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IV ATTENDANCE POLICY, 1 Attendance is mandatory and will be checked via sign in sheet. 2 Unexcused absences TWO 2 unexcused absences will be allowed without additional deduction. from your grade More than two unexcused absences result in a four point deduction from the. participation grade,3 Excused absences, a Absences due to sickness injury or family emergency may be excused with a signed note. from the university health center or the dean, b In some cases planned absences e g for religious observance are allowed Students. requesting a planned absence must contact the instructor at least one class in advance of the. expected absence, 4 Per dept policy any student who misses FOUR 4 or more sessions through any combination of. excused and unexcused absences will have missed more than a quarter of class time and will not. earn credit in this class Such students should withdraw from the course to avoid an F. 5 In the case of an absence you are responsible for obtaining class notes from a classmate. 6 For the midterm or final exam only the original copy of a medical excuse signed by a doctor of. medicine will be accepted as an excuse for absence Any other form of excuse including family. emergency or religious observance must receive the clearance of the appropriate dean s office. and must be signed by a dean Ordinary dental treatment should not be scheduled at the time of. a class or on the day of an exam or on the day before an exam Do not book airline tickets for the. day of a class or an exam A non refundable unchangeable ticket is not an excuse for missing a. class or an exam,V GRADING POLICY, Each of the following components will determine a fraction of the final grade.
1 Homework and Class Participation 20 This grade will include 1 weekly online assessments based. on readings and or lectures 2 the online mini exam 3 short written in class activities Regular. attendance and full participation in class activities are required for participation credit You should. have your textbooks and notebook in every class and actively take notes Points may be deducted. from this section for excessive absences or failure to actively participate in class. 2 Midterm Exam 20 The midterm exam will have two sections and will cover everything up to that. point In section one you identify and give the significance for a 6 out of 12 given key terms In. section two you will write an essay Duration will be exactly 80 minutes Please check the date of. the exam and mark your calendar, 3 Final Paper 30 There will be one three 3 page paper in which you will be given the opportunity. to respond to one of a number of issues covered in the class Late papers will be accepted with a. penalty It is your responsibility to turn in usable files Unreadable files will receive no credit. 4 Final Exam 30 The final exam THURSDAY DEC 19 8 00 AM will cover terms and passages after the. midterm but naturally you may incorporate your pre midterm knowledge into your answers It. will be in the same format as the midterm You will be allotted 180 minutes to finish. Completion of all assignments exams and components of the class are a minimum requirement to pass. If you are not doing well in class speak with me immediately so we can develop a plan for your success. If you find an error in your score for an assignment let me know Otherwise all grades are final and there. is no opportunity to improve your grade when the semester is over. The grading scale is as follows A 90 above B 87 89 9 B 80 86 9 C 77 79 9 C 70 76 9 D. 65 69 9 F Below 65,VI ACADEMIC INTEGRITY, As an academic community dedicated to the creation dissemination and application of knowledge. Rutgers University is committed to fostering an intellectual and ethical environment based on the. principles of academic integrity Academic integrity is essential to the success of the University s. educational and research missions and violations of academic integrity constitute serious offenses against. the entire academic community, On all examinations and major course assignments submitted for grading you will be asked to sign the. Rutgers honor pledge On my honor I have neither received nor given any unauthorized assistance on. this examination assignment, Please note All work submitted for a grade in this class must be your own work While you are encouraged. to study together and help one another in preparation any work submitted that includes wording. identical to that of another student s submission will be considered plagiarized and in violation of the. Rutgers honor pledge, Academic Integrity Policy http academicintegrity rutgers edu academic integrity policy.
VII DISABILITY SERVICES, Rutgers University welcomes students with disabilities into all of the University s educational programs. In order to receive consideration for reasonable accommodations you must complete and submit the. Registration Form schedule and complete an intake meeting and submit appropriate documentation If. your request for reasonable accommodations is approved you will receive a Letter of Accommodations. LOA which you should present privately to the instructor as early in the semester as possible. Accommodations are not retroactive and are effective only upon submission of the LOA to the instructor. Please begin the process by completing and submitting the Registration Form available at the website. below under Applying for Services, Applying for Services https ods rutgers edu students applying for services. Documentation Guidelines https ods rutgers edu students documentation guidelines. Letter of Accommodations LOA https ods rutgers edu my accommodations letter of. accommodations, Office of Disability Services ODS Paul Robeson Campus Center Suite 219. Phone 973 353 5315 Email odsnewark rutgers edu,VIII LEARNING RESOURCES. Rutgers Learning Center tutoring Bradley 140 973 353 5608 http www ncas rutgers edu rlc. Writing Center tutoring writing workshops Conklin 126 973 353 5847 nwc rutgers edu. https www ncas rutgers edu writingcenter,IX YOUR CLASS SCHEDULE.
WEEK 1 FRIDAY SEPT 6 Meet the Greeks Step right up and greet the Greeks. WEEK 2 FRIDAY SEPT 13 Mycenaean Greece The Greeks of the Trojan War. Readings Pomeroy Ch 1 Nagle 1 A Homer Iliad Book 1 24. WEEK 3 FRIDAY SEPT 20 Dark Age Greece The Greeks of Homer s Time. Readings Pomeroy Ch 2 Nagle 1 C Hesiod Theogony, WEEK 4 FRIDAY SEPT 27 Archaic Greece City States Colonization Tyranny. Readings Pomeroy Ch 3 Nagle 1 D H 2 B C Herodotus 5 92 6 125 131 Cleisthenes of Sicyon. Open Book Mini Exam, WEEK 5 FRIDAY OCT 4 Rival City States Athens and Sparta Slavery. Readings Pomeroy Ch 4 5 up to p 136 Nagle 1 I 2 F 4 C. WEEK 6 FRIDAY OCT 11 Herodotus History and the Persian Wars. Readings Pomeroy Ch 5 Nagle 3 A C Herodotus 1 1 56 69 94 Story of Croesus. WEEK 7 FRIDAY OCT 18 MIDTERM EXAM,WEEK 8 FRIDAY OCT 25 Athenian Hegemony. Readings Pomeroy Ch 6 and 7 5 A B Greek Drama,WEEK 9 FRIDAY NOV 1 The Peloponnesian War. Readings Pomeroy Ch 8 Nagle 5 C D Thucydides 3 25 51 Mytilenean debate. WEEK 10 FRIDAY NOV 8 Trial of Socrates Women and the Household. Readings Plato Apology Nagle 4 A B 6 A B, WEEK 11 FRIDAY NOV 15 The Rise of Macedonia Greek Philosophy.
Readings Pomeroy Ch 9 and 10 Nagle 7 B E I,Open Book Mini Exam. WEEK 12 FRIDAY NOV 22 Alexander the Great, Readings Pomeroy Ch 11 Assignment First Draft of Paper due. WEEK 13 NOV 28 DEC 1 HAPPY THANKSGIVING NO CLASS,WEEK 14 FRIDAY DEC 6 The Hellenistic Age. Readings Pomeroy Ch 12 Hellenistic Poetry Readings. WEEK 16 WEDNESDAY DEC 11 Assignment Paper due online at 11 59 PM No Class. WEEK 17 THURSDAY DEC 19 8 00 AM FINAL EXAM NOTE DIFFERENT TIME. All Readings listed here should be read before the class period for which they are listed. Syllabus is subject to change Please consult class website for the latest version. X VIOLENCE PREVENTION AND VICTIM ASSISTANCE, Rutgers faculty are committed to helping create a safe learning environment for all students and for the. university as a whole If you have experienced any form of gender or sex based discrimination or. harassment including sexual assault sexual harassment relationship violence or stalking know that help. and support are available Rutgers has staff members trained to support survivors in navigating campus. life accessing health and counseling services providing academic and housing accommodations and. more The University strongly encourages all students to report any such incidents to the University. Please be aware that all Rutgers employees other than those designated as confidential resources such. as advocates counselors clergy and healthcare providers as listed in Appendix A to Policy 10 3 12 are. required to report information about such discrimination and harassment to the University This means. that if you tell a faculty member about a situation of sexual harassment or sexual violence or other related. misconduct the faculty member must share that information with the University s Title IX Coordinator If. you wish to speak with a staff member who is confidential and does not have this reporting responsibility. you may contact the Office for Violence Prevention and Victim Assistance at 973 353 1918 or at. run vpva rutgers edu Learn more about the office here http counseling newark rutgers edu vpva.

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