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0 18Contents 4 14 08 5 11 PM Page 2,C O N T E N T S. How to Use the Baby Beginnings Curriculum 3,Meeting the Needs of Babies 4. Teaching Babies and Toddlers About God 5,Why Use Curriculum 6. Discipline in the Nursery 7,Welcoming a Baby 8,September I See God s Love at Church 9. October Jesus Loves Children 17,November God Gives Me Food 25.
December Jesus Was a Baby 33,January God Helps Me to Grow 41. February My Family Loves Me 49,March Jesus Loves Me 57. April God Makes Growing Things 65,May People at Church Help Me 73. June God Cares for Me 81,July God Made Me 89,August God Gives Me Friends 97. CD ROM Parent s Home Pages,Parent s Home Pages 0 to 18 Months.
Introductory Parent s Home Page,Year 1 Year 2,September September. October October,November November,December December. January January,February February,March March,April April. August August,0 18Contents 4 14 08 5 11 PM Page 3,How to Use the Baby Beginnings Curriculum. If You Are the Children s Pastor or Nursery Coordinator. Prior to the start of each month send home the appropriate month s overview first two pages of. each month s section to each caregiver in the nursery. If you have a regular consistent staff for the month include the activity pages for the month as. well and encourage your staff to plan together which activities they will prepare and provide each. week of the month For example one person would be prepared to lead a God s Wonders activity. each week while another person would be prepared to lead an Active Play activity each week. If you have a rotating staff select several of the activities yourself Collect any needed supplies and. place them in the appropriate rooms along with the page of instructions highlight or mark the. activity Alert the staff to look for these items when they arrive to serve. Note Consider creating for each room a box for each month that contains the supplies for the. month s learning activities as described in the Baby Beginnings Teacher s Guides At the beginning of. the month the box is placed in the appropriate rooms for use by teachers. If You Are a Caregiver in the Nursery, For each month select the activities you will provide Collect needed supplies.
For Parents, Distribute a copy of the reproducible I Love to Sing CD to each family. At the beginning of each month send home or ask your children s pastor to send home both the. appropriate month s I Love to Look Bible Story Picture Card and Parent s Home Page Parent s Home. Pages are available on the CD ROM that comes with this book as well as in Nursery Smart Pages. Purchase one set of I Love to Look Bible Story Picture Cards for each family. 2008 Gospel Light Permission to photocopy granted to original purchaser only Baby Beginnings Teacher s Guide 0 to 18 Months 3. 0 18Contents 4 14 08 5 11 PM Page 4,Meeting the Needs of Babies. Once a baby can sit up try playing peekaboo, What Are They Like with him or her or pushing gently on the baby s. When we say baby we may mean a newborn Or feet so the child can push back Provide a num. we may be referring to a sitter or to the crawler ber of safe smaller toys rattles fabric or vinyl. who picks up inspects and eats every crumb blocks and other objects for discovering As. Although babyhood is short the changes from you interact with a baby describe his or her. newborn to toddler are enormous actions or responses to your actions. A newborn is quite aware of and sensitive to For the crawler freedom to explore within safe. surroundings especially the emotional feel of limits is the key Provide lots of space for crawl. those surroundings but sleeping and eating ers to roam without hazards Crib mattresses. are the order of the day and washable firm pillows can provide a variety. of safe crawling climbing and sitting surfaces, Around six weeks of age a baby begins to reach Carpet sample squares can provide interesting. out to touch items that interest him or her and to textures to crawl across Your calm and happy. control his or her head interaction with babies on the floor helps them. A baby may become a sitter at around six learn ways to explore and communicate. months of age Now that the baby s range of,vision is broadened he or she loves to reach.
and perhaps even roll after small objects and,A Smooth Schedule. drop throw or bang them There should be at least one caregiver for every. The crawler is now able to explore a brave new three babies This makes it possible to keep a. world From the coffee cup to the full wastebas close eye on every child s safety as well as to. ket there is nothing that doesn t interest him or give each child individual attention If possible. her Once crawling is mastered expect lots of the same caregiver should care for the same. pulling up standing and attempts at climbing children from week to week This continuity is. especially important when babies begin to dis,tinguish between strangers and friends. How Can I Help Them When a baby arrives give child and parents a. Position colorful mobiles hung so babies can friendly greeting After check in is complete take. see them An occasional change of scenery and a moment to talk to and sing to the child To in. the gentle talking rocking and comforting that terest older babies in an activity begin to do the. accompany feeding changing and sleep prepa activity yourself. ration should keep them happy and content When it s time to change or move a child don t. Be sure to support the head of a baby this age pick up the child without warning rather talk. even if he or she appears to have good control calmly to him or her about what s going to hap. Remember that frequent burping is necessary pen Never underestimate the power of your. when feeding a newborn calmness and relaxed attitude It will likely rub. Give babies some time in positions other than off onto the babies you care for. the one in which they usually sleep As a baby Remember to watch ask and adapt yourself to. becomes able to roll over he or she will be ready the children s changing interests and activities. for more changes of scenery and more play and Your enthusiasm for the theme related activi. conversation with adults An infant seat or other ties suggested in this guide and your interest. device that puts the baby where he or she can in each child are what make this a time of ef. see what s going on nearby is helpful fective learning. 4 2008 Gospel Light Permission to photocopy granted to original purchaser only Baby Beginnings Teacher s Guide 0 to 18 Months. 0 18Contents 4 14 08 5 11 PM Page 5,Teaching Babies and Toddlers About God. Get serious some may say We re dealing with Jesus is a reminder to yourself of your purpose. babies here They just need to be fed changed in serving in the nursery Your example in minis. rocked what can they possibly learn about God tering to these little ones will help parents begin. to develop these same skills in communicating,spiritual truths to their children. The Style in Which It s Done, While no one thinks it s vital to post charts of Individual Time with Babies.
major theological concepts on the nursery wall, it is vital to think about what babies can learn Play simple games lovingly with babies such as. The goal of teaching in the nursery is not to get gently pedaling a baby s legs and saying Jesse. a baby to say God Rather our goal is to indi God made your strong legs Sing short simple. vidually one on one teach the baby what he songs about God s love to even the youngest. or she can learn about God s love baby, Such teaching is done by your every look word Remember that no baby cares about your vocal. and act while you are in the presence of a baby quality Your low gentle song relaxes calms and. or toddler You represent Christ to each little teaches trust As a baby often hears his or her. person in your care Using a curriculum with name associated with God s love he or she be. monthly themes will help bring consistency to gins to associate song self God and love No. your efforts to help little ones learn about God it won t turn out a pint sized theologian But. these experiences build a foundation for faith,What do you communicate to that baby who. in the perfect Father who loves His little ones,seems to throw up on you every time you hold. him or her Do you tense as you pick up the, child steeling yourself against the inevitable Time for Toddlers.
That baby senses your tension A baby is very, sensitive to even such subtle things And it tells Toddlers will enjoy hearing brief Bible stories. the child how you feel about him or her Con and verses and short simple songs about God. versely when your words looks and actions are and Jesus Use toddlers names often and show. relaxed and gentle loving and kind you teach you enjoy them Repeated short direct sen. the baby not only that people at the church tences are often or quite well understood by. nursery can be trusted you are also building a toddlers even if they don t make any verbal. foundation for that little child s trust in God response. The attitude in which you meet a baby s needs Older babies and toddlers also enjoy looking at. greatly influences his or her developing person books with you Books for babies and toddlers. ality As a baby associates you with pleasant need mainly pictures not words With a picture. experiences and lovingly having his or her book and a toddler in your lap you are in posi. needs met he or she also forms foundational tion to look at the pictures and talk with the. opinions about trusting and about being loved child about the pictures in the books Look. that will affect his or her whole life This is why it Elisa There s a big red apple I like to eat ap. is important whenever possible to care for the ples God made apples for us to eat. same babies each time you are in the nursery Whether you interact with babies or toddlers. Continuity of care means the baby becomes remember that letting God s love flow through. familiar with one person building the baby s you to each child is what makes your teaching in. trust and comfort the nursery far more than just a baby sitting. Talking with babies and toddlers about God and experience. 2008 Gospel Light Permission to photocopy granted to original purchaser only Baby Beginnings Teacher s Guide 0 to 18 Months 5. 0 18Contents 4 14 08 5 11 PM Page 6,Why Use Curriculum. Babies and toddlers simply need to be fed of all the feelings that are created in this casual. changed and played with why would we setting will flow into a natural pattern of teach. need curriculum for them ing and learning that will eventually build a. young child s understanding of God Jesus and,First of all our goal in using curriculum is not. the loving comfort found in the people around,to get a baby to spout theological concepts. him or her at church And using a curriculum,Instead our goal is to individually one on.
with monthly themes helps provide continuity,one teach each baby through natural learning. to the activities in the nursery especially when,processes what he or she can begin to learn. teachers change frequently,about God Curriculum is designed to help you. the teacher use the time you spend at church In a large classroom where there are many chil. with little ones to build spiritual foundations dren and adults in the same room designate. certain learning activities for each adult to pro,Secondly using curriculum also benefits you. vide for children throughout the session For,the teacher as much as the child Singing and.
example one teacher may position him or her,talking about Jesus is a powerful reminder that. self on the floor near several books looking and,what you are doing is not just custodial care but. talking about them with interested children,ministry in its truest sense The same is true for. Another adult may sit near an open area of the,parents Babies and toddlers may not NEED to. room with a container of rhythm instruments,hear about Jesus but parents DO need to begin.
playing them and singing songs with children in,talking comfortably about Him with their child. that area of the room However as the session,The model the church provides of how we care. progresses adults need to be ready to move to,for and teach babies and toddlers is intended. where the action is Flexibility is key,to help parents catch on to the fact that they. can and should do the same things at home A baby s learning takes place all the time as a. natural part of living So the teaching in your,Curriculum provides you with ideas and words.
nursery is accomplished by your every look,that help make your natural teaching effective. word and act while you are in the presence of,Since the best kind of teaching for babies and. babies and toddlers The nursery is ministry just,toddlers is primarily one on one don t expect. as surely as teaching a theology class for adults, that these little ones will sit in a circle or have a. would be A nursery curriculum helps you to,group time or even remain interested in what.
focus your playing talking caregiving singing,you are doing for very long But as you sit on. and finger plays in ways that familiarize a child,the floor talking and playing with two or three. with God s name and His love Awareness of,babies make frequent use of the conversation. God s love for each child takes your time in the,ideas and songs suggested in this guide Plan. nursery far beyond the level of just singing Itsy, to provide several of the learning activities Play.
Bitsy Spider again,portions of the CD repeating the same songs. frequently The sounds words actions and most, 6 2008 Gospel Light Permission to photocopy granted to original purchaser only Baby Beginnings Teacher s Guide 0 to 18 Months. 0 18Contents 4 14 08 5 11 PM Page 7,Discipline in the Nursery. It will hurt him The truck rolls on the floor See,What Is Discipline. Save use of the word no for dangerous situa, First it is imperative to understand that disci tions in which the child must be immediately.
pline at any age level is not punishment for restrained. bad behavior Instead the very word discipline,3 Redirect Behavior Let s roll the truck Look I. means teaching the very kind of teaching,roll the truck to you Can you roll it back to me. Jesus did with His disciples Discipline is a door,Or offer another activity Here is a ball We can. of opportunity opportunity to teach children,roll the ball Or you may roll the car Jeremiah. appropriate ways to meet their needs Such,will roll the truck Redirecting behavior does not.
teaching of these ways will be twofold first to,mean trying to get a toddler to share or to apol. immediately stop inappropriate behavior behav,ogize This only results in adult frustration and. ior that might hurt a child destroy materials or,toddler confusion While your modeling of shar. disrupt the group second to help the child find,ing and apologizing is an important part of your. another more appropriate way to behave,teaching don t expect that toddlers will under.
Discipline of babies and toddlers should NEVER stand it or imitate it just yet. include any sort of negative physical touching,4 Offer a Choice When you offer You may. spanking slapping swatting tapping shaking,play with the bear or the doll Which one do. pulling biting back or the like It also NEVER,you want you are giving the child a choice. includes ridicule sarcasm threats or withhold,between two acceptable alternatives You will. ing any sort of care from a child,often find that even the most resistant toddler.
is easily redirected, Meeting Their Needs 5 Acknowledge Feelings Use the words I see. Young children have a very small understanding often Dana I see you bumped your knee You. of how the world works feel sad Acknowledging what you see shows. the child you understand and helps the child, They have no idea of the consequences of their begin to make sense of his or her emotions. acts or how another child will respond to them, Part of the process of discipline is to help a child 6 Talk Through Problems If you are talking. make sense of things even as you help the child through as you watch children describing what. understand appropriate ways to act To meet the you see and how children are reacting you are. needs of very young children already in the perfect position to help solve any. problem situation going on Ryan wants the car, 1 Prevent Problems Be sure the environment is Janna wants the car What can we do Here is. set up to be safe and trouble free Young chil another car Here is a truck Which one would. dren need to be able to explore with as little you like Ryan. restraint as possible this helps a child develop, his or her own internal controls and reduces Of course the most important part of this.
stress on babies and adults alike Also having opportunity to teach is found in the way you. several identical toys can help when toddlers behave As you model caring and respectful. both want the same toy Because toddlers are behavior and follow the above guidelines to. still too young to understand sharing offering meet children s needs in appropriate ways you. an identical toy can often avoid conflict will find not only that the nursery is more peace. ful but also that you are naturally helping chil, 2 Set Clear Limits Use the word no as little as dren make sense of their world and solve their. possible because it does not teach the child an own problems This also shows children that. appropriate way to act Instead give clear infor their caregivers are loving and considerate peo. mation about the situation For example The ple who want to help them And that is the. truck is for rolling We don t hit Jeremiah with it essence of showing God s love to little ones. 2008 Gospel Light Permission to photocopy granted to original purchaser only Baby Beginnings Teacher s Guide 0 to 18 Months 7. 0 18Contents 4 14 08 5 11 PM Page 8,Welcoming a Baby to the Nursery. It s a familiar scenario a parent hurrying to body posture patting or stroking If you are. get into the church service on time hands a relaxed the baby will likely follow your lead. baby to you At that moment the baby begins, to scream You are in the nursery to minister Crying It Out. not only to babies but their families as well, What can you do to improve the situation Babies have legitimate reasons to cry Don t. leave them alone to cry it out this sends the,opposite message from what you want the child.
Time to Separate to remember Because babies often have little. By around six or seven months babies begin to experience with adults other than parents and. very clearly distinguish who they know well and little memory about past experience it s legiti. who is a stranger In most children this brings on mate for them to wonder if their parents are. a mild anxiety that is fairly easily dealt with by ever going to return. your gentle smiles and a few distractions But, some children appear to have feelings of scream Tips to Try. ing panic that just won t quit,Sing the same welcoming song every week or. Always remember and gently remind parents use other welcoming rituals It s also helpful for. that when a child cries at separation time it is the same person to greet the child and settle. normal It is part of the child s growing ability to him or her into the new surroundings each time. distinguish between parents and strangers and, to prefer parents Your calm reassurance of For some children too much contact too soon. both parents and child will make the separation with a stranger results in more fear Take time. easier all around Help both child and parents instead to talk further with the parent so the. know that you recognize and accept their child sees that the parent trusts and accepts. feelings you With children who are obviously frightened. by your attention try indirect interaction play,ing with a toy that interests a child and talking. Acknowledge Feelings to the toy to draw the child s interest. Always encourage a parent to say a brief good If the child cries for an extended period of. bye before leaving the nursery telling the child time send for a parent Many churches have a. that he or she will return I ll be back after you ve crying policy limiting how long a baby may. played with toys for awhile Then be ready to cry before parents are summoned usually. help the child become involved in an interesting about five minutes. activity When good bye routines are established, children and parents get to know what to expect Try blowing bubbles Most babies find bubbles.
and separation should become less difficult fascinating Taking a baby outdoors briefly may. have the same effect,Also expect that a baby s anxiety may vary from. week to week Just when it seems that little Zack Invite the parent to stay in the nursery for a. is comfortable with separation he ll slide back while If the parent stays try having him or her. into anxiety Remember that this too is not a leave for five minutes then come back Increase. failure on anyone s part It s simply a normal part the length of time with each absence until the. of a baby s growth and is best dealt with calmly child and parent are comfortable. For most children the crying will not last for Invite families of infants who are having diffi. long although it may seem like a long time to culty separating from parents to visit the room. you Usually the child will soon calm down and when no other children are present Familiarity. become absorbed in an activity But remember with the room can boost the child s comfort. that you communicate love relaxation and com level. fort by your words your voice and your relaxed, 8 2008 Gospel Light Permission to photocopy granted to original purchaser only Baby Beginnings Teacher s Guide 0 to 18 Months. 0 18Sept 4 14 08 5 02 PM Page 9,T E A C H E R S,H O M E P A G E. I See God s Love at Church,Jesus Came to Church,See Luke 2 22 38. I like to come to church,See Psalm 122 1,This month you will help each child.
feel secure and comfortable at church as you demonstrate God s love to the child. begin to associate God and Jesus with loving people and enjoyable activities. Devotional, As you watch and learn from the babies and toddlers you teach notice how anxious each one is for. food to satisfy the pangs of hunger No substitute will do You may try bouncing and tickling rock. ing and caressing but a little one s crying will not stop until physical hunger is satisfied This is one. time when the child knows exactly what he or she needs. Read 1 Peter 2 1 3 The apostle Peter urges us to have the same single minded drive in satisfying. our spiritual needs Unfortunately we often allow ourselves to be sidetracked We try a wide variety. of ways to find fulfillment or to eliminate problems But our spiritual hunger continues often mak. ing us as cranky as a hungry baby Peter tells us that only the pure milk of the word see verse 2. can nourish the deepest needs of the human,soul Take time to be fed Recognize the symp. toms of your need and satisfy that hunger,As a teacher the gentle care you provide. young children introduces them to the nur,ture and love of the people who love God and. His Son the Lord Jesus Your tasks may seem,to involve only the physical care of changing.
feeding playing cuddling and singing How,ever those actions must be bathed in the. warmth of Jesus love Such love will radiate,from you as you take time each day to taste. the goodness of the Lord see Psalm 34 8 Just,as babies single mindedly demand to be fed. demand time out from your busy schedule to, feed your soul from God s abundant resources During the month of September display this poster at child s eye. level Talk about the way in which the children in the poster are expe. riencing God s love at church by playing with toys and friends. 2008 Gospel Light Permission to photocopy granted to original purchaser only Baby Beginnings Teacher s Guide 0 to 18 Months 9. 0 18Sept 4 14 08 5 02 PM Page 10,S E P T E M B E R.
I See God s Love at Church,Do It Sing It,I Come In It s Fun to Go to Church. I come in Tune Farmer in the Dell,there s a smile on my face. I come in It s fun to go to church, my friends are in this place It s fun to go to church. I come in With all the other boys and girls,my friends say hi to me It s fun to go to church. I m in church,what a happy place to be,Jesus Came to Church I See God s Love at Church.
DO IT TELL IT,When Jesus was a baby I Come In,When Jesus was a baby. His parents brought,His parents brought Him to church there s a smile. on my face,Him to church,People at church were,People at church were I come in. my friends,glad to see baby Jesus,glad to see baby Jesus are in this place. They talked to Him,They smiled at Him,They talked to Him my friends.
say hi to me They held Him close,They smiled at Him I m in church. what a happy It s Fun to Go to Church,Jesus was happy. to be at church, They held Him close place to be Tune Farmer in the Dell. It s fun to go to church You can be happy at church. because people show, Jesus was happy to be at church HEAR IT It s fun to go to church. With all the other boys and girls,God s love to you here.
I like to come to church See Luke 2 22 38, You can be happy at church See Psalm 122 1 it s fun to go to church 1997 Gospel Light It is illegal to photocopy or. reproduce this material in any form without permission. Because people show God s SEPTEMBER TEACHING POSTER. love to you here, See Luke 2 22 38 Display this poster at teacher s eye level in your nursery Tell the Bible. story sing the song do the finger play and repeat the Bible verse to. one or more interested children, 10 2008 Gospel Light Permission to photocopy granted to original purchaser only Baby Beginnings Teacher s Guide 0 to 18 Months. 0 18Sept 4 14 08 5 02 PM Page 11,S E P T E M B E R. I See God s Love at Church,Activities with Babies, Choose one or more of these learning activities to provide for babies during a session Consider.
your facility the number of babies and teachers and the supplies you have available as you plan. which activities you will use Continue the activity as long as the child is interested For more infor. mation on using this curriculum see Why Use Curriculum on page 6. Active Play Music,Who s in the Mirror Shakers,Collect Collect. Unbreakable hand mirror I Love to Sing CD and player. Toy that makes noise when moved or a,Do rhythm instrument such as a shaker. Hold a hand mirror so the child can see his or,her face then hands Talk about and gently Do. touch each part of the child s face while child Shake the toy or instrument saying Shake. looks in the mirror shake shake,Let the baby try shaking the toy. Say Play A Happy Place while you are playing, Becca God made your nose God made you with the baby Shake one of the toys or instru.
God loves you ments to the rhythm of the music,I m glad you came to church today Thank You. God for Becca Say,I m glad you are happy,Movement God loves you. What a Kick My Church Song,Collect Collect, One or more washable stuffed animals I Love to Sing CD and player. Hold a pillow or soft toy above the baby s feet Play and or sing Together to babies as you. for the baby to kick rock feed or play with them, God loves you and He made your legs It s fun Adriana I m so glad you are here today We re. to kick and play glad to be at church with our friends. You play at home and you play when you go God loves you. to church Tip,Babies like to hear the same song over and over.
2008 Gospel Light Permission to photocopy granted to original purchaser only Baby Beginnings Teacher s Guide 0 to 18 Months 11. 0 18Sept 4 14 08 5 02 PM Page 12,I See God s Love at Church Activities with Babies. Pictures and Books Quiet Play,Families at Church The Cooing Game. Collect Collect, September Bible Story Picture from I Love to Brightly colored toy. Look or Nursery Posters,One or more sturdy books picturing families Do. Show a baby the toy When the baby,Do responds by cooing.
Hold a baby while looking at the pictures If imitate the baby s. baby is interested talk about families coming to sound Then give him. church or her a hug, Point to and name each family member pic Continue imitating. tured Relate the baby and his or her family to any other sounds the. the people in the picture baby makes smiling,and nodding at the. Say baby to encourage, This is a picture of Jesus When Jesus was a communication. baby His parents brought Him to church,Daniel your dad brought you to church today Say. I m glad you are here I love you and God does too,Madison here s a picture of a big brother You.
have a brother too You and your brother come Story Time. to church Thank You God for Madison and her,brother Do. Tip Hold a baby in your lap facing you Say I m, Babies will want to explore the book with going to tell you a story. hands and mouths Clean a book that has been Tell a story about the baby coming to church. in a baby s mouth Use short sentences pausing after each one to. let the baby respond with coos or other sounds,Playing at Church Say. Collect I m going to tell you a story, September Poster from Nursery Posters dis Maria woke up today Her mommy put her. played at child s eye level clothes on Then Maria came to church with her. mommy and daddy At church Maria played,Do with the toys.
Hold a baby in your arms or on your lap while I like to tell you stories It s fun to hear you. you are near the photo and talk about the chil talk God loves you Maria. dren in the photo,These children are playing with toys just like. you play with toys at our church,I m glad you re here God loves you and I do too. 12 2008 Gospel Light Permission to photocopy granted to original purchaser only Baby Beginnings Teacher s Guide 0 to 18 Months. 0 18Sept 4 14 08 5 02 PM Page 13,S E P T E M B E R. I See God s Love at Church,Activities with Toddlers. Choose one or more of the learning activities on pages 13 16 to provide for toddlers during a ses. sion Consider your facility the number of children and teachers and the supplies you have available. as you plan which activities you will use The best kind of teaching for toddlers will happen as you. take advantage of teachable moments as children play and experience the learning activities you. have provided Continue an activity as long as one or more children are interested For more infor. mation on using this curriculum see Why Use Curriculum on page 6. Active Play Teddy Bear,Build It Collect,Two teddy bears or other washable stuffed.
Collect animals,Cardboard or wooden blocks,Do Give a toddler a teddy bear and hold one. Slowly build a tower describing what you are yourself. doing and counting each block Knock down the Act out the words of this poem with your. tower or let child knock down the tower teddy bear. Encourage the child to build the tower again Teddy Bear Turn Around. Teddy bear teddy bear turn around,Say Teddy bear teddy bear touch the ground. I am putting one block on the floor Now I m Teddy bear teddy bear I ll hug you tight. putting another block on the floor One two Teddy bear teddy bear say goodnight. There are two blocks in our tower,God made your hands You can use your Say. hands to play at home and at church God loves you God made your arms to hug. Tip your teddy bear,While you are building a tower with a child say. Isaiah you can only knock down your own tower Empty and Full. Eden gets to knock down the tower she built,Copy Cats Two large containers boxes dishpans etc.
Small toys too large to swallow or blocks,Imitate a movement. Children move toys from one container to the,the child makes or ask. other If the child empties a container say All,the child to wave or. gone It s empty now Go to the other container,clap hands and then. and say It s full now,imitate the action,I m glad you came to church today God loves.
God made your,hands and feet I can see you are having fun. Thank You God for loving Annie,waving and clapping. It s fun to come to church I m glad you are, 2008 Gospel Light Permission to photocopy granted to original purchaser only Baby Beginnings Teacher s Guide 0 to 18 Months 13. 0 18Sept 4 14 08 5 02 PM Page 14,S M B E R E P T E. I See God s Love at Church Activities with Toddlers. Art Play God s Wonders,Coloring Fun Mirror Fun,Collect Collect.
Large sheets of white construction paper Unbreakable hand. Jumbo crayons mirror, Children color on paper Identify the color of Let each toddler have a. crayons child uses chance to hold and look,into the mirror Talk about. Say each part of the child s,Tyler you re having fun drawing I m glad you face. like to draw,God made your eyes to see these colors God Say. loves you Thank You God for Your love Can you see your brown eyes in the mirror. Tip God made your eyes God loves you, If the child puts the crayon in his or her I m glad you re here today at our church.
mouth say Keep the crayon on the paper,not in your mouth What s in the Bag. Sticky Pictures Collect,Fabric or paper bag, Collect Variety of small child safe items with different. Large square of clear Con Tact paper textures such as toy car fabric ball wooden. Masking tape block etc,2 inch 5 cm colorful fabric and paper. squares Do,Place items inside bag It s OK if child sees. Do you Invite child to put his or her hand in the, Tape Con Tact paper sticky side out to wall bag and try to find one of the items Talk about.
at children s eye level Invite children to attach whichever item the child removes. fabric and paper squares to the sticky paper,Say What s in the bag Zachary You found the red. Tyrell you put a red paper on our sticky paper block Let s see if you can find some more toys in. It s fun to make a sticky picture the bag, I m glad you came to help us make our sticky I m glad you came to church today to play. picture God loves you with our toys God loves you, 14 2008 Gospel Light Permission to photocopy granted to original purchaser only Baby Beginnings Teacher s Guide 0 to 18 Months. 0 18Sept 4 14 08 5 02 PM Page 15, I See God s Love at Church Activities with Toddlers. Music Pictures and Books,Fun at Church Books and Toys.
Collect Collect, September Teaching Poster from Nursery September Poster from Nursery Posters. Posters Several sturdy books that picture toys,Do Take a book to where children are playing. Move close to one or more children while with toys Compare the toys they have with. they are playing with toys and begin to sing the the pictures in the book or the poster. song on the poster substituting words describ,ing what a child is doing For example if the Say. child is playing with cars sing It s fun to play It s fun to play with trucks It s fun to come to. with cars church I m glad you are here,Say Toys that are being ignored should be re. I m glad Chino is having a good time at moved from sight to avoid clutter Toddlers. church today need open space more than they need a vast. I like being with Chino at church God loves array of toys. you Chino Thank You God for Chino,Together Actions.
Collect Several sturdy books that picture children. I Love to Sing CD and player,Do Look at a book, Play Together on CD Sing along with the with a child As you. song following along with the action suggest look at a page say I. ed in the song If children remain interested spy a girl who is play. substitute other actions for make smiles ing with a doll Ask. wave hands clap hands etc the child to point to,the girl and pause to. Say see if child responds, We re so glad to be together today I see Lily I If the child does not. see Daniel I see James respond point to the, We re having fun singing and smiling picture yourself Re. peat I Spy activity,as you continue to look through the book.
It s fun to come to church and play with our,friends At church we learn that God loves us. 2008 Gospel Light Permission to photocopy granted to original purchaser only Baby Beginnings Teacher s Guide 0 to 18 Months 15.

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A Chess Composer of Two-Move Mate Problems 3 A CHESS COMPOSER OF TWO-MOVE MATE PROBLEMS Fridel Fainshtein 1, Yaakov HaCohen-Kerner12 Ramat-Gan, Israel Jerusalem, Israel ABSTRACT Computerized chess composers of mate problems are rare. Moreover, so far they do not produce either impressive or creative new mate problems.

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This Service Instruction identifies the Calendar Time Period in years and the Operating Hour Time Period in hours of engine operation for the Time Between Overhaul (TBO) for certified Lycoming engine models operated and maintained in compliance with all applicable Lycoming Technical Publications and FAA Airworthiness Directives.

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SERVICE INSTRUCTION 652 Oliver Street Williamsport, PA. 17701 U.S.A Tel. 570-323-6181 Fax. 570-327-7101 DATE: May 26, 2009 Service Instruction No. 1154M (Supersedes Service Instruction No. 1154L) Engineering Aspects are FAA Approved

DEPRESSION Perspectives from Affective Neuroscience

DEPRESSION Perspectives from Affective Neuroscience

Affective neuroscience takes as its overall aim a project that is similar to that pursued by its cognate discipline, cognitive neuroscience, but focused instead on affective processes. The decomposition of cognitive processes into more elemen-tary constituents that can then be studied in neural terms has been remarkably successful. We no longer ...

What does Neuroscience offer us in understanding Cognitive ...

What does Neuroscience offer us in understanding Cognitive

Cognitive Therapy but a perceived lack of funding for alternatives. This study takes a pluralistic perspective in enquiring into what neuroscience offers us in understanding Cognitive Therapy and Person-Centred Therapy for Depression. Methodology: This realist synthesis review provides a background of the theories,

Introduction: Affective neuroscience

Introduction Affective neuroscience

Affective Neuroscience | 37 have been characterized as indices of low mood. According to Nesse (2000) low mood can have fitness advantage in terms of conservation withdrawal. However, when low mood reaches a pathological level and looses its advantageous fitness properties, depression lures. In addition,



1 CYCLING WILL IMPROVE ENVIRONMENT AND HEALTH Authors: Christian Ege, Director, The Danish Ecological Council, Thomas Krag, Director, Thomas Krag Mobility Advice



This edition of the Official Playing Rules of the National Football League contains all current rules governing the playing of professional football that are in effect for the 2019 NFL season. Member clubs of the League may amend the rules from time to time, pursuant to the applicable voting procedures of the NFL Constitution and Bylaws.



united electric football leauge rules reported to the united electric football league founders disclaimer: the foundation of these rules are based on several sources; although, not entirety, such as, the national football league, tudor games, tournament of champions (mfca), and the