heart Spirit in conjunction. with a thought an Intention ,reaches the feet after it a state of.
fullness with Chi energy is,attained The heart feels a. presentiment the eyes see,everything around the ears hear. sounds from eight sides , , 1 cun is approximately equal to 3 33. centimeters , 1 jin is approximately equal to 500,grammes . Comments The Shaolin school of The breath Chi moves down and reaches. the control of breath Chi known to the center of a foot it also move up and. the western reader as Chi Kung or reaches the top of Kunlun mountain i e . Qi Gong is an integral part of the the brain When you direct the breath. Shaolin Tradition of Fighting Arts with your mind you make it penetrate. An extract from the book of the into the center of the abdominal cavity . Superior of the Shaolin monastery in other words the breath Chi is. De Chang The breath Chi must submerged to the Cinnabar Field . unite with the force Li the mind Dantien The law of Cinnabar Field is. should keep union with the heart the base of breathing exercises and the. the heart must be in union with the force originating from the Cinnabar. mind and the mind should guide the Field is as strong as the tiger . breath Chi , , De Chang Shaolin Qi Gong Zhangzhou 1983.
www kungfulibrary com, 2,Fig 2 LIANG SHOU ZHA QUAN CANG ZAI YAO. Clench your fists and hide them on the waist,Translation Your fists are. hidden near the waist If your,enemy strikes from the left . repulse his blow with your right,hand and resort to the grip FU. HU SHOU However the,enemy can do a false movement,to conceal his true intentions .
therefore it is necessary to tell the,true from the false and to react. only to a real attack , , FU HU SHOU The hand,restraining the tiger is a technique. for gripping an attacking hand of the,enemy in wrist region followed by. pressure from up to down of the,palm to an elbow joint in the. direction opposite to its natural,curve , Comments This position is the It is specially stressed that you should.
initial position for the next technique be on your guard when you conduct a. and has no independent meaning grip as with a false thrust the enemy. therefore the author describes one of can put you into a dangerous situation . the alternatives for fighting use, Cutting palms here see fig 3 . www kungfulibrary com, 3,Fig 3 CHOU SHANG XUN ZHONG YIQIE CHU. Pull up your hands to the breast level and execute a. cutting departure,Translation The cutting,palms means a method to react. to an attacking arm of the enemy,from its outer side The arms are. in the position SHUAN CHI,SHOU the elbows are pressed.
to sides I step aside and turn,my side to the enemy Each time . when dodging an attack and,defending the sides one should. draw rein that is to keep the,elbows near sides Dodge. enemy s blows otherwise you,will find the ignominious death . , SHUAN CHI SHOU the arm,like a wing , Comments A fighting use of the A version of passing to a grip FU HU.
Cutting palms with a displacement SHOU from the position The cutting. of the attack line is described here palms is presented in the description. while in TAOLU this technique is of the previous technique see fig 2 . carried out in an initial stance feet,close to each other . www kungfulibrary com, 4,Fig 4 FAN SHOU CHOU QUAN DUI BO JIAN. Turn your arms pull out your fists and place your. hands against your shoulders,Translation The method CHOU. QUAN is executed with both,arms I should pull up my. clenched fists from my shoulders ,then I move my elbows aside and.
do a cutting movement down By,doing it I free myself from a. clench of the enemy who,suddenly attacked me from,behind . , CHOU QUAN pull out fists , Comments From the position The with a sharp expiration and lower. cutting palms fig 3 your hands turn them to shoulders through sides It is a. up press with some effort and you cutting movement with elbows from. slowly pull fists to shoulders with up to down In the final position the. some effort This phase of elbows are pressed to sides the fists. conducting the technique is shown in are on the shoulder level with the. fig 4 Then by sending force to the palm centers facing the front . arms you jerk fists up, www kungfulibrary com, 5,Fig 5 HENG PO SAN ZHU BIAO CHUAN ZHANG. Press aside three times the Fighting Cock spreads. its wings pierce with palms,Translation The method SAN ZHU.
is the position to train your internal,strength this is a secret technique of. the Hung school Do the method, Three Openings by three wing. flaps of the Fighting Cock Than , The Fighting Cock spreads its. wings that is a piercing blow with,your palms asides The enemy. delivers a straight blow at my head I,swiftly use BIAO CHUAN to parry.
the blow and to counterattack , , BIAO CHUAN SHOU literally to. do a mark with a piercing hand a blow,with ends of fingers of an open palm . Comments Three openings is one,of the most important basic. techniques of Hung Gar style,inherited from the Southern Shaolin . The Shaolin Treatises on Fighting,Arts say It is necessary to pay.
special attention to the fact that the the palms aside on the shoulder level This. mind would guide the breath Chi and movement should be accompanied with a. the breath Chi should act in unity with slow strained exhalation through the nose . the physical force Li The breath Chi Just imagine that you are in a narrow cleft. must strengthen the physical force Li and where you are trying to move aside. and the force Li must guide the breath cliffs This is called The thought leads. Chi This in outward appearance a Chi Then sharply breath in and quickly. simple exercise is aimed at training return your arms to the initial position . the said cooperation The fingers are After the third turn the hands are opened. in a position as shown in fig 13 The from the initial position to the position. initial position the palms on the palm and are lowered with a quick. shoulder level elbows are lowered on movement on sides to the waist Then . sides Take a sharp breath in through without stopping strike a piercing blow to. the mouth and close Chi i e strain sides with tips of your fingers as shown in. your stomach and hold breathing then fig 5 This is the technique Fighting Cock. slowly with an effort pull spreads its Wings , www kungfulibrary com. 6,Fig 6 CHEN ZHENG YI DING ZHI CHENG TIAN, Submerge your elbows and support the sky with. your fingers,Translation Four of your,fingers support the sky the. elbows are submerged This is,one of the secret methods Hung. Kuen style the method The,Iron Hand of the Buddhist.
Tutor When training the,method Four fingers support the. sky direct the force to the end,of your fingers , . It means the following stance the,arms are put aside on the level of. shoulders and they are slightly,bent the elbows are faced down. and so slightly lowered , Comments This position has no This exercise develops all sinews of.
direct practical use however like the forearm and strengthens fingers . the technique Three openings it is The Tiger style of the Southern. a part of treasury of methods of Hard Shaolin which served as a base for the. Chi Kung of Hung Gar style It is creation of this TAOLU and the. also the heritage of the Kung Fu formation the technique Hung Gar as a. School in the Southern Shaolin An whole includes a great number of. obligatory condition of its execution blows with tiger s claws fingers as. four fingers are completely well as grips Therefore strengthening. straightened and are spread apart of finger s tips is of great importance. with force the thumb is here ,perpendicular to the plane of a palm . www kungfulibrary com, 7,Fig 7 YOU SHOU ZHA QUAN ZUO YONG ZHANG. Clench your right hand into fist use your left palm. Translation If my enemy,delivers a punch at the middle. part of my torso I immediately,use CHI SHOU bounce his. blow and punch with my fist ,Regardless a method or a style.
the attacking enemy uses I,immediately start doing the. method E HU QIN YIANG ,and defeat him , , CHI SHOU the arm like a. wing , E HU QIN YING The,Hungry Tiger catches the Ram . means to grip an enemy s hand in,the wrist region with one hand and. sharply pull to yourself and down ,with your forearm of another hand .
using body weight press on the,elbow of the gripped hand in the. direction opposite its natural curve , Comments The positions in fig 7 to grip an enemy s arm with your left. and fig 8 are two phases of one hand The text to fig 7 describes one of. technique Fig 7 shows the first methods of development of the. phase a block with a hand in the technique from the position shown in. shape of a wing CHI SHOU and fig 8 if the enemy blocks your punch. the preparation for a punch Fig 8 with his left forearm pass to execute. shows the second phase a punch the technique E HU QIN YANG . with the right fist and the preparation, www kungfulibrary com.

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