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Kidsgardening org,Exploring Classroom Hydroponics, http www kidsgardening com hydroponicsguide hydro8 1 resources asp. Growing Edge, http www growingedge com basics tutorial 01 history html. S H A R P Lesson Plans for Hydroponics,http library thinkquest org C0110342 lessonplan. Verti gro Systems,http vertigro com,Hydro stacker Systems. http www hydrostacker com,Grow Your Own Vegetables Without Soil 2.
with asphalt based paint The platform and it is easier to change the solution Table 1 gives a. supporting material need to be porous to allow for popular formula for general plant production Some. aeration elements are required in very small or trace amounts. and must be added to the forumula given in Table 1. Styrofoam has also been suggested as a means of The formula in Table 2 will provide a satisfactory. stabilizing the plants above the solution Plants are solution for this purpose. inserted into holes in the floating styrofoam Holes. should be large enough to avoid constriction of stems Using the Solution in Water Culture. at maturity Cotton or other material may be used as. shims in the holes around the stems Punch holes at In a small setup the nutrient solution can be. random in the styrofoam to allow for better aeration mixed in small containers and added as needed At. The tops of heavy or cumbersome plants need to be the beginning the container is filled with solution. further supporting by trellising almost to the level of the litter Then at. predetermined intervals the old solution is thrown. Aeration out and new solution added The frequency and. number of changes of the solution will depend on the. For young plants leave about one inch of air, size of the plants how fast they are growing and the. space between the litter and the solution As plants size of the container Just as a starting point for. grow allow 2 or 3 inches of air space below the, beginners solution changes might be made at weekly. litter Lack of oxygen in the water and resulting, intervals for the first few weeks then twice weekly. growth impairment may occur unless air is pumped, for older plants Should the water level get too low. through the solution with a pump compressed air or. between changes add only water until time to change. other equipment Bubbles should be spaced 1 2 to 1, inch apart as they rise through the solution Aerators.
normally used to keep fish alive in bait wells or Adjustment of the acidity or alkalinity. aquariums are suitable for small units measured as pH of the water may be necessary to. keep it within an adequate plant growing range of pH. Nutrient Solution For Water Culture, 6 0 6 5 This means testing with indicator paper and. There is no one ideal nutrient solution Any good adding sulfuric acid if needed to lower pH or an. solution will contain all of the essential elemental alkaline material such as sodium hydroxide to raise. nutrients needed for plant growth The sources and pH. amounts of these nutrients will vary from on,Nutrient Flow Technique NFT. suggested solution to another but are commonly, available as commercial fertilizer and Many commercial systems today utilize a series. chemically pure salts Along with the many formulas of plastic tubing through which a nutrient solution is. suggested there is a variety of ready to use solutions circulated around the roots of vegetables inserted into. on the market Most all of these combinations give the tube This modern system is called the. fair to excellent results when used as directed and are nutrient flow technique NFT. suggested for hydroponic hobbyists These mixes are. easily dissolved in water for a proper nutrient For NFT two types of tubing are most often. solution used 1 black polyethylene film folded and stapled to. form a 6 8 inch wide channel and 2 PVC pipe 4 6, With any solution the composition changes as inch diameter In both cases plant holes are spaced. the plants grow and utilize the nutrients Therefore at proper intervals along the tubing Nutrient flow can. care and attention must be given to controlling the be a continuous or intermittent recirculation of a. content either by additions of certain ingredients as nutrient solution from a supply tank. needed or by changing the solution completely from. time to time Since frequent testing is necessary to. determine which nutrients have gotten out of balance. Grow Your Own Vegetables Without Soil 3, Aggregate Culture tomatoes are as follows 1 sand 2 1 part sand to 1.
part vermiculite 3 1 part sand to 1 part rice hulls 4. Gravel is sometimes used by commercial 1 sand to 1 redwood bark 5 1 sand to 1 pine bark 6. operators in Florida However gravel is only one 1 sand to 1 peat moss 7 1 sand to 1 perlite and 8 1. example of a solid material substitute for soil or or 2 sand to 1 peat moss In most cases sand alone. water The use of such solid media is generally has been as satisfactory as sand mixed with other. referred to as aggregate culture This technique has materials Sawdust and wood shavings are also. good possibilities for home gardeners as well acceptable More recently a fibrous stone material. called rockwool has become increasingly popular,Crops are grown in shallow tanks or troughs that. serve as the container for the gravel The gravel sand Nutrient Solutions For Aggregate Culture. or other aggregates are used much as soil is used in. conventional plantings to provide anchorage and With aggregate culture the same nutrient. support for the plants Nutrients can be supplied in solution as prepared for water culture may be used. solution form or as dry fertilizer in any one of several Various techniques might be used to apply the. fashions 1 flooded from the bottom up 2 drenched solution the plants For larger troughs a pump is. on the surface 3 trickled onto the surface or 4 often used to fill the trough to within an inch of the. scattered dry on the surface and watered into the root top When the pump is shut off the liquid solution. zone Whenever it is to be applied from the bottom drains back into the supply tank leaving the. fairly coarse materials such as gravel should be used aggregate medium moist A time clock may be used. so that the medium will flood and drain easily Sand to start and stop the pump at selected intervals. usually is not coarse enough for bottom feeding but. For small units a simple system consists of a 5,works well with top feeding. gallon bucket of solution supported by a pulley and. For single rows of tomatoes beds 24 to 36 inches attached by a hose to the aggregate tank At feeding. wide are adequate Usually it is made of plastic lined time the bucket is raised above the height of the tank. wood fiberglass plastic or poured concrete with so the solution will flow by gravity into the medium. sides about 8 inches high and with a V bottom so the Then when lowered the excess solution drains back. center is 12 inches deep If concrete is not lined the into the bucket This feeding technique is best suited. inside should be painted to prevent chemical injury to porous aggregate such as gravel some difficulty. from the concrete and chemicals reacting Thus a might be experienced where organics such as peat are. half tile or similar device through the center of the included. bed will feed or drain the solution rapidly from one. With organic mixes and for very small, end of the bed to the other At one end of the trough. containers such as cans buckets and hampers, there must be a pipe connection to the lowest point in. solutions could be sloshed by hand on top of the, the V with a little slope toward that end The slope.
aggregate medium This should be done at the,should be precise without low areas to impede. required intervals Excess solution merely drains,drainage The nutrient solution can be pumped into. away through holes in the bottom of the containers. the trough through that pipe and to within one inch of. and does not involve recirculation The nutrient, the surface and then drained out again when the pump. solution can also be delivered to each individual,is shut off Such flooding and drainage should be. container by a dripline or spaghetti tube as is,accomplished within a 10 30 minute period and at.
commonly done with bag culture,intervals of 1 2 or more times daily By personal. inspection it can be determined how often Prepared Mixes. applications are needed to maintain adequate, moisture in the root zone A rather popular technique is to use commercial. grade fertilizer to pre mix nutrients into the aggregate. Some combinations of aggregate materials other just as the medium is being prepared One popular. than gravel which have been tried successfully with mix is the Cornell Peatlite Mix listed in Table 3 for. the preparation of one cubic yard of mix,Grow Your Own Vegetables Without Soil 4. As the plants grow in the prepared mix it is,necessary to add more nutrients from time to time. Again any one of several preparations could be, utilized satisfactorily for this purpose but one of the.
easiest to prepare solutions results from the use of. commercially available soluble fertilizer Two,suggested solutions for weekly feedings are made. with 20 20 20 analysis fertilizer at 1 pound per 100. gallons and 25 5 20 at 1 pound per 100 gallons A, suggested schedule for their use would be to use the. 20 20 20 for the first three weeks followed by, 25 5 20 the rest of the way Where tomatoes are the. primary crop substitute 2 pounds of calcium nitrate. per 100 gallons water for the complete fertilizer, This should be done about every two weeks to insure. adequate calcium and reduce blossom end rot,Amateurs Only.
Please keep in mind that this guide is for use by,hobby hydroponics enthusiasts only Commercial. production of vegetables using soilless culture is a. capital intensive complicated and high,management intensive enterprise A commercial. producer should seek advice from the county, agricultural agent and literature written specifically. for the hydroponics industry,Grow Your Own Vegetables Without Soil 5. Table 1 Formula for preparing a general purpose nurient solution Hoagland. Amount for 25 gallons of,Salt Grade Nutrient Oz Level tbsp.
K phos mono basic Technical Potassium Phosphorus 1 2 1. K nit Fertilizer Potassium Nitrogen 2 4,Ca nit Fertilizer Calcium Nitrogen 3 7. Mg sulf Technical Magnesium Sulfur 1 1 2 4, Table 2 Formula for solution providing trace elements. Salt Chemical Grade Nutrients Amount water to Amount to use. add to 1 level tsp for 25 gal,salt solution,Boric acid powdered Boron 1 2 gal 1 2 pint. Manganese chloride MnCl 4H O MnCl 1 1 2 gals 1 2 pint. Zinc sulfate ZnSO 7H O Zinc Sulfur 2 1 2 qts 1 2 tsp. Copper Sulfate CuSO 5H O Copper Sulfur 1 gal 1 5 tsp. Iron tartrate chelated Fe330 Iron 1 qt 1 2 cup,Mo trioxide MoO Molybdenum 1 qt 1 oz. Table 3 Cornell Peatlite Mix,Material Amount,Shredded sphagnum peat moss 11 bushels.
Horticultural vermiculite 11 bushels,Dolomite 12 pounds. Calcium sulfate gypsum 5 pounds,Superphosphate 2 pounds 20. Calcium or potassium nitrate 1 1 2 pounds,Iron chelated Fe330 1 ounce. Fritted Trace Elements 6 ounces, Nutrient Solution Formulation for Hydroponic Perlite. Rockwool NFT Tomatoes in Florida1,George J Hochmuth and Robert C Hochmuth2.
Plants require 16 elements for growth and these Florida from additions of CO2 are unlikely due to the. nutrients can be supplied from air water and need for frequent ventilation. fertilizers The 16 elements are carbon C hydrogen, H oxygen O phosphorus P potassium K Crop demand for nutrients changes through the. nitrogen N sulfur S calcium Ca iron Fe season Small amounts of nutrients are needed early. magnesium Mg boron B manganese Mn then the demand increases as the crop grows. copper Cu zinc Zn molybdenum Mo and especially after several clusters of fruit have been set. chlorine Cl The key to successful management of a on the plant A common problem comes early in the. fertilizer program is to ensure adequate season when plants become too vegetative bullish. concentrations of all nutrients throughout the life from too much N The bullish growth distorts the. cycle of the crop Inadequate or excessive amounts leaves and stems causing cracks and grooves in the. of any nutrient result in poor crop performance stems These openings are excellent entry ports for. Excessive amounts can be especially troublesome decay causing organisms such as soft rot Bullish. since they can damage the crop waste money and plants usually produce misshapen fruits often with. fertilizer resources and pollute the environment when significant amounts of blossom end rot and. fertilizer is released during flushing of the nutrient cat facing Keeping the N level low 60 to 70 parts. delivery system per million early in the season helps eliminate. bullishness,For Florida greenhouse vegetable producers. management focuses on all nutrients except for C H High K also can be a problem since it can. and O The latter three elements are usually supplied interfere with the plant s capability to absorb Ca and. in adequate amounts from air and water Growers in Mg Plants exposed to excess K often develop Mg. northern climates where greenhouses are not deficiency on the lower leaves and the fruits often. ventilated in the winter see benefits from additions of develop blossom end rot BER especially early in. C from carbon dioxide CO2 Increased yields in the season. 1 This document is HS796 one of a series of the Department of Horticultural Sciences Florida Cooperative Extension Service Institute of Food and. Agricultural Sciences University of Florida Publication date October 1990 as SSVEC44 Revision date August 2001 Reviewed November 2008 Please. visit the EDIS Web site at http edis ifas ufl edu, 2 George J Hochmuth associate dean for research and associate director Florida Agricultural Experiment Station Robert C Hochmuth agent IV North. Florida Research and Education Center Suwannee Valley Cooperative Extension Service Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences University of. Florida Gainesville 32611, The Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences IFAS is an Equal Opportunity Institution authorized to provide research educational information and. other services only to individuals and institutions that function with non discrimination with respect to race creed color religion age disability sex. sexual orientation marital status national origin political opinions or affiliations U S Department of Agriculture Cooperative Extension Service. University of Florida IFAS Florida A M University Cooperative Extension Program and Boards of County Commissioners Cooperating Larry. Arrington Dean, Nutrient Solution Formulation for Hydroponic Perlite Rockwool NFT Tomatoes in Florida 2.
Nutrient management programs should begin presented in Table 2 The formulae in this publication. with an understanding of the nutrient solution are for a final dilution of 1 gallon each stock to 100. concentrations in parts per million ppm for the gallons of final solution If using proportioners. various nutrients required by tomato plants By installed in parallel on one water source line amounts. managing the concentrations of individual nutrients of fertilizers in stocks will need to be calculated. growers can control the growth and yield of the crop keeping in mind the intended final concentrations. Table 1 presents the fertilizer recommendations for. tomatoes for the various growth stages during the Pre Mix Method. season in Florida These recommendations are,There are several commercial pre mixed. applicable to all types of production systems perlite fertilizer formulations and some of these generalized. rockwool and NFT in which healthy roots are, formulations are presented in Table 2 Some of these. maintained and are a suitable base when determining. materials contain Mg some do not Those that do not. a nutrient solution plan for cucumbers and peppers. will need to be supplemented with magnesium,However cucumbers will need more N early in the. sulfate All formulations need supplementing with,season than tomato. Ca from calcium nitrate or calcium chloride and N, The major elements to manage are N and K for from several possible sources Formulations using.
the reasons cited above The program outlined in these premixed materials that approximate the. Table 1 has been proven in Florida and should recommended program are presented in Table 3 In. provide adequate nutrition and avoid the problems of Table 3 the amount of pre mixed material was. bullishness as well as the problems of fruit ripening chosen to provide adequate P since the pre mixed. disorders indirectly caused by excess K Final material is the only source of P The pre mixed. solution pH should be in the range of 5 8 to 6 2 materials contain large amounts of K making it. difficult to achieve the desired K and Ca, One of the first steps in a nutrient management concentrations This could cause an early problem. program is to test the well water A water sample with BER when there is excess K coming from the A. should be analyzed for pH carbonates S Mg Ca and stock and a low Ca concentration in the well water. Fe Most well water in Florida has pH greather than below 50 ppm because K can interfere with Ca. 6 5 The pH and carbonates are used to guide in the uptake by the root This problem is common to all. acidification of the nutrient solution Water from pre mixed formulae More Ca can be supplied from. many wells in Florida contains significant amounts of calcium chloride but it would be better to have lower. Ca and often small amounts of Mg Growers can take K concentrations A related problem is that some of. advantage of these nutrients which in the case of Ca the pre mixed formulae have too much N in the. might be 40 to 60 ppm Some but probably not all of formulation to allow for providing adequate Ca by. this Ca is available to the crop adding calcium nitrate An option to increase the Ca. in the solution is to supplement the calcium nitrate. Sulfur and iron concentrations are determined stock with calcium chloride Each pound of calcium. because they can increase potential for irrigation chloride 36 Ca in 30 gallons of stock solution. emitter clogging from bacterial slimes that use the Fe results in a 14 ppm increase in Ca in the final nutrient. and S for growth These nutrients generally are not solution delivered to the plants The pre mixed. considered in the nutrient formulation calculations materials come fairly close to providing the desired. concentrations of micronutrients although some are. Formulation Methods,higher than needed in Florida,There are basically two methods to supply the. Formulation Recipe Method, fertilizer nutrients to the crop 1 premixed products. or 2 grower formulated solutions The two methods Information on formulating fertilizer solutions. differ in the approach to formulating the fertilizer and from individual ingredients is presented in Tables 4. the resulting nutrient use efficiency Fertilizer and 5 Four formulae are presented to provide. materials that can be used for both methods are options for formulating nutrient solutions depending. Nutrient Solution Formulation for Hydroponic Perlite Rockwool NFT Tomatoes in Florida 3. on grower preference Formula 1 uses phosphoric Water Fertilization Relationship. acid to provide P and to simultaneously partially, acidify the nutrient solution Additional acidification The nutrient solution formulations presented in. might be required for some water and this can be this publication were designed for production systems. accomplished with sulfuric acid This formula also using hydroponic approaches to tomato culture The. uses potassium chloride to provide K There is no media discussed in this publication perlite rockwool. problem with using potassium chloride as a partial or NFT require frequent irrigations during the day. source of K It provides K in the same form as ranging from 10 to 20 cycles per day depending on. potassium nitrate and potassium chloride is less the weather and greenhouse environment in order to. expensive The chloride ion is not toxic to plants in maintain about 20 solution leach It is impossible. these amounts provided and some research shows that to have an exact formulation that will work for every. it contributes to fewer fruits with soft rot Only production system under any environmental. greenhouse soluble grade potassium chloride should conditions For example when using a media of high. be used Formula 1 also uses individual chemicals to water holding capacity fewer irrigation cycles will be. provide the micronutrients needed during the day In this situation the nutrient. concentrations in the irrigation water might need to. Formula 2 is a variation of formula 1 however be greater than those presented in this publication so. formula 2 uses a pre mixed micronutrient package that adequate nutrition is supplied A general. S T E M soluble trace element mixture to supply rule of thumb is that nutrient concentrations need to. most of the micronutrients However S T E M does be greater in production systems requiring fewer. not alone provide enough B Fe or Mo so these are irrigations compared to systems requiring more. supplemented from individual ingredients frequent irrigations. Formula 3 uses monopotassium phosphate to,provide the P and some K Monopotassium.
phosphate is the most common source of P in the, commercial pre mixed materials Acidification of the. nutrient solution should be accomplished by another. acid such as sulfuric acid Formula 3 also uses, potassium chloride and provides the micronutrients. from individual ingredients,Formula 4 uses potassium nitrate to supply all of. the K One potential problem in this formula is that. large amounts of N are also supplied with the, potassium nitrate and this restricts the amounts of. calcium nitrate that can be added Reducing the, calcium nitrate too far might lead to BER unless the.
well water is supplying some Ca Supplying some of,the K from potassium chloride will allow room for. more calcium nitrate,Products for the formula method are easily. obtainable in Florida and this method should result in. considerable financial savings especially for large. growers There is a small amount of extra effort,involved in the formula method due to the extra. measuring The resulting higher degree of control, over the nutrient supply to the crop should more than. pay back any increased effort, Nutrient Solution Formulation for Hydroponic Perlite Rockwool NFT Tomatoes in Florida 4.
Table 1 Fertilizer recommendations for hydroponic perlite rockwool and NFT tomatoes in Florida. Stage of growth,st nd rd th, Transplant to 1 cluster to 2 cluster to 3 cluster to 5 cluster to. st nd rd th, 1 cluster 2 cluster 3 cluster 5 cluster termination. Final delivered nutrient solution concentration ppm. N 70 80 100 120 150,P 50 50 50 50 50,K 120 120 150 150 200. Ca 150 150 150 150 150,Mg 40 40 40 50 50,S 50 50 50 60 60. Fe 2 8 2 8 2 8 2 8 2 8,Cu 0 2 0 2 0 2 0 2 0 2,Mn 0 8 0 8 0 8 0 8 0 8.
Zn 0 3 0 3 0 3 0 3 0 3,B 0 7 0 7 0 7 0 7 0 7,Mo 0 05 0 05 0 05 0 05 0 05. NOTE Ca Mg and S concentrations may vary depending on Ca and Mg concentration in wellwater and amount of. sulfuric acid used for acidification,1ppm 1mg liter. Table 2 Pre mixed and individual salt fertilizer materials for use in hydroponic nutrient solution formulations. Selected Pre mixed Materials,Nutrient Pre mix 1 Pre mix 2 Pre mix 3 Pre mix 4. 4 18 38 3 15 27 5 11 26 7 17 37,P O P 18 7 7 15 6 5 11 4 7 17 7 3. K O K 38 32 27 22 26 22 37 31,Mg 0 5 32 0 0,Fe 0 4 0 45 0 31 0 40.
Mn 0 2 0 057 0 05 0 10,Zn 0 05 0 034 0 016 0 02, Nutrient Solution Formulation for Hydroponic Perlite Rockwool NFT Tomatoes in Florida 5. Table 2 Pre mixed and individual salt fertilizer materials for use in hydroponic nutrient solution formulations. Cu 0 05 0 011 0 016 0 01,B 0 20 0 170 0 05 0 18,Mo 0 01 0 011 0 01 0 01. Individual Ingredients,Ammonium nitrate NH NO 33 5 N. Calcium nitrate liquid 7 0 0 11 12 1 lb gal Ca NO 7 N 11 Ca. Calcium nitrate Ca NO dry 15 N 19 Ca,Calcium chloride CaCl 36 Ca. Potassium nitrate KNO 13 N 36 5 K,Monopotassium phosphate KH PO 23 P 28 K.
Phosphoric acid H PO 13 lb gal 23 P,Potassium chloride KCl greenhouse 51 K. Magnesium sulfate MgSO 10 Mg 14 S,Solubor 20 5 B,Copper sulfate CuSO 25 Cu. Zinc sulfate ZnSO 36 Zn,Iron Fe 330 chelated iron etc 10 Fe. Manganous sulfate MnSO 28 Mn,Sodium molybdate Na Mo liquid 11 4 lb gal 17 Mo. Sodium molybdate dry Na MoO 39 6 Mo,Soluble Trace Element Mixture S T E M 1 35 B.
Convert K O to K by multiplying by 0 83 Convert P O to P by multiplying by 0 44. Mention of a trade name does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation. Exact nutrient concentration of the fertilizer material may vary depending on commercial source. Nutrient Solution Formulation for Hydroponic Perlite Rockwool NFT Tomatoes in Florida 6. Table 3 Examples of formulations using pre mixed commercial materials. Stage of growth,st st nd rd th, Transplant to 1 1 cluster to 2 cluster to 3 cluster to 5 cluster to. cluster set 2 cluster 3 cluster 5 cluster termination. Pre mix 1 4 18 38, A Stock 16 lb Pre mix 1 16 lb Pre mix 1 16 lb Pre mix 1 16 lb Pre mix 1 16 lb Pre mix 1. 10 lb MgSO 10 lb MgSO 10 lb MgSO 12 lb MgSO 12 lb MgSO. B Stock 7 5 lb Ca NO 9 5 lb Ca NO 12 0 lb Ca NO 16 5 lb Ca NO 20 5 lb Ca NO. 3 2 3 2 3 2 3 2 3 2,final concentrations ppm,N 70 82 100 124 148. P 49 49 49 49 49,K 200 200 200 200 200,Ca 56 71 94 124 154. Mg 40 40 40 48 48,S 50 50 50 60 60,Fe 2 5 2 5 2 5 2 5 2 5.
Cu 0 3 0 3 0 3 0 3 0 3,Mn 1 3 1 3 1 3 1 3 1 3,Zn 0 3 0 3 0 3 0 3 0 3. B 1 3 1 3 1 3 1 3 1 3,Mo 0 06 0 06 0 06 0 06 0 06,Pre mix 2 3 15 27. A Stock 20 lb Pre mix 2 20 lb Pre mix 2 20 lb Pre mix 2 20 lb Pre mix 2 20 lb Pre mix 2. 2 lb MgSO 2 lb MgSO, B Stock 7 5 lb Ca NO 9 2 lb Ca NO 12 4 lb Ca NO 15 7 lb Ca NO 19 lb Ca NO. 3 2 3 2 3 2 3 2 3 2,final concentrations ppm,N 70 80 100 120 150. P 51 51 51 51 51,K 178 178 178 178 208,Ca 57 69 93 118 143.
Mg 42 42 42 50 50, Nutrient Solution Formulation for Hydroponic Perlite Rockwool NFT Tomatoes in Florida 7. Table 3 Examples of formulations using pre mixed commercial materials. S est 50 50 50 60 60,Fe 3 6 3 6 3 6 3 6 3 6,Cu 0 09 0 09 0 09 0 09 0 09. Mn 0 45 0 45 0 45 0 45 0 45,Zn 0 27 0 27 0 27 0 27 0 27. B 1 35 1 35 1 35 1 35 1 35,Mo 0 09 0 09 0 09 0 09 0 09. Pre mix 3 5 11 26, A Stock 27 lb Pre mix 3 27 lb Pre mix 3 27 lb Pre mix 3 27 lb Pre mix 3 27 lb Pre mix 3.
10 lb MgSO 10 lb MgSO 10 lb MgSO 12 lb MgSO 12 lb MgSO. B Stock 2 8 lb Ca NO 4 4 lb Ca NO 7 7 lb Ca NO 11 lb Ca NO 16 lb Ca NO. 3 2 3 2 3 2 3 2 3 2,final concentrations ppm,N 70 80 100 120 150. P 51 51 51 51 51,K 232 232 232 232 232,Ca 21 33 58 83 120. Mg 40 40 40 50 50,S 50 50 50 60 60,Fe 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3. Cu 0 17 0 17 0 17 0 17 0 17,Mn 0 55 0 55 0 55 0 55 0 55. Zn 0 17 0 17 0 17 0 17 0 17,B 0 55 0 55 0 55 0 55 0 55.
Mo 0 11 0 11 0 11 0 11 0 11,Pre mix 4 7 17 37, A Stock 17 lb Pre mix 4 17 lb Pre mix 4 17 lb Pre mix 4 17 lb Pre mix 4 17 lb Pre mix 4. 10 lb MgSO 10 lb MgSO 10 lb MgSO 12 lb MgSO 12 lb MgSO. B Stock 4 lb Ca NO 6 lb Ca NO 9 lb Ca NO 12 lb Ca NO 17 lb Ca NO. 3 2 3 2 3 2 3 2 3 2,final concentrations ppm,N 71 83 101 119 149. P 49 49 49 49 49,K 208 208 208 208 208, Nutrient Solution Formulation for Hydroponic Perlite Rockwool NFT Tomatoes in Florida 8. Table 3 Examples of formulations using pre mixed commercial materials. Ca 30 45 67 89 127,Mg 40 40 40 48 48,S 50 50 50 60 60. Fe 2 7 2 7 2 7 2 7 2 7,Cu 0 07 0 07 0 07 0 07 0 07.
Mn 0 67 0 67 0 67 0 67 0 67,Zn 0 14 0 14 0 14 0 14 0 14. B 1 2 1 2 1 2 1 2 1 2,Mo 0 07 0 07 0 07 0 07 0 07, NOTE Calculations in above table are for amount of fertilizer material in 30 gal stock tanks and then for a 1 100 dilution 1 gal each. stock in 100 gals final nutrient solution Fertilizer amounts placed in each stock tank will need to be doubled if fertilizer. proportioner 1 100 pumps are installed in parallel in same incoming water line. Ca Mg and S values will vary upwards depending on the amount of Ca and Mg coming from the water source and the of S coming. from the sulfuric acid used for acidification, Table 4 The following list provides the ppm of a specific nutrient provided by a specified amount of a particular fertilizer. material for a 30 gal stock tank and a final dilution of 1 100. Amount of material Material ppm nutrient provided,1 lb Potassium nitrate 5 ppm N. 14 5 ppm K,1 lb Ammonium nitrate 13 3 ppm N,1 lb Potassium chloride 20 3 ppm K.
1 lb Magnesium sulfate 4 ppm Mg,1 pint Liquid calcium nitrate 4 2 ppm N. 6 6 ppm Ca,1 lb Dry calcium nitrate 6 1 ppm N,7 5 ppm Ca. 1 lb Calcium chloride 14 3 ppm Ca,1 quart Phosphoric acid 30 ppm P. 1 gram Solubor 0 018 ppm B,0 5 lb Fe 330 chelated iron 2 0 ppm Fe. Nutrient Solution Formulation for Hydroponic Perlite Rockwool NFT Tomatoes in Florida 9. Table 4 The following list provides the ppm of a specific nutrient provided by a specified amount of a particular fertilizer. material for a 30 gal stock tank and a final dilution of 1 100. 100 grams S T E M 0 12 ppm B,0 28 ppm Cu,0 66 ppm Fe.
0 70 ppm Mn,0 0035 ppm Mo,0 39 ppm Zn,1 gram Copper sulfate 0 021 ppm Cu. 1 gram Manganese sulfate 0 024 ppm Mn,1 gram Zinc sulfate 0 03 ppm Zn. 1 ml Liquid sodium molybdate 0 02 ppm Mo,1 gram Dry sodium molybdate 0 03 ppm Mo. 1 lb Monopotassium Phosphate 9 ppm P, A gram scale or laboratory pipette will be needed to measure amounts of micronutrients or to calibrate a measuring spoon. set to provide the correct amount of micronutrient materials The following are some approximate equivalences for. measuring dry fertilizer materials, Approximate weight grams for several measuring utensils.
Fertilizer 1 teaspoon level 1 tablespoon level one dry ounce in. measuring cup,Sequestrene Fe 330 4 14 20,Ammonium molybdate 7. Sodium molybdate 4,Solubor 2 6 10,S T E M 5 14 25,Manganese sulfate 6 16 30. Zinc sulfate 5 13 26,Copper sulfate 7 20 35, Table 5 Several examples of tomato nutrient solution formulations using the formula method with individual. ingredients,Stage of growth,st st nd rd th, Transplant to 1 1 cluster to 2 cluster to 3 cluster to 5 cluster to. cluster 2 cluster 3 cluster 5 cluster termination,.

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