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TABLE OF CONTENTS,Want to start an engraving business 2. Is this a franchise opportunity 3,Is a laser business right for you 4. What do I need to get started 5,Custom engraving is easy 6. Earning potential using a laser 7,Calculating pricing 7. Pricing example 8,Specialization versus an extensive product line 9.
Marketing your laser company 10,How do I obtain customers 10. Networking groups or trade associations 10,Tradeshows 11. Website flyers and business cards 11, What s my first step in starting an engraving business 12. Four questions to ask yourself before buying a laser 12. What can I engrave with a laser 14,What products can you engrave 14. What materials can you use 15, What industries markets occupations need my service 15.
Ready to start your own engraving business 16,Creating your business plan 18. Preparing a business plan 18,Financing and startup costs 20. What s in a name 22,Legal considerations 22,Search and registration 22. Domain names 22,Determining your business structure 23. Sole Proprietorships 23,Partnerships 23,Corporations 23.
Limited Liability Company LLC 23,Can you do it 24, Guidebook to Starting Your Own Engraving and Cutting Business 2019 Epilog Laser 1. WANT TO START AN,ENGRAVING BUSINESS, Many people who have the opportunity to see an Epilog Laser system in. action are eager to start a business utilizing the equipment Due to the. extensive variety of products that can be laser engraved or laser cut a laser. engraving business has virtually limitless income potential. From more traditional items such as awards plaques or photo frames. to more high tech gadgets like MP3 players mobile phones and laptop. IS THIS A FRANCHISE, covers customization of products is a service consumers are quite willing. to pay for and adds value to any product you offer. OPPORTUNITY, No Epilog Laser does not operate as a franchise When you work with. But is a laser engraving system right for you Are you prepared for the many. Epilog you will simply be purchasing the laser system that you can. decisions that must be examined before you purchase a laser engraving. incorporate into any business you would like, This guide will give you a head start in answering many of the fundamental Why is this better than a franchise.
questions you must ask yourself before entering this exciting business. venture The purpose of this guide is not to provide you a business plan but Low start up costs. rather it is designed to get you started on the path to establishing your own If you don t have the liquid capital for the high fees that go along. laser engraving operation with purchasing a franchise a laser is a relatively low cost way to. start a business venture Whether you purchase the laser system or. Are we completely unbiased Of course not we want you to buy an Epilog lease to own the cost is much smaller than franchise fees. But what we will promise is that we re providing you with a great look at. what is involved in making your decision If you decide an Epilog Laser system No royalties. is right for you great If not we want you to be as informed as possible as Individual franchises often pay royalties advertising fees and. you make your decision other payments to their corporate headquarters With an Epilog. Laser system you pay just the price of the equipment and that s all. You ll also learn the following We believe your earnings are just that yours. Flexible timeline,Is this a franchise opportunity, Many people in the laser engraving business only engrave part time. Is a laser right for me, you don t have to be a full time engraver Therefore if you want to. What do I need to get started, start up your own engraving business you don t have to leave your. Earning potential using a laser, current job Once your business is up and running you can build it. Marketing a laser company,into a full time job, Explore this guide and decide for yourself if a laser engraving system is right.
Creative freedom, for you While it won t answer every question you have hopefully it ll give you. Advertise where you want Work the hours that you want Set policies. a better understanding of what to expect when starting an engraving. and prices that work for your business Engrave what you want to create. business Make a list of your questions and your distributor will be able to. A laser engraving business allows you the freedom both creative and. help you address any additional concerns, otherwise that you just won t find in a franchise system. 2 Guidebook to Starting Your Own Engraving and Cutting Business 2019 Epilog Laser 3. IS A LASER BUSINESS WHAT DO I NEED TO GET,RIGHT FOR YOU STARTED. We have found the people who flourish most in this business are those Engraving is a very cost effective venture for people looking to start a. who are creative sales oriented and outside the box thinkers Take business For around 10 000 you can enter the laser engraving market. a good look at your personality and see if you fit the mold If you re. not naturally a creative person don t worry the laser tends to develop. your creative side To start your small business you will need. Creativity rules Laser system, Sure there are a million things you could engrave but laser engraving Laser systems range from 8 000 to around 65 000 based on engraving. business owners must always be on the look out for the next big area and the wattage of the laser system Later we ll discuss lease to. thing bringing the tally to a million and one own options and what wattage is right for your needs. Selling your service Computer, Potential customers may not realize why engraving services are a Any Windows XP Vista 7 8 or 10 operating system is recommended.
much sought after commodity which means you must be passionate All of the versions of 2000 XP and Vista Home Professional etc. about the service you provide And it doesn t stop there to sell the service are compatible with an Epilog Laser system. you must make others passionate about the results you can produce. Graphic software, Get outside the box Epilog s systems are designed to run on most Windows based. When it comes to engraving there s much to be said for thinking graphic software programs such as CorelDRAW Adobe and AutoCAD. outside the box If you find yourself seeing new items and envisioning The system comes with a print driver that will print your images. their engraving possibilities this business opportunity could be a from any of these programs. great one for you,Laser system features options, Depending on what laser system you choose there are several. A few questions you should ask yourself accessories that are either included as standard features or. accessories you may purchase While many of these come as. Are you someone that can see a product and know that you can standard equipment with an Epilog Laser you will want to make. make it better sure you have them on any system you purchase. Are you comfortable finding ways to market your new business Air assist. Allows you to attach an air compressor to the unit that. Do you have a list of contacts who will start to put out word that you blows a constant stream of air at the point of burn. provide laser engraving services Helps reduce any flare up from combustible materials. Are you a creative person or do you have a designer who can help Auto focus. you create new products Auto focuses the laser to the correct engraving height. Vector cutting grid, An essential feature if you are cutting through materials. Rotary attachment, If you want to etch glasses mugs wine bottles and other. cylindrical objects you will need a rotary attachment. 4 Guidebook to Starting Your Own Engraving and Cutting Business 2019 Epilog Laser 5. EASY CUSTOM ENGRAVING EARNING POTENTIAL, Epilog s systems work like a printer so they are very easy to use Set your.
page size to the size of the piece with which you are working import. USING A LASER, your image and place it on the page where you want it to engrave add The earning potential with a laser engraving system is significant. text or any other changes you would like to make and print it to the laser regardless of whether or not you specialize in the types of products you. That s really all there is to it To get you started our manual provides offer There are three basic engraving categories however you can offer. suggested laser settings for a wide variety of materials For example an array of products within each subset. let s say a customer brings you a photograph he or she wants engraved. on a plaque Gifts and Awards, A growing industry with high profit potential because you. are providing both the product and the engraving service. General Signage, An expansive market with many opportunities from store. fro nt si g ns inform at ional s igns p laques and b eyond. Industrial Engraving, This category offers less in terms of creativity however income. potential is high due to large volume engraving of labels control. panels corporate signs etc, Five basic steps to complete the project Your income for each product you sell is directly proportional to the.
difference between what you spend on engraveable materials and how. Scan in the photograph at the same resolution at which you will much you charge for your services. engrave usually 300 dpi, Import the scanned photo into CorelDRAW or your preferred choice. Calculating pricing, of graphic software Before you determine your pricing structure we recommend learning the. prices of other engraving businesses in the area It s a good way to. Convert the photo to grayscale If you re engraving on anodized gauge the amount customers are willing to pay for engraving services. aluminum or other black material invert the image and will also help you determine a competitive price for your services. Configure the laser s speed and power using the suggested. settings in the owner s manual then send the print job to the laser Formula to calculate pricing. system for engraving,Minimum charge covers time of job set up. Complete the project by selecting your print job from the laser menu Artwork charge covers time for creating any logos or artwork. and pushing the Go button to begin the engraving process Materials cost covers cost of all related materials. Number of items calculate time to engrave each piece of the job. Depending on the brand and platform of laser you re purchasing. training is often included in the package If it is not you may choose to. purchase training sessions which vary in length and cost usually. you can purchase four to eight one hour sessions for a few hundred. dollars These training sessions can prove to be extremely valuable to. a new laser user We recommend discussing training options with your. distributor at the time of purchase, 6 Guidebook to Starting Your Own Engraving and Cutting Business 2019 Epilog Laser 7. Pricing example SPECIALIZATION VS AN,Wedding Favors 100 Engraved Wedding Photo Frames.
EXTENSIVE PRODUCT LINE, Engraving Line 1 Love isn t the everything it s the only thing Many people who are just starting their business begin by offering a. Line 2 Michael and Sara wide variety of products and services It s an excellent way to determine. Line 3 December 14 2017 which products are your most popular as well as which ones are the. Character Total 69 most profitable for your business. Wholesale Cost 351 48 1 74 wood frame 2 extras, You may begin by offering photo engraving photo frames and wine. Un engraved Retail Cost 1500 15 per frame bottle etching Perhaps all three are profitable for you however you re. Artwork Charge 50 one time charge staying so busy with them that you need to specialize Shift the focus of. your business to laser engraving wedding gifts and you can then sell. Engraving Time 4 hours 60 seconds engraving time time to. change out frames gift packages offering all three products as a customizable gift set. Benefits of specialization, What do you charge for a project like this It s really based on the. market in which you are selling and the amount you need to earn on the Do you want to offer to customize any product a customer brings you. job to make it profitable enough for your business Below are a couple or would you rather offer a limited selection of items available for. different ways that you could price this project customization. Charge for engraving per letter For example you could charge a standard Offering a limited selection can be beneficial because it allows you to. engraving fee for any engraving over 40 characters at 0 30 per character truly perfect the settings for a certain material In other words if you. specialize in glass engraving your results would likely be better than. Use a standard fee for engraving based on the time it takes to engrave someone who engraves all types of materials Additionally product. not on the number of characters For example the text for the frames will specialization will make you more time efficient Let s say you are. not take long to engrave on each one so you might charge the retail fee specializing in wine glass engraving for weddings and other events If. plus 30 00 per frame for engraving you have a selection of 20 different glasses available you will be able. to have the files set up and ready to go for each glass Type in the text. If you charged the different amounts per frame look at the profit you insert the graphic you want to engrave and you can begin. could make off this one engraving job alone, By cutting down your set up time you will be able to decrease the time. you have to spend on each project This can significantly increase your. Price Per Frame Total Cost Profit Before Operating Expenses throughput on the laser system. 35 3500 2000,40 4000 2500 Benefits of customization.
45 4500 3000, Customization of items is a service customers are willing to pay for. 50 5000 3500, Offering custom engraving services allows you to increase your profits. because you can charge significantly more to make a mass produced. item truly one of a kind, 8 Guidebook to Starting Your Own Engraving and Cutting Business 2019 Epilog Laser 9. MARKETING YOUR The best place to begin your search for relevant networking groups is. to start with your local chamber of commerce Since some networking. groups are much more expensive than others you can usually request. LASER COMPANY a free visit as a first time attendee This will allow you to determine if. a particular group is a good fit for you Regardless of the group you join. regular attendance will be important If you attend these meetings on a. Before you begin marketing your product and service assess the area in regular basis people will begin to get to know you and your company. which you want to sell Determine if there is a demand for laser services which often leads to referrals be prepared to reciprocate. How do I obtain customers Associations such as the Awards and Personalization Association APA. will prove to be an extremely valuable tool in helping you network with. For a business that specializes in engraving the proof is in the end result other business owners and suppliers. People need to see engraving and cutting examples to truly appreciate. them so visual advertising will be of great importance Determine your. signature sample Ideally your signature sample is one you can mass. produce and send to prospects Your signature sample also illustrates. the great engraving detail and spot on cutting capabilities of your. engraving equipment You may customize samples as necessary. however ultimately your signature sample should be two things memorable. and usable, Depending upon which industries you target you could have a number. of signature samples applicable to different audiences You can send. letters of introduction special offers and samples to applicable decision. makers within companies in your target market s A direct mailing with. visual samples is just one way to establish your image with potential. customers Tradeshows, Take stock of everyone you know it s likely you already have a great Tradeshows are an excellent way to present your service to customers.
contact who could use your service a past coworker or supervisor who Since the lasers are so versatile you could experiment with different. has a need for corporate gifts A child s sports coach in need of trophies audiences and products wedding shows craft shows and home and. and medals A professor who works for a university that needs name garden shows are all excellent venues in which to start. plates badges and retiree gifts engraved In this case the old adage. is true it s not what you know it s who you know and you likely know Website flyers business cards. someone who could benefit from your service, A website can be a very effective way to obtain customers By offering. Try out Epilog s Sample Club for downloadable files you can use to build your engraving services online you are expanding your client base from. your sample base There you ll find a variety of materials and projects your immediate geographic area to the entire country or even the world. that will help build a stockpile of various samples By creating a website that is optimized for searches for your product. offerings engraved wedding photo frames iPhone engraving award. engraving etc you can quickly build your business by offering both. Networking groups or trade associations predesigned products and custom engraving services. Strong personal relationships are a great foundation for your business Don t let the marketing basics pass you by either Develop a flyer that. Networking is an excellent resource for anyone venturing into the world shows off what you can do and design a business card for your company. of business In fact because you are spreading the word about your There are many inexpensive options online for your printing needs do a. business to other business owners effective networking is a great and search for online printing and you ll find many choices When you meet. cost effective marketing technique people at networking groups or at a tradeshow give them a flyer that. you re proud of and that they might even pass it on to a friend. 10 Guidebook to Starting Your Own Engraving and Cutting Business 2019 Epilog Laser 11. WHAT S MY FIRST,STEP IN STARTING AN,ENGRAVING BUSINESS. Your first step is to learn everything you can about the laser engraving. industry and potential markets you want to serve TTrade publications. such as Awards and Engraving A E Engravers Journal Insights and. CorelDRAW Help are reputable outlets that cover trends techniques. marketing advice and much more, The second step in starting your business is searching for and purchasing. the perfect laser engraving system that best meets your needs. Once you have answered these four questions you ll be able to find the. Four main questions before buying a laser engraving and cutting system that s right for you At your demonstration. your distributor will be able to help you decide on the table size and laser. What is the maximum size piece you will be working with tube wattage that will help you create the type of projects you plan on. You will need a system capable of holding the items you anticipate completing. working with, What materials will you be using Can t I find a less expensive laser. Selecting the correct wattage of laser depends on which materials you. will be using While even low wattage 30 watt lasers will engrave You will see some less expensive laser systems on the market in the 10. and cut most materials you will use laser wattage and speed go to 12 watt range We wouldn t suggest less than 30 watts of power for a. hand in hand Materials such as acrylic coated metals and laser system The lower wattage systems don t have enough power to. laserable plastic can be engraved with relatively little power at run most projects and will have to engrave at very low speeds to etch at. high speeds Other materials like wood or rubber will work with any depth in most materials. lower wattages but require higher power to run at high speeds. There are also glass laser tube systems on the market that you should. How large is your projected workload be wary of These laser tubes need to be replaced much more often. If you are devoting all your time to laser engraving you ll need a You ll also see a very visual difference in the engraving quality from. machine that can accommodate all the activity If you are doing these laser sources Most manufacturers of these systems are located. engraving as a side or part time business a smaller machine will in Asia and are not currently able to provide the service or support that. accommodate a smaller workload you will need, What is your budget Talk to your sales representative about the support you can expect from.
Smaller lower wattage machines will be less expensive than larger both the equipment manufacturer and from the distributor Will parts. higher power machines Depending upon your needs the least be overnighted so you will be able to run your business Ask for. expensive piece of equipment may cost you more in the long run if customer referrals about the company s technical support capabilities. you find you need to upgrade soon after purchase and about their responsiveness to problems Your engraving business. depends on your laser being up and running so it s important to know. the company you re working with is responsive and reputable. 12 Guidebook to Starting Your Own Engraving and Cutting Business 2019 Epilog Laser 13. WHAT CAN I ENGRAVE Materials,WITH A LASER Acrylic,Anodized aluminum. Acrylic wood rubber stone leather fabric glass and many more materials Corian Fabric. can be engraved with the laser Epilog s CO2 laser systems provide a wide Glass Granite. variety of opportunities Below are just a few items you can customize for. Laserable plastic Leather, profit So a more appropriate question might be what can t you engrave. Marble Matte board,Onyx Paper,Pressboard Rubber,Slate Stone. Industries Markets Occupations, Automobile dealerships Assisted living communities. Architectural design firms Human Resource Departments. Carpenters Churches and other religious organizations. Clothing designers Corporate gift suppliers, Community businesses Event centers stadiums arenas etc.
Gift shops Hospitals,Hotels Home improvement operations. Home builders Interior designers,Products Jewelers Manufacturing plants. Non profit organizations zoos Schools all levels academic specialty. Architectural Models Awards libraries recreational centers etc adult education etc. Corporate Gifts Custom Cabinets Restaurants Sporting good suppliers. Desk Sets and Accessories Decorative Tiles Wedding coordinators Bakeries and specialty food shops. Epilog s laser engraving equipment is,Electronic Gadgets Furniture food safe. Glassware Gunstocks,Key Chains Laptop Covers, As you can see there are several markets you can serve with a laser. Mobile Phones MP3 Players, engraving business The biggest challenge is honing in on the market.
Nameplates Name Badges that is most profitable for you If you start your business with an. Notary Seals Picture Frames expansive product line you ll quickly learn what products and services. are the most popular,Photo Albums Plastic Signage,Promotional Items Rubber Stamps. Sporting Goods Toys,Wine Bottles Wood Signage, 14 Guidebook to Starting Your Own Engraving and Cutting Business 2019 Epilog Laser 15. READY TO START YOUR Establishing your own business takes many things motivation talent. desire planning and research Like any game of strategy victory in. small business starts with decisive and correct opening moves. ENGRAVING BUSINESS Taking the time in the beginning of the process to determine your goals. HARD WORK AHEAD, will increase your chances of success You will need to explore your. business and personal goals and use that information to help you build. a comprehensive business plan that will help you reach them Begin by. answering the following questions, Most successful business owners are passionate entrepreneurs at heart. Are you an entrepreneur What makes a successful entrepreneur. Reasons to start your own business,Ambition You want to be your own boss.
You want financial independence, First and foremost to be a successful entrepreneur you must have You want creative freedom. an insatiable desire to create your own business You must possess You want to fully use your skills and knowledge. the drive dedication and commitment to make your business venture. a triumphant one It s not a requirement but it helps if you have a. connection to your business meaning your business should incorporate Which type of business is right for you. something you love if you don t particularly care for laser engraving. its technology and the amazing results laser engraving equipment can What do I like to do with my time. produce perhaps a laser engraving business is not the right choice for What technical skills have I learned or developed. you If you are personally interested in something it is much easier to In what areas do others say I excel. speak passionately about it In other words if you don t love it you can t How much time do I have to run a successful business. sell it Do I have any hobbies or interests that are marketable. The right mind set Pre Business Checklist, We all know education is important however some of the most successful This is the final step before creating your business plan You ll need to. business owners and entrepreneurs never set foot in a college classroom determine the following. You need an entrepreneurial mind set and a working knowledge about. the industry you re entering before you start Common sense hard work What business am I interested in starting. follow through and determination all comprise the strong mind set of a What services or products will I sell Where will I be located. successful entrepreneur What skills and experience do I bring to the business. What will be my legal structure,What will I name my business. Start up capital What equipment or supplies will I need. What insurance coverage will be needed, You can control your risk by limiting what you invest in a new business What financing will I need. but let s be realistic businesses need money to run and you need money What are my resources. to live Don t even consider starting a business until you have sufficient How will I compensate myself. funds to support yourself for one year while starting your new business. Some businesses like laser engraving require a relatively small up front. investment You can also save costs by working from a home office What niche will your business fill. workshop and refraining from hiring unnecessary help Adopting this. do it yourself attitude is actually an excellent way to learn all the ins The following questions will help in this process but you will need to do. and outs of your new business it will also qualify you to hire train and some research in your own area. delegate certain responsibilities in the future,Is my idea practical and will it fill a need.
Now you must ask yourself Do I have what it takes to be a successful What is my competition. entrepreneur If you do read on What is my business advantage over existing firms. Can I deliver a better quality service, So you ve got the entrepreneurial mind set You re convinced you want Can I create a demand for my business. to go into business for yourself What next, 16 Guidebook to Starting Your Own Engraving and Cutting Business 2019 Epilog Laser 17. BUSINESS PLAN CREATION, A business plan is a viable tool that will help you analyze the crucial is. sues you may have not yet considered It will help raise money for your. business and also provide milestones to gauge your success It is the. first step in any business venture,What it is a business plan why you need it. A business plan precisely defines your business and identifies your. goals The basic ingredients of a business plan include a current and. pro forma balance sheet an income statement and a cash flow analy. sis A business plan will assist you in properly allocating resources ad. dressing unforeseen complications and overall making good business. decisions The Business,Description of business, Steps to creating a complete business plan Marketing.
Competition,Operating procedures, Depending on how you want to begin your laser engraving business Personnel. you may or may not need to address each step For example if you Business insurance. are launching your laser engraving business from home on a part. time basis or as a supplement to your current occupation you may. not need to perform each task However should you have the desire Financial Data. to expand your business the comprehensive outline to follow will be of. great value Loan applications,Capital equipment and supply list. According to the United States Small Business Administration the body Balance sheet. of your business plan can be divided into four distinct sections Breakeven analysis. Pro forma income projections profit loss statements. Description of the business Three year summary,Marketing Detail by month first year. Finances Detail by quarters second and third years. Management Assumptions upon which projections were based. Pro forma cash flow,Elements of a Business Plan,Supporting Documents. Cover sheet, Statement of purpose Tax returns of principals for last three years.
Table of contents Personal financial statement all banks have these forms. Copy of proposed lease or purchase agreement for building space. Copy of licenses and other legal documents,Copy of resumes of all principals. Copies of letters of intent from suppliers etc, For franchised businesses a copy of franchise contract and all. supporting documents provided by the franchisor, 18 Guidebook to Starting Your Own Engraving and Cutting Business 2019 Epilog Laser 19. FINANCING How do you calculate your breakeven point First you need to determine. your fixed and variable costs Remember fixed costs are expenses that. do not vary with sales volume they must be paid regardless of sales. Financing is imperative to all businesses Since raising capital is an integral and are often referred to as overhead costs Variable costs fluctuate. part of starting a business the topics below are crucial when starting your directly with sales volume such as purchasing inventory shipping and. venture manufacturing a product Really determining your breakeven point. requires no more than strategic planning cost identification and a little. simple arithmetic,Startup Costs, Unfortunately there is no magic formula for estimating the start up Buy a business or start fresh. costs of your business This is because each business is different each. has its own monetary needs at different stages of development Some Many people find the idea of starting and running a small business. can be started on a small budget while others may necessitate exciting but they lose motivation as they begin to understand the. considerable investments in inventory and equipment numerous details that must be addressed prior to starting out The. primary advantage to buying an existing business is that much of the. The first step in determining your start up costs is identifying all the work is already done for you There is a significant reduction in start up. expenses your business will experience during the start up phase Keep costs of money time and energy Additionally cash flow may be quicker. in mind that several of your expenses will be one time costs For to start thanks to existing inventory and receivables. example the initial equipment purchase or fee for incorporating your. business are both one time costs whereas things like renting a store There are also disadvantages to buying an existing business the. front monthly utilities and insurance are all ongoing expenses biggest is the outright initial purchase cost If you think about it the. business concept customer base brands and other fundamental work. As you are planning and identifying costs we encourage you to decide have already been done for you so costs of acquiring an existing. whether they are necessary or optional Keep your budget realistic by business are usually much greater then starting from scratch Additionally. only planning to purchase necessary elements for your start up it s more difficult to take an existing branded business and make it your own. Essential expenses can be separated into two groups fixed overhead. and variable related to business sales Fixed expenses cover things like. monthly rent utilities and administrative and insurance costs Variable. New used or lease to own, expenses include inventory shipping and packaging costs sales.
While there are benefits to buying a laser system new used and leased. commissions and other costs associated with the direct sale of your. you re going to need to choose the option that best fits your needs A. product or service, new laser system is going to allow you to have the best warranty available. from the manufacturer and help you develop a relationship with your. Breakeven Analysis distributor that can be beneficial in the long run. A breakeven analysis will help you understand when your business can A used laser system may allow you to find a bargain price from a customer that. cover all of its expenses and start to make a profit You must thoroughly is looking to upgrade to a larger system Laser technology has changed. understand your start up costs before you can begin to determine your a great deal over the past few years providing faster higher quality en. breakeven point graving so be sure you are getting a newer technology. Leasing to own a laser system is one of the most popular options be. It s crucial that new business owners understand that 10 000 in sales cause you can get into a new laser system for a very low cost There. will not cover 10 000 in monthly overhead expenses The cost of selling are lease companies that specialize in laser systems so be sure to talk. 10 000 in product may cost the business owner 2 000 at the wholesale to your distributor and find out the leasing companies with which they. price which leaves a profit of 8 000 Simply put you breakeven when recommend working. your revenue is equal to all business costs, 20 Guidebook to Starting Your Own Engraving and Cutting Business 2019 Epilog Laser 21. WHAT S IN A NAME DETERMINING YOUR, While coming up with a creative and memorable name might seem sim. ple there s more to naming your business that coming up with some. BUSINESS STRUCTURE, thing cool You will need to consider state and local requirements and In the previous section we mentioned that prior to establishing a name. also ensure you don t infringe upon the rights of another business name for your business it is wise to determine your business structure This is. important because some states require a sole proprietor use his or her. own name for the business name unless he or she formally files for another. Legal considerations trade name or fictitious name This section will discuss different types of. business structures as defined by the US Small Business Administration. Creativity and understanding your target market will certainly come in. handy as you select a moniker for your business however there s more. to it than that For instance prior to naming your business you must de Sole Proprietorships. termine what your business structure will be Many states require a sole. proprietor use his or her own name for the business name unless they The majority of small businesses start out as sole proprietorships A sole. formally file for another trade name or fictitious name proprietorship is owned by a single individual who runs the business on. a daily basis The sole proprietor owns all of assets of the business and. Will your trade name be the same as the full legal name of your busi the profits generated by it Also assumed by the proprietor is complete. ness This is an important question to think about Also important is responsibility for any of its liabilities or debts If you are a sole proprietor. researching whether your name is similar to another business name you and your business are one and the same. operating in your area Remember that some businesses only file trade. marks within their locality so it s possible that the same name can be. used elsewhere It will be part of your due diligence to learn pertinent. Partnerships, information regarding to trademarks in your area when starting your In a partnership two or more people share ownership of one business.
business Because like proprietorships the owners and the business are one and. the same partners should have a legal agreement that outlines how. Search and registration issues will be handled, According to the US Small Business Administration trade names can Corporations. be registered through state Secretary of State offices and through the. United States Patent and Trademark Office USPTO Trademark Search A corporation chartered by the state in which it is headquartered. for wider marketplace protection The SBA recommends all businesses is considered by law to be a unique entity separate and apart from. should first use the USPTO s online system to search all state and federal those who own it A corporation can be taxed it can be sued and it. trademark registers to see if their proposed name is being used can enter into contractual agreements Unlike sole proprietorships and. partnerships owners of a corporation are technically its shareholders. Upon forming the corporation shareholders elect a board of directors. Domain names to oversee the major policies and decisions The corporation is separate. from its owners it does not dissolve if ownership changes. We practically live on the information super highway Whether or not. you actually sell products or services from your website nearly every. business has one if for nothing more than informational purposes For Limited Liability Company LLC. many businesses trade names are synonymous with domain names. like amazon com Unlike trademarks or patents domain names are not A newer sort of hybrid business structure is the Limited Liability. registered through state or local governments They are sold through Corporation Now accepted in most states the LLC is designed to provide. online businesses such as godaddy com the limited liability features of a corporation and the tax efficiencies. and operational flexibility of a partnership The LLC formation is a bit. more complex and formal than a general partnership. 22 Guidebook to Starting Your Own Engraving and Cutting Business 2019 Epilog Laser 23. CAN YOU DO IT, Yes A profitable laser engraving business is indeed possible So many of our. customers are currently running successful businesses that they started. from scratch They were all where you are right now trying to decide if. a laser purchase is right for them With creative ideas hard work and. dedication they established growing thriving businesses and so can you. We hope that this guide has provided you with a solid foundation into. entering the laser engraving industry and has put you on the right path. to starting your own successful enterprise, When you start your business remember to keep checking Epilog Laser s. website for great tips and tricks and project ideas and downloads in our. Sample Club We are 100 dedicated to helping you build a successful. business and will continue to provide new ideas to make you more successful. Good luck with your new journey Here s to you and your exciting new. laser engraving business, 24 Guidebook to Starting Your Own Engraving and Cutting Business 2019 Epilog Laser 25. 888 437 4564 epiloglaser com 16371 Table Mtn Pkwy Golden CO 80403.

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Prisons and disasters

Prisons and disasters

earthquakes, exposure to hazardous materials, floods, hurricanes, prison riots, power outages, and wild fires. These hazards, combined with the general lack of preparedness in prisons, leaves prison populations, and the public at risk, as disasters affecting, prisons can result in serious and unintended consequences.

16g. Commonwealth Jail Management System (Offendertrak)

16g Commonwealth Jail Management System Offendertrak

SECTION 16G COMMONWEALTH OF VIRGINIA JAIL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM STATEWIDE AGENCIES RADIO SYSTEM (STARS) 16g.4.3 Offendertrak Functionality All participating agencies with a desktop and/or browser can access Offendertrak. The data entered into the system is entered once.

DNV-OS-C107: Structural Design of Ship-shaped Drilling and ...

DNV OS C107 Structural Design of Ship shaped Drilling and


New Brunswick Prevention of Cruelty to Animals -

New Brunswick Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Tripod com

Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Resource Directory Vanessa Packman, Editor This directory is dedicated to Brand ... Email: Web site: ...

IN THIS ISSUE - Fremont County Extension

IN THIS ISSUE Fremont County Extension

At approximately 2:00, we will have a Demonstration and Illustrated Talks workshop presented by former 4-H member and current 4-H leader, Kayla Gray. Please pre-register for this by calling the office by May 29 as well. The Demonstration and Illustrated Talks contest will be held on Wednesday, June 6, after



Hasil: Penelitian pada 4 informan didapatkan bahwa terdapat dampak pernikahan dini terhadap kesehatan reproduksi remaja putri, yaitu faktor ekonomi, keinginan sendiri dan faktor hamil diluar nikah, pada kehamilan terjadi hyperemesis dan anemia, kondisi anak saat lahir terjadi BBLR dan tidak memperoleh ASI Ekslusif.

ccspca - East Goshen Township

ccspca East Goshen Township

Founded in 1929, the . Chester County SPCA exists to end animal suffering and to involve the entire community in the welfare and well-being of animals.

HEAT AND MASS TRANSFER Solved Problems By Mr. P. Raveendiran

HEAT AND MASS TRANSFER Solved Problems By Mr P Raveendiran

HEAT AND MASS TRANSFER Solved Problems By Mr. P. Raveendiran Asst. Professor, Mechanical . Heat and mass Transfer Unit I November 2008 1. Calculate the rate of heat loss through the vertical walls of a boiler furnace of size 4 m by 3 m by 3 m high. The walls are constructed from an inner fire brick wall 25 cm thick of thermal conductivity 0.4 W/mK, a layer of ceramic blanket insulation of ...

voice Christian Zehnder: voice, overtone singing, yodel ...

voice Christian Zehnder voice overtone singing yodel

stimmhorn voice Christian Zehnder: voice, overtone singing, yodel, wippcordion, bandoneon, bandurria, organ pipes, hang, reed organ and other means of musical expression