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I Program Summary, The airport is operated and managed by the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority GOAA which. consists of a seven member board five are appointed by the Governor of the State of Florida The. Mayor from the Orlando City Council and The Mayor from the Orlando County Commission The. Board has responsibility for both Orlando International Airport and Orlando Executive Airport. The Executive Director who is appointed by the Authority Board manages the airport system The. airport system has a staff of over 600 full time employees but when combined with. the business partners of the airport there are over 17 000 people that work on the. The airport was developed as a total environmentally responsive complex that has. high passenger convenience features low maintenance and operational costs. accommodates a high growth rate and reflects the unique character of the Central. Phil Brown Florida environment The Orlando Experience is a design theme conveyed. Executive throughout the airport with unique architecture aesthetics and convenience. As we immortalize our longstanding Sustainable Initiatives we continue to weave together the overall. Strategic Goals Objectives and Strategies and further strengthen our plan Our four Strategic Goals. Customer Service Economic Development Safe and Secure Facilities and Fiscal Responsibility are. explained and given focus by the Objectives and Strategies which guide our implementation. The airport has been involved with sustainable concepts from its original design stages to the present. day Concepts relate to the relationship between a healthy environment and a healthy economy. potential impacts of climate change water quality and availability waste reduction and storm water. management, To further promote the total environment of the areas surrounding the airport properties GOAA has. embarked upon formalizing our long standing sustainable initiatives GOAA staff continuously. evaluates policy and procedures along with our strategic planning efforts to maintain our Mission. which is to Provide safe secure customer friendly affordable services and facilities that promote. the Orlando Experience, To show our support to the Value of Innovation Sustainability and Flexibility in relationship to. Fiscal Responsibility and Collaborative Relationships GOAA staff developed a Sustainability. Management Plan SMP The SMP develops a roadmap for our sustainable future and in order to. manage this plan effectively there is an established Green Team named the Environmental. Solutions Group They will be instrumental in implementing the initiatives listed in this plan. This SMP charts a course to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels lower the demand on potable. water preserve natural lands divert landfill waste to better uses and support alternative. transportation, Customer Service Objectives have been incorporated into our action plan to establish a baseline for. comparison in order to 1 Identify improvements in facilities and operations 2 Promote the. Orlando Experience in all airport facilities by enforcing and re evaluating design standards and 3. Increase the use of technology to improve passenger process by streamlining operations and business. GOAA works closely with its airline partners to assist in their own sustainability actions We also work. with and contribute to the City of Orlando and Orange County though community involvement with. other sustainability efforts Members of the Environmental Solutions Group meet regularly with. groups such as the Orange County sustainability subcommittees Green Destination Orlando GDO. and the U S Green Chamber of Commerce to highlight a few. Efforts to improve sustainability have provided cost savings to the airport through reductions in. energy water and other resource and operational costs The Sustainable Initiatives and Actions. recommended in this plan will also make the airport a healthier and more sustainable place to work. for employees and a seamless and more pleasant environment for passengers to travel through. II Sustainability Guiding Principles, The Orlando International Airport OIA and Orlando Executive Airport were founded on the.
principles of being a good steward of the environment and conservation practices The Orlando. Experience has always encompassed Earth Water and Sky as elements of the region with a natural. landscape that attracts visitors GOAA has been involved with sustainable concepts from its original. design stages of the airport facilities to the present day Concepts relate to the relationship between. a healthy environment and a healthy economy potential impacts of climate change water quality. and availability waste reduction and storm water management. Poirtras property at sunrise, GOAA also recognizes that there is a balance to integrating conservation and sustainable programs. community awareness and preserving the airport s financial health This is accomplished through. proactive and cost effective solutions as well as using a phased and logical approach to our. programs GOAA is attentive to the needs and desires of the communities that surround the airport. and ensures there is a sense of community involvement with the employees of the airport and their. business partners,SUSTAINABILITY,Community Environment. We define sustainability as the responsibility to construct and operate our airport facilities in a. manner that ensures future generations will enjoy the same environment that we experience today. Sustainability efforts are achieved by a balance between the environment and community outreach. and the economics of managing the airport, Our Green Vision is to Celebrate environmentally sustainable decisions strengthen local. partnerships with other governments and community organizations and to share good community. relations We are conscious of our actions in Central Florida which may have effects throughout the. state and beyond This vision begins with our Authority Board and is carried forward by all levels of. GOAA management, II Overview of the Sustainability Planning Process. The objective of the SMP is continuous improvement in operations maintenance purchasing. engineering and construction at GOAA This SMP was developed to adopt established sustainability. rating systems and certifications including the United States Green Building Council USGBC. Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design LEED standards and ISO 14001. Ensuring that objectives move from language to results is critical to the success of the SMP To. facilitate this each sustainability goal and objective describes specific actions and responsibilities In. order to achieve success the plan identifies Green Department Champions who are responsible for. each action to include setting a timeframe for implementation and defining measures or indicators. to track success,Program Executive Board Stakeholder.
Report and,Development Approval Adoption Involvement. The airport will coordinate an annual evaluation of and summarize progress toward SMP objectives. and targets in a brief report that describes,Achievement of Progress Indicators. Participation Rates where applicable,Remaining Barriers to Implementation. III Focus Areas, The Orlando International Airport has identified four main areas of focus in the field of sustainability. They are Energy Water Environment and Waste Within these four areas there are nine main goals. with action steps within each goal We believe that maintaining a focus on the goals in each area will. assist in the success of the plan,Energy Waste,Water Environment.
GOAA Sustainability Initiatives,Reduce Solid Waste to Landfills. Reduce Energy Use Intensities,Reduce Water Consumption. Improve Operations and Maintenance Plans, Improve Sustainable Construction Engineering and Design Practices. Develop Sustainable Concessionaire Practices,Improve Environmental Practices. Reduce Single Occupancy Commuting and increase Alternative Transportation. Improve Alternative Energy Strategies,Sustainability Initiative 1.
Reduce Solid Waste to Landfills, Airports are unique in the arena of solid waste and GOAA is no exception The airport collects waste. from the traveling public throughout the common corridors of the landside and airside terminal. buildings Our food service operators are governed by independent contracts in which each food. service operator is responsible for their own waste The airline companies are also responsible for. their waste from their aircraft and when the arriving flights are from countries outside of the United. States there are federal regulations for their waste The challenge for GOAA staff is to work closely. with all of our airport partners to develop waste strategies that work within the balance of. economics community relations and social responsibility. A Strategies,Increase diversion rate to 50 percent by 2018. Expand single stream recycling services to all GOAA facilities parking areas and garages. Expand airport recycling efforts by coordination with airport stakeholders. B Achievements, Long standing practice of recycling wooden pallets scrap steel used asphalt and concrete. and other construction materials, Established public recycling program in the landside terminal. Established centralized recycling program for all airport staff offices. Established recycling programs for airline and other back of the house areas. Electronic Content Management ECM plans and review process implemented for all new. construction projects, Electronic Project Management document storage and filing systems implemented.
Expanded recycling programs to include carpet batteries and printer cartridges. Replaced paper towel dispensers with electric hand dryers at landside terminal building. ground transportation levels,75 tons of,3 6 tons of 591 tons. metal carboard,3 5 tons of 27 000,batteries lamps,cartridges. Action Steps Responsibility Timeframe, How will you get to where you want to be Who will make it happen When will it happen. Airline Operations,Benchmark current waste diversion rates 2013. Environmental Solutions Group, Meet with the airport s stakeholders Environmental Solutions Group 2013.
Develop a waste management plan with Environmental Solutions Group. attainable goals Airline Operations, Perform and report waste audit reports annual Airline Operations. review Environmental Solutions Group,Work with food court vendors to divert food. Concessions, waste from landfills and increase recycling in 2013 2018. Environmental Solutions Group,food courts,Airline Operations. Expand recycling efforts to surface parking,Environmental Solutions Group 2013 2018.
areas garages and cell phone lots,Airport Operations Parking Division. Provide ongoing diversion rate reporting Environmental Solutions Group 2013 2018. Increase education and participation in public Environmental Solutions Group. C Resources, Describe the resources needed to carry out the action steps described above. Executive and senior management support,Stakeholder buy in and support. Reinvest waste budget savings on future diversion projects. Additional training to end users,Additional recycling containers for public areas. Marketing of sustainability efforts to traveling public. Sustainability Initiative 2,Reduce Energy Use Intensities.
Energy at GOAA is a large part of our sustainability program The airports operate year round and. never close Over 35 million passengers annually pass through Orlando International Airport and. these passengers use the 60 elevators 50 escalators 20 moving sidewalks 8 trains and over 50. thousand lights required to operate the facility Another challenge is that the airport is over 30 years. old and is expanding Using models that simply look at reducing energy will not adequately portray. the success of the airports energy practices We prefer to use models that evaluate energy use. intensity EUI a model that looks at energy use much like vehicles use miles per gallons MPG We. can benchmark EUI against other airports or other facilities in order to compare our energy reduction. A Strategies,Reduce energy use intensities by 10 by 2018. Complete energy audits, Prioritize Energy Cost Measures and develop capital funding plans for implementation. B Achievements, Benchmarked several of the airports facilities in Energy Star Portfolio Manager These include. the landside terminal the four airsides and the other buildings with GOAA offices. Replaced three base load centrifugal chillers with high efficiency machines. Developed operational schedules which are reviewed regularly for optimal start and stop. times for lighting air conditioning and temperature levels. Installed occupancy sensors in large areas that are subject to periods of low occupancy. These sensors control lighting as well as temperatures. Installed carbon dioxide sensors in large meeting rooms to control the amount of outside air. being introduced during periods of occupancy, Installed low E Glazing glass at transfer levels on Airsides 1 3. Replaced Airsides 1 3 generators with new higher efficiency and lower emissions units and. replaced 6 Landside generators with 3 high efficiency and lower emissions units. Installed energy efficient glass skylights on Airsides 1 3. Replaced canopy and walkway light fixtures in the employee parking lot with high efficiency. LED lights, Upgraded approximately 75 of airfield edge lighting to LED lamps and Upgraded.
approximately 35 of taxiway centerline lights to LED lamps. Installed high efficiency LED fixtures in baggage make up area. Upgraded all of the streetscape ambiance lighting in the East Atrium from incandescent to. Upgraded all lights on the Tram Tubes from incandescent to LED lights. Replaced all light fixtures in the landside terminal loading dock and service road with high. efficiency fixtures, Replaced all of the older cathode ray tube CRT airport owned computer monitors and. televisions throughout the airport with more efficient liquid crystal display LCD or light. emitting diode LED monitors,Action Steps Responsibility Timeframe. How will you get to where you want to be Who will make it happen When will it happen. Benchmark current Energy Usage Intensity EUI,Maintenance 2013. values for all buildings larger than 15 000,square feet. Review and update facility preventive,Maintenance 2013.
maintenance practices,Develop budgets and investment return goals. Maintenance 2014 2016,for funding energy conservation opportunities. Continue to replace and upgrade to high,Maintenance 2013 2018. efficiency lighting,Replace signage using high efficiency lighting. Maintenance 2016 2020,technologies,Replace centrifugal chillers with high efficiency.
Maintenance 2019,Complete upgrades to the building automation. Environmental Solutions Group 2013 2018,Upgrade all GOAA facilities to the Building. Maintenance 2013 2018,Automation System,Engage sustainability teams for outreach and. Environmental Solutions Group 2013 2018,behavior modification efforts. C Resources, Describe the resources needed to carry out the action steps described above.
Executive and senior management support, Reinvest energy budget savings into energy capital projects. Additional training to end users,Information sharing to employees and stakeholders. Marketing to traveling public,Sustainability Initiative 3. Reduce Water Consumption, In Central Florida clean drinking water is one of our most precious resources and the staff at GOAA is. dedicated to preserving it Our strategies are intended to conserve the potable water use through. strategies that find alternative ways to use water for cooling and irrigating and other areas where. using another source is environmentally practical,A Strategies.
Reduce potable water use by 10 by 2018, Develop plans to recover condensate to reuse in cooling towers. Study the feasibility of using storm water runoff for cooling towers irrigation or other uses. B Achievements, Replaced 90 of bathroom fixtures to low flow devices The remaining fixtures to be. replaced in a future project, Using more efficient base load chillers for cooling reducing the water demand at the cooling. Increased inspections and preventive maintenance in bathrooms to ensure prompt action is. taken for any leaks,Action Steps Responsibility Timeframe. How will you get to where you want to be Who will make it happen When will it happen. Benchmark current water usage Maintenance 2013, Meet with the airport s stakeholders Environmental Solutions Group 2013.
Develop a water use reduction plan with,Environmental Solutions Group 2013 2018. attainable goals, Develop capital plans for goals Maintenance 2013 2018. Provide ongoing water use reduction reports Environmental Solutions Group 2013 2018. C Resources, Describe the resources needed to carry out the action steps described above. Executive and senior management support, Reinvest water budget savings on future conservation projects. Stakeholder buy in and support,Additional training to end users.
Capital funding for potable to reclaim water conversions. Sustainability Initiative 4,Improve Operations and Maintenance Practices. Orlando International Airport s North Terminal complex has been in operation since 1980 and has. undergone a number of expansion projects The staff at GOAA prides itself on proven purchasing. operations and maintenance plans The Environmental Solutions Group will review each of these. practices to determine which areas can be improved to enhance the sustainable goals of the airport. A Strategies,Modify Purchasing practices and policies. Develop standard policies for 100 recyclable materials delivered to the airport. Incorporate green cleaning requirements to all custodial contracts. B Accomplishments, Cleaning products are required to be green seal certified in the main terminal contract. HEPA vacuums are required in the terminal and all airsides. Action Steps Responsibility Timeframe, How will you get to where you want to be Who will make it happen When will it happen. Review current purchasing practices and,Maintenance For all new contracts.
recommend updates to comply with,sustainability standards. Meet with airport stakeholders to discuss For all new contracts. Maintenance,recommendations and amendments,Develop recommendations and goals for future. Purchasing 2014, Modify service contracts to incorporate For new contracts and. Purchasing,sustainable purchasing criteria amendments. Provide annual performance reporting Maintenance Annually. C Resources, Describe the resources needed to carry out the action steps described above.
Executive and senior management support,Stakeholder buy in and support.

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