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Changes in this Document,November 13 2014, added additional warnings about the Updater overlays any existing GG database. August 28 2014, removed all references to using the Updater to update the Curator Tool. August 12 2014, Added text to clarify the installation of the Curator Tool it is no longer installed via the GG. Updater program beginning with CT 1 9 2,December 6 2013. Added new Updater screen images to reflect the current server address used by the Updater. Updated wording pertaining to the Updater and Components Installation. November 1 2013, Modified the directions to includes notes for the current server.
October 25 2012, Modified the directions for Handling Users Who Do Not Have Windows Administrator. Privileges,September 27 2011, Added directions on using Ctrl Shift when downloading. August 26 2011, Edited the text in the introduction to the Web Application. Included section on installing the data tier on a remote server Installing GRIN Global on a Non. Windows Server,July 28 2011, Edited references to the Search Engine beginning with v 0 9 the Search Engine is not a separate. server component, Provided additional details to explain the differences between installations on a server and on a.
single user PC, Section added pertaining to organizational firewalls and the GRIN Global installation. Table of Contents,Changes in this Document 2,Components of GRIN Global 5. Deciding When to Use GRIN Global Updater and What Components to Install 5. General Requirements When Installing the Database on the User s PC a localhost 7. Prerequisites When the GRIN Global Database and Admin Tool is Installed 8. Updater Program 9,Step by Step Installation Directions 9. Determining if Your GRIN Global Software Components are Current 16. Server Components Installing or Updating 19,Default and Custom Installation Options 20. General Requirements Installing Microsoft Applications 21. Database Installing or Updating 22,Step by Step Directions 22.
Notes on Selecting a Database 23,MS SQL Server Installing 24. Database Setup Wizard 27, Admin the Web Application Installing or Updating 30. Curator Tool Installing or Updating 31,Starting the Curator Tool 31. Connecting the Curator Tool to GRIN Global Servers 32. Handling Users Who Do Not Have Windows Administrator Privileges 33. Step for Adding the PC User s to the Local SQL Server Database Administrator s Group 33. Organizational Setup 34,Uninstalling and Re installing GRIN Global 34. Adding Users 35,Installing with Firewalls 36, Two Setup Files are Involved in Setting Up the GRIN Global Updater Application 36.
When a Firewall is Active 38,Installing GRIN Global on a Non Windows Server 41. Install GG on a Windows based Computer 42, Load Your Local Data to the New MySQL GRIN Global Database 43. Load the Data into Your Remote MySQL Database Server 44. Modify the Database Connection Used by the Middle Tier Web Services 44. How to Troubleshoot Connection Problems 46,gg installation guide 2015feb27 doc Page 3. Changes in this Document,Page 4 Installation Guide. Components of GRIN Global,Components of GRIN Global.
Deciding When to Use GRIN Global Updater and What Components to Install. Not all GRIN Global users need to install all of GRIN Global s components. Germplasm Requestors, Users who are germplasm requestors typically external to the organization can access GG information. from the organization s GRIN Global GG Public Website These users need a browser only no GG. software is installed on their PC The users will access GG data using their browser and direct their. browser to the organization s GG website URL,Genebank Personnel. Genebank personnel will most likely use the Public Website as a tool for reviewing germplasm in the. same manner as germplasm requestors do but they will also use the Curator Tool to edit and maintain. the genebank germplasm data In larger organizations the genebank s personnel will be accessing. GRIN Global data stored on the organization s remote server Only the client applications the Curator. Tool and the Search Tool will be installed on the genebank user s PC In the process of installing the CT. the Search Tool is automatically installed,Organization Server. Generally when an organization runs a server computer all of the GG server components are installed. on the server The server may not necessarily have the CT or the Search Tool installed on the server but. it could this is handy if the GG administrator intends to test the database when logged onto the server. In smaller genebanks a user s PC could also serve as a server in this scenario the user s PC is. the localhost the user s PC is doing double duty acting as a server and also running the. client the Curator Tool, The following diagram segments the GRIN Global major components. gg installation guide 2015feb27 doc Page 5,Components of GRIN Global.
Networked PCs, Updater Program is Used for Installing the Server GRIN Global Components. To install the GRIN Global server components use the GG Updater program. Admin Tool, This tool handles many important administrative behind the scenes functions such as adding users. assigning security privileges creating data views and the bulk importing of data. When the GRIN Global Database component is selected a local copy of the GRIN Global database is. installed on the user s PC This installs a new database so if the PC has an existing GG database it will be. Web Application Middle Tier code the Public Website and Web Services. The GRIN Global Web Application is the heart of the GRIN Global Application Suite and must be. installed on the server The Web Application contains the actual business layer code middle tier. and hosts the web services to access the business layer code The programming code for the middle tier. the Public Website and Web Services are all stored together For simplicity this will be referred to as. the Web Application rather than middle tier web site web services. Middle Tier, The Middle Tier provides end points to which clients can connect regardless of which programming. language or operating system that client requires The Middle Tier retrieves and updates data provides. an infrastructure for reading creating or manipulating updatable views of data without code changes. works with several different back end database engines transparently and enforces business logic e g. an accession must belong to a specific taxonomy,Page 6 Installation Guide. Components of GRIN Global,Public Website, The GRIN Global Public Website is a browser based application that provides public user access to the.
database Users are able to search and view accession information and are able to order germplasm. using a browser cart approach,Web Services, Web Services provide a standard means for different software applications running on a variety of. platforms and or frameworks to communicate and exchange data with the GRIN Global database. Curator Tool, The GRIN Global Curator Tool is used by curators and users who create and manage genebank data. These users will typically use the organization s Public Website as well. Microsoft Tools Prerequisites, In order to run the complete GRIN Global suite of applications on a user s PC there are additional free. tools that must be installed, General Requirements When Installing the Database on the User s PC a localhost. The user installing GRIN Global must have administrator rights to the PC. Note Complete directions for handling the situation when a user does not have admin. rights are detailed on page 33, Requires an Internet browser Windows Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox are supported.
the PC s browser must be Active X enabled,Hardware requirements. 20 GB free hard drive space, the suggested memory for running the Operating System 2 GB RAM for running GRIN. Operating Systems,Windows Vista Ultimate 32 or 64 bit. Windows 7 Ultimate 32 or 64 bit, GG can be installed on Windows 8 When installing GG on Windows Server 2012 or SQL Server. 2012 you will need to do some installation steps manually Please refer to the details on this. page http sun ars grin gov npgs gg 2012 install html. gg installation guide 2015feb27 doc Page 7,Components of GRIN Global.
Prerequisites When the GRIN Global Database and Admin Tool is Installed. Several Microsoft and Crystal Reports components are required when the GRIN Global Database and. Admin Tool is installed on a user s PC At appropriate times you will be guided by the installation wizard. to download these programs which will be downloaded if they are not already installed on the PC They. do not need to be reinstalled however when the PC has an older version than what is recommended. you should update to the recommended version Alternatively at any time you can manually. download these,Prerequisites,Component Purpose, Windows Installer 4 5 Installer is the software used for the installation. maintenance and removal of the GRIN Global software. onto a Windows based computer, Windows Powershell 1 0 PowerShell is Microsoft s task automation framework. consisting of a command line shell and associated scripting. language built on top of and integrated with the NET. Visual Studio Tools for Applications 2 0 Provides items required by the software code running. GRIN Global, Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2008 SAP s Crystal Reports viewer is a free standalone Report. file viewer that enables the user to open and view. interactive reports designed for the Curator Tool, SQL Server 2008 Required on all computers where the Curator Tool is. installed the CT maintains a small SQL Server database of. lookup tables on the user s PC, NET Framework 4 5 Service Pack 1 The NET Framework is a software framework that.
supports programming language interoperability where. programs can use code written in other languages NET. provides important services such as security memory. management and exception handling, Sometimes when installing a Microsoft application you may be required to reboot After. rebooting the Microsoft application will finish installing but the GRIN Global Updater program. will not automatically launch and continue Therefore when a reboot is involved you will need. to launch Updater manually again Click the Windows Start button select GRIN Global. Updater Reselect from the Updater window example on page Error Bookmark not defined. the respective GRIN Global application s to install click the Download Install button. When installing Microsoft s SQL Server Express on a Windows 7 64 bit operating system if you. do not have Windows Service Pack 1 installed a message will warn you that the SQL Server. Express software has a known problem with the operating system Rather than abort the. installation proceed with the install and then update to Windows 7 Service Pack 1. Page 8 Installation Guide,Updater Program,Updater Program. In order to install the GRIN Global server components you must first install the GRIN Global Updater. program The following installation instructions provide step by step instructions however if your. organization has a firewall read the Installing with Firewalls section on page 36 before following these. directions,Step by Step Installation Directions, Using your browser such as Microsoft s Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. download and install the Updater program from http distribution grin. global org gringlobal downloads default aspx, The Updater version number is not significant an older Updater version can be used to install. the latest GG components Basically the Updater will work with any version of GG The address. shown in the following illustration is just an example Each organizational situation will differ. In the Installers section under File click the link on GRIN Global Updater. Depending on which browser you are using your next step will vary slightly Since most browsers. emulate either Microsoft s Internet Explorer or the Mozilla Firefox browser steps 2A and 2B were. written to accommodate the differences, Proceed with step 2A if you are using Internet Explorer.
Skip to step 2B if you are using Firefox or a similar browser. gg installation guide 2015feb27 doc Page 9,Updater Program. Step 2A Using Microsoft s Internet Explorer, The File Download window displays Unless you want to postpone initiating setup click on the Run. button to proceed, An Internet Explorer Security Warning window displays click Run. The GRIN Global Updater Setup window displays,Proceed to Step 3 on page 12. P a g e 10 Installation Guide,Updater Program,Step 2B Using Mozilla Firefox.
At the Opening GRIN Global Updater Setup exe window click the Save File button. Save the file,gg installation guide 2015feb27 doc P a g e 11. Updater Program, Launch the file Double click its filename if in Windows Explorer or if in your browser click on the. filename Click OK,Click the Run button, At the Setup Security Warning window click the Run button. P a g e 12 Installation Guide,Updater Program,Organizational Firewalls. If the following window displays instead of the window above your organization most likely has a. firewall preventing the GrinGlobal Updater Setup msi setup msi file from executing properly. When working with firewalls follow the directions Installing with Firewalls section on page 36. For many of the Setup Wizard windows click the Next button to continue. On the Select Installation Folder window you can change the default folder location and also indicate. who will have access to the GRIN Global programs all users Everyone or the current user Just me. Generally you can accept the defaults If a different location is desired click Browse Another option is. the Disk Cost button which can be used to determine if you have enough space on your drive The. complete installation requires less than 1 GB,gg installation guide 2015feb27 doc P a g e 13.
Updater Program,Click Next to accept the defaults and continue. Optional Step When the Disk Cost Button is Selected. The Updater Disk Space window indicating available and required space is displayed when the Disk. Cost button on the Select Installation Folder window is clicked Click OK to continue. P a g e 14 Installation Guide,Updater Program, Click Next to continue with the Installation process. Click Close Note If you need to pause this is a good stopping point.

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