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Table of Contents,Eurima contents,1 The Eurima Brand 4. 2 The Eurima Logo 5,2 1 Logo Elements 5,2 2 Logo Colours 6. 2 2 1 Logo colours and conversions 6,2 2 2 Colours on different backgrounds 7. 2 2 3 Logo in Black White 8,2 3 Use of the Logo 10. 2 3 1 Minimum size 10,2 3 2 Isolation Area 11,2 3 3 Incorrect use of the Eurima logo 12.
2 5 Language versions 14,3 Eurima Colours 15,3 1 Primary Colour Palette 15. 3 2 Secondary Colour Palette 16,3 2 1 Print environment 16. 3 2 2 Web environment 17,4 Fonts 18, 4 1 Corporate fonts for professionally produced materials 18. 4 2 Corporate fonts for internally produced materials 19. Table of Contents,5 Lay Out Templates 19, 5 1 Address format brochure reference designer s signature 19. 5 2 Overview of previous publications 20,5 3 Graphs piecharts 23.
5 4 Powerpoint slides 24,5 5 Stationery 26,5 5 1 Business Cards 26. 5 5 2 Letterheads 27,5 5 3 Envelopes 28,5 6 MS Word template 30. 5 6 1 Letter template 30,5 6 2 Fax template 31,5 6 3 Press Release template 32. 5 6 4 Position Paper template 33,5 6 5 Newsletter template 34. 6 Annexes 35,6 2 Font table 35,The Eurima brand, The Eurima brand expresses the identity and goals of the association.
The Eurima logo was designed to take into account several of the association s key strenghths. The product The two parallel lines of the logo represent the concept of insulation The angles of the lines also make reference. to pitched roofs, The environmental benefits The use of several shades of green represent the environmental benefits of insulation and its. contribution to the reduction of CO2 emissions, The economic impact The left to right upward movement of the two parallel lines represent the positive economic potential of. insulation, Eurima s commitment to excellence in its visual identity will exemplify its commitment to quality in all other respects When the. graphic system is fully implemented the identity will consistently distinguish all of the association s publications and advertising. all print electronic and audiovisual materials Embracing and following the standards and guidelines presented in this manual will. enable the association to communicate effectively in all print and electronic venues. It is impossible to cover all possible uses and applications of the new identity Therefore this manual is intended to be an introduc. tion and a guide to the basic components of the identity system Implementation of these standards will create a greater awareness. of the association, This style guide will be updated on a regular basis as more printed pieces are created and added to the family of Eurima collateral. Please check the Eurima website for the latest edition of this manual. The Eurima logo,2 1 Logo elements,graphic marker brand name.
The Eurima logo is composed of three elements, The graphic marker The graphic marker is composed of two parallel lines at a 45 angle This marker will be an important. element of the Eurima identity and will be used on most Eurima communication tools. The brand name The brand name is the abbreviated name of the association. The baseline The baseline is full name of the association it is always written in English. The Eurima logo,2 2 Logo colours,2 2 1 Logo colours and conversion. Please use only camera ready copies or electronic versions of the logo Redrawing tracing scanning or use of photocopies results. in distortion and a loss of sharpness, The logo should be used in its entirety not separated into component parts altered in proportion or printed in colour combinations. other than those outlined in this guide Avoid using design features such as screening reproportioning rotating or including the logo. as part of a pattern or larger image Such uses tend to diminish visual strength and undermine the goal of creating a stronger image. Where to get Copies of the logos, Authorised versions of the Eurima logo may be downloaded from the Eurima web site http www Eurima org Eurimalogo. or by contacting the Eurima office at Tel 32 0 2 626 20 93. standard logo,Dark green Light green,CMYK 100 40 80 30 50 0 85 0.
RGB 0 92 70 138 199 90,PMS 3305 375,reversed logo,Dark green Light green. CMYK 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0,RGB 256 256 256 256 256 256,PMS white white. The Eurima logo,2 2 Logo colours,2 2 2 Logo in black white. For publications that are reproduced in black white only the monochrome version of the logo should be used The black and white. logo uses black at 100 and 75 intensity,Dark green Light green. grey 0 0 0 100 0 0 0 75,RGB 0 0 0 99 100 102,PMS black black.
The Eurima logo,2 2 Logo colours,2 2 3 Colours on different backgrounds. The Eurima logo should always be reproduced using the correct colours On light backgrounds the Eurima logo should be reproduced. using its original colours on dark backgrounds the reversed version should be used. Use reversed logo Use standard logo,on dark backgrounds on light backgrounds. Never use reversed logo Never use standard logo,on light backgrounds on dark backgrounds. The Eurima logo,2 3 Use of the logo,2 3 1 Minimum size of the logo. The minimum size ensures that the text of the baseline stays clear legible. Print and prepress use, The minimum size of the standard logo is 34mm It also exist a alternative version without the baseline which can be.
used in exceptional circumstances with a minimum length of 15mm Never use the alternative version for sizes greater. The sames rules govern the use of the reversed grey and black white logo version. The minimum size of the standard logo is 200pixels An alternative version also exists without the baseline which can. be used in exceptional circumstances with a minimum length of 16pixels Never use the alternative version for sizes. greater than 200pixels,200pixels 55pixels, The sames rules govern the use of the reversed and the black white logo version. The Eurima logo,2 3 Use of the logo,2 3 2 Isolation area. To ensure that the integrity of the Eurima logotype is protected there are some basics rules that must be followed The same area. of isolation should be used for on and offline versions. The area of isolation indicated below defines an area that must be kept for free of any other elements such as a pattern or typography. It is calculated using the X height of the logo as the base unit of measurement. The Eurima logo,2 3 Use of the logo,2 3 3 Incorrect use of the Eurima logo. The Eurima logo should always be used in its original form The shape fonts or colours of the logo can not be modified. Do not use the standard logo smaller,than 34mm or 200pixels. Do not try to recreate the logo Use only,artwork provided.
Do not place text or graphics inside,the isolation area. this is too close,Always keep the proportions of the logo. Never use an inapropriate color version,e g b w version in a CMYK publication. PMS version for a online use,Do not reproduce the logo in unspecified. Do not reposition any of the elements of,Eurima Colours.
3 1 Primary Colour Palette, These colours constitute Eurima s primary colour palette This colour should be used when developing publications presentations or. other communication tools A consistent use of the colour palette will help Eurima build a strong and recognisable brand. Eurima green is the main corporate colour,Dark Green Light green. CMYK 100 40 80 30 CMYK 50 0 85 0,RGB 0 92 70 RGB 138 199 90. PMS 3305 PMS 375,Grass green Spring green Lemon yellow. CMYK 71 12 87 1 CMYK 26 0 80 0 CMYK 4 3 92 0,RGB 82 164 87 RGB 198 219 93 RGB 250 230 41.
PMS 362 PMS 584 PMS 107,Eurima Colours,3 2 Secondary Colour Palette. These colours constitute Eurima s secondary colour palette The secondary colours may be used when deemed appropriate to. support the primary palette e g in a pie chart They may however never dominate the primary colour palette. Paprika orange Tulip purple Mouse grey Deep blue, CMYK 0 31 100 0 CMYK 58 100 24 10 CMYK 61 47 42 11 CMYK 100 80 25 9. RGB 253 184 19 RGB 126 12 110 RGB 106 115 123 RGB 0 70 127. PMS 130 PMS 249 PMS 431 PMS 541, 4 1 Corporate fonts for professionally produced materials. 4 1 1 Presentation,The two main fonts for Eurima publications are. Helvetica Neue, Helevetica Neue is a family that offers an exceptionally wide range of weights and or styles It is the slightly reworked.
version of a truly universal font This font was chosen for its modern look feel and its amazingly broad selection iden. tified by number of weight including, 23 Ultra Light Extended 47 Light Condensed 76 Bold Italic. 23 Ultra Light Extended Oblique 47 Light Condensed Oblique 77 Bold Condensed. 25 Ultra Light 53 Extended 77 Bold Condensed Oblique. 26 Ultra Light Italic 53 Extended Oblique 83 Heavy Extended. 27 Ultra Light Condensed 55 Roman 83 Heavy Extended Oblique. 27 Ultra Light Condensed Oblique 56 Italic 85 Heavy. 33 Thin Extended 57 Condensed 86 Heavy Italic, 33 Thin Extended Oblique 57 Condensed Oblique 87 Heavy Condensed. 35 Thin 63 Medium Extended 87 Heavy Condensed Oblique. 36 Thin Italic 63 Medium Extended Oblique 93 Black Extended. 37 Thin Condensed 65 Medium 93 Black Extended Oblique. 37 Thin Condensed Oblique 66 Medium Italic 95 Black. 43 Light Extended 67 Medium Condensed 96 Black Italic. 43 Light Extended Oblique 67 Medium Condensed Oblique 97 Black Condensed. 43 Extended Light 73 Bold Extended 97 Black Condensed Oblique. 43 Extended Light Oblique 73 Bold Extended Oblique 107 Extra Black Condensed. 45 Light 75 Bold 107 Extra Black Condensed Oblique. 46 Light Italic 75 Bold Outline,ITC Conduit, The body font for Eurima publications is ITC conduit The font is clear and legible and makes Eurima publications stand apart from. more traditional alternatives, In addition to ITC Conduit s six original weights light medium and bold with italic counterparts the family now includes extra light. regular extra bold and black Each new font includes italic and small cap counterparts and seven sets of oldstyle figures have been. added to complement the non italic weights ITC has also fine tuned the spacing and other digital aspects of the original design. The typeface with its original six weights was released in 1997 and quickly became one of ITC s most recognized and best. selling typefaces Shortly after the debut Fast Company magazine asked designer Mark van Bronkhorst to develop the 29 additional. weights for the magazine s exclusive use, When designing ITC Conduit van Bronkhorst had parking lot signs in mind It s the kind of lettering you might find on boilers assem.
bly diagrams and desiccant packets he said adding that the design was a cut and paste job constructed from a set of character. parts It s plain grid based visually incompetent yet legible and direct As van Bronkhorst developed the face the 90 degree turns. on the shapes reminded him of electrical conduits hence the name.

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