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welcome to,graduate economics, he Department of Economics at Boston growth path aimed at maintaining a top 25 ranking. College is an exciting community of among U S economics departments Recent. scholars from many countries who pursue hires include distinguished econometricians. applied and theoretical research on the pressing economic theorists and applied economists adding. economic and social issues that face the world in to the established strength of the department in. the 21st century The doctoral program is designed these fields. to train economists for careers in teaching and,The graduate program in economics is dedicated. research by providing strong backgrounds in,to training full time Ph D students for careers. economic theory quantitative research methods,in teaching and research The program provides. and applied fields,students with strong backgrounds in economic.
Boston College provides considerable intellectual theory quantitative research methods and applied. leadership to the economics profession The fields Requirements include course work. economics faculty includes 39 full time positions comprehensive examinations a doctoral dissertation. and continues to grow Faculty allocate their time and a one year residence requirement. between research and teaching in undergraduate,The program admits about 12 to 15 new students. and doctoral programs as well as participating in,per year The size of the program permits the. the wider intellectual life of the University the, department to offer a broad range of courses while. Boston area and the world,at the same time enabling students to receive. The Boston College Department of Economics significant individual attention In addition to. is ranked between 24th and 26th among U S core courses in economic theory and quantitative. economics departments according to the methods the program offers courses in advanced. Combes Linnemer worldwide rankings and its micro and macro theory econometric theory. Ph D program is ranked 25th in the U S News applied econometrics international trade empirical. World Report 2017 peer assessment survey With international finance topics in international. University approval and support we are on a macroeconomics topics in international economic. policy economic development public sector,economics monetary economics labor economics.
industrial organization and finance,Boston College s proximity to Cambridge and. Boston make it part of the area s lively intellectual. Program of Study 2,community The Ph D program draws upon the rich. academic resources of the area in addition to those. Courses 11,available within the Department of Economics and. Outcomes 12,other departments and schools at Boston College. Research Facilities 15, Student Life We invite you to find out more at bc edu economics.
Campus Resources 16,Admission Financial,Information 18. program of study,Ph D Program DISSERTATION, The third year of study is devoted to the formulation and. The requirements for the Ph D fall into four basic. development of a thesis topic Third and fourth year. categories course work comprehensive examinations, students are required to regularly attend and actively. the dissertation and a residence requirement, participate in the department s Thesis Workshop which. meets weekly during the academic year Students are. COURSE WORK, required to make presentations in the second semester.
The course requirements consist of a seven course core. of the third year each semester of the fourth year and the. curriculum and eight electives The standard program for. first semester of the fifth year Each Ph D student must. meeting these requirements is, have a dissertation abstract and a dissertation proposal. Year 1 on file with the department Both the abstract and the. proposal must be signed by two faculty members The. Fall Spring, approved abstract must be on file no later than April 1 of. Microeconomic Theory I Microeconomic Theory II, the third year The approved proposal must be on file no. Macroeconomic Theory I Macroeconomic Theory II,later than October 1 of the fourth year. Math for Economists Econometric Methods, Statistics The thesis is written under the supervision of a.
Year 2 committee of three faculty members a director chosen. Fall Spring by the student and two readers agreed upon by the. student and the director The thesis is approved when it. 4 Electives 4 Electives, is successfully defended before the committee in an oral. examination As with any Ph D program the ultimate,COMPREHENSIVE EXAMS. time to completion varies considerably The department. All students are required to pass written comprehensive. expects every student to be well prepared to enter the job. examinations in microeconomic theory macroeconomic. market in January of the fifth year of full time study. theory and two of the following fields, Advanced Macro and Monetary Economics Although there are exceptions students should. anticipate spending a minimum of four years of full. Advanced Micro Theory,time study to complete the degree. Econometrics RESIDENCE REQUIREMENT, Each Ph D student must spend at least one academic.
Economic Development,year as a full time student at Boston College. Industrial Organization,International Economics,International Finance and Macroeconomics. Labor Economics,Public Sector Economics,faculty profiles. james anderson susanto basu,Professor Professor, Ph D University of Wisconsin Ph D Harvard University. james anderson bc edu susanto basu bc edu,RESEARCH INTERESTS RESEARCH INTERESTS.
International Economics Macroeconomics,Economic History Monetary Economics. Productivity,RECENT PUBLICATIONS, Gravity with Scale Economies with M Vesselovsky and Y V RECENT PUBLICATIONS. Yotov Journal of International Economics 100 2016 174 93 Uncertainty Shocks in a Model of Effective Demand with. Terms of Trade and Global Efficiency Effects of Free B Bundick Econometrica 85 3 2017 937 58. Trade Agreements 1990 2002 with Y V Yotov Journal of Allocative and Remitted Wages New Facts and Challenges. International Economics 98 2016 279 98 for Keynesian Models with C House In Handbook of. Sufficient Statistics for Tariff Reform when Revenue Macroeconomics Volume 2A eds J B Taylor and H Uhlig North. Matters with P Neary Journal of International Economics 99 Holland 2016. 2016 150 59 Whither News Shocks with R B Barsky and K Lee NBER. Terror Trade and Public Policy Research in Economics 69 2 Macroeconomics Annual 29 2014 225 64. 2015 180 90 Some Evidence on the Importance of Sticky Wages with. How Much Does Geography Deflect Services Trade A Barattieri and P Gottschalk American Economic Journal. Canadian Answers with C A Milot and Y V Yotov Macroeconomics 6 1 2014 70 101. International Economic Review 55 3 2014 791 818 Are Technology Improvements Contractionary with. M S Kimball and J G Fernald American Economic Review 96. December 2006 1418 48,s anukriti,Assistant Professor. Ph D Columbia University christopher f baum,Professor of Economics and Social Work. s anukriti bc edu,Ph D University of Michigan,RESEARCH INTERESTS.
christopher baum bc edu,Development Economics,Economics of Gender RESEARCH INTERESTS. Applied Econometrics,RECENT PUBLICATIONS,Public Health. Financial Incentives and the Fertility Sex Ratio Trade off. Financial Economics, American Economic Journal Applied Economics forthcoming. Democracy and Demography Societal Effects of Fertility RECENT PUBLICATIONS. Limits on Local Leaders with A Chakravarty Journal of A New Approach to Estimation of the R D Innovation. Human Resources forthcoming Productivity Relationship with H L f P Navabi and A. Woman s Worth Trade Female Income and Fertility in Stephan Economics of Innovation and New Technology 26 1 2. India with T J Kumler Economic Development and Cultural 2017 121 33. Change forthcoming Impact of Tobacco Control Policies on Adolescent Smoking. Marriage Markets in Developing Countries with S, with S S Hawkins and N Bach Journal of Adolescent Health. Dasgupta In The Oxford Handbook of Women and the Economy 58 6 2016 279 85. eds S L Averett L M Argys and S D Hoffman Oxford, R D Expenditures and Geographical Sales Diversification.
University Press 2017, with M Caglayan and O Talavera The Manchester School 84 2. Economic Incentives and The Fertility Sex Ratio Trade off. 2016 197 221, In Policy Challenges from Demographic Change in China and. India ed K Eggleston Brookings Institution Press 2015 Credit Rating Agency Downgrades and the Eurozone. Sovereign Debt Crises with D Sch fer and A Stephan. Journal of Financial Stability 24 2016 117 31, The Impact of State Cigarette Taxes on Disparities in Maternal. Smoking During Pregnancy with S S Hawkins American. Journal of Public Health 104 8 2014 1464 70,ryan chahrour mehmet ekmekci. Assistant Professor Associate Professor, Ph D Columbia University Ph D Princeton University.
ryan chahrour bc edu mehmet ekmekci bc edu,RESEARCH INTERESTS RESEARCH INTERESTS. Macroeconomics Game Theory,Monetary Economics Mechanism Design. RECENT PUBLICATIONS RECENT PUBLICATIONS, News or Noise The Missing Link with K Jurado Reputation in the Long Run with Imperfect Monitoring. American Economic Review forthcoming with A Atakan Journal of Economic Theory 157 2015 553 605. Public Communication and Information Acquisition Auctions Actions and the Failure of Information. American Economic Journal Macroeconomics 6 3 2014 73 101 Aggregation with A Atakan The American Economic Review. A Model Based Evaluation of the Debate on the Size of the 104 7 2014 104 7. Tax Multiplier with S Schmitt Grohe and M Uribe Bargaining and Reputation in Search Markets with A. American Economic Journal Economic Policy 4 2 2012 28 45 Atakan The Review of Economic Studies 81 1 2014 1 29. Sales and Price Spikes in Retail Scanner Data Economics A Two Sided Reputation Result with Long run Players with. Letters 110 2 2011 143 46 A Atakan Journal of Economic Theory 148 2013 376 92. Reputation in Long Run Relationships with A Atakan The. donald cox Review of Economic Studies 79 2 2012 751 80. Ph D Brown University peter gottschalk,Research Professor. donald cox bc edu,Ph D University of Pennsylvania,RESEARCH INTERESTS.
peter gottschalk bc edu,Economics of Intergenerational Transfers. Labor Economics RESEARCH INTERESTS,RECENT PUBLICATIONS Labor Economics. The Evolution of Altruistic Preferences Mothers versus Applied Econometrics. Fathers with I Alger Review of Economics of the Household RECENT PUBLICATIONS. 11 3 2013 421 46 Some Evidence on the Importance of Sticky Wages with A. Intergenerational Transfers In Encyclopedia of Life Course Barattieri and S Basu American Journal of Macroeconomics 6 1. and Human Development eds M E Hughes A Pienta and R 2014 70 101. Crosnoe Macmillan Reference USA 2009 Trends in the Transitory Variance of Male Earnings Methods. Extended Family and Kinship Networks Economic Insights and Evidence with R Moffitt Journal of Human Resources. and Evolutionary Directions with M Fafchamps In Handbook 47 1 2012 204 36. of Development Economics Volume 4 eds T P Schultz and Are Earnings Inequality and Mobility Over stated The. J Strauss North Holland 2008 Impact of Non Classical Measurement Error with M Hyunh. Intergenerational Caregiving and Exchange Economic and The Review of Economics and Statistics 92 2 2010 302 15. Evolutionary Approaches In Caring and Exchange Within and The Rising Instability of U S Earnings with R Moffitt. Across Generations eds A Booth A C Crouter S Bianchi and Journal of Economic Perspectives 23 4 2009 3 24. A Seltzer Urban Institute Press 2008, Biological Basics and the Economics of the Family Journal. of Economic Perspectives 21 2007 91 108,michael d grubb. Associate Professor,Ph D Stanford University,michael grubb bc edu.
RESEARCH INTERESTS,Behavioral Industrial Organization. Industrial Organization,Applied Microeconomic Theory. RECENT PUBLICATIONS, Overconfident Consumers in the Marketplace Journal of. Economic Perspectives 29 4 2015 9 36,faculty profiles. Failing to Choose the Best Price Theory Evidence and Nonparametric Identification in Nonseparable Panel Data. Policy Review of Industrial Organization 47 3 2015 303 40 Models with Generalized Fixed Effects with H White Journal. Cellular Service Demand Biased Beliefs Learning and Bill of Econometrics 168 2 2012 300 14. Shock with M Osborne American Economic Review 105 1 How Many Consumers are Rational Journal of Econometrics. 2015 234 71 164 2 2011 294 309, Consumer Inattention and Bill Shock Regulation Review of.
Economic Studies 82 1 2015 219 57 peter n ireland,Dynamic Nonlinear Pricing Biased Expectations. Inattention and Bill Shock International Journal of Industrial. Organization 30 3 2012 287 90 Ph D University of Chicago. peter ireland bc edu,pablo a guerron RESEARCH INTERESTS. Associate Professor Macroeconomics,Ph D Northwestern University Monetary Economics. pablo guerron bc edu RECENT PUBLICATIONS, The Evolution of U S Monetary Policy 2000 2007 Journal. RESEARCH INTERESTS,of Economic Dynamics and Control 73 2016 78 93.
Macroeconomics,Money and Output Friedman and Schwartz Revisited. International Finance, Journal of Money Credit and Banking 48 2016 1223 66. Time Series,Monetary Policy Bond Risk Premia and the Economy. RECENT PUBLICATIONS Journal of Monetary Economics 76 2015 124 40. Fiscal Volatility and Economics Activity with J Fernandez The Barnett Critique After Three Decades A New Keynesian. Villaverde K Kuester and J Rubio Ramirez American Analysis Journal of Econometrics 183 2014 5 21. Economic Review 105 11 2015 3352 84 On the Welfare Cost of Inflation and the Recent Behavior of. Nonlinear Adventures at the Zero Lower Bound with J Money Demand American Economic Review 99 2009 1040 52. Fernandez Villaverde G Gordon and J Rubio Ramirez Journal. of Economic Dynamics and Control 57 2015 182 204 shakeeb khan. Estimating Dynamic Equilibrium Models with Stochastic. Volatility with J Fernandez Villaverde and J Rubio Ramirez. Journal of Econometrics 185 2015 216 29 Ph D Princeton University. Supply Side Policies and the Zero Lower Bound with J shakeeb khan bc edu. Fernandez Villaverde and J Rubio Ramirez IMF Review 62. RESEARCH INTERESTS,2014 248 59,Econometrics, Frequentist Inference in Weakly Identified DSGE Models. Applied Econometrics, with A Inoue and L Kilian Quantitative Economics 4 2014.
197 229 RECENT PUBLICATIONS, Identification of Panel Data Models with Endogenous. Censoring with M Ponomareva and E Tamer Journal of. stefan hoderlein,Econometrics 194 1 2016 57 75,Semiparametric Estimation of Program Impacts on. Ph D Bonn University and London School of Economics Dispersion of Potential Wages with S H Chen Journal of. stefan hoderlein bc edu Applied Econometrics 29 2014 901 19. Distribution Free Estimation of Heteroskedastic Binary. RESEARCH INTEREST, Choice Models in Stata with J Blevins Stata Journal 13 2013. Econometrics, RECENT PUBLICATIONS Local NLLS Estimation of Semiparametric Binary Choice. Testing Multivariate Economic Restrictions Using Quantiles Models with J Blevins Econometrics Journal 16 2013 135 60. The Example of Slutsky Negative Semidefiniteness with H Informational Content of Special Regressors in. Dette and N Neumeyer Journal of Econometrics 191 1 2016 Heteroskedastic Discrete Response Models with S Chen and. 129 44 X Tang Journal of Econometrics 193 1 2013 162 82. A Correlated Binary Random Coefficient Model with B. Sherman Journal of Econometrics 188 1 2015 135 49, Revealed Preferences in a Heterogeneous Population with.
C J Stoye The Review of Economics and Statistics 96 2 2014. hideo konishi danial lashkari,Professor Assistant Professor. Ph D University of Rochester Ph D Harvard University. hideo konishi bc edu Ph D Massachusetts Institute of Technology. danial lashkari bc edu,RESEARCH INTEREST,Applied Microeconomic Theory RESEARCH INTERESTS. RECENT PUBLICATIONS Growth, Household Formation and Markets with H Gersbach and Innovation. H Haller Economic Theory 59 2015 461 507 International Trade. Choosing a Licensee from Heterogeneous Rivals with A RECENT PUBLICATIONS. Creane and C Y Ko Games and Economic Behavior 82 2013 A Generative Probabilistic Model and Discriminative Exten. 254 68 sions for BrainLesion Segmentation With Application to Tumor. Entrepreneurial Land Developers Joint Production Local and Stroke with B H Menze K Van Leemput T Riklin Raviv. Externalities and Mixed Housing Developments Journal of E Geremia E Alberts P Gruber S Wegener M A Weber G. Urban Economics 75 2013 68 79 Sz kely N Ayache and P Golland IEEE Transactions on Medical. Profit Maximizing Matchmaker with C Y Ko Games Imaging 35 2016 933 46. and Economic Behavior 75 2012 217 32 Structural Change with Long Run Income and Price Effects. Contributing or Free Riding Voluntary Participation with D Comin and M Mestieri National Bureau of Economic. in a Public Good Economy with T Furusawa Theoretical Research 2015 Working Paper 21595. Economics 6 2 2011 219 56,marvin kraus Assistant Professor. Ph D University of Pennsylvania,Ph D University of Minnesota.
tzuo law bc edu,marvin kraus bc edu,RESEARCH INTERESTS. RESEARCH INTERESTS,Macroeconomics,Urban Economics,Computational Economics. Transportation Economics,Labor Economics,RECENT PUBLICATIONS. RECENT PUBLICATIONS, Road Pricing with Optimal Mass Transit Journal of Urban. Identifying Equilibrium Models of Labor Market Sorting with. Economics 72 2012 81 86, M Hagedorn and L Manovskii Econometrica 85 1 2017 29 65.
Scale Economies Analysis for Urban Highway Networks. Risks Jumps and Diversification with T Bollerslev and. In The Economics of Traffic Congestion ed E T Verhoef Edward. G Tauchen Journal of Econometrics 144 2008 234 56,Elgar 2010. When Are Anonymous Congestion Charges Consistent with. Marginal Cost Pricing and Self Financing of Congestible arthur lewbel. Facilities in a Growing Economy with R Arnott In The Professor. Economics of Traffic Congestion ed E T Verhoef Edward Elgar Ph D Massachusetts Institute of Technology. arthur lewbel bc edu, Economies of Scale in Networks Journal of Urban Economics. 64 2008 171 77 RESEARCH INTERESTS,Econometrics,Consumer Demand. RECENT PUBLICATIONS, Sharing Rule Identification for General Collective. Consumption Models with L Cherchye B De Rock and F. Vermeulen Econometrica 83 5 2015 2001 41,Estimating Consumption Economies of Scale Adult.
Equivalence Scales and Household Bargaining Power with M. Browning and P A Chiappori Review of Economic Studies 80. 2013 1267 1303,faculty profiles, Children s Resources in Collective Households charles murry. Identification Estimation and an Application to Child Poverty in Assistant Professor. Malawi with G Dunbar and K Pendakur American Economic. Ph D University of Virginia,Review 103 2013 438 71. Why is Consumption More Log Normal Than Income charles murry bc edu. Gibrat s Law Revisited with E Battistin and R Blundell. RESEARCH INTERESTS,Journal of Political Economy 117 2009 1140 54. Industrial Organization,Tricks With Hicks The EASI Demand System with K. Applied Microeconomics,Pendakur American Economic Review 99 2009 827 63.
Unobserved Preference Heterogeneity in Demand Using. Generalized Random Coefficients with K Pendakur Journal jaromir nosal. of Political Economy 125 4 2017 1100 48 Assistant Professor. Ph D University of Minnesota,julie holland mortimer jaromir nosal bc edu. RESEARCH INTERESTS,Ph D University of California Los Angeles. International Macroeconomics,julie mortimer 2 bc edu Macroeconomics. RESEARCH INTEREST RECENT PUBLICATIONS, Industrial Organization Uncertainty as Commitment with G Ordo ez Journal of. RECENT PUBLICATIONS Monetary Economics 80 2016 124 40. Copyright Infringement in the Market for Digital Images Understanding International Prices Customers as Capital. with H Luo American Economic Review Papers and with L A Drozd American Economic Review 102 1 2012. Proceedings 106 5 2016 140 45 364 95, Demand Estimation with Availability Variation with W.
Hickman In Handbook on the Economics of Retailing and anant nyshadham. Distribution ed E Basker Edward Edgar Publishing 2016 Assistant Professor. Demand Estimation Under Incomplete Product Availability. Ph D Yale University, with C Conlon American Economic Journal Microeconomics. anant nyshadham bc edu,5 4 2013 1 30, The Use of Full line Forcing Contracts in the Video Rental. RESEARCH INTERESTS, Industry with J Ho and K Ho American Economic Review. Development Economics,102 2 2012 686 719,Personnel Economics and Productivity. Supply Responses to Digital Distribution Recorded Music. and Live Performances with C Nosko and A Sorensen RECENT PUBLICATIONS. Information Economics and Policy 24 1 2012 3 14 Early Life Circumstance and Mental Health with. A Adhvaryu and J Fenske Journal of Political Economy. forthcoming, robert murphy Health Enterprise and Labor Complementarity in the.
Associate Professor,Household with A Adhvaryu Journal of Development. Ph D Massachusetts Institute of Technology Economics 126 3 2017 91 111. robert murphy bc edu Endowments at Birth and Parents Investments in Children. with A Adhvaryu The Economic Journal 126 593 2016 781. RESEARCH INTERESTS 820, Macroeconomics Returns to Treatment in the Formal Health Care Sector. International Economics Evidence from Tanzania with A Adhvaryu American. RECENT PUBLICATIONS Economic Journal Economic Policy 7 3 2015 29 57. Rational Bias in Inflation Expectations with A Rohde. Eastern Economic Journal 44 2018 153 71, Explaining Inflation in the Aftermath of the Great. Recession Journal of Macroeconomics 40 2014 228 44. Instructor s Resources to accompany Macroeconomics. and the Financial System by N G Mankiw and L Ball Worth. Publishers 2011,claudia olivetti fabio schiantarelli. Professor Professor, Ph D University of Pennsylvania Ph D London School of Economics.
claudia olivetti bc edu fabio schiantarelli bc edu. RESEARCH INTERESTS RESEARCH INTERESTS,Labor Economics Macroeconomics. Economics of the Family Applied Econometrics,RECENT PUBLICATIONS RECENT PUBLICATIONS. The Expanding Gender Earnings Gap Evidence from the Culture Policies and Labor Market Outcomes with F. LEHD 2000 Census with C Goldin S Kerr and E Barth Giavazzi and M Serafinelli Journal of the European Economic. American Economic Review Papers and Proceedings 107 5 2017 Association 11 6 2013 1256 89. 110 14 Employment Effects of Product and Labor Market Reforms. The Economic Consequences of Family Policies Lessons From Are There Synergies with G Fiori G Nicoletti and S. a Century of Legislation in High Income Countries with B Scarpetta The Economic Journal 122 558 2012 F79 F104. Petrongolo Journal of Economic Perspective 31 1 2017 205 30 Input and Output Inventories in General Equilibrium with. The Evolution of the Gender Gap in Industrialized Countries M Iacoviello and S Schuh International Economic Review 52 4. with B Petrongolo Annual Review of Economics 8 2016 405 2011 1179 213. 34 Capital Accumulation and Growth A New Look at the. Gender Roles and Medical Progress with S Albanesi Empirical Evidence with S Bond and A Leblebicioglu Journal. Journal of Political Economy 124 3 2016 650 95 of Applied Econometrics 5 7 2010 1073 99. In the Name of the Son and the Daughter Intergenerational Product Market Regulation and Macroeconomic Performance. Mobility in the United States 1850 1940 with M D Paserman A Review of Cross Country Evidence In The Micro economic. American Economic Review 105 8 2015 2695 724 Underpinning of Growth eds N Loayza and L Serven The World. joseph quinn,Professor uzi segal,Ph D Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Ph D Hebrew University,joseph quinn bc edu,uzi segal bc edu. RESEARCH INTERESTS,Microeconomics RESEARCH INTERESTS.
Public Policy Decision Theory,Economics of Aging Social Choice. RECENT PUBLICATIONS RECENT PUBLICATIONS, Evolving Patterns of Work and Retirement with K Cahill Skewed Noise with D Dillenberger Journal of Economic. and M Giandrea In The Handbook of Aging and the Social Theory forthcoming. Sciences 8th edition eds L George and K Ferraro Academic Recursive Ambiguity and Machina s Examples with D. Press 2015 Dillenberger International Economic Review 56 2015 55 61. Retirement Patterns and the Macroeconomy 1992 2010 The Transitive Regret Over Statistically Independent Lotteries. Prevalence and Determinants of Bridge Jobs Phased Retirement with S Bikhchandani Journal of Economic Theory 152 2014. and Re entry among Different Cohorts of Older Americans 237 48. with K Cahill and M Giandrea The Gerontologist 55 3 2015 Utilitarianism and Discrimination with A Harel Social. 384 403 Choice Welfare 42 2014 367 80, Bridge Jobs with K Cahill and M Giandrea In The Oxford On the Likelihood of Cyclic Comparisons with A. Handbook of Retirement ed M Wang Oxford University Press Rubinstein Journal of Economic Theory 147 2012 2483 91. 2013 Calibration Results for Non Expected Utility Theories with. Older Workers and Short term Jobs Employment Patterns Z Safra Econometrica 76 2008 1143 66. and Determinants with K Cahill and M Giandrea Monthly. Labor Review 135 5 2012, Reentering the Labor Force after Retirement with K Cahill. and M Giandrea Monthly Labor Review 134 6 2011,faculty profiles.
tayfun s nmez m utku unver,Professor Professor, Ph D University of Rochester Ph D University of Pittsburgh. tayfun sonmez bc edu utku unver bc edu,RESEARCH INTERESTS RESEARCH INTERESTS. Microeconomic Theory Microeconomic Theory, Theory and Practice of Matching Mechanism and Market Design. Market Design,RECENT PUBLICATIONS, RECENT PUBLICATIONS Altruistically Unbalanced Kidney Exchange with T S nmez. Reserve Design Unintended Consequences and The Demise Journal of Economic Theory 152 2014 105 29. of Boston s Walk Zones with U Dur S D Kominers and P A Two Axiomatic Approaches to the Probabilistic Serial. Pathak Journal of Political Economy forthcoming Mechanism with T Hashimoto D Hirata O Kesten and M. Dual Donor Organ Exchange with H Ergin and U nver Kurino Theoretical Economics 9 2014 253 77. Econometrica 85 5 2017 1645 71 Market Design for Kidney Exchange with T S nmez In The. School Admissions Reform in Chicago and England Handbook of Market Design eds Z Neeman M Niederle A E. Comparing Mechanisms by Their Vulnerability to Roth and N Vulkan Oxford University Press 2013. Manipulation with P Pathak American Economic Review The Boston School Choice Mechanism An Axiomatic. 103 1 2013 80 106 Approach with F Kojima Economic Theory 55 3 2013 515 44. Bidding for Army Career Specialties Improving the ROTC Dynamic Kidney Exchange Review of Economic Studies 77 1. Branching Mechanism Journal of Political Economy 121 1 2010 372 414. 2013 186 219, Matching with Branch of Choice Contracts at the United.
rosen valchev, States Military Academy with T Switzer Econometrica 81 2. Assistant Professor,2013 451 88,Ph D Duke University. rosen valchev bc edu,richard l sweeney,Assistant Professor. RESEARCH INTERESTS,Ph D Harvard University Macroeconomics. richard sweeney bc edu International Finance and Economics. Financial Economics,RESEARCH INTERESTS Open Economy Macroeconomics.
Environmental Economics,RECENT PUBLICATIONS,Energy Policy. Paralyzed by Fear Rigid and Discrete Pricing Under Demand. Industrial Organization, Uncertainty with C Ilut and N Vincent National Bureau of. Applied Microeconomics,Economic Research 2016 Working Paper 22490. RECENT PUBLICATIONS, The SO2 Allowance Trading System and the Clean Air. Act Amendments of 1990 Reflections on 20 Years of Policy. Innovation with G Chan R Stavins and R Stowe National. Tax Journal 65 2 2012 419 52, The Incidence of U S Climate Policy Alternative Uses of.
Revenues from a Cap and Trade Auction with D Burtraw and. M Walls National Tax Journal 62 3 2009 497 518, Property Rights Created Under a Federalist Approach to. Tradable Emissions Policy with D Burtraw In Property Rights. and Land Policies eds G Ingram and Y H Hong Lincoln. Institute of Land Policy 2009, Crafting a Fair and Equitable Climate Policy A Closer Look. at the Options with D Burtraw and M Walls Resources 170. 2008 20 23,zhijie xiao, Professor M embers of the Department of Economics hold editorial. board positions on many of the profession s leading. journals and are fellows of the Econometric Society. Ph D Yale University,zhijie xiao bc edu,James Anderson Marvin Kraus. RESEARCH INTERESTS Associate Editor Review Editorial Board Economics. Econometrics of International Economics of Transportation. Empirical Finance,Christopher F Baum Arthur Lewbel.
RECENT PUBLICATIONS Associate Editor Co Editor Econometric Theory. A New Characterization of the Normal Distribution and Computational Economics Fellow Econometric Society. Test for Normality with A K Bera A F Galvao and L Wang Associate Editor International. Julie Holland Mortimer, Econometric Theory 32 5 2016 1216 52 Journal of Computational. Editorial Board Journal, The Reluctant Analyst with D Bernhardt and C Wan Economics and Econometrics. of Economic Literature, Journal of Accounting Research 54 4 2016 987 1040 Associate Editor Stata Journal. Board of Directors Industrial, Adaptive Nonparametric Regression with Conditional Editor Journal of Statistical Organization Society. Heteroskedasticity with S Jin and L Su Econometric Theory Software. 31 6 2015 1153 91 Claudia Olivetti,Ryan Chahrour Associate Editor European.
Right Tail Information in Financial Markets Econometric Associate Editor Journal. Theory 30 1 2014 94 126 Economic Review,of Money Credit and Banking. Unit Roots A Selective Review of the Contributions of Peter Associate Editor. C B Phillips Econometric Theory 30 4 2014 775 814 Michael Grubb Labour Economics. Board of Editors,American Economic Review Associate Editor Journal. m bumin yenmez Associate Editor of Risk and Uncertainty. Associate Professor,RAND Journal of Economics Associate Editor. Ph D Stanford Graduate School of Business Journal of Industrial Economics Theoretical Economics. yenmezm bc edu Pablo Guerron Fellow Econometric Society. RESEARCH INTERESTS,Associate Editor International Tayfun Sonmez. Economic Review Fellow Econometric Society,Market Design.
Mechanism Design, Associate Editor Economia Associate Editor Econometrica. Choice Theory Associate Editor Latin American,Economic Review Utku nver. RECENT PUBLICATIONS Associate Editor,Ranking by Manipulability with P Chen M Egesdal. Stefan Hoderlein Theoretical Economics,Associate Editor Associate Editor Journal. and M Pycia American Economic Journal Microeconomics. Econometric Theory of Mathematical Economics,forthcoming.
Associate Editor Associate Editor Review,Median Stable Matchings in Two Sided Markets with. Econometrics Journal of Economic Design,P Chen M Egesdal and M Pycia Games and Economic. Behavior 97 2016 64 69,Associate Editor Statistics. M Bumin Yenmez, How to Control Controlled School Choice with F Peter Ireland Associate Editor. Echenique American Economic Review 105 8 2015 2679 94 Editorial Board Economic Inquiry Mathematical Social Sciences. Incentive Compatible Market Design with Applications Advisory Editor Journal of. International Journal of Game Theory 44 3 2015 543 69 Economic Dynamics and Control Zhijie Xiao. Co Editor China Journal, School Choice with Controlled Choice Constraints Hard Editorial Advisory Board Journal.
of Economic Research, Bounds vs Soft Bounds with L Ehlers I E Hafalir and M A of Economic Studies. Associate Editor Econometric, Yildirim Journal of Economic Theory 153 2014 648 83 Associate Editor Journal of Money. Credit and Banking,Associate Editor,Hideo Konishi Economics Letters. Associate Editor Social Choice Associate Editor,and Welfare Economics Bulletin. Associate Editor Regional Science Associate Editor Journal. and Urban Economics of Time Series Econometrics, Associate Editor Economics Associate Editor Journal.
Bulletin of Risk and Financial,Associate Editor Journal Management. of Public Economic Theory,T he combined and varied interests of the faculty. as indicated in the faculty profiles ensure that, the department offers a wide range of graduate course. electives While the number and content of the graduate. electives vary from year to year the following courses are. illustrative of the range offered,Math for Economists Ireland. Microeconomic Theory I Kraus,Macroeconomic Theory I Schiantarelli.
Statistics Xiao,Modern Decision Theory Segal,Time Series Econometrics Xiao. Cross Section Panel Metrics Hoderlein,Economic Development Anukriti. Industrial Organization I Mortimer,Advanced Macroeconomics Chahrour. Monetary Economics II Schiantarelli,Labor Economics I Department. International Trade Li,International Finance I Valchev.
Game Theory and Application Ekmekci,Theories of Distributive Justice Segal. SPRING 2019,Microeconomic Theory II Segal,Macroeconomic Theory II Basu. Econometric Methods Lewbel,Advanced Microeconomic Theory Sonmez. Mechanism Design Yenmez,Topics in Econometrics Khan. Topics in Economic Development Nyshadham,Industrial Organization II Grubb.
Empirical Methods in Macro Finance Song,International Macro Nosal. Labor Economics II Olivetti,Topics in International Economic Policy Anderson. Recent Ph D 2015 Jonathan Hoddenbagh Essays,in International Macroeconomics. Dissertations Filippo DeMarco Banks Sovereign,and Finance. Debt and Capital Requirements,Shoghik Hovhannisyan Growth.
2017 Francis Georges Two Essays,Implications of Immigration Evidence. in Applied Microeconomics, Zulma Barrail Expansion from U S Industries and Emigration. of the Middle Class Consumer Credit Naijing Huang Essays in Time by Educational Attainment and. Markets and Volatility in Emerging Series Analysis Growth Cross Country Evidence. Countries Junghyun Kwon Essays in Health Federico Mantovanelli Essays. Alexander Eiermann Essays in and Labor Economics in Development Economics. Macroeconomics and Asset Pricing Marco Macchiavelli Essays Chen Yu Pan Essays on Public. Igor Karagodsky Essays in Corporate in Macroeconomics and Finance Economics and Political Economy. Finance Gohar Minasyan Essays in, Mashfiqur Khan Social Security International Macroeconomics 2013. and Labor Supply of Older Workers Bertan Turhan Essays in Market Samson Alva Essays on Matching. and the Disabled Design Theory and Networks, Ana Lariau Essays in Macro Labor Yat Fung Wong Consumer Search Anna Blank Two Essays on the. Choon Sung Lim Essays in Labor and Its Implications for Market Long term Consequences of the EITC. Economics Competitions Program, Ethan Struby Essays on Information Tao Yang Three Essays in Micro Kyle Buika Essays in Applied.
in Macroeconomics and Finance Econometrics Microeconomics. Francesca Toscano Essays Kwok Ho Chan Essays on Family. in Empirical Corporate Finance 2014 Economics,Orhan Aygun Three Essays. Ekin Watson Essays on Fiscal Policy Stacey Chan Unintended Policy. on Matching with Contracts,Effects and Youth Crime. 2016 Rucha Bhate Essays,Xiaoping Chen A Team Production. in Macroeconomics of Emerging, Laura Bonacorsi Essays Approach to Wages Employment and. in International Trade Trade,Inacio Bo Essays in Matching Theory.
Rossella Calvi Essays on Health Tuan Dao Two Essays on. and Mechanism Design, and Family Economics in India International Asset Markets and. Tamas Briglevics Essays on Money Macroeconomic Dynamics. Giacomo Candian Essays,and Credit, on Information and Financial Frictions Lucrezio Figurelli Essays on Pricing. in Macroeconomics Brent Bundick Monetary Policy and Consumer Demand in the Retail. and the Great Recession Sector,Rosalia Greco Essays in Political. Economy of Redistribution Jinghan Cai Essays in Financial Devlin Hanson Two Essays on the. and Immigration Economics Interaction Between Marriage and. Jin Young Choi Two Stage Policy,Sylvia Hristakeva Essays in Applied. Industrial Organization Semiparametric Estimators Isaiah Hull Essays in Computational. for Limited Dependent Variables Macroeconomics and Finance. Ivan Petkov Essays on Local,and Its Applications, Determinants of Economic Growth Chuanliang Jiang Three Essays in.
Mikhail Dmitriev Essays Finance Economics,Tristan Potter Essays on the. in lnternational Macroeconomics, Search Theoretic Approach to John O Trakoun Essays on Conflict. Macroeconomics Zhaochen He On the Existence Corruption and International Trade. of a Behavioral Component Politics,Michael Smith The Effects of. to the Business Cycle, Mandatory Disclosure on Product Chuanqi Zhu Essays on. Quality Prices and Competition Macroeconometrics,Wen Zhang Globalization Monetary.
Policy and Labor Market Dynamics, Recent Placements North Carolina State University of Tennessee Federal Reserve Bank. University University of Texas of Boston, ACADEMIC PLACEMENTS Northeastern University San Antonio Federal Reserve Bank. Northwestern University University of York of Kansas City. Australian National, Oregon State University Washington State University Federal Reserve Board. University,of Governors, Babson College Pompeu Fabra University Wayne State University. Goldman Sachs, Bah e ehir University Paul Smith s College Wayne State University Mike.
Ilitch School of Business Harvard Kennedy School,Istanbul Rice University. of Government, Bilkent University Renmin University Wellesley College. Health Economics, Bocconi University Beijing Saban i University Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin. International Monetary Fund, Bogazici University Shandong University Wuhan University IPMAQ International. Brandeis University Simmons College International Monetary Fund. California State University Stonehill College NONACADEMIC Korean Development. Fullerton PLACEMENTS,Southwestern University Institute.
Calvin College of Finance and Economics Abt Associates KPMG Peat Marwick. Carleton College China American Express Law and Economics. Carleton University Suffolk University American Medical Consulting Group. Central University of Finance SUNY Albany Association Liberty Mutual Group. and Economics China SUNY Plattsburgh Acumen LLC National Bank of Hungary. Claremont McKenna College Sun Yat sen University China The Analysis Group National Institute of Public. Clark University Temple University Bank of Canada Finance and Policy. College of William and Mary Tilburg University Bank of England New Delhi. Concordia University TOBB Economics and Bank of Italy NERA Economic Consulting. Davidson College Technology University Turkey Bank of Spain Office of the Comptroller. Trent University of the Currency,Drexel University Board of Governors of the. University of Adelaide Federal Reserve System Putnam Hayes and Bartlett. Elon University, University of Alicante The Brattle Group Reserve Bank of Australia. Florida State University, University of Bristol Center for Naval Analysis Student Loan Marketing. Florida State University,Center for Retirement Agency. Law School UCLA Anderson School,of Management Research United Nations.
Fordham University, University College Dublin Charles River Associates U S Bureau of Labor. Gettysburg College,Chase Manhattan Statistics,HEC Montreal University of Delaware. Citizens Bank U S Department of Treasury,INSPER Centro de Pesquisas University of Durham. Congressional Budget Office U S Government,Koc University University of Frankfurt. Accountability Office,Germany Consortium on Financing.
Instituto Tecnol gico International Affairs,University of Georgia Higher Education. Aut nomo de M xico ITAM and Trade Group,University of Glasgow Deloitte Touche. Johns Hopkins University s U S Social Security, School of Advanced University of International DIW Berlin Administration. International Studies Business and Economics Energy Institute University Sveriges Riksbank Urban. Lewis and Clark College Beijing of Houston Institute Vietnam Program. London School of Economics University of Lausanne ERS Group Workers Compensation. Louisiana Tech University University of Leicester European Central Bank Research Institute. Loyola University Maryland University of Liverpool European Investment Bank The World Bank. Mount Holyoke College University of New South FEEM Fondazione Eni. Wales Enrico Mattei and CMCC,Nanyang Technological. University of Padova Euromediterranean Center,University Singapore.
on Climate Change,National University University of Quebec. Federal Reserve Bank,of Singapore University of Scranton. of Atlanta,University of Sheffield,Scholarly Publications. Our recent graduates have been,successful in terms of scholarly output. Their papers have appeared in the,following journals.
American Economic Review,American Journal Macroeconomics. Antitrust Law Journal,Applied Economics Letters,Canadian Journal of Economics. Contributions to Macroeconomics,Economics Letters,Energy Economics. Environmental Modelling and Software,Games and Economic Behavior. International Economic Review,Journal of Applied Econometrics.
Journal of Business and Economic Statistics,Journal of Comparative Economics. Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control,Journal of Economic Literature. Journal of Finance,Journal of Financial Risk Management. Journal of International Economics,Journal of Money Credit and Banking. Journal of Political Economy,Monthly Labor Review,Quarterly Journal of Economics.
Review of Economics and Statistics,Review of International. Southern Economic Journal,The Gerontologist,The Handbook of Aging and the Social. The Handbook of Retail and Distribution,The Manchester School.

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